first principles (abrahadabra: the anatomy of the body of light 001.01.01)

Well, there’s been complications with my microphone from Razer, I’ve had to send it back yet again. In lieu of the podcasts I really wanted to do this month, instead I’ve had to settle for getting this project kicked off.
      This is the first of a series of excerpts from The Anatomy of the Body of Light, the “much larger work in progress” m1thr0s 729 had hinted at, in many of his articles, after the completion of the Mutational Alchemy Tarot. He and I both decided that it would be best to release the book as a series of articles, in order to both serve our member body with information immediately, as well as to gauge reactions and feedback, so we could identify where we might be going wrong (or right) with the elevation of students’ understanding of our school of thought and praxis.
      It’s not that we are trying to be intentionally complicated, it’s just that we don’t always know where gaps in understanding might lie with any of this. m1thr0s formulated the system himself – he understands it instinctually, and once said to everyone on the original forums, that it would be nearly impossible to retrace all of the steps that lead him to the accomplishment of this thesis as something worth examining on its own merits, when it was clear that it was a uniquely distinct system from all other forms of philosophy, meditation and magick.
      I spent 10 years studying with him, nearly all of them in daily work and discussion. There was never a day that went by that we did not talk about the work. Translating that methodology of learning: the process of creation itself, direct experience, and oral tradition, into a book has proven to be a daunting task. It is more daunting, however, when the students are not asking the right questions about the gaps in their understanding. So, I encourage all of our students to ask those questions of these articles in the months to come, as I begin laying them all out in the Book of Mirrors section on the forums. Since our membership opened in July of 2018, none of you have asked any stupid questions, so don’t be afraid to put it out there if you just don’t get something. I am here to serve the court of the king, and that king is you
      Even despite our best efforts, many individuals simply do not possess the instinct for Mutational Alchemy. They need to be action oriented individuals, with a strong will, focused on mastery over themselves and over the external world – without that becoming something indistinguishable from mere brutishness and methodologies that fall into the category of “unconscious ignorance.” In other words, we found that, while a certain amount of intelligence was involved, there was a far more nebulous sort of thing going on with those who could achieve understanding of Mutational Alchemy, having more to do with their internal universe rather than any mere genetic predisposition. We have always maintained that counting to ten was ultimately the only skill required of a successful Mutational Alchemist.
      Skeptics react well to the system, mostly because they are willing to challenge the work on its face, and then, come to a greater appreciation of its internal strengths. It is perhaps because they are not lazy thinkers that they also manage to pursue the system to effective result, whereas people who are used to less difficult systems that take things step by step will ultimately walk away confused and frustrated with the internal depth and logical cohesion found within it. 
     Abrahadabra: The Anatomy of the Body of Light is a seven-volume series that lays out m1thr0s’ thesis on Abrahadabra and Mutational Alchemy in its entirety. This system was produced over the course of more than 40 years of intensive research by m1thr0s. The series of books that detail the system are incomplete, even though enough data exists to fill all of them easily. Much of the information is stored in the thousands of charts and mirrors he and I produced – all that is lacking is a proper written explanation. We had tried to I suspect that before they are finished, we will have added to this body of knowledge substantially, as this is exactly what occurred when I joined TAI and began assisting in this work. At that time, the doctrine of the P’an Ku mirror, and its subsequent heir, the Twin Trees, was only partially understood. The Hidden Diamond wasn’t even on our radar yet. But the system was already attracting the attention of remarkable minds invested in the Western Mystery Traditions. 
      The biggest problem that m1thr0s faced, and indeed, that I face, is also the very thing that attracted us to this frontier of Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Occultism and Western Magick: the model is enormous and it is changing every day that a talented occultist considers it and shares their findings. The task of speaking to an audience that hasn’t even been born yet is daunting and frustrating at times, but more than this, it requires a certain kind of language and instruction that will not become dated even after three hundred years or more. There are authors throughout history that have achieved a certain timeless clarity and continue to be read today: amongst the ancients, the nameless sages of the I Ching’s images, for example, the poetry of Sappho, the historical accounts of Iamblichus, and the Corpus Hermeticum. There are also the philosophers and scientists of the Great Western Enlightenment – Descartes, G.W. Leibniz, Voltaire and so on. This is a very high bar to hope to attain to, but I was assured by m1thr0s that it would be entirely possible, due to the inherent strengths of the system itself. This has proven to be true. 
      Below is the first short excerpt from the volume series, of many more to come, and I will be posting them in order. Let us know what you think on the boards, here: <>. 

The Anatomy of the Body of Light, Volume I, Philosophical and Metaphysical Overview of Mutational Alchemy and Abrahadabra, Part 001, First Principles. 

“Stars are a literal anatomical reality…an accessible inheritance to humankind but not without mastering the underlying physics. You can bounce off the ceiling all you like but it will not secure the foundation. This is the gist of future science: there is a physics to that which we have called godhead and we have the wherewithal to grasp it.” – m1thr0s 729

The Abrahadabra Institute’s Body of Light techniques, and its highest expression, Mutational Alchemy constitutes a modern Hermetic-Taoist hybrid school of so-called Inner Alchemy. It references an evolved system of elements built upon simple binary and ternary mathematical structures, (historically referred to as Bigrams, Trigrams, Tetragrams and Hexagrams). These can be observed in the geomantic classics such as the I Ching and the Tai Hsuan Ching from ancient China, among others. Mutational Alchemy is especially focused on the physics of the Body of Light as understood via these most fundamental of all mathematical systems. People who study the traditional Hexagrams (also called permutations) are called Mutationists, since what is generally being studied is change itself as it moves through these various geomantic houses, or structures. Mutational Alchemy is especially focused on the elemental characteristics of these permutations and how they can be proactively combined, providing a logical means of simulating resonant and reactive energy fields.
      Mutational Alchemy is one of the highest expressions of Taoism in this world, even though generally Taoist principles rejected analytical process. This constituted a betrayal of Taoism from the beginning, and the reader will find that TAI diverges sharply from various root disciplines it draws from, often at event markers dating back over a thousand years. There is a historical precedent for asserting this divergence, from the revolutionary rise of Tantra against the oppression of Vedic priests, to the syncretic style of Hermetic Alchemy which absorbed anything full of wisdom and usefulness, so that there is a distinctive form of unorthodox Kabbalah, called Qabbalah, within Hermeticism itself that is in itself a very advantaged, but very different school, from traditional religious Kabbalah. The astute practitioner who already posesses familiarity with the complexities of more refined Hermeticism will also recognize Mutational Alchemy as one of the highest expressions of Hermeticism in the world, although modern Hermeticists have become greatly degraded from the Hermeticists of the past, who eagerly adopted new knowledge, rather than clinging to old orthodoxies.
      The term Mutational Alchemy is used consistently throughout this book to identify its principles under a general heading that most people should be able to grasp without too much difficulty, once a few basics have been assimilated. In order to understand why this term has evolved, it is essential to recognize what is meant by the term elements, and to understand how these elements compare and differ from their historical counterparts. It is also important to understand where Mutational Alchemy fits in with other major philosophical and occult schools of thought historically. The elemental definitions being employed here will be dealt with in future chapters and take up the majority of Volume II. Ideas completely new and specific to Mutational Alchemy will also be discussed, but a generalized philosophical foundation can be addressed in less time and should logically come first in this initial volume.
      Mutational Alchemy does not exist in a vacuum. It is linked to virtually every form of transcendental thought that has ever found expression in this world. It comes as close to an alchemical universal solvent as anything ever published. Clarifying why and how such a claim could be taken seriously will be the challenge and focus of this book. It is my contention that this thesis exhibits all of the known attributes of the legendary Philosopher’s Stone sought after for millennia.
      Naturally, it will ultimately be up to each individual to decide upon this independently, but I would not presume to make such an outrageous claim if I did not consider it unequivocally true. Though not entirely complete, this advanced transmutational physics is too important to be left lying in shadow. The time has come to make every effort to communicate its content to the world at large.
      It will not be possible in this book to explore all of the philosophical and scientific parallels contained within its framework, but it is important to hyphenate the most apparent of these to establish an irrefutable pattern of continuity with past and present models of perfection on a global scale. I have deemed it best to begin from a basic overview of its most apparent traditional influences. Additionally, before we begin this book it is important for readers to know that when I use the word Man or Mankind I am referring to all genders. In the Chinese system of polarities, Yin is Earth (female), Yang is Heaven (male), and Jen is Man (neutral).
      The goal with this series of introductory writings is to guide the neophyte through the murky waters of magick and mysticism to grasp a short and concise synopsis of each branch of occultism, the veritable “best of” that has contributed to the rise of the advanced physical and mental discipline of Mutational Alchemy. It is not intended to be a complete history, but rather a distillation of what must be covered in each area so the student does not have to spend months or years poring over the meanderings of this or that ancient occultist – never knowing whether or not their flowery language has a shred of truth or value in it or not. One can waste a great deal of time poring over ancient tomes and never achieve a measure of success beyond simply becoming a walking dictionary.
I will now conduct a brief presentation of each pre foundational element involved in the synthesis of Mutational Alchemy.

(Continue in 001.01.02)

february newsletter

The Abrahadabra Institute

Class of 2019 Curriculum has Begun

This is orientation week, we officially begin on the 10th of March, so I will be expecting hexagrams either in my inbox (on the forums, or in my google mail) or in your journals by March 17th! Registration for these guided classes is ongoing until June, so you still have time if you want to get in on it. My order for paper was delayed, so I went ahead and posted the entirety of the March curriculum, so if you’re chomping at the bit just go ahead and start. Otherwise, I am available for questions all week by phone (please leave a message if I’m not there) or on Discord <>

Those of you who will not be taking the guided curriculum will still be given access to all TAI materials, and as my microphone will be replaced within the next couple of days, that means we will be shifting away from articles and back towards podcasts. If you have a request, ping me on Discord or e-mail me.


I will be booked through the week at the end of March, as a student of mine will be visiting me for one week to get his Westworld on with the local scene and maybe if he’s lucky I’ll teach him some Mutational Alchemy. Visitors will still be welcome to join us but I will not be able to offer you a bed or a room. 

Also, please make sure you give me a reasonable amount of time to prepare before coming over, especially if I don’t know you very well. A minimum of three days’ notice is almost always required, and more than two weeks is best, so I can make sure my schedule is clear, and I am not entertaining any other visitors. (Who knows, I might be already having my English lover over, I do have a life too, people!) Also we do NOT offer initiations to neophytes as I have explained in the article below.

A Theory of Aeonic Progression

"Yes! I was frightened when the God of Things as They Ought to Be told me that They Were to Be. I was born under a German Queen, and I did not believe in the Revolution that I willed. And lo! it is upon us, ere the Fifteenth Year of the New Aeon has dawned." - Baphomet 729

A re-release of a previous article, for members only, discussing a new theory of Aeonic progression via the lense of Mutational Alchemy.


What is Self-Initiation?

“Lately I have been getting a lot of requests for more information about initiation. It’s not surprising to me – many are unfamiliar with these classical Hermetic concepts, which are stripped out of, or just missing, from revisionist texts. The concept of initiation is so basic to Hermetic praxis, some of the older texts presume that one understands what is meant by the term. While self-initiation is always a respected process in the Hermetic ouevre, there is a very clear difference between self-initiation alone, and initiation into a lineage.”


Reading the I Ching – Tips and Tricks

“Reading the I Ching is pretty simple. The key is to pick a method of casting you like and stick with it. Yarrow stalks are valid as is the m1thr0s method of d10 dice. The dice even have a precedent in early I Ching history, as bones were often shaken inside of a turtle shell to determine lines, using an undocumented method. Below are some tips and tricks to get you on the right footing with your I Ching journey.”


Pentagrammaton Part I: Introduction

“5-Line Structures are known as Pentagrams. There are exactly 32 Pentagrammal Structures corresponding to the 32 Paths of Wisdom in the Tree of Life so it is very important to know about them, even though so little is known about them generally. I discovered them early on in the formation of the Mutational Alchemy Tarot, and with a ton of help from m1thr0s, developed them more systematically about 3 years later.”


Sanatana Dharma

The Consequences of an Indian Raj

Of late there has been alarmist talk of India succumbing to its most hated and despicable dark ages mentalities, specifically the caste system as it was understood in the past 100 years – nothing like the ancient caste system, that is – and a thousand times more backwards and oppressive. Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) has been leveraged of late to motivate Indian nationalists to stand against the admittedly real threat of a Muslim incursion in the face of an aggressive Pakistan and the rise of ISIS in years past. India has enjoyed a a high level of respect and support from other Western Nations due to its generally sincere support of Democracy and Western ideals. It is for this reason that India is counted as a Western Nation, the only one in Asia as a matter of fact (Japan is technically a constitutional monarchy.)
      Political writers have been ringing the alarm bell that India is beginning to look a lot like a theocracy, and less like a democracy, of late, and that there is a real danger of it losing its Democratic status. The West has never taken kindly to countries which talk Democracy and practice tyranny, so the consequences for this direction would be most dire.
       To this problem Devdan Chaudari has written a thoughtful article discussing the very real possibilities and consequences of India becoming a Hindu Rashtra, or even a Raj, in the Daily O, India’s trendiest hipster rag. 


Hindu Priestess Initiated As Tantric Leader in Kerala

Kerala has a long history within Tantra, and is discussed in one of our classes this year. This article details the life and initiation of an 18 year old girl into the Tantric priest profession, something usually reserved for men today, but more acceptable in India as neocon ideas revert back to the more natural ideologies of ancient Bharat and Sanatana Dharma. The priestess is going on to acquire a degree in Vedanta in order to study Tantra, the Deccan Chronicle reports. 



Occult Conference in Wales, June 2nd 2018


Ma’at Watch

5-Year-Old Girl Permanently Disfigured in Voodoo Ritual, Police Say

As usual, there has been NO public outcry from leading Voodoo or occult organizations…fortunately the girl is now with a foster family and these terrible people are being prosecuted.

Lodoe Gyatso for Free Tibet Arrested

Lodoe Gyatso recorded a video calling for the release of Tibet from Chinese hands, and an end to the persecution of the Tibetan people. He was promptly arrested and still sits in a cell.



Occult Act Siva Six has released its new remix album “Nyx”

Our favorite occult musicians are at it again.


Katy Bohinc’s Invocatory Reading at Treadwell’s, UK

Video in the link below: “Katy Bohinc’s sold out invocatory reading of her ode to the divine feminine, Trinity Star Trinity, recorded by Tony Torn at Treadwell’s Bookshop in London on Friday 23rd February.” – Scarlet Imprint


Katy Bohinc’s Trinity Star Trinity is a long poem dedicated to the divine feminine, written in response to her experiences and encounters with faith and deity during a sojourn on the islands of Lesvos, the home of Sappho; Samos, the birthplace of Hera; and Patmos, where St John wrote the Book of Revelation.”



Witches and Pirates

Captain Tonz is a retired marine captain and self-proclaimed pirate, currently based in Italy. He has worked  the South China Sea, the Red Sea, the North sea, the Med, Baltic, Atlantic, Philippine sea, Andaman sea and the Mekong river. Recently he wrote an article for Witchvox explaining the relationship between pirates and witches! Pretty much this guy is the epitome of cool. As well as this, he implies the later origins of the caduceus and its connection to medicine!



In Our “Duh” Column, Yes, Art is Magick

DJs are like shamans, says Chicago nightlife star Eris Drew.


AJ the Sage

Aj the Sage, aka AJ Morgan, swears constantly throughout his occult videos and makes us laugh with all of the likeability of John Lemon crossed with the looks of Black Panther, plus, we’ve been watching him for a while to make sure his information is on point, therefore, we put our stamp of approval on it. Be aware these videos are targeted more towards the neophyte side of things, but they’re fun enough to watch that adepts won’t regret letting them play, I think.

Damh the Bard, Druid, Describes Death Rites

The Express draws readers in with the most prurient sounding title of all time and then just goes on to let one of the local druids describe the weird shit they get up to in caves, faux murdering people. m1thr0s 729 composed a similar ritual over 20 years ago which is still in use here at TAI, officially. 


Sealaska Heritage Institute asks Tourism Company to Stop Commercially Exploiting Shamanism

California is once again embarassing itself by sending its faux shaman into American Indian territories and pretending to be them. 


If you want to be a shaman, maybe don’t keep protected species in jars and sell them?

A Scottish shaman has been selling wildlife parts online to other people interested in shamanism. This is really stupid and constitutes a betrayal of shamanism. They’re supposed to be respecting Nature and yet they’re keeping body parts of protected species. Not just roadkill, or for personal use, but catching and killing them in order to sell them to other assholes. That’s not Shamanism, that’s wasichuism. The Daily Record reports.


Land Battle Over Santuário dos Pajés, the Sanctuary of the Shamans

Indigenous leadership Marcia Guajajara poses for a photo in indigenous land Santuario dos Pajes in Brasilia, Dec. 3, 2017. Photo Karia Mendes (Reuters) “When the developers arrived, we were already here. They think that money always wins,” she said.

Developers are hemming in on the sanctuary’s legal rights again, federal prosecutor Felipe Fritz Braga said the sanctuary is crucial to ensure the Fulni-Ô Tapuya’s tribe’s future in the area. Due to the presence of sanctuary, the area has gone up in value. This happens all the time in “artist havens” in the US as well, where the presence of artists naturally gentrifies a very poor, destitute area, famously the meat-packing district in New York and Seattle’s Capitol Hill and Wallingford districts. These places then become the cool spots in town, but then, as it becomes trendy and attractive to the wealthy over time,the artists can no longer afford to live there and it just becomes another urban sprawl. Art and Shamanism are intrinsically linked and have been since the dawn of time. Now more than ever, Shamanism has become the new “hot” trend with yuppies and places like the Sanctuary are in danger of being annihilated by their popularity and the greed of developers who try to bend or break the laws to get their way. Voa News reports.


Arunachal Pradesh Opens “Shamanic Centre”

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Thursday inaugurated the ‘Mipi Pene Centre’ – the state’s first Shamanic centre. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the 29 states of India and is the northeastern-most state of the country. Due to its close proximity to Tibet, it is one of the havens of traditional Vajrayana Buddhists and Tibetan shamans. The centre’s name translates as ‘the place for Shamans’ in Mishmi dialect and will be a place for Shamans to perform and offer their priestly service.



reading the i ching – tricks and tips


Reading the I Ching is pretty simple. The key is to pick a method of casting you like and stick with it. Yarrow stalks are valid as is the m1thr0s method of d10 dice. The dice even have a precedent in early I Ching history, as bones were often shaken inside of a turtle shell to determine lines, using an undocumented method. Below are some tips and tricks to get you on the right footing with your I Ching journey.

  1. Use a backgammon cup. This special oblong dice game cup allows you to cast the dice into a straight line, allowing one to obtain Gematria numbers with precision. The I Ching likes to play with these numbers. It also offers a pleasant sound and allows one to incorporate a magickal knock into the rite more easily than can be done using just one’s hands alone.
  2. Use a magickal knock. A magickal knock is a certain key number of times to shake the dice. m1thr0s used 3, I prefer 6. The magickal knock is a signal and act of intent that augments the ritual. You should use a number you want to key into, for example, if you are focused on Venus for love or relationship matters we would use the corresponding number, which is 7. It’s okay to switch numbers, or stick with one number. 
  3. Keep your casting device in a special pouch. The dice or yarrow should always be protected. In China, highly ritualized container specifications were utilized by the scholars of the I Ching. Red, black and white are the traditional colors of the I Ching flux values, with red and white representing the two Yang flux types, and black representing Yin. Pale yellow and grey are associated with the Tao. I use a small natural leather pouch stamped with the Eye of Ra. 
  4. Use a wooden casting tray. Woodworkers make many beautiful shallow rimmed trays and bowls. The tray should be a round shape, representing Heaven, although you can use a square shape for certain styles of reading, representing Earth. Generally the Heaven shape should be used more. The tray should not be made of metal or plastic, which makes an unpleasant sound. Porcelain is also too hard on the dice. If you are using crystal dice, you should only case on cloth or felt lined bowls to protect the dice from chips, even though some will naturally occur over the course of time.
  5. Build from the bottom up. Even though this is repeated a few times in nearly every book on the I Ching, and I explain it from the start to everyone I speak to personally, more than a few people seem to forget it. 
  6. Learn how to examine the nuclears. If you don’t know what the nuclears are, you have not read the Wilhelm-Baynes I Ching. Read the Wilhelm-Baynes I Ching.
  7. Keep track of your hexagrams and the accompanying question or request for advice in a journal, set aside specially for that use. Date them. This serves two purposes. Number one, you’re going to forget the hexagrams very easily, and this will help keep track of the trajectory of the I Ching’s advice to you over time, and how that plays out into the future. Secondly, it commits your Will and Wyrd to Malkuth, or Earth, and is an act of magick.
  8. Use a red pen and a black pen to write your hexagrams. Red lines are Yang, black lines are Yin. This not only looks beautiful in the end, it’s a ceremonial act that can add gravity to readings by putting one in the right mindset.
  9. If you’re having trouble with a moving line, or the entire hexagram, or anything in particular about a reading, you may perform a crossing. A crossing is simply using a divination tool to divine details on a part of the reading you don’t understand. It is used in tarot readings extensively by classically trained magi and witches. You can perform another hexagram reading, or use the tarot. The Mutational Alchemy Tarot is perfectly aligned to the I Ching and can be easily used for this. One may also limit it to the ATU only, court cards only, or smalls only, depending on the focus. 
  10. The I Ching responds in crisis. You don’t have to be in a perfect mood or state of mind to use it. So don’t be afraid to go to it during an emergency. Crisis mode sometimes triggers individuals towards greater episodes of gnosis. 


december 2017-january-2017

Abrahadabra News


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. The Abrahadabra Institute at this time takes a one month break from external publication and instruction to focus on internal affairs, specifically this year in order to make preparations for the March curriculum and the official book on Mutational Alchemy. By the end of January registration and orders for books will be available as the first order of business. 
      Any extremely important questions may be directed to our Discord server or by phone. This is a very busy time of year for most people, so it’s best for me to take advantage of that by getting as much work as I can finished, regarding these very important behind the scenes projects that will secure this knowledge for both current and future students, as well as make it accessible. 
      Solstice cards went out yesterday, so check your mailbox soon. 

Ultimate Guide to the Dwarven God

These “Ultimate” articles on archetypes and godforms are designed to be flexible and expandable, so we will have our own personal library of archetypes to draw upon that is uniquely positioned for the needs of The Abrahadabra Institute’s burgeoning Mutational Alchemists or Magi. The threads are always open for discussion, so if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to reply directly to the article. 

מִצְרָ֫יִם (borderlands) of religious thought: abraham

This new series of articles is meant to attend to the concerns and thoughts of those who have religious tendencies, or, those who have to deal with religious family members on a regular basis.

The Abrahadabra Grid, The Hidden Diamond Sutra and the Doctrine of the TwinTrees: Introduction

A great little introductory article sparked by one of the math whizzes over at r/askmath, who happened to not only be able to solve one of the great mysteries of Abrahadabra, but was a learned Qabbalist himself, as it turned out after he spied Izi’s reddit history. 

We will be continuing these lectures on the Mutational Alchemy Tarot which should help lead TAI members into a complete understanding of the tarot from a very logical, thus, strong, foundation. I aim to knock out at least one of these a month, and they will be members only from here on out. 

Ma’at Watch

63-Year Old Tibetan Monk Self Immolates

have just confirmed that another self-immolation protest has taken place inside Tibet. Tenga, a 63 year-old monk carried out his protest on 26 November. 
      Meanwhile, earlier this month an independent think tank in the U.S. ranked Tibet the second worst country for political freedom and civil rights, just under North Korea. 

Buddhist Learning Center LarungGar Being Demolished

Human activists are in an uproar all over the world over news that China has been demolishing the Buddhist Learning Center of LarungGar, pictured below. Photo credit  Tibetan Review, and they have a full article: <> #LarungGar


Hamilton Morris of Vice News traveled to Mexico to track down the Sonoran Desert Toad, a rare species whose venom triggers one of the most powerful trips on the planet, in a new episode of HAMILTON’S PHARMACOPEIA.

Watch more episodes of HAMILTON’S PHARMACOPEIA here:

Science and Technology

Robo Church 

A strange story from PJ Media. Apparently an ex Google Exec has created a religion that aims to create a master AI, or a god…an artificial intelligence god. 

Love Libraries?

What kind of proper occultist doesn’t? Check out the amazing new space-age styled library, the Tianjin Binhai Library that opened a few days ago. Apparently the library part of it kind of sucks, since many of the books are just painted on, and personally we think it could use a few dozen overstuffed armchairs, but it is very cool looking.


youtube channels worth subcribing to: brings together the ideas of both the right and the left in America to create ideas that work to bring power back into the hands of voters. They understand the problem of how busy voters actually are today, and have encapsulated their ideas for solving the problems in quick 5 to 10 minute shorts. 

m1thr0s catalogue raisonne twitch event

At 10:00 PM EST I will be doing a showcase review of m1thr0s’ work for a member who wants a print. This is a chance to get a look at m1thr0s’ entire catalogue raisonne, probably for the last time this year or most of 2018. You may also order prints if you see one you like. Just e-mail Prices are highly discounted for TAI members. If you’d like to ask questions you can use the Twitch chatroom or connect via voice to our Discord server. The addresses are listed below!

Our Twitch Channel (This is where the event happens!):

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