III:33 part III: the direful judgements


Thanks for fucking us over “third party” and “non-voters”. I really, really wish Bernie hadn’t shot himself in the foot by declaring himself “ok” with Socialism. If he had even toned it down and said “You know, I support some socialized programs like the VA, Medicare and WIC, but I’m for the free markets.” We agree as a country we want to take care of our children, elderly and veterans. This is the fantasy of the fabled gilded age of Chivalry which has not been achieved, thanks to hateful, fearful neo-nazis in Republican clothing and communist unfeeling zombies in Democratic clothing.
 Ayn Rand, the demon of the Bernie Socialists, is very clear about laissez-faire economics: “as long as it harms none, do what thou wilt”. This covers all the bases to come – does it pollute the water supply, threatening generations to come? Can’t do it. You must have morals to be counted amongst human beings. Does it threaten the safety of humans? Can’t do it. Not on the watch of the heroic Man who only cares to lift beauty and intellect to greater heights. Ayn Rand is greatly misunderstood and her intricacies are part of the reason why Republicans in their betrayal of our secular American values, can’t hijack the Queen Atheist, no matter how many times they whine their lies about this being a Christian nation. All the while Libertarians, whom she despised as the brainless zombies they are, cannot begin to fathom why they can’t catch fire in their country with their cruelty, loathing of Man and leather jackets. Ayn Rand hated them because they cherry picked her work and turned it into an amoral abomination.   The problem *I* have with Ayn Rand is that she assumes all of mankind is rational. It is rational to want to protect our military and fund it, to not do so would lead to ruin. Yet if you took away funding for the military none of these bozos would pay for it, and a totalitarian dictatorship, worse than democracy, would sweep our ladies and gentlemen aside in favor of the horrors of savagery. 

City of Washington from Beyond the Navy Yard by George Cooke, 1833

      For those not reading the signs yet there can be no fear. Washington DC just voted to become the 51st state. This, if it comes to pass, would break the long-standing 50 state status and the symbolical correlation to our lady Nuit. These symbols should not be ignored. Pleasure, sexuality and wonder are her domain, and anything that runs contrary to it has to be punished severely. I rarely speak of Nuit or Ningishzidda these days, it just hasn’t been in the cards lately. We get Ra Hoor Khut until the injustices stop. Direful and murderous, and our pleasure shall be found in the curses, the war-engines, the slaying of our enemies. The vote itself was largely irrelevant. There was no choice, only a clear message to each and every individual so that they can understand their mistake when the terror and the misery begins. The innocent need fear not.  
      Nuit herself is a devil of a woman. Fierce and passionate, almost unbearably so during evocation. She is also a creature of perfect justice: the promise of the aeon of Hrumachis rests upon Ra Hoor Khut annihilating the wicked in his age, with the tools of War. I have encountered her twice at length in audience and occasionally now and then throughout the past seven years. She is always wrathful. One of her concerns that stood out to me was her ferocity towards racism, particularily the vicious kind that manifests towards blacks and had at the time recently been exposed in the terrible James Byrd Jr. case. When I first met her I didn’t know anything about the Book of the Law or Aleister Crowley, but I was soon meeting the whole cast of characters personally. I didn’t know what “The Crowned and Conquering Child” was as it was being shouted in my ears out of the ethers. (as a matter of fact I had to write m1thr0s and ask him about it.) I didn’t even understand why Nuit was visiting me and I had  to inquire about it. She replied that she had been watching me breaking down every other week or so about the injustices in the world – mainly about the starving children in Africa, the loss of habitat for countless species, and the constant suffering of children rich and poor in situations they should never have to encounter at home or in the chambers of community leaders. 
      Two years after my trip to outerspace to meet with Lady Nuit, the first black man was voted into the White House with my earnest assistance. There was still hope as I read the signs of the world. Then in mid 2014, something snapped. I could feel it all around me. m1thr0s and I both agreed, humanity had taken a darker path and the shining future I had seen as a possibile outcome was forever to become a dim and distant dream. The vision I beheld for the future was so magnificent I have to mourn it, though I cannot share it with anyone. I’m still not sure what event triggered the cessation of favor from Nuit and the stronger presence of Ra Hoor Khut as general instead of emperor. But clearly the exempt adepts should brace for impact – the direful judgements of Ra Hoor Khut are not merely angry words, they are the consequences for breaking the great laws of Nuit and her serpent consort. 
      I don’t think that the darkest, most horrific, most violent predictions of the future are off the table. Entertainment media has conjuring frightfully grim and dark pictures of the future a decade now. The Walking Dead. Preacher. The Fallout franchise, Westworld. The muses have acted as oracles to the other side since time began.

Humans are a violent and highly intelligent animal, and they love their violence, they covet it. If they think they will succeed in bringing violence to the stars they are mistaken. Nuit will not permit injustice to visit her realm. Humans can’t seem to let go of the idea however and they will suffer for their stupidity and their refusal of Nuit’s gifts: pleasure, passion, justice – the fight for righteousness must never be abandoned, but it has been abandoned by humanity. People seem to be under the impression that the fight for blacks is only for black people. They believe that the fight for women is for women alone. “Make no difference between any one thing and any other thing” she has said. But still we persist in the divisions of physicality – the gift of diversity has been rationalized into a curse.
      To the credit of the baby boomer women the trigger of Trump and his hate speech is just another sad dismissal of their rights as human beings which they must respond to in the only way they know how -appeasement. If you do not appease the ugly savage and uncivilized male in the room they have been trained to know what will come next – pain and misery. It didn’t surprise me to learn white women had betrayed their gender to this disgusting, crazy piece of shit. He looked like every ugly male figure in their lives who had brought them to heel. I immediately recognized aspects of my family members in him and rejected him. But I have a male figure in my life who fulfills the patriarchal responsibility in a divine way few earthly men are able to publicly without apprehension and fear: Abrahadabra. 
     I think it is much too late to retrain women on Abrahadabra, imprinting them. Few women are capable of restarting the imprinting process even if they are able to finish the rigors of Mutational Alchemy meditation. Yet there are enough of us already awakened and enlightened individuals that we can forge a way ahead with our resistance, making the future appear a little less dark. 

passing the torch…


Over the past 18 months I have been hospitalized not less than 4 times with end-stage emphysema, a progressive disease that no one walks away from once it has reached that degree of severity. It’s hard to predict how much time I am left with…might be a few days, might be 10 years though the doctors think it’s more like months and I am being urged to wrap up whatever affairs I may need to and have been processed as a hospice patient for those who know the lingo. For those who don’t it basically means there isn’t anything they can do for me but try to make me as comfortable as possible. 

This is not a boo-hoo fest. I am posting this as a matter of clarification regarding the future of The Abrahadabra Institute and nothing else. It’s been a long and a difficult road from the first faint envisioning of a proper physics of the Body of Light to the creation of a dialogue that is strong enough to go the distance reaching out to other great minds from a position of relative abandon to engage and challenge others to recognize and take up the call to action. I have been beset with all manner of isolation and obstacle in this battle which has been slow going but very steady and strong notwithstanding. I didn’t know it when I got started on this path that I would probably need about 300 years and a certain amount of funding to bring all of this to fruition – more time than I have to spend and no financing of any kind. 

Now that I have come too far to back out (and wouldn’t want to even if I could!) I will have to settle for having begun and carried a task on its own merits without ever seeing the final outcome and that’s ok – in any case it beats being someone else’s brainwashed zombie. The Abrahadabra Institute will survive because the world needs it though people are generally unaware how great a need exists. This is changing ever so gradually as people begin to see what a profound potential exists here. What will happen in my absence is that the Institute will pass to Izi Sesa Ningishzidda who will watch over it and keep it safe from harm. Another will come along at some point with the wherewithall to advance it according to her specifications.

Though I do not typically assume the mantle of teacher I have made a few exceptions for individuals who showed enough promise to warrant the drain on my time and general resources. To date, Izi is the only one who has made it through enough gates to define her as a full-time student of Abrahadabra. Even Mutational Alchemy which is a very advanced metaphysics is not lost on her the way it is with so many others. Izi has the right nature and nurture (both) to ask the right questions and stick with it until the right answers are found. Her natural instincts combined with an impeccable study habits endow her with an innate capacity for getting to the truth no matter how concealed so that I have every confidence that there is nothing so obtuse as to remain hidden from her for very long. There is only one Magister Ouroboros incarnated at any time so that while I live that office remains with me but will pass to her in due course as well once I have gone.

In the interim readers should know that there would be no Abrahadabra Institute at all if not for Izi. Even if my health were not compromised it’s too much work for one person managing the development of Mutational Alchemy and the Abrahadabra Institute at the same time so that a choice has to be made and I don’t personally need the Institute as much as I need Mutational Alchemy to advance as far as I can push it. People are generally unaccustomed to thinking of the Body of Light as a proper  physics and are hesitant to recognize that we have the means to make it one lacking the Will (chiefly) inasmuch as the precedents are all over the map stretching back thousands of years. All that is really lacking is an individual with the vision and compilation skills to piece the map together. 

In 2013 Izi and I registered The Abrahadabra Institute as a Limited Liability Company with the idea of using it as the organizational hub for the promotion of all things Abrahadabra. Our first major project was the Mutational Alchemy Tarot Deck which offers people a means of learning the basics of Mutational Alchemy in a form that many will already be acquainted with. The next project is an extensive course curriculum that will take students through the steps necessary to become proficient applicants of the loftiest spiritual alchemy on Earth. Though one really should not be intimidated by it it is fair to say we have raised the bar higher than it has ever been raised in this world and do not cater to the weak or the excuse-makers. Many have tried to steal from us but cannot get very far with this – first because our material is so revolutionary and second because explaining what they have stolen is such an overwhelming task.

So that’s the update. Izi is the glue that has been holding it all together and when I pass there should be no question that the torch passes to her. It’s impossible to predict with confidence when that will be, though we both kind of feel like the TwinStar isn’t done with me yet and there is a lot that still hangs in the balance so this announcement is more a prudent clarification than a prediction of anything per se.

Perseverance Furthers
m1thr0s 9³ 

note on curriculum

I’ve received some inquiries on the progress of the TAI curriculum and the main textbook on Mutational Alchemy itself. We’re still working on it. It’s a time intensive and difficult process. Think of every disappointing occult book you have ever read – slick on the outside, rushed on this inside, lacking depth and re-readability. Now imagine if our curriculum was like that – just something we try to push off onto you to cash in and sell out. It would be horrible. Developing a comprehensive Mystery School from the ground up is a task for crazy people and we have taken on the job. It will be completed, tetractys willing, but until then you can catch up with some of the books we have slated for study.
      The connection between DNA and the I Ching is very important as it leads up to the 729 code that m1thr0s has theorized to exist in tandem to the DNA code that has a vital link to consciousness. While it has not even been hinted at yet by anyone in academia, such a discovery would be radical and revolutionary. Right now the 729 hexagrams mostly parallel the idea of “morphogenetic” fields affecting social scenarios aka morphic resonance a term coined by Rupert Sheldrake. The reason for this is due to the nature of Jen as defined by the Chinese sages, contrasted or compared against the nature of telepathy. All phenomenon has its basis in matter, and the medium of the 729 might also have something to do with Dr. Miliewski’s theories on Superlight. It could be a mechanism that acts as an arbiter or reciever of SL. It remains to be seen what form the 729 will take, and it may be a long time before it is discovered. Until then we can only see various phenomenon associated with it and strive to comprehend it. There are two books we recommend picking up and they will be part of the second curriculum, if you have extra time you can get them now and it will give you a headstart.They are Dna and the I Ching: The Tao of Life by Johnson Yan and I Ching and the Genetic Code: The Hidden Key to Life by Martin Schonberger.


I’ve almost always needed a bit of a “push” to achieve levity and can be considered an *analytical* as opposed to a *sensitive* also referred to as an “empath”. Many people are not sensitives  so one should not feel discouraged if they are not naturally able to glue themselves to the ceiling through meditation alone. Others are sensitive but have yet to hone their abilities and may even suffer greatly from a lack of special training in order to maintain their sanity and well being. There are several tradeoffs to being a sensitive, among them in some individuals a tendency to be thrown off track by emotions or having difficulty remaining steadfast and coherent in ritual.

“Women in general are much more naturally sensitive on average and will often make much better oracle vehicles than men, additionally they will sometimes be able to recieve information men cannot”
Those analytical types with veritably impenetrable psyches with natural shielding or cloaking capabilities should find themselves at an advantage in scenarios such as leading ritual either in small or large groups, and in shielding their minds from various threats. Keep in mind if you are an analytical type, the most strongly defended minds will need a much higher dose of entheogenic substance than the average mind. Sensitives will need to approach psychedelics with caution and lower dosages, but will find themselves at a much greater advantage when attempting to pierce the veil of consciousness, and more advanced priestesses will be able to harness the ability to assist others in ascending. Women in general are much more naturally sensitive on average and will often make much better oracle vehicles than men, additionally they will sometimes be able to recieve information men cannot due to their natural link to the force the Indians call Shakti. As a warning to the women it is in your best interest to be suspicious of any man who tries to direct your powers in any way, and as a warning to the men the consequences for interfering with the will of another are most dire. I have never recieved an accurate or quality tarot or psychic reading from a man, so it is my opinion that this stereotype is quite well founded.  The bottom line is that women  have a huge advantage over average males who are usually more suited to the function of grounding and directing rites. All over the primitive world tribes have documented and worked with the natural shamanic abilities of various genotypes, taking advantage of the special innate genetic abilities of bloodlines, gender and sexual orientation. This is all part of the Pythagorean directive *Gnothi Seauton* “Know Thyself”.  At its root this is all mapped out in Tetragrammaton itself for those with understanding. With the variations in mind it is to your advantage to work with this knowledge, depending on the task at hand. If you will be doing oracle work you will want to appoint the sensitive to that task, and appoint an analytical type to keeping the rites on track and out of troubled waters.
     Even with preparation, rituals can be very dissapointing at times especially if you are not sure what to expect. Many individuals who are new to magickal ritual make the mistake of calling an operation a success when they have achieved nothing, and these people often drop out of magickal practice altogether after a while due to their own failures which they vainly consider sucessful. Those who experience the really powerful  ritual magick will never abandon it as there is nothing else like it to be found on earth. Good magick is addictive and very helpful to one’s life and mental well being. If you have been dissapointed with your results the fact of the matter is you are almost certainly missing something that will push you further. True results of magickal rites and entheogenic practice are stunning, mindblowing and will often leave you affected for the rest of your life. Basically I’ve always felt that if you want to get a magickal result from drugs you need to approach them in a magickal way. Simply imbibing and watching TV will not do it. 
      One of the most important things to do is to prepare your space. Horror movie posters, a pile of laundry, dirty dishes, items that conjure up bad memories and so forth can turn an otherwise excellent ritual into a nightmare. If something in your space makes you even slightly uninspired or uncomfortable the effects will be amplified during the entheogenic-assisted ritual. Always go through the room before starting to make sure it meets your personal standards. For newbees it can be hard to discern what your personal standards might be, so begin by making sure everything is spotlessly clean, and at least set up an altar, whether digital or analog in front of you so that you can have a focal point. It’s okay to use a laptop or tablet as an altar but make sure that you have enough power and it will not go to sleep on you, as on some drugs it can be difficult to even understand what a power button is or how to plug a laptop in. 
      In my personal space I have different mirrors (diagrams from my work) set up throughout the room so if I get up and walk around I can enter various dimensions without much trouble. I also have many candles and we have beautiful patterns and textures and objects everywhere. Every item can take on meaning *between the worlds* and with this understanding you should take the time to carefully curate everything. After the ritual you should take note of items, music or people that made the ritual magick turn sour and be sure to remove those from your next operation. Pay careful attention to these problems, even if they are surrounding someone close to you. Problems like this could indicate much deeper issues on the horizon.  If you are not magickally compatible with someone, and these issues are persistent, not improving over the course of  three sessions, chances are they are not someone you should trust. 
      Not everything is safe when you’re working with lightbulbs, and the same goes for knowledge and science – it’s a dangerous world. Awareness is always your best advance. You always need to distrust people, but when it comes to drugs you have to choose whether or not to trust the drug, and you cannot tell which ones you can trust or not. You have to develop an experimental attitude. I don’t have any sure guide that somebody can follow and get an absolute positive response. I don’t think such a guide exists. I think anybody that tries to hand you such a thing is basically full of shit.
        I always gravitate to the highest grade of formulas, spells and tantric weavings that I find. I put things together and create things. I think it’s important to create stuff from scratch. With ritual magick it is important to create your own magick. 
      For beginners, hallucinogens are the best choice, including mushrooms, ecstasy and LSD. I’ve been told Ayahuasca is good but I’ve never done it. I prefer transformational drugs that might help me transform lead into gold. Something that allows me to jet out of any mundane place I find myself in during the course of the trip. 
      The following is a list of trusted resources to get you started. There is no standardized system of precautions and guidelines by which to travel this path, thanks to the fascist and un-American laws guiding our nation, so as I have already stated you will have to adopt a risky attitude of experimentation with any of this research.




The Shroomery

Finally there are some drugs you just want to avoid altogether, such as Methadrene, most barbituates, opiates generally (though the synthetics are worse than the natural kinds) I’m mainly thinking of heroine, methadone and vicodin here. There are classes of opiates that are so addictive that they are more destructive than supportive. Methamphetamine is well known to be a really bad drug but it is bad enough that it is worth mentioning again as a drug you do not want to touch at all, even if it is is legal in your country. Hitler was addicted to speed, during the war they used to pass out bennies to the soliders for free, so we basically had a whole army of speedfreaks. Kennedy was addicted to methamphetamine. There are whole classes of legal pharmaceuticals that do more damage than good, so you scrutinize your prescriptions carefully as well. Cigarettes have up to 2,000 chemical additives in them and should be the first thing to avoid. 
      Finally any street drugs should be tested if you value your life.  Especially today with all of the legal synthetics floating around with no regulations in place the black market is rife with scams, poisons and other risks. 

nvidia’s new 1080 occult site

Nvidia has come out with an innovative and fascinating to way to promote their new 1080 GPU (which looks incredible by the way) on their new site Orderof10.com and focuses on the number “10” since the previous series have been the 780, 980 etc. Take a look at this gorgeous tetractys among other cool and interesting diagrams, a kamea of Sol, and an 8-sided mock magick triangle  for the first two challenges featuring figures from the history of math, science and architecture. The rest of the challenges will be unlocked in the days to come leading up to the 1080’s release). This follows on the heels of a rash of occult symbology in popular media and website interfaces including the US Army’s elegant Cryptaris website.


Good for Nvidia, this is some very innovative marketing and they should win a prize of some kind. :P




Pair striking images like these with the newly announced today Civilization 6 and its Atlas painting and his lap full of white fertility juice and we might have an occult revival happening on our hands, finally. Yes, I know it’s a waterfall, but anyone who knows anything about ancient shamanistic rights knows about the connection between the male sky gods and water.