III:33 part III: the direful judgements


Thanks for fucking us over “third party” and “non-voters”. I really, really wish Bernie hadn’t shot himself in the foot by declaring himself “ok” with Socialism. If he had even toned it down and said “You know, I support some socialized programs like the VA, Medicare and WIC, but I’m for the free markets.” We agree as a country we want to take care of our children, elderly and veterans. This is the fantasy of the fabled gilded age of Chivalry which has not been achieved, thanks to hateful, fearful neo-nazis in Republican clothing and communist unfeeling zombies in Democratic clothing.
 Ayn Rand, the demon of the Bernie Socialists, is very clear about laissez-faire economics: “as long as it harms none, do what thou wilt”. This covers all the bases to come – does it pollute the water supply, threatening generations to come? Can’t do it. You must have morals to be counted amongst human beings. Does it threaten the safety of humans? Can’t do it. Not on the watch of the heroic Man who only cares to lift beauty and intellect to greater heights. Ayn Rand is greatly misunderstood and her intricacies are part of the reason why Republicans in their betrayal of our secular American values, can’t hijack the Queen Atheist, no matter how many times they whine their lies about this being a Christian nation. All the while Libertarians, whom she despised as the brainless zombies they are, cannot begin to fathom why they can’t catch fire in their country with their cruelty, loathing of Man and leather jackets. Ayn Rand hated them because they cherry picked her work and turned it into an amoral abomination.   The problem *I* have with Ayn Rand is that she assumes all of mankind is rational. It is rational to want to protect our military and fund it, to not do so would lead to ruin. Yet if you took away funding for the military none of these bozos would pay for it, and a totalitarian dictatorship, worse than democracy, would sweep our ladies and gentlemen aside in favor of the horrors of savagery. 

City of Washington from Beyond the Navy Yard by George Cooke, 1833

      For those not reading the signs yet there can be no fear. Washington DC just voted to become the 51st state. This, if it comes to pass, would break the long-standing 50 state status and the symbolical correlation to our lady Nuit. These symbols should not be ignored. Pleasure, sexuality and wonder are her domain, and anything that runs contrary to it has to be punished severely. I rarely speak of Nuit or Ningishzidda these days, it just hasn’t been in the cards lately. We get Ra Hoor Khut until the injustices stop. Direful and murderous, and our pleasure shall be found in the curses, the war-engines, the slaying of our enemies. The vote itself was largely irrelevant. There was no choice, only a clear message to each and every individual so that they can understand their mistake when the terror and the misery begins. The innocent need fear not.  
      Nuit herself is a devil of a woman. Fierce and passionate, almost unbearably so during evocation. She is also a creature of perfect justice: the promise of the aeon of Hrumachis rests upon Ra Hoor Khut annihilating the wicked in his age, with the tools of War. I have encountered her twice at length in audience and occasionally now and then throughout the past seven years. She is always wrathful. One of her concerns that stood out to me was her ferocity towards racism, particularily the vicious kind that manifests towards blacks and had at the time recently been exposed in the terrible James Byrd Jr. case. When I first met her I didn’t know anything about the Book of the Law or Aleister Crowley, but I was soon meeting the whole cast of characters personally. I didn’t know what “The Crowned and Conquering Child” was as it was being shouted in my ears out of the ethers. (as a matter of fact I had to write m1thr0s and ask him about it.) I didn’t even understand why Nuit was visiting me and I had  to inquire about it. She replied that she had been watching me breaking down every other week or so about the injustices in the world – mainly about the starving children in Africa, the loss of habitat for countless species, and the constant suffering of children rich and poor in situations they should never have to encounter at home or in the chambers of community leaders. 
      Two years after my trip to outerspace to meet with Lady Nuit, the first black man was voted into the White House with my earnest assistance. There was still hope as I read the signs of the world. Then in mid 2014, something snapped. I could feel it all around me. m1thr0s and I both agreed, humanity had taken a darker path and the shining future I had seen as a possibile outcome was forever to become a dim and distant dream. The vision I beheld for the future was so magnificent I have to mourn it, though I cannot share it with anyone. I’m still not sure what event triggered the cessation of favor from Nuit and the stronger presence of Ra Hoor Khut as general instead of emperor. But clearly the exempt adepts should brace for impact – the direful judgements of Ra Hoor Khut are not merely angry words, they are the consequences for breaking the great laws of Nuit and her serpent consort. 
      I don’t think that the darkest, most horrific, most violent predictions of the future are off the table. Entertainment media has conjuring frightfully grim and dark pictures of the future a decade now. The Walking Dead. Preacher. The Fallout franchise, Westworld. The muses have acted as oracles to the other side since time began.

Humans are a violent and highly intelligent animal, and they love their violence, they covet it. If they think they will succeed in bringing violence to the stars they are mistaken. Nuit will not permit injustice to visit her realm. Humans can’t seem to let go of the idea however and they will suffer for their stupidity and their refusal of Nuit’s gifts: pleasure, passion, justice – the fight for righteousness must never be abandoned, but it has been abandoned by humanity. People seem to be under the impression that the fight for blacks is only for black people. They believe that the fight for women is for women alone. “Make no difference between any one thing and any other thing” she has said. But still we persist in the divisions of physicality – the gift of diversity has been rationalized into a curse.
      To the credit of the baby boomer women the trigger of Trump and his hate speech is just another sad dismissal of their rights as human beings which they must respond to in the only way they know how -appeasement. If you do not appease the ugly savage and uncivilized male in the room they have been trained to know what will come next – pain and misery. It didn’t surprise me to learn white women had betrayed their gender to this disgusting, crazy piece of shit. He looked like every ugly male figure in their lives who had brought them to heel. I immediately recognized aspects of my family members in him and rejected him. But I have a male figure in my life who fulfills the patriarchal responsibility in a divine way few earthly men are able to publicly without apprehension and fear: Abrahadabra. 
     I think it is much too late to retrain women on Abrahadabra, imprinting them. Few women are capable of restarting the imprinting process even if they are able to finish the rigors of Mutational Alchemy meditation. Yet there are enough of us already awakened and enlightened individuals that we can forge a way ahead with our resistance, making the future appear a little less dark. 

III:33 part II: I am the strength, force, vigour, of your arms.

As nobody might have guessed I consider myself a slight conservative. What passes for conservative these days in my opinion looks like Bonko the clown at a drag show with a side of Jebus.  This, despite having voted for the Democratic offering for the past three presidential elections, and Republican locally when they seem rational, will explain none of my views on Trump. My political, philosophical, and moral views won’t either. But these aspects, eclipsed by my metaphysical and religious views, which opine that Ra Hoor Khut is the lord of the Aeon, might. I hate the term religion because it evokes the uselessness of faith, when us true Thelemites know that only certainty can be trusted. There is no room for faith in Thelema. Logos demands that our gods prove themselves first.
      The idea and certainty that the Lord of the Two Horizons is in complete control from his throne in the East and has been since at least 1904 lends a certain calm acceptance to whatever happens in the White House. The presidential post is not so precious to America that its degradation will defeat the ideas America was founded on, but it may destroy America. These ideas have been under attack for some time. Individual rights, free enterprise, democratic process and a distaste for tyrants comprise the foundational elements of our nation’s history and it cannot survive without these intact. 
      These are discussions for mortal men and have little to do with what the Chinese called the Mandate of Heaven. An intelligence that is enthroned in consciousness itself can hardly be called a dictator, even if its commandments are seemingly inescapable. Ra Hoor Khut can be opposed in the short term, yet he is a master of opposition. This is how we define a God of War. If you look at him historically, if you go to Egypt, Horus and Set were going at it all the time. Or, in any case, that conflict is a big part of what defines Horus. He doesn’t want to be opposed. People have freedom of choice and they can choose for or against anything as far as I can tell. But there are different ways of defining Ra Hoor Khut. We can define him on a principle level in which case he’s like Will in Action. This is the way he defines himself in the Book of the Law “ Nu is your refuge as Hadit your light; and I am the strength, force, vigour, of your arms.“. Or we can define him as a human – in which case he is Howard’s Cimmerian – the romantic warrior king archetype, strong and silent, evoking the splendor and pleasure of Mystery as her original child. Then there is the God, dangerous champion of Nuit, impetuous taskmaster to her allies and efficient and merciless killer and tormentor of her enemies. 
     None of us know exactly what is going on with Ra Hoor Khut. He visits me all the time and I never bother to ask, but I get impressions. Now he is relaxed and curious about what I am doing, now he is impatient and demanding, and now he is distant and engaged with the enemy in some far off land. I would guess that the experience would be the same across hundreds of comparative experiences amongst those who are able to successfully invoke him. The servants are few and secret and they know when they need to shut the fuck up if their higher selves allow their mortal coil to know their true natures at all. The “need to know” protocol is a universal one. That doesn’t mean we can’t examine the aftermath of certain actions. We have Trump in office and there are a number of extremely fortunate things going on with him. 
      Russian relations are going to improve greatly. This is something I have wanted to see personally for a long time. I never had a problem with Hillary until late into the debates. Even if it was true that is *our* problem. We’re responsible for our own security. Given the record of the US violating every border it comes across it seemed too hypocritical. We can’t whine about that sort of thing if we do not hold ourselves to the same or higher standard of integrity.
      I have often said that the United States is owned by the 9³ current. It’s easy to see if you examine the symbology, the underlying ethics of the founding fathers, and the general trajectory it has taken. The tetractys has been present on our paper money for a long time, along with the eye of Ra on the pyramid, Hermes above Grand Central Station, the fifty stars of Nuit in our states and the six-pointed interposed star “I am Nuit my word is six and fifty”. The other countless little details don’t really need to be taken into account as it all adds up fairly quickly. The people have always been fairly irrelevant and weak-willed, a great “cover” for the true operations of the nation. The 9³ current is the dominion of the Kings and Queens of the Earth – what either side of the mob believes can be fed to them and none of it matters as long as their will is weak. 
     Russia has fairly prominent 9³ current symbol in the Hermes Phoenix at its helm currently. It’s been at war before with the USA for an extended amount of time. Both nations benefited greatly from this cold war. Deep down in the chambers of the pillars of the world, Russia and the USA are two heads of the same beast. In the USA we find the rich symbolism and echoes of the Book of the Law throughout the nation. 

    Kalki, is that you? Russia is not interested in a war with America, they want strong economic stability, the ability to sell us their massive grain stores (highest producers annually of barley, oats and wheat) and for us to keep our enormous military #1 in the world, out of their affairs. In other words, they want to be able to exercise their enormous power and newfound economic stability without our interference, and perhaps even with us at their side. If Russia returns to the ways of the Great Western Enlightenment, and remains filial to it, there is no reason to hold a grudge against them. Catherine the Great, Russia’s most noble leader historically came to power around the same era as America’s founding. She wanted to see her country develop a love for The Enlightenment, but alas, that was never to be. The choice was given, and their people have suffered greatly along the path they took ever since then. But the hard lesson has been learned and it will be a long time before it is lost on them. America was founded on the basis of freedom and preservation of individual rights – the first nation on earth to be founded in such a way, making it the first moral country in the history of earth. The very same value system of The Great Western Enlightenment is encapsulated in our sacred axiom “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law”. 
     We see an excellent development to confirm this attitude is fomented in Russia’s cabinet this morning as Italy has been wracked by a terrible earthquake. While Italy has to beg for help from a cold and apathetic European Union – the true face of anti-individualist socialism at a late stage, we see Russia heroically stepping in to give much needed monetary support to an country which could soon go the way of Great Britain. 
      Overall the promised ignition of a friendship between the USA and Russia is one which should be greatly celebrated no matter who the herald of it is. A friendship is a much better position by which to negotiate treaties and agreements than that of two angry neighbors waving pitchforks and garden hoses at each other. In a post-nuclear age it is impossible to see a future that doesn’t involve apocalypse when two enormous world powers exist at odds with each other.  

"As soon as we commission RT-2 (nuclear fuel regeneration plant) we`ll have not only money but also the third head..."  Copyright NuclearNo.com used with permission
“As soon as we commission RT-2 (nuclear fuel regeneration plant) we`ll have not only money but also the third head…” Copyright NuclearNo.com used with permission

There are many things we share in common too. Unfortunately one of them I don’t like is our large Christian base, but I’ll take what we can get I guess if it starts the conversation on a good footing. Hand in hand with that is the misplaced love of Israel. Vladimir Putin, practically an embodiment of the Strong and Silent type, publically wept on television as he regaled how Jewish neighbors were the only people who fed him as a starving child during the vicious Soviet era winters. Anyone should love Israel because they love Western Civilization and Democracy, as it is the only light in the Middle East for our way of life and our value system. Unfortunately the enormous support Israel enjoys isn’t focused on its tremendous contributions to science and technology but because of its mystical history. I find religion to be mostly annoying and stupid. People can see there is something there, but decide to project Man’s worst impulses onto the miraculous beauty and mystery they find hiding there.  (Hint: IT’S CONSCIOUSNESS AT WORK DUMBASSES.) 
      Then there’s hunting, fishing, and drinking – all pasttimes we’ve seen Putin engaging in (usually shirtless) and that’s practically all they do in the Southern United States, and…well…everywhere else too. Hillary even offered to go Polar Bear tagging out in the Arctic circle with him – Putin is a well known endangered species advocate. 
      It won’t be difficult to ally with Russia. They’ve dropped the Communist bullshit and are relearning how to be a part of the legacy of the Great Western Enlightenment again. Hopefully they can give us Americans a few reminders in the process. 

III:33, part I: HRC, 418 and the year 5780

It’s interesting to note in the Dade City speech Hillary gave, her last sentence began at 4:18 and finished at 4:18 PM. I watched it live but unfortunately all copies of the timestamped recording have been wiped from both CNN and FOX’s online media networks. But the fragment uploaded by an independent Youtuber can be combined with the CSPAN full recording to provide the proof if necessary. (See linked videos below)


Also significant in the numerology is the number 11 and the number 111 (November 1st or 1/11 the date the speech given). 

418 is the number of Abrahadabra in the numerology method AIQ BKR or Qabbalah of the Nine Chambers. Abrahadabra is considered the Word of the Nu Aeon, symbolozing the enthronement of the hawk-headed Lord of Silence and Strength, Ra Hoor Khut at the horizon of the age. 111 is the number of manifestation and Completion and although this was not possible to see until m1thr0s discovered the Abrahadabra Grid in the 1970’s, it is also the number when you add the monad (self or ego) with the number of the tetractys and the chamber number of the Abrahadabra Grid (100). 
       The numbers and the name may be a sign or “wink” from Ra Hoor Khut. He also states: “Let the Woman be girt with a sword before me” (Sword= Air the symbol of intellect) and her initials are HRC. Any Thelemite should have noticed that the first set of her maiden name bears the marks of Had, Hillary Diane (HD) and Ra Hoor Khut (Hoor, Ra Khut as a hard C is a K in Hebrew Gematria particularily AIQ BKR which we are using here, or the Qabbala of the Nine Chambers). Very rarely she is referred to as Hillary Diane Rodham, and more importantly every network and political commentator refers to her as a “hawk” from time to time, the nickname for reactionary military cabinets. No one should be surprised to see these intelligences playing word games and puzzles in the world considering the book’s nature. Ra Hoor Khut is a twin god, in particular in his manifestation as Khensu and in his station as the Lord of the Double Wand of Power or the Lord of the Horizon. He takes no sides, as he controls both of them according to the mandates of his consort and successor, Hrumachis or Ma’at the goddess of Justice and Judgement.
      He challenges us with the line “The eighties cower before me and are abased.” This is very important and strong language which indicate serious consequences coming from the god of War and Vengeance. Those who do not accept or understand that about him are fools. However, rather than predicting what will happen or what the great hawk-headed general is planning, these signposts are merely a way for us to come to an understanding of his ways. It will likely be a way that leaves the majority of the people reeling so that must be expected, and those loyal to him must accept that the attitudes of today will change in time and do not need to be challenged nor do we need to proselytize to anyone. It is a waste of time and there are much more efficient ways of dealing with them. I believe that the 80’s he was speaking of may be coming very soon, as the 1980’s never qualified on the level that a God of War and Vengeance has promised, in dire terms like “cowering and abasement” except perhaps in the minds of those with extremely wishful thinking. 
      I have heard consistent rhetoric that Drumpf would start the next world war, ruin the economy and tear America apart. That may be so – anything that occurs in the eighties may be a manifestation of Ra Hoor Khut’s wishes, whether they are direful judgements or favorable and fortunate rewards for those who have adopted adjustments to the Nu Aeon promised in the Book of the Law.
      When I look at the world today I see a place full of terrible injustices, whether it is waste of intellect, resources or time, or something which directly demeans Mankind, from criminal wars to the everyday petty abuses suffered by innocent people at the hands of evil. So I don’t believe that in three years, when the dreaded 80’s arrive, we will be seeing the glories and blessings of Sol Invictus and the favors of the Court of Master Ra. Instead I think we will be in for the shock of our short, miserable and ignorance fraught lives.
      It’s the Jewish count I’m speaking of, of course. I have promised for some years now to reveal why I foresaw something pretty dire coming down the pike if humanity didn’t change course over 8 years ago.  5780 arrives in a little less than three years and arrives well within the presidency of Trump. I have known about this for about a decade now, quietly watching the trend of events and marking certain thresholds which mostly went unnoticed in the eyes of the public but which had enormous repercussions for Earth. I have not dared hope that we could “pull up” as a species from our downward spiral, only tried to guess where I might be able to land myself in order to preserve the information at The Abrahadabra Institute for a time in the future when the dust from the war settles. Hermetic Alchemists have been forced to do this for thousands of years, time and time again.
      The intelligence of Ra Hoor Khut manifests through the individual, inspiring and commanding consciousness itself and actualizing through Man. This is the most important thing to remember when looking for it. Moving silently and completely invisible throughout the world,logging onto minds as easily as a administrator can log onto a username, the onset of the Nu Aeon will be impossible to control. Where we find strong manifestations of Ra Hoor Khut we find people who are slender, hawk eyed, occasionally with dark skin, the mark of the solar races. They often have a dry or witty sense of humor or a fluid and quick footed grace and noble carriage about them. Strength and silence will feature prominently. A balance of the elements will be present.  They may not be a kind person but they will have a keen sense of dislike for injustice or brutishness and dullards.  Some but not all will be agents of discord and subterfuge, not knowing their true mission or agenda themselves as sleeper agents and cells planted deep within the culture of humanity in order to subvert and direct it from within.
        Aleister Crowley informs us that Ra manifests especially well through the equatorial peoples closer to the sun or those with warrior backgrounds favoring masculine battle-centric dynamics and so on. The US Marine Core shouts the mantra “Hua” which emanates from the chest where Ra Hoor Khut centers during invocation. Crowley would not have been surprised that the ill-dignified World is being forced to meet Ra Hoor Khut as the angry tribalists from the Middle East hellbent on inciting Western civilization out of its senescence, and the earth wilting under global warming. In this haze of political messes, do not lose sight of the fact that in all wars and battles that are to come, as a twin god form he controls both sides and manifests as both sides. Getting caught up in one or another side and giving in to emotionalism is a mistake and will only lead to more suffering. Detachment is ever the wisest position, only finding security in one’s convictions. It is more important than ever that the alchemical principle of levity be examined and understood. Finally I’ll remind you all of The Abrahadabra Institute’s standpoint on Mankind’s situation, which applies to everything and makes the election appear very small. 


• Premise #1:
Every man and every woman is a star.
• Premise #2:
Abrahadabra is an encrypted key to intrastellar transformation.
• Premise #3:
The Physics of the Body of Light is humankind’s surest path to Completion.


With these precepts in mind it is most crucial for the Magus in this world to comprehend and anticipate objectively, without fear or extraneous action, the dire horrors to come in this world. America will most certainly fall and the rest of the world will follow. Freedom, individuality and the pursuit of happiness will seem like a dim and distant dream for all, an inevitable outcome of finding oneself ill-dignified on the battlefield of the Nu Aeon. 
      In the past wherever we find the solar gods in the form of sun discs, eagles or the various signs and symbols those with understanding can identify, the deity offers a crossroads to the people before the slaughter ensues. I believe that choice has just been given to the American people. 
      Baba Vanga, the Russian psychic with a very high success rate is called the Nostradamus of the Balkans. She correctly predicted the 44th president of the US would be black, but also that he would be the last. 
      As for centipedes (connected via a silly meme) I believe we’ve already just covered that with the 418 legged insect recently discovered. Kek-Keket is notoriously connected to the was-sceptre and has the power to raise the horizons. It is no coincidence that Ra Hoor Khut is both Lord of the Two Horizons and Lord of the Double Wand of Power. Hence why Khensu is depicted on the Dominion card in the Mutational Alchemy card holding a serpent and frog wand, the two forms of Kek (although they are a bit small). They also represent the first male and female humans. All of these events are playing right into his hands. 


How are you gentlemen?

the abrahadabra millipede

Cave biologist Dr. Jean Krejca has announced a recently discovered and previously unknown species of rare millipede living in a cave system in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in California. The millipede is poisonous and boasts 414 legs with an additional four legs turned-penis via evolutionary mutation. With the addition of the four penises this totals 418 appendages altogether, making it one of the most significantly Abrahadabra-esque creatures in the world. The sacred word of the Nu Aeon, Abrahadabra equals 418 in the Gematria of AIQ BKR, the Qabbalah of the Nine Chambers. The four modified leg-penises would signify the four elements symbologically speaking. Its special connection to Hermits also outlines another correlation in the habitat of the species, a cave system. As well as this caves were regarded as entrances to the underworld, and its denizens the messengers of the cthonic gods. 
      The discovery echoes as a herald of special significance to those who recognize it as a manifestation of “Hell’s Own Worm” as Aleister Crowley put it.
      Thankfully the location of the new millipede has been kept a secret, which ensures it will be protected from curiosity seekers and amateur explorers who would decimate its fragile habitat. Just enjoy a nice Sierra Nevada ale instead and enjoy the thought that this little guy is out there somewhere in the world being bafflingly mysterious. Omnia Exteunt in Mysterium. 

Read more on Reuters:


passing the torch…


Over the past 18 months I have been hospitalized not less than 4 times with end-stage emphysema, a progressive disease that no one walks away from once it has reached that degree of severity. It’s hard to predict how much time I am left with…might be a few days, might be 10 years though the doctors think it’s more like months and I am being urged to wrap up whatever affairs I may need to and have been processed as a hospice patient for those who know the lingo. For those who don’t it basically means there isn’t anything they can do for me but try to make me as comfortable as possible. 

This is not a boo-hoo fest. I am posting this as a matter of clarification regarding the future of The Abrahadabra Institute and nothing else. It’s been a long and a difficult road from the first faint envisioning of a proper physics of the Body of Light to the creation of a dialogue that is strong enough to go the distance reaching out to other great minds from a position of relative abandon to engage and challenge others to recognize and take up the call to action. I have been beset with all manner of isolation and obstacle in this battle which has been slow going but very steady and strong notwithstanding. I didn’t know it when I got started on this path that I would probably need about 300 years and a certain amount of funding to bring all of this to fruition – more time than I have to spend and no financing of any kind. 

Now that I have come too far to back out (and wouldn’t want to even if I could!) I will have to settle for having begun and carried a task on its own merits without ever seeing the final outcome and that’s ok – in any case it beats being someone else’s brainwashed zombie. The Abrahadabra Institute will survive because the world needs it though people are generally unaware how great a need exists. This is changing ever so gradually as people begin to see what a profound potential exists here. What will happen in my absence is that the Institute will pass to Izi Sesa Ningishzidda (currently Naomi Chan for legal purposes) who will watch over it and keep it safe from harm. Another will come along at some point with the wherewithall to advance it according to her specifications.

Though I do not typically assume the mantle of teacher I have made a few exceptions for individuals who showed enough promise to warrant the drain on my time and general resources. To date, Izi is the only one who has made it through enough gates to define her as a full-time student of Abrahadabra. Even Mutational Alchemy which is a very advanced metaphysics is not lost on her the way it is with so many others. Izi has the right nature and nurture (both) to ask the right questions and stick with it until the right answers are found. Her natural instincts combined with an impeccable study habits endow her with an innate capacity for getting to the truth no matter how concealed so that I have every confidence that there is nothing so obtuse as to remain hidden from her for very long. There is only one Magister Ouroboros incarnated at any time so that while I live that office remains with me but will pass to her in due course as well once I have gone.

In the interim readers should know that there would be no Abrahadabra Institute at all if not for Izi. Even if my health were not compromised it’s too much work for one person managing the development of Mutational Alchemy and the Abrahadabra Institute at the same time so that a choice has to be made and I don’t personally need the Institute as much as I need Mutational Alchemy to advance as far as I can push it. People are generally unaccustomed to thinking of the Body of Light as a proper  physics and are hesitant to recognize that we have the means to make it one lacking the Will (chiefly) inasmuch as the precedents are all over the map stretching back thousands of years. All that is really lacking is an individual with the vision and compilation skills to piece the map together. 

In 2013 Izi and I registered The Abrahadabra Institute as a Limited Liability Company with the idea of using it as the organizational hub for the promotion of all things Abrahadabra. Our first major project was the Mutational Alchemy Tarot Deck which offers people a means of learning the basics of Mutational Alchemy in a form that many will already be acquainted with. The next project is an extensive course curriculum that will take students through the steps necessary to become proficient applicants of the loftiest spiritual alchemy on Earth. Though one really should not be intimidated by it it is fair to say we have raised the bar higher than it has ever been raised in this world and do not cater to the weak or the excuse-makers. Many have tried to steal from us but cannot get very far with this – first because our material is so revolutionary and second because explaining what they have stolen is such an overwhelming task.

So that’s the update. Izi is the glue that has been holding it all together and when I pass there should be no question that the torch passes to her. It’s impossible to predict with confidence when that will be, though we both kind of feel like the TwinStar isn’t done with me yet and there is a lot that still hangs in the balance so this announcement is more a prudent clarification than a prediction of anything per se.

Perseverance Furthers
m1thr0s 9³