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Candyman – 09/07/2017
archive in case you missed the scintillating conversations:
the apadana archives: august 2017 –
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Izi – 09/07/2017
Hi all, just waking up. blegh
Caffeine and video games
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Candyman – 09/07/2017
Hey Izi. Music, Work and trading for me
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
I am having a cup of coffee too.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Do you drink it black?
Oof, I gotta go re-read a big chunk of a book for the curriculum.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Yeah. I do. I like the deepness of the flavor.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Hm. Well I’ll be back later, have to go finish this section and write a comment.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
kk have fun
Izi – 09/07/2017
It was that part in Crowley’ work where he describes marriage as a mutated farce and the sex life of the bourgeois as disgusting, the idol of the corpse of love.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Oh cool.
your speakin to the choir on that part
Izi – 09/07/2017
He’s really pretty funny throughout the whole rant.
Although I feel wary when he starts sounding like he’s about to advocate for pederasty or something. He never goes that far.
But when he forbids the seduction of “infants” I have to wonder why he used “infants” instead of the word “children”
Oh well, I’m probably being paranoid.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Im making a skull shaped homebase right now
its turning out ok
Izi – 09/07/2017
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
ill post a pic later
Izi – 09/07/2017
Right now…with that article in mind you mentioned, En, the one about Yin and Yang sexuality…I’m trying to figure out what a “soul” is composed of.
I’m not even sure that I like or will stick with the word “soul”
There are some more precise terms used in India to describe it, and the Egyptians had a pretty rigorous glossary of terms regarding the parts of the soul…
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
goes to look at the chat
sorry which one?
Izi – 09/07/2017
Nuit informs us in no uncertain terms for those of us paying attention that she has no way of ‘speaking’ by herself…she needs an intermediary…like Aiwass or Rose, for example, to “speak” and this is because I think she is the personification of Yin itself. Yin being a passive principle needs to be read by an active principle or an intermediary principle like Jen.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Nevermind that, this is an important discussion, you’ll like it, but I don’t know if you can help.
Just put that on the agenda for this month, we’re going to be dissecting the idea of souls.
I have to finish this entry.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Oh :open_mouth:
Oh I see the one by Crowley. Thought you meant like way before.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Yes, way before, you were interested in my assertion that I was a true Yin
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Yes I remember that.
Izi – 09/07/2017
It’s in this article that I will explain that, but it is a difficult article with a lot of unknowns
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
I see. Well it’s cool that you bounce your ideas in here.
Pretty excited to read =]
The only thing I would claim to have some understanding is the idea of the vulnerable ego being more important than it’s typically given in psychology, and that it is closer to the idea of the id than of a simple “psychological defence”
Izi – 09/07/2017
Yeah I think that too, occultists especially seem to mix up Id and Ego all the time.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
That’s typical of jungian perspectivce though, the ego isn’t just a barrier, it’s like an integration system
Behaviorism is useful… but to a certain degree the only useful tools we have now is brain scans and self introspection
Izi – 09/07/2017
I put some of my weird diary on reddit
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
You post on there alot?
Izi – 09/07/2017
Speaking of integration, I think you have to get pretty out there to properly integrate some of the magickal ideas, like Abrahadabra. That entry is an example of that.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Take risks you mean?
Izi – 09/07/2017
People are so dull on r/occult generally so I thought I’d show them what real magick looks like.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
goes to read
Izi – 09/07/2017
I don’t usually post on reddit, I always post my journal on Abrahadabra Forums, except parts I’m forbidden to share.
And then, I label it <redacted> if it’s missing.
Candyman – 09/07/2017
I read that, it was nuts. made me laugh a couple times too
Izi – 09/07/2017
It’s just that the most interesting posts on r/occult are being made by a Nazi, and that’s a problem .
Oh good. :smiley:
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
hm cant find the link
Candyman – 09/07/2017
does that Nazi guy know what he’s talking about?
i got the impression he makes a lot of stuff up.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Oops, there was an error! | Abrahadabra
Visit our forum at:

He is. I’ve met his “type” before, he’s got a vanity problem.
Candyman – 09/07/2017
He is making stuff up? or he knows what he’s talking about
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
is this the one from reddit?
Izi – 09/07/2017
He hasn’t been able to ignite anything as spectacular as he would like so he constantly fills in the blanks with ooey bullshit.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
im not really good at navigating reddit, truthfully havent really done so at all really lol
Izi – 09/07/2017
There’s basically two types of occultists, those who are interested in the truth and objective reality at any cost – even if it means discarding ideas they like, and occultists who feel like memes and fantasy are exactly the same thing as magick.
They just arn’t. Everything that I talk about or record really happened, and I don’t embellish anything.
I wasn’t always so rigorous, because up until Abrahadabra I hadn’t actually experienced what was possible.
I was getting some results, but people settle. They really do.
So perseverance furthers.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Thankyou for the journal
Izi – 09/07/2017
So vox triarii knows some stuff, but he mixes it up with fictional characters and little pieces of truth interspersed with outright lies. He’s intelligent enough to make it all sound plausible, and he uses a certain style of language you find in ornate fiction, Lovecraft and so on.
I know the style because I’m a bookworm and I use that style of prose to spice up my writing, but I have very firm standards on what I will espouse as truth and reality, he does not.
It’s all just a game to him, even though it isn’t. He’s going to end up either wandering around the rest of his life in a fog of his own making or he’s going to lock horns with something real that is able to shut down his little fantasy vanity game he likes to play.
Even his attraction to Nazi ideology reveals his hand – he’s so desperate for real magick that he’s gone to the extreme end of the spectrum just to “check things out” so to speak.
Candyman – 09/07/2017
It took me a little while to catch on to that. I started noticing the lies and then it all fell apart. I don’t read his posts any longer but that whole sub treats him like royalty
Izi – 09/07/2017
I almost wonder if he’s the head of the Illuminates of Thanateros, that guy was a fucking flowery moron.
Could almost see him toning it down and going that direction. He was a major Nazi as well. And had no morals regarding mixing fiction and reality.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
So the thread you two were mentioning a few mins ago, is there any particular thread? Or are you just commenting on this character and his posts in general?
Candyman – 09/07/2017
He posts in basically every thread.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Just this guy who goes by the username vox_triarii.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
I see.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Yeah that strikes me as a neurotic tick, like he’s gotta try and prove himself. Or he wants to be the King of r/occult. Boy he’s welcome to it.
He started posting a lot more after criticism started to come out,, like he was trying to bury the callouts.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Reading your journal is really inspiring!
Im gonna go lurk some reddit threads :open_mouth:
Candyman – 09/07/2017
That’s how I ended up here
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Oh I see.
Perhaps he’s also using the conflict to learn… albeit in a kind of really around the bushes kind of way.
Unless you don’t think he’s learning anything xDD
Izi – 09/07/2017
I think he’s learning that people don’t like Nazis in general…
Candyman – 09/07/2017
to be fair, at least he owns it. he never denies
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Im curious about this idea of german idealism or nazi magic… just what are they doing anyways? I dont really care, I’ve thrown in my lot philosophically along time ago, but It definitely moves some people.
It must be strange to grab your attention. Or is this just like your daily sitcom? :D:D
Izi – 09/07/2017
Well…it is a religion that deifies Hitler as a god, and advocates for a caste system, to maintain the pure blood of the whites.
thingsandstuff – 09/07/2017
I heard Germans got magic powers from cave lizards
Izi – 09/07/2017
They consider him to be the ninth avatar of Vishnu.

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Chaos Magick Sigil Workshop: Abrahadabra Style
This month I did an impromptu workshop on sigil magick. A video of the full event is located at the link above. It’s a private link, but it’s okay to share it amongst anyone you wish.This will be the first of a variety of ongoing workshops I will be hosting, at least once a month. If there is a topic that you are interested in, such as the MAT or something else, members are highly encouraged to notify me and I will do my best to arrange something. Call or e-mail me back.
The Kings and Queens of the Earth: Introduction
In this series we’ll be exploring some of the lesser known figures within magick, philosophy, science and politics who helps shape the Nu Aeon. Their direct connections to the 418 and 9³ currents are often missed and we will cover all of that so folks can get a better idea of just how big this aeon thing really is.
Textbook List for Year One
By request, I compiled the textbook list for Year One, with the understanding that this is fairly stable. Before the January enrollment is released there will be a lot more information available, not only on the structure of our curriculum itself, but on where to get these books cheaply and even for free, so please wait for that if you’re not keen on spending $200 on these books. 
The Periodic Table of Wizardry and Alchemy

In this article we explore the significance of the atomic weight of elements. The periodic table is absolutely a part of magick, although its significance has been completely ignored in other occult circles.

Our Life in Consciousness

This article covers some ideas surrounding Consciousness. 
729’s life files

At the request of m1thr0s I was tasked with the duty of writing his introductory biography for the Anatomy of the Body of Light, in order to aid students in discerning why he might of headed in the direction he went. Originally these were just audio notes for myself, so we’re both pretty high, candid,  relaxed, and chill throughout, sitting in our room both snuggled up together. That makes them have a different tone than most of our intentional podcasts.
      I didn’t bother editing them either, as I felt like it was both unnecessary and would clear out some of the important sentences, so you’ll have to endure interference, hearing my write on my notepad, me eating cheesepuffs for a short time and some pauses. But it’s a very candid look into our conversations and a detailed look into Magister 729’s life, even if they’re more than a little depressing. If you don’t want to hear the depressing stuff, just skip to part 003. We didn’t get a chance to finish these, which is a real shame. I am not releasing these without his permission – the audio quality was good enough that he advised me to save them anyways, for those future members who were curious enough, after his death, once we had wrapped them up. (Again we never got to finish these.)  We both thought that he might live another 10 years, even though he really did not want to, but that ended up not being the case.

This is very important – please do not redistribute these to anyone who is not a member of TAI, I’m not sure how I feel about ever doing that yet, but I doubt I will ever release them to the public. 

They are in WAV lossless format, feel free to download and store them on your own device.

m1thr0s life part 001
m1thr0s life part 002
m1thr0s life part 003
One sidenote: When I mention that “I did that with you” in part 002 when he is talking about his mother, I am referring to my mistake of projecting my feelings for m1thr0s onto several other wrong people in my life, before I met him and understood what all of the signs were trying to point me to during my life, something I will have to go into detail eventually. m1thr0s and I have a very long history together and it would take too long to lay it all out here, but what I was referring to was the relationship with Macrocosm, and the forgetfulness we experience when incarnating, since I do believe in reincarnation. 

Finally we are starting a casual League of Legends group and all are welcome to join us in this endeavor. League is a free to play game that takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes to play, so it’s perfect for busy lifestyles. As always you can usually catch us in the Discord chat room to find a match mate or talk about Abrahadabra subjects. 

The Dragon Podcast
Still working on this one, it will be released in a few days. It might actually be really really cool once it’s done – shout out to one of our members, Lugh, for the idea. 


The Abrahadabra Institute

abrahadabra curriculum 2018 – sign up opens in january!

Below at the end of this announcement is a very short excerpt from the 1-1 module (one of seven modules/packets for the first year, accompanying nine books) More info is available in our Discord channel, listed below, or, on
       This module, (1-1 AI Curric Welcome and Intro, Module I,) is only the “guide”to the other, more in-depth modules, so, it’s a summary, basically, of what we will be going through for the first 3 months. There is an enormous amount of written documentation for each reading assignment within the other modules, so it is a very intensive course. Third year students will be required to travel to The Abrahadabra Institute to pass some of the coursework and undergo initiation.  
      Please note, you must be a member of The Abrahadabra Institute, in good standing, to apply for this coursework. Registration opens in January. 
      You will be required to acquire your own textbooks. Some of them we can get at a discount from Princeton, and some are pretty cheap, digitally, while two are rather pricy. If you want all paper copies in great condition, the cost will run about $200, but most of that is two rare printings by Regardie and Crowley we’re trying to source inexpensively as we can, as the copyright is up in December for one of the pricier of the two.

Because it is legal, I am willing to create a PDF of it and hand it out for free, which means the book list would be more like $125, without any discounts from Princeton University Press or other publishers which could be very generous depending on how many people want to order new copies through us. 

Members can review the textbook list on the forums here:


By the end of March, you should be able to build a hexagram using the method unique to The Abrahadabra Institute. You will also understand how to look up the hexagram once cast and analyze moving lines as well as rulers, and comprehend the overall meaning of the hexagram in synergy with your life circumstances.
      You will become familiarized with The Great Mystery, or Tai Hsuan Ching. You will memorize the basic traits of Yin, Yang and Jen by the end of the month. You will become familiarized with the Kama Sutra. You will become familiarized with the Qabbalistic Sephiroth, with the primary goal of memorizing the colors, names and placement of the individual Sephira on the Tree of Life by the end of the year.
      You will set up a permanent altar. You will begin to learn how to perform the TwinStar scrying meditation, using your magickal mirror. You will begin learning about and analyzing the work of Aleister Crowley, via his top student, Israel Regardie.
      It’s important that you cover the modules in the order given here, otherwise you’ll be missing important interlocking data that will allow you to smoothly progress.
      You’ll need to check in at least once a month on the forums under the Abrahadabra Academy section so we know you’re doing okay and not struggling with anything. You will be given posting assignments each month, but you can post as much as you like pertaining to the information in your modules. If you do have issues with anything you should contact us immediately. Below is our contact information:

Phone: 360-688-1242
Private Message (Forums): Izi

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Unpack everything and hang up the infochart poster (Labelled Adam Kadmon Tree with Four Elemental Worlds) where you practice or study. If this is not in the same place, hang it in the place where you study. Keep your books and supplies together in one place, preferably separate from other books on their own shelf, table, or in a container. This ritualistic pattern will set the tone for the years to come in which the benefits of ritual action is experienced firsthand, as underlined by Confucius, with externalized actions becoming internalized over time.
      Read the Introduction and March entry for Tetragrammaton 01 Basics (Bigrammaton) module I first. The Lo Shu, which the I Ching is based on, sets the stage for the work to follow. Follow any instructions presented. MAKE SURE you know the Lo Shu diagram and the elemental properties of Bigrams before beginning on the Trigrammaton module. If you need help, post on the forums, call, or email your instructor. Read the Introduction and March entry for Tetragrammaton 02 Advanced, first and follow all instructions at your own pace.
       Read rest of the modules in any order, but leave the Tantra module for last, as there are prerequisites in the other modules which may be useful. Follow any instructions presented. Try to familiarize yourself fairly well with the Sephiroth, (Tree of Life,) before you begin on the Tantra module. Some people will have already, or will be able to memorize the colors, names and locations of the Sephira within the first month, and this is desirable, however, if impossible due to personal time constraints it can be delayed until the end of the year. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t memorize them immediately, not everyone, even experienced occultists, have had time to dabble in Qabbalah, in addition to their other studies.



Become capable of performing a simple tarot reading for yourself and look up the card meanings online. You will be able to find the meaning of the different components of the card.
      Learn about the three aims of life espoused by Vatsyayana, PhD, and contemplate how you might integrate them into your own way of life. Begin learning about the vast history and foundational elements of the I Ching. Become acquainted with the concept of guru in the Eastern sense and the 729. Become introduced to the 81 Shou, and acquainted with the ternary and binary systems. Become familiar with the first chapter of the Book of the Law.


Read through each of the packets individually and follow the instructions for the month. You may approach the packets in any order you wish, this month.



Continue your work with the I Ching, casting and reading a hexagram daily. Familiarize yourself with the history and implications of the I Ching that pertain directly to future Mutational Alchemy practice, such as the concept of Multiplicity from Nothing, as well as the idea that Hexagrams symbolize a forcefield. Examine the nature of a successful lover, their talents and abilities, and nature of Mankind’s sexuality itself. Become even more familiar with the concept of the 729 and its importance to Mutational Alchemy. Become introduced to the concept of interaction with other dimensional worlds, from the point of view of various cultures. Explore the initial underlying precepts of the concept of “raising the foundation”


Start with Tetragrammaton 01 Basics, then Hermeticism paying special attention to the coordinates and attributes of Yesod and Da’ath on the Tree of Life, then Tantra. After this, study the Tetragrammaton Advanced module and finally, Hierophantic studies.



Continue casting […]

the periodic table of alchemy and wizardry

This article is for members only. To skip this preview and go straight to the forum article, click here.
      There is a style of thinking in the occult today that I would like to see corrected. Occultists seem to be obsessed with irrelevant things, such as how much a book costs, how old a set of data is, (the more ancient the better) where that person comes from, who rubs shoulders with who.
      I ran into this problem recently with someone who considered any metal other than steel, titanium, silver or gold to be useless as ritual jewelry. Pewter was completely out of the question, he said, because it was “cheap!” Most people know that pewter has an ancient and venerable reputation, both as a material of the wealthy, like aluminum, but that each metal has its place in witchcraft and ceremonial magick in turn. Pewter especially has an important connection to the Star Goddess, Nuit, which I will explain here, presently.
      Opinions, in and of themselves, have no bearing or relevance to the work we do here at The Abrahadabra Institute. Older occult data is no more authentic and useful than solid new research, just as old scientific theory is not necessarily more useful than the latest lab results that conflict with older theories. Occultists who indulge in these vain and shallow preoccupations, seem to be of the opinion that our body of knowledge is frozen in time, ready to be discovered by anyone willing to pay $500 for the (limited edition) secrets of mystical enlightenment.
      Most of the greatest knowledge in the occult can be acquired from a dozen books, all modestly priced and sometimes, sadly, out of print, due to lack of interest, such as the Tai Hsuan Ching translated by Derek Walters. Nobody has yet achieved the goals set forth in many of alchemy’s greatest workings, including myself. These goals of the Great Work are all out there waiting to be accomplished by anyone with the motivation and dedication to attempt them. The byproduct of the struggle, even if they are not achieved, is a very high and valuable class of gnosis. These operations are not widely known, but if they had ever been achieved, the world would be completely different than it is now. This is how we know that they have not yet been accomplished. The results of these operations are theoretical game changers. To figure out how to succeed here, we need to be willing to do the work, just as our species, via one or another intrepid explorer, found the will to work hard to invent the steam engine, the electric light bulb or the space rocket, for example. Our area of study is underfunded and ignored, but so what? Many of technology’s greatest fields of study were completely off the map when some intrepid explorer or inventor decided to throw their life and energy at it. [Continue Reading…]

september newsletter

September 2017

While there were a few lost memberships from our July 29th launch – people who didn’t send me either their form or ID – most members have not only recieved their packets they’ve settled into the forums just fine, or our Discord chatroom:
If anyone experiences any problems of any kind, they should contact us immediately at 360-688-1242, or, reply to this e-mail. Setting up a forum account is simple, if you havn’t already done so, make sure you get that taken care of now so you can access the members only material which is linked in this newsletter and so you can get support for your questions in a private, screened environment. 
For a few last minute comers: If you’re recieving this newsletter your membership has been accepted and your package will be in your inbox soon. 
A basic introduction to the inherent connection to the DNA strand within our own bodies and the I Ching, which is widely revered around the world and will form the cornerstone of your education at The Abrahadabra Institute, whether self-studying or if you decide to enroll in the curriculum. It’s pretty important stuff and this is a members only article. 
Chat archives from previous years have been placed in the archives, and are only available to members. The July 2013 chat is definately worth examining for new members and was re-released in August.
The decade long thread concerning the Magician and the Excorcist, Ningishzidda, has been revived using the latest data. Previous iterations of the thread included the one from Ye Olde Occult Forums and the old Abrahadabra Forums 1.0 thread. Feel free to join in the conversation if you have any questions about the Trans-Tigridian Snake Gods. 
This concise article written by m1thr0s over 10 years ago is still one of the best introductional series to Mutational Alchemy for beginners and has been re-released and moved to the members only area. This one includes an audio reading by Izi Ningishzidda to help fill in for the audiophile crowd. 

“The greatest power in the universe is love, and thus it is so rare. To me, spiritual ascension requires both undefiled wisdom, and the unity of true love to be complete in Baphomet” 

Mutational Alchemy Tarot Book Edit
Some major edits to the MAT book were the main focus in August. Both the web version and the printable Google Docs version were corrected, but only the Google Docs version has the changelog.
Just a little tidbit our members might find useful, taken from The Anatomy of the Body of Light, Volume I. 
Hungry Ghost month in Asia and Samhain are both coming up, and people never seem to know what to do in these situations. While this is not within the scope of our normal interests, and even might seem a little weird, it’s important that people know how to protect their space. With over a dozen questions on this topic on Reddit alone going unanswered, or, answered badly, the need for a simple guide to eliminating hauntings was deemed necessary.
Finally, if you missed it, the August apadana chat archives are here: 
If you’re interested in learning Mutational Alchemy, at the request of several hundred people, I finally have formulate a quick and easy answer to “Where should I start with Mutational Alchemy” in the Mutational Alchemy Starter Kit, for those of you who want something even shorter and sweeter, you can check out our good old I Ching Starter Kit in the Books and Media section of the store. All products come with support from yours truly.