kundalini yoga is overrated


m1thr0s - 2012

The division between heaven and earth in our particular conundrum was recognized and addressed by ancient Indians and that is where Kundalini yoga began. It is a technical approach composing a blueprint and manual of the areas where high and low bodies meet, and proposes to teach how to open up those channels which are blocked primarily by the functions of the  jiva, or manifest individual.

Types of consciousness and thought patterns have a direct effect on what occurs in the body of light. This is the premise in which yogis attempted to flesh out Kundalini yoga. It is an inexact science, poorly understood. Kundalini yoga is not a complete system – nobody has achieved a perfect formula to use yoga to attain god consciousness.

Most Kundalini yoga peddled today bears little resemblance to authentic practice, containing no tantric principles and is void of reason.

Mutational Alchemy is proposed by The Abrahadabra Institute as the 9th limb of yoga, a synthesis of mantra, yantra, and a new kind of meditation. It contains everything that one could hope to find in Kundalini yoga, but it actually delivers something which Kundalini yoga cannot. We have barely scratched the surface of what Mutational Alchemy has to offer, yet it proffers new insights and techniques every day, where Kundalini yoga simply falls short or achieves inharmonious, dangerous results.
m1thr0s - 2012

The idea that awakening Kundalini will magically transform one for the better is a lie. If the body isn’t properly prepared, dangerous outcomes await even experienced practitioners.  If it is properly prepared, and Kundalini rises on its own, this alone will not achieve the success we need. Kundalini yoga never addresses courting the descending serpent, which carries the properties of heaven, or parabrahman, with it.

In Judaic Kabbalah this is simply known as Ain Soph Aur.  It simply isn’t discussed at all, and instead we’re left with a description of curious phenomenon and how to get these to occur, which is about as useless to us as occultists as elementary school science fair volcanoes are to scientists.

The focus on gently raising Kundalini through meditation and dietary practices is considered to be a worthwhile behavior – this  is a dangerous myth and a waste of time. One can achieve absolutely nothing in their life in pursuit of raising consciousness, all the while believing that the mediocrity they attain is somehow “enlightenment”.

This is, as far as we can tell “the great miss” the second speaker in the book of the law warns about. The effects described by modern, especially western so-called “yoga masters”  simply doesn’t meet the criteria for the level of power and impact we are seeking to attain at TAI.  Kundalini is not god consciousness, it is not star consciousness, it is not even a good or fulfilling meditation.

Yoga needs a complete physics. It needs math and true, authentic tantra and bhakti. The raw physical power  you can access with the TwinStar meditation for example, cannot be overemphasized. Properly unleashed it is a much more powerful experience than the Kundalini phenomenon.

Because it is so powerful, Mutational Alchemy often scares dabblers who consider themselves well versed in yoga or other meditation practices. They can’t handle the vast power that their training has ill prepared them for. The intensity is extreme and nothing can prepare you for it mentally except tantric experience.

Unlike more lackadaisical and often unscientific systems, such as the fictions invented in the middle ages by snake oil salesmen, Mutational Alchemy is much safer while at the same time, paradoxically, much more potent. It’s not for the faint of heart. One of the best meditations to easy into some light MA work is to start with the Hidden Diamond Sutra. One may like to have done the basic work in the study of mantra, yantra and scrying, but it isn’t completely necessary.  Any questions can be answered in the chatroom  until the curriculum for Abrahadabra Academy is completed.

m1thr0s [info-graphic] - 2012
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Executive Project Director and Founding Member at The Abrahadabra Institute & Ningishzidda Arts
Enlisted in The Contemporary Realist Academy for two years, studying in the European Academic Art tradition, Izi began her artistic career by creating art for the revolutionary Mutational Alchemy Tarot, which forges the final solution to the problem of Tzaddi and equilibrates the 64 Hexagrams of the Yi Jing with the paths on the Sephiroth, or Tree of Life. She also discovered the relationship between Pentagrams (A five line system derived from the binaries or ternaries) and the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic, using the definitions laid out inMutational Alchemy. She is an avid student of Mutational Alchemy, excited by the prospects of Tetragrammaton and new research into the properties and potential of the Body of Light as outlined by so many scholars. Her whole life is dedicated to The Abrahadabra Institute, its mission and her own artistic discoveries in painting and drawing.
Um, follow?

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  1. February 25, 2014 9:49 am 

    I wish you’d tackle some topics about Japan, Izi I remember you talking alot about ninjutsu and tengu when you were writing stuff on occultforums and that one group you belonged to and really got a lot out of it. You’re the reason I joined the Bujinkan.

  2. ナイキ スニーカー February 25, 2014 11:09 am 

    The reason why nobody is speaking of kundalini yoga anymore…not in most occult circles. I am sad to see the forums gone.

  3. March 10, 2014 7:31 am 

    I was always under the impression that Kundalini arousal was something that you ought to complete straight away.

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