Welcome to  Abrahadabra Academy (A∴A∴) 

We have created a formal course curriculum adhering to the highest possible standards of excellence people have come to expect  from the Abrahadabra Institute. This coursework will generally follow the guided self-initiation protocols outlined in Aleister Crowley’s definition of  A∴A∴, since this is the natural methodology of Mutational Alchemy in specific, and, Spiritual Alchemy, more generically. Students will be looking at a dynamic range of modular extensions capable of being mastered as standalone targets or being combined as a composite whole, enabling the Institute to confidently qualify individuals to instruct others with its official sanction and certified seal of approval.

This has taken years to hash everything out, and the result is still ongoing, as we are a research institute and prefer to keep the dialectic in motion. For those members who wish to self study, we have and continue to produce a range of articles and accompanying study materials that integrate seamlessly into the more extended coursework materials.

Please check the Class Registration Area here for details and frequently asked questions on the available classes. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding admissions and/or necessary requirements regarding the Abrahadabra Academy ( A∴A∴) extension of the Abrahadabra Institute. 

perseverance furthers,

m1thr0s 729
Magister Ouroboros 729

A Note from Izi Ningishzidda

This introduction you have just read to Abrahadabra Academy, was written by the previous Magister Ouroboros, our founder, m1thr0s 729. He and I worked side by side, literally for a decade, creating The Mutational Alchemy Tarot, advancing the work of the Institute, and creating what I believe to be our magnum opus – Abrahadabra Academy.
       We were not sure if we could create a curriculum that would hold up to the very high standards he had set for The Abrahadabra Institute and Mutational Alchemy. His thesis on Abrahadabra and Mutational Alchemy itself, the ultimate praxis we hoped to convey, was proving to be formidably difficult to teach using the online tools we had at our disposal. The solution we found came not only in his experience training me, but in the form of the problems of Hermeticism – you see, in Hermeticism, every student must make physical contact with a master in order to attain lineage, if the lineage is to be respected as a true and authentic Hermetic lineage at all.
       It became clear that students needed this personal touch and a real tangible link to the unbroken chain of succession. This balance between periodic visits to HQ (at least one every half decade of training) and extensive, carefully chosen literature to be covered in a live (online) classroom environment was found to be the ideal way to situate Abrahadabra Academy, based on our experimentation with dozens of students and thousands of visitors over the years. 

       Mutational Alchemy is a hybridized branch of Hermetic Alchemy, and we consider ourselves a Hermetic school. Therefore, we follow the classical initiation standards of Hermeticism. You cannot complete the entire curriculum at Abrahadabra Academy remotely. At the end of the third year, in order to obtain the rank “卦學生 Guà xuéshēng: Mutational Alchemist” the student must plan and eventually make a trip to TAI headquarters to obtain Hermetic initiation.
       This is how things have been done for thousands of years in the Hermetic tradition. Just as it is not possible to be initiated into the Hermetic tradition remotely, and never will be, it will not be possible to attain the title of Mutational Alchemist remotely. Such a tradition would no longer be Hermetic.
       Our lineage is granted to us by m1thr0s 729, who was initiated by Hymenaeus Alpha (Grady McMurtry) who in turn was initiated by Aleister Crowley, who in turn was initiated by the masters of the Order of the Golden Dawn, going back through the ages even further. Whether other not these men were a part of this O.T.O. or that Golden Dawn,  is of no consequence to us – they were Hermetic, and that’s what matters to us. We have nothing to do with the O.T.O. The O.T.O. does not own Abrahadabra (and it isn’t even all that interested in it, actually.) Our emphasis will be placed on the Hermetic nature of Hymenaeus Alpha and Baphomet 729 alike. This Hermetic lineage is passed on to you at the initiation ceremony at the end of the third year. At the end of the third year, you will be a Hermeticist, a Mutational Alchemist, and an heir to what is named the Abrahadabra school of thought. 
       Up  until now, correspondence occult education has proven to be a disappointment to almost everyone who holds themselves to a higher standard. We hope to break that trend, as it is sorely needed in this world, where isolationism is ever the bane of occultists seeking a fine education in the mysteries, and, camraderie. 

Izi Ningishzidda
Magister Ouroboros 777

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  1. greetings ladylou79!
    we have a great deal more images and articles to unveil so be sure to check in periodically. Our old site was really quite huge and despite having been hacked and superficially destroyed, what it really did was allow us a chance to rebuild everything in a more coherent way. So we’ve got a LOT of original content coming you will no doubt be excited to see. :-) It may be of some interest to you to know that our most dedicated following are those who have been with us the longest and tested our various ideas and models the hardest. We are very proud of that as we are NOT a fly-by-night site that comes along for awhile and then is gone. The kinds of things we are publishing around here are having a profound impact on the occult world in general and will continue to do so as time passes.

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