reading the i ching – tricks and tips


Reading the I Ching is pretty simple. The key is to pick a method of casting you like and stick with it. Yarrow stalks are valid as is the m1thr0s method of d10 dice. The dice even have a precedent in early I Ching history, as bones were often shaken inside of a turtle shell to determine lines, using an undocumented method. Below are some tips and tricks to get you on the right footing with your I Ching journey.

  1. Use a backgammon cup. This special oblong dice game cup allows you to cast the dice into a straight line, allowing one to obtain Gematria numbers with precision. The I Ching likes to play with these numbers. It also offers a pleasant sound and allows one to incorporate a magickal knock into the rite more easily than can be done using just one’s hands alone.
  2. Use a magickal knock. A magickal knock is a certain key number of times to shake the dice. m1thr0s used 3, I prefer 6. The magickal knock is a signal and act of intent that augments the ritual. You should use a number you want to key into, for example, if you are focused on Venus for love or relationship matters we would use the corresponding number, which is 7. It’s okay to switch numbers, or stick with one number. 
  3. Keep your casting device in a special pouch. The dice or yarrow should always be protected. In China, highly ritualized container specifications were utilized by the scholars of the I Ching. Red, black and white are the traditional colors of the I Ching flux values, with red and white representing the two Yang flux types, and black representing Yin. Pale yellow and grey are associated with the Tao. I use a small natural leather pouch stamped with the Eye of Ra. 
  4. Use a wooden casting tray. Woodworkers make many beautiful shallow rimmed trays and bowls. The tray should be a round shape, representing Heaven, although you can use a square shape for certain styles of reading, representing Earth. Generally the Heaven shape should be used more. The tray should not be made of metal or plastic, which makes an unpleasant sound. Porcelain is also too hard on the dice. If you are using crystal dice, you should only case on cloth or felt lined bowls to protect the dice from chips, even though some will naturally occur over the course of time.
  5. Build from the bottom up. Even though this is repeated a few times in nearly every book on the I Ching, and I explain it from the start to everyone I speak to personally, more than a few people seem to forget it. 
  6. Learn how to examine the nuclears. If you don’t know what the nuclears are, you have not read the Wilhelm-Baynes I Ching. Read the Wilhelm-Baynes I Ching.
  7. Keep track of your hexagrams and the accompanying question or request for advice in a journal, set aside specially for that use. Date them. This serves two purposes. Number one, you’re going to forget the hexagrams very easily, and this will help keep track of the trajectory of the I Ching’s advice to you over time, and how that plays out into the future. Secondly, it commits your Will and Wyrd to Malkuth, or Earth, and is an act of magick.
  8. Use a red pen and a black pen to write your hexagrams. Red lines are Yang, black lines are Yin. This not only looks beautiful in the end, it’s a ceremonial act that can add gravity to readings by putting one in the right mindset.
  9. If you’re having trouble with a moving line, or the entire hexagram, or anything in particular about a reading, you may perform a crossing. A crossing is simply using a divination tool to divine details on a part of the reading you don’t understand. It is used in tarot readings extensively by classically trained magi and witches. You can perform another hexagram reading, or use the tarot. The Mutational Alchemy Tarot is perfectly aligned to the I Ching and can be easily used for this. One may also limit it to the ATU only, court cards only, or smalls only, depending on the focus. 
  10. The I Ching responds in crisis. You don’t have to be in a perfect mood or state of mind to use it. So don’t be afraid to go to it during an emergency. Crisis mode sometimes triggers individuals towards greater episodes of gnosis. 


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Abrahadabra News


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. The Abrahadabra Institute at this time takes a one month break from external publication and instruction to focus on internal affairs, specifically this year in order to make preparations for the March curriculum and the official book on Mutational Alchemy. By the end of January registration and orders for books will be available as the first order of business. 
      Any extremely important questions may be directed to our Discord server or by phone. This is a very busy time of year for most people, so it’s best for me to take advantage of that by getting as much work as I can finished, regarding these very important behind the scenes projects that will secure this knowledge for both current and future students, as well as make it accessible. 
      Solstice cards went out yesterday, so check your mailbox soon. 

Ultimate Guide to the Dwarven God

These “Ultimate” articles on archetypes and godforms are designed to be flexible and expandable, so we will have our own personal library of archetypes to draw upon that is uniquely positioned for the needs of The Abrahadabra Institute’s burgeoning Mutational Alchemists or Magi. The threads are always open for discussion, so if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to reply directly to the article. 

מִצְרָ֫יִם (borderlands) of religious thought: abraham

This new series of articles is meant to attend to the concerns and thoughts of those who have religious tendencies, or, those who have to deal with religious family members on a regular basis.

The Abrahadabra Grid, The Hidden Diamond Sutra and the Doctrine of the TwinTrees: Introduction

A great little introductory article sparked by one of the math whizzes over at r/askmath, who happened to not only be able to solve one of the great mysteries of Abrahadabra, but was a learned Qabbalist himself, as it turned out after he spied Izi’s reddit history. 

We will be continuing these lectures on the Mutational Alchemy Tarot which should help lead TAI members into a complete understanding of the tarot from a very logical, thus, strong, foundation. I aim to knock out at least one of these a month, and they will be members only from here on out. 

Ma’at Watch

63-Year Old Tibetan Monk Self Immolates

have just confirmed that another self-immolation protest has taken place inside Tibet. Tenga, a 63 year-old monk carried out his protest on 26 November. 
      Meanwhile, earlier this month an independent think tank in the U.S. ranked Tibet the second worst country for political freedom and civil rights, just under North Korea. 

Buddhist Learning Center LarungGar Being Demolished

Human activists are in an uproar all over the world over news that China has been demolishing the Buddhist Learning Center of LarungGar, pictured below. Photo credit  Tibetan Review, and they have a full article: <> #LarungGar


Hamilton Morris of Vice News traveled to Mexico to track down the Sonoran Desert Toad, a rare species whose venom triggers one of the most powerful trips on the planet, in a new episode of HAMILTON’S PHARMACOPEIA.

Watch more episodes of HAMILTON’S PHARMACOPEIA here:

Science and Technology

Robo Church 

A strange story from PJ Media. Apparently an ex Google Exec has created a religion that aims to create a master AI, or a god…an artificial intelligence god. 

Love Libraries?

What kind of proper occultist doesn’t? Check out the amazing new space-age styled library, the Tianjin Binhai Library that opened a few days ago. Apparently the library part of it kind of sucks, since many of the books are just painted on, and personally we think it could use a few dozen overstuffed armchairs, but it is very cool looking.


youtube channels worth subcribing to: brings together the ideas of both the right and the left in America to create ideas that work to bring power back into the hands of voters. They understand the problem of how busy voters actually are today, and have encapsulated their ideas for solving the problems in quick 5 to 10 minute shorts. 

m1thr0s catalogue raisonne twitch event

At 10:00 PM EST I will be doing a showcase review of m1thr0s’ work for a member who wants a print. This is a chance to get a look at m1thr0s’ entire catalogue raisonne, probably for the last time this year or most of 2018. You may also order prints if you see one you like. Just e-mail Prices are highly discounted for TAI members. If you’d like to ask questions you can use the Twitch chatroom or connect via voice to our Discord server. The addresses are listed below!

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the kings and queens of the earth series: ayn rand and saul alinsky

I simply could not resist the reckless self-indulgence of kicking off the second piece of this series with Ayn Rand. (The first installment is viewable here.) Anyone who joins TAI will be expected to be interested in philosophy – any philosophy – and while my personal preference is for an enormous range of philosophers ranging from Pythagoras to Thomas Jefferson. I don’t really care what kind of philosophy our students and members like, as long as they have some kind of philosophy. Ayn Rand just has a special place in my heart as the most polarizing individual in my repertoire of knowledge. No one causes an irrational emotional meltdown quite as spectacularly Ayn Rand, this is probably one of her most endearing qualities. Just drop her name in any social circle and watch the fallout.
       Yet, she also has some things to say about our Nu Aeon that support the ideas Thelemites and Liber al Vel Legis aficionados hold dear regarding the imagined and perceived reign of Ra Hoor Khut. RHK is experienced as coming from within our own Body of Light, centering at the solar plexus and is felt along the arms during gnosis. “I am the strength and force of your arms” he says. This area of the Body of Light is connected with the chakra known to facilitate carving out dominion, and Ayn Rand has plenty to say about dominion and will. While she is coming at it from a very earthly perspective, this is exactly the kind of down to earth objective-reality espresso shot most occultists need these days – not the subjective “everything will unfold as it should” crap that you hear spouted off to anyone who will listen. Ra Hoor Khut himself defines himself, first and foremost, as a God of War and of Vengeance. He’s not going to be inspiring us to turn the other cheek and be our brother’s keeper, as the previous aeon was defined, unless that keeping includes socking them in the jaw for their bullshit.
      People are going to have to learn to change their own godamned diapers in this aeon, mark my words. We’ve got a lot of serious threats breathing down our neck here, from the antibiotic crisis coupled with the return of ebola and the plague in Africa, to the fallout of what is the largest extinction since the Permian. The world is not going to be saved by niceness, it’s going to be saved by what we refer to, and what the ancient Chinese referred to, as *right thinking* and *right action*. But what is *right thinking* and more importantly, what is the most pressing matter we must attend to if we are to survive and thrive in our Nu Aeon environment, the so-called “Age of War and Science?” [Continue Reading (Members Only)]

“There are signs of civilization here, but we’re not there yet campers…” – m1thr0s 729

• the da’ath hack •

I have re-released the Da’ath Hack article in order to assist new members inexperienced with any form of banishing technique. 

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Mutational Alchemy is the manner in which the Tree of Life is positioned with respect to the magickal formula of Abrahadabra, often referred to as the Abrahadabra Grid (shown above). Rather than treating Abrahadabra as internal to the Tree of Life, Mutational Alchemy approaches the Tree as a mathematical subset of Abrahadabra itself, which we take to be (in some auspicious way) revealing of Stars. Our reasons for doing this are in all cases rooted in demonstrable proofs of profound significance so that no one needs accept this strategy on any other basis. We do not claim that some mysterious entity from another dimension has informed us of this. We do not rely upon anything other than relentless deductive reasoning to assert it. We are more interested in falsifiable truth than enigmatic revelation, which (in any case) is subject to personal interpretation minus the safeguard of logical checks and balances. It is the road less taken concerning Abrahadabra and thus holds out the highest possibility of success defining Stars in any kind of rational relationship to Trees.
 For a modern qabbalist to assert that “Every man and every woman is a Tree.” is in no sense surprising since, much like the Ayurvedic chakras, the Tree of Life is (from its inception) a kind of esoteric mapping of humankind itself viewed from a particular cosmological lens. The traditional view is that it represents the so-called Adam Kadmon which is intended to allude to the notion of the Primordial and/or Perfected Man synonymously.  In contrast, the (Thelemic) assertion that “Every man and every woman is a Star.” calls a number of technical matters into question since we have no significant example of human-stars which we can point to which are substantial enough to render that assertion anything more than an attractive metaphor. Lack of evidence notwithstanding, Mutational Alchemy is rooted in the assumption that it is not a metaphor and thus requires a proper anatomical explanation in order for us to better understand and more effectively act upon its premise. It must first (and foremost) be recognized that the esoteric Tree of Life is an ongoing work in progress that has assumed many forms across as many cultures and periods of time to which it is identified.  The Tree of Life is a potent symbolism for human beings that figures prominently in many creation epics from numerous cultures.  It is not the sole province of Qabbalah (aka Kabbalah, Caballa etc) alone but has been an ongoing focus of qabbalistic […Read More]


This article is for members only. Image credit: The Hidden Diamond Sutra: Cosmic Egg by m1thr0s 729 copyright The Abrahadabra Institute..