the mutational alchemy tarot lecture series, 000: introduction

Relating to the previous event; one of our members asked about print pricing for any of the mirrors or assets like the Mutational Alchemy Tarot prints at The Abrahadabra Institute. The price has gone down considerably for TAI members, being cost plus 50% for any size or frame job. For non-members it is 100%. So for example, a 10 x 10 print would be about $15 for members, $20 for non-members.
      Custom prints in unique colors that don’t already exist in our library come with an addition $32 cost minimally with two revisions. Unique colorations were always welcomed by m1thr0s, but since I will be doing the work officially, the Certificate of Authenticity will have my signature as the artist with the traditional addendum “After  m1thr0s” if it is a m1thr0s original, signifying that it is a copy of his original work. This is the proper addendum added to the title of a piece when being copied by a student from the master, in my tradition, the European Academic Art tradition, which is the legitimate standard that most artists look to for matters of propriety. If one de
      I’ll put together a simple pricelist later on that can be referenced for special orders. Some prints are not available at this standard of pricing, including the TwinTrees Primordial and TwinTrees Temporals in the Imperial Edition color scheme. 

the ultimate guide to the baphomet

This article is co-authored by izi ningishzidda and m1thr0s 729

“The greatest power in the universe is love, and thus it is so rare. To me, spiritual ascension requires both undefiled wisdom, and the unity of true love to be complete in Baphomet”  

I don’t know who wrote that. The blog, “Baphometic Satanism” was taken down over a decade ago. It words linger on only in the form of scattered secondhand quotes. It’s the kind of thing you’ll never hear coming out of Satanic circles these days – not even Luciferians, who have become a rarity anyways. 
      It is for this reason, and others, that we philosophical Satanists have become a phenomenon of the past. There’s no real point to staying on board a sinking ship.
      We’re not so willing to abandon Baphomet, however. It belongs more to alchemists and mages far more than it does to a bunch of atheistic nincompoops who deny magick and all of its trappings. The image of the Baphomet dates back to a time long before Anton Lavey adopted it for his organizational sigil. Eliphas Levi (1810-1875) popularized it in the image shown below.

Levi claimed that he acquired the specificities of the image from accounts of the Templars being tortured by the Catholic Church, and from a gargoyle on one of the buildings built by them. If that’s true, and we have no reason to doubt it, then it is a very offensive image taken at face value. It is not at all clear or convincing that the Templars “worshipped” Baphomet at all. Eliphas Levi in his book ‘Transcendental Magic’ gives Baphomet as being symbolic of Pan. 
      Eliphas Levi was an idiot in a lot of ways. Sure, there may be symbolic parallels between Baphomet and Pan just as there are between Baphomet and Kernunnos or Baphomet and Gnu for that matter…[Continue this article…]

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memberships now open…

Memberships are now available to the world’s foremost experts on Abrahadabra and the central hub for Mutational Alchemy, the legendary ninth limb of Yoga. The chart below is a quick and dirty synopsis of what we are all about.

Annual Membership card, certificate of membership, lapel pin, mission statement premise print $32

Annual Membership + Mutational Alchemy Tarot $64

For a number of years now, those following The Abrahadabra Institute’s activities over the past 18 years have asked us for official memberships. After a tremendous amount of work having been completed, towards formulating what such a membership might look like, in order to suit the needs of persons interested, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best direction for TAI, much to our founder’s chagrin, is as an educational institution and (co-ed) fraternity – for the purposes of social fun, and thirdly as an initiation gateway into the 418 current. Anything that dares to connect itself with Abrahadabra is necessarily signing up for a rough and fast-paced ride, and we have hitched our wagon to that particular train a long, long time ago. This is certainly optional. Abrahadabra loves loners – our clan consists of the Hermits and the Magus. They don’t need a group. But the path can be lonely and we’re willing to take the heat in representing the 418 current in this world. If you want to join us, fine. If not, we still respect you just as much, fam. 
       A significant investment of time has been dedicated towards composing a seven year long (open source) curriculum, leading into Mutational Alchemy. We are using an introduction to this steep climb via the foundational elements we had identified over five years ago, and we are very pleased to announce that The Abrahadabra Institute is finally, after all these years, ready to take on the stewardship of a formal membership body.
      Almost everyone human with a pulse is welcome to join. While it’s true that we are open to just about everybody, it is not a decision to take lightly. This stuff that we study here is as real as anything, extremely potent, and we can’t be held responsible for the fallout if one joins frivolously and tries to make Abrahadabra some kind of joke or subject to one’s Will.  Below is a link to the comprehensive guide to membership. also on the menu to the left “join TAI.”

The Alchemical Word of Perfection by m1thr0s 729

The above link will answer most pressing questions, but it doesn’t cover all of them. Those who wish to ask questions of us directly should visit the public area of the forums, here: and create a new thread or post in the existing Q & A.
      This organization is designed to endure for at least a thousand years, depending on circumstances surrounding success towards the Aeon of Hrumachis as defined by Liber al vel Legis. If that sounds like something you are interested in building, we are open to studious, intelligent, patient, dedicated and self-controlled individuals.

m1thr0s, Magister Ouroboros 729, founder of The Abrahadabra Institute and creator of Mutational Alchemy the so-called *Ninth Limb of Yoga*

      Any post about opening up memberships to The Abrahadabra Institute would be incomplete without mentioning our founder, who died on December 26th 2016, and who was pushing hard to stay alive for as long as it took to stabilize this body of work and TAI itself, with the intention that I could continue where he left off. The future is going to be a lot of fun here at TAI and you’re not going to want to miss it. 

Izi Sesa Ningishzidda
Magister Ouroboros 777

Izi Ningishzidda in Olympia, WA, meeting m1thr0s for the first time and learning about Mutational Alchemy in person. Last week of January, 2008.

anonymous disclosure & forums worth registering at: rigorous

I’m not sure why occultists are so afraid of conspiracy theories. I think they imagine they might become infected with whatever it is Alex Jone’s followers have if they veer too close. Having observed Alex Jones evolve from his classic Bohemian Grove stakeouts in his early days to the bewildered Trump darling he is today, I can only say that he went where the money is – the dumb and gullible. Not that I don’t think he is presenting plausible theories at times, but certainly that style is not one occultists usually go for. Most of the time they’re trying to avoid remembering the real world exists.

 We always have a good time talking about UFO’s and fringe topics on Abrahadabra Forums, and with AF gone private (at least until our membership launches) some lurkers may have been left floundering about for entertainment until Game of Thrones comes out. For those of you unafraid of a little JFK and ufology you might enjoy the site

It’s run by some smart people who have interesting things to say, on some fascinating topics, without all of the heckling and jeering you find on other conspiracy theory forums, an experience, for example, on one forum I won’t mention, (*cough* godlikeproductions *cough*) that is a bit like sifting through pebbles of dried dogshit to find good topics wrapped in wet garbage.

I found myself spending a good three hours there happily sifting through topics and outside links, something I rarely find myself doing on any occult forum these days, unless I’m trying to dig something up in the AF archives.

As I said before, I am still not sure why some occultists shun conspiracy theories, but one certainly doesn’t have to entertain any of the speculative stories on the forum as reality. It is a spooky world, however, and tales of what might be going on in the halls of the Kremlin or in underground ritual palaces are often just as entertaining as the latest Mothman sighting or Sigil technique. 

It also seems to me that occultists have begun to grow up a little bit, philosophically and politically. The scars of Salem burn into our subconscious a fear of the irrationality of the Trump administration. “In Democracy, you have to be a player” said Hunter S. Thompson. If occultists don’t wish to read the Washington Post, at least they can pick up a few useful things from this forum while sifting through Kubrickian pedophile governments and Even More JFK assassination theories. 

Enjoy posts such as:

“French judge goes on rampage with Masonic sword

“Wolf Chases Man on Motorcycle in Canada

Modern Art is a CIA Weapon


And so on…


Image Credit: Beauty by Sweetbananadreams