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So, your house is haunted. If you’ve tried to find advice on what to do in this situation, I’m sure you’ve found that most occultists have no idea what they are talking about. Maybe you’ve been told to burn sage or toss salt around the house, or worse, pray to Jesus. Forget everything you thought you knew. These solutions are often temporary and often completely disconnected from any kind of right practice. 

      In the interest of offering real protective measures to our members, I have decided to write this guide, as it is the most common query on various occult forums, and possibly the only question outsiders to the arcane arts bring to the table, driven as they are by desperation to rid themselves of the plague within their own homes.

Our É-gida Magister, Susurrator, (Commentarii Susurratoris) who is Welsh, says that unsheathing a blade is the surest customary way to get rid of any resident evil.

      What is a ghost? I have spent my entire life studying this question, and have come to the conclusion that they are a function of consciousness itself as the dying construct fades away back into the Yin flux. Becoming a true ghost, in the classical sense of the word, as an unhappy, undead, thinking entity, is the result of a failure on some part to attain to starhood, and even a failure to attain to Manhood, which to our Mutational Alchemy students is equivalent to the third flux value, Jen. Ghosts are of the Yin element, the blackness of memory, creativity, possibility. It is also the flux value that rules over rot, recession, submission, receptiveness and the act of fading away, which ghosts seem to be defined by. 

      The struggle defines the opposite of a ghost, the soul that reincarnate or rarely, achieves transcendence, is a being that strives, and at the very least, loves. To love and to strive with a burning heart is the surest way to avoid slipping into the comfortable coils of Death. So a ghost has failed in some fairly significant ways during its life and towards the end. It is well known that anyone can avoid becoming a ghost with just a little bit of training and discipline during the retirement years, so the fact that we find many old persons dying and becoming ghosts signifies a major failure on the part of world religions. The ones that hold on the longest seem to be clinging to the last fragments of the struggle that allow them to remain in the world of Man, or Jen. 

      Commonly we find ghosts that are angry about something – this ferocity of spirit is enough Yang to keep them connected to our world. The resignation is what finally does them in. What happens to a ghost that gives up, then, as we see in so many popular tales, where a murder is resolved and the ghost can “go in peace” is that the ghost has nothing to keep it striving anymore. My guess is they are ultimately destroyed, nothing but their atoms remain, and these are reclaimed by the Supreme Ultimate. They are erased. If a being can get trapped in such a situation, and this is the only motivation keeping them alive – these petty wants and needs, they are worthless to whole universe. The universe doesn’t need inflexible abominations, it needs – from us at least – stars. 

      There is no hereafter for them, but there is annihilation, which is the only right and merciful thing to be done. If a consciousness manages to find itself in this fallen state, there is something wrong with it. It must be destroyed. It isn’t really our responsibility, but it is in all of our best interests to annihilate them cleanly. It’s possible these things can only exist due to the rotten nature of human existence and the consciousness mess we’ve built up on this planet. There really is much we don’t actually know about these things, but by examining the fundamentals of the elements we can conclude many useful things about them. 

      So, ghosts, phantoms, whatever they are called, are a Yin construct. We are dealing with a subset of Yin energy at all times. What purifies and elevates Yin? Yang, of course. Jen just tends to elaborate on existing conditions, similar to the way psychedelic drugs flex our minds to create fabulous visions. This makes the in-between flux (Jen) both wonderful and mesmerizing, as well as, and this is no exaggeration, the source of all the problems in this universe. But there is nothing to be done about that. We are addicted to this “Life” thing and the only way out is through, this is the mandate from the highest authority. 

      Ghosts do not last forever. There is only so long that they can hold on in the face of the natural corrosive nature of the Valley Female (Yin) and so we do know that nature has its own way of dealing with these pests, even if it is not handled as urgently as we rapid Jen constructs would like. Worryingly enough, they seem to have the ability to affect the physical world and cause illness. Both Yin and Yang can cause illness in the wrong doses, so what we are seeking to do here is to manage that balance at all times. 

Ugly faces work – gargoyles, scary masks, the like. This is the reason gargoyles and fantastic masks of fierce Dharma Guardians and statues of angry deities were invented. Keeping such masks or statues around will repel random lost souls, but more stubborn ghosts who have been there a while will surely become wise to this trick. Luckily for us, The Abrahadabra Institute’s methodologies afford us an incredible and perpetually effective tool in the fight […]Continue this article

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the ultimate guide to the baphomet

This article is co-authored by izi ningishzidda and m1thr0s 729

“The greatest power in the universe is love, and thus it is so rare. To me, spiritual ascension requires both undefiled wisdom, and the unity of true love to be complete in Baphomet”  

I don’t know who wrote that. The blog, “Baphometic Satanism” was taken down over a decade ago. It words linger on only in the form of scattered secondhand quotes. It’s the kind of thing you’ll never hear coming out of Satanic circles these days – not even Luciferians, who have become a rarity anyways. 
      It is for this reason, and others, that we philosophical Satanists have become a phenomenon of the past. There’s no real point to staying on board a sinking ship.
      We’re not so willing to abandon Baphomet, however. It belongs more to alchemists and mages far more than it does to a bunch of atheistic nincompoops who deny magick and all of its trappings. The image of the Baphomet dates back to a time long before Anton Lavey adopted it for his organizational sigil. Eliphas Levi (1810-1875) popularized it in the image shown below.

Levi claimed that he acquired the specificities of the image from accounts of the Templars being tortured by the Catholic Church, and from a gargoyle on one of the buildings built by them. If that’s true, and we have no reason to doubt it, then it is a very offensive image taken at face value. It is not at all clear or convincing that the Templars “worshipped” Baphomet at all. Eliphas Levi in his book ‘Transcendental Magic’ gives Baphomet as being symbolic of Pan. 
      Eliphas Levi was an idiot in a lot of ways. Sure, there may be symbolic parallels between Baphomet and Pan just as there are between Baphomet and Kernunnos or Baphomet and Gnu for that matter…[Continue this article…]

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what is active scrying?

It is one of the most fundamental things the magickian might do indicative of his craft, yet remains among the least elaborated topics in all of the published works on modern magickal practice. Why are we doing this and where does this practice come from? It is pivotally important that we both ask and answer this fundamental question as beneath its surface lies the very heart of our innermost magickal assumptions. […]

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