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Table of Contents

How Much Will It All Cost, and What Do I Get?
How to Register
What is it All About?
Pending Members and Seniority
Your Time Requirements
Will I Pass?
YEAR ONE Class Listing March 2018 – January 2019 
YEAR ONE Class Schedule March 2018 – May 2018
Do You Have a Payment Plan?

We will be taking on an initial 30 personal students for the 2018-2019 school year at The Abrahadabra Institute’s Abrahadabra Academy. The cost starts at $228 plus an annual membership fee of $32 and shipping. (all tiers include a one year extension of TAI dues for current members.) The base cost will include a shipment of materials and equipment you will need for the class. There are additional costs for books which we are allowing students to source from wherever they wish to save them money, so you should read this article carefully to make sure you get everything you need. (Please note there is a free legal copy of one of the most expensive of them available in PDF form which any member would be glad to pass to you through e-mail or Discord.)

Classes start in March, however, registration will remain open through June for those late comers who wish to catch up, up to four months. If you sign up after June you’ll be placed in the Class of 2020 but you’ll receive your materials long before the starting month of that class. This option is for those who feel they will need extra time to explore the materials (for example very busy individuals, or those who like to take their time.) as this gives the student up to a whole extra 12 months of lead time. However, this also means you probably won’t have me as your instructor. 

Successful completion of this First Year material will grant you the rank and title 助手 (Zhùshǒu Lóng) or Acolyte of The Dragon. It will also qualify you for the second year of curriculum material, and lay the initial groundwork for successful acquisition of the Mutational Alchemy materials. The curriculum has been carefully designed to support absorption of Mutational Alchemy concepts. The full gamut of the coursework is seven years. Please note this tuition only covers one year, although many of the books will be used in more than once, or even throughout all of the years (The Mutational Alchemy Tarot and The I Ching & T’ai Hsuan Ching.)

How Much Will It All Cost, and What Do I Get?

The cost includes the base tuition itself ($10 per month to pay for the teacher’s time,) with some additional costs for supplies: mirrors, infocharts, month-to-month printed modules, ritual jewelry. 

$228.00 Core Tuition and Equipment: This includes the 10-month fee of $10 a month to the teacher, as well as all of the items and curriculum that nobody possesses yet: the poster sized giclée infochart, two giclée magickal mirrors, (your choice of Mind Over Matter, Lo Shu Square, or Tridosha Shield plus Adam Kadmon: Abrahadabra TwinStar) all of the first year modules, (Bigrammaton 01 Packet module 1, Hierophantic Studies 01 Packet module 1,  Trigrammaton Packet 01 module 1, Tantra Packet 01 module 1, Hermeticism Packet 01 module 1,) and a set of I Ching Dice and the manual for our special divination method.  Upon graduation you are awarded with a choice between a talisman of Mind Over Matter, Lo Shu Square with Sigil of Saturn or The Flying Star Sigil of Saturn.

Above and beyond all of this you get the advantage of a level of experience very few instructors possess, and even fewer can pass along to neophytes in a structured way. The Abrahadabra Institute has cultivated a reputation as an organization that not only sets the bar high for doctrines we uphold, but it also consistently pushes the envelope fearlessly, – always with an eye towards academic standards though. Above all of this we are proud to adhere to stringent ethical guidelines – practically a nonexistent topic within the occult.
       We will not abandon you in a crisis and we know how to deal with common situations which you probably don’t even know about. We are always available by phone to work out any pressing matters that may be acting as obstacles on your way to success. 
       This is not a fly by night operation and we answer to the loftiest intelligences available to humans in this world. The authorities we draw to have no higher rulers in this world or the next. You will be in good hands under our tutelage, and what’s more, you will become something you probably never dreamed was imaginable. Every person is unique, so there is no way for me or anyone living to foresee how that might allplay out – but rest assured  it is wholly true. 

If you purchased a I Ching set or Mutational Alchemy Starter Kit from us in the past, instead of the normal dice and I Ching Divination Method Booklet you will receive a spare set in an alternate color (white on red) from Crystal Caste, and a very exclusive reprint of one of our out-of-print symposium booklets, The Elemental Lo Shu. Those who purchased the Mutational Alchemy Starter Kit will receive the Proximity Principle booklet, in addition to the Lo Shu. 

Also included is a free 12 month extension to your Abrahadabra Institute Membership to cover you until the end of the school year past your normal renewal date. This is our way of saying thanks to those of you who have been with us since the summer and fall of 2017. Once you graduate, your TAI membership certificate also gets upgraded with a new rank, color seal (emerald,) and title. This will be mailed to you along with your choice of graduation present. 

$32 A Membership to TAI You need a membership with the Abrahadabra Institute to apply for this class.

$32 The Mutational Alchemy Tarot Many of you already have this, so it’s not included in the core set, but you will need a copy. 

$24.95 (list) The I Ching Wilhelm/Baynes Edition, virgin copy Currently they are selling at WAY below list price on Amazon so they are possibly the least expensive new book you will buy! It’s extremely important that you have a virgin copy of the I Ching before beginning classes with us. This is not negotiable, it was a rule instituted by the previous Magister Ouroboros for a very good reason. You cannot use a digital copy and graduate this class. You cannot use another version of the I Ching. You do not have to buy it from us, even though we do appreciate it, but again, this is non-negotiable.It is very important that this be done exactly the way I say and I will not compromise on it. This is a very standard sort of requirement for any kind of ritual tool and the I Ching is more than just a book, it is one of our holy books and should be treated as any other magickal instrument, talisman or artifact.

Other books You can’t do the curriculum without the books in the book list here. The cost of the books all students must acquire are a variable –  and you may get them from wherever you wish. This can add up to anywhere between $50-$200 depending on which editions you feel you have to have. (Our members have a FREE legal copy of the MOST expensive book on the list, for example that is now in the public domain in the US since December.) Most people can and should opt for the dirt cheap version, at least at first, since we will be using the hell out of these books and you don’t want to invest in a first edition of Israel Regardie only to spill coffee on it while you’re studying at the cafe.

How to Register

To make this as easy as possible, I have opened a new section in the store listing ALL of the items you will need to partake in the class. CLICK HERE to access it. 

If you are currently a member of the Abrahadabra Institute, make sure you have registered on the forums using the name you specified in your application. These must be manually approved, so if it doesn’t give you access to the forums within 24 hours, call or e-mail us. (360)688-1242 and Your username on the forums will be approved for A∴A∴ section access immediately following your purchase of tuition.

If you are not yet a member of the Abrahadabra Institute, please go ahead and register your username that you specify in the questionnaire. Once you send us your questionnaire and ID, it will be approved for access to the forums and the A∴A∴ 

What is it All About?

This year one coursework, constituting the pre-foundational elements of Mutational Alchemy, also comprises a killer zero-to-sixty well-balanced coursework in magick and the occult. This is not lightweight stuff as it was designed to prep absolute newbies as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to receive highly advanced Mutational Alchemy and Star heuristics, and may be considered a very good generic stand-alone course that will prepare you for any other branch of the occult you might go into. 
      Don’t be intimidated by the advanced nature of these subjects. This is an instructor-lead course and if you are having trouble maneuvering through it we will work with you one-on-one until you get it, if you run into sticky sections of the modules. 

      The course covers many standard fare found in other organizations and under various teachers, although never in one place at once as here. They are also presented with a special angle – all are treated as a foundation to the royal art and science of Tetragrammaton and Mutational Alchemy, and sometimes are only covered as a curiosity for the sake of posterity and providing you with a complete education. Each person is unique and will end up specializing into their own unique thesis by year six and seven – where you will be required to put that thesis into words.
      Some of the topics we will cover in this first year  include, but are not limited to, the Body of Light and its mastery, Thelema, Evocation/Invocation, ritual composition and hosting, love spells/magick, pre-foundational Mutational Alchemy concepts, syncreticism, Demonology, Chakras, Tantricism, Wizardry (elementalism,) Hermeticism, Alchemy and Alchemical Projection, the history of the occult, Ancient Near East (Sumerian) deity and ritual practice, Necromancy, Bhakti, Scryation, Kabbalah & Qabbalah, Lunar Magick, Astrology, Exorcism and so on.
      Anything not covered in the core curriculum that interests the student, may be brought up during the year, and we will go over it. 

Summary of ALL  Items You Will Need


The Mutational Alchemy Tarot (Sold Separately)

I Ching Divination Guide by m1thr0s + 3x D10 Die (Included in Curriculum)

Magickal Mirror: Mind Over Matter or Lo Shu Square or Tridosha Shield (Included in Curriculum)

Magickal Mirror: Adam Kadmon: Abrahadabra TwinStar (Included in Curriculum)

Poster: Mutational Alchemy Year 01 Infochart: Adam Kadmon, Abrahadabra Grid, Four Elemental Worlds, Sephiroth, Ain Soph Aur and Secret Chiefs (Tetractys.) (Included in Curriculum)

Supplementary Packets (The Abrahadabra Institute material)

Tetragrammaton Basics 01 packet module 1(Bigrammaton) (Included in Curriculum)

Hierophantic Studies 01 Packet module 1 (Included in Curriculum)

Tetragrammaton Advanced 01 packet module 1(Trigrammaton) (Included in Curriculum)

Tantra 01 Packet packet module 1 (Included in Curriculum)

Hermeticism 01 Packet packet module 1 (Included in Curriculum)

Also included in the base tuition: Choice of one:  Mind Over Matter sigil (aluminum), Lo Shu Square/Flying SSoS Talisman, Sigil of Saturn Solo or an Onyx and Fiberglass binary loop. (Air element edition)

Pending Members and Seniority

Please note that if you are NOT a member of The Abrahadabra Institute you must become one to enter this curriculum. I am willing to be flexible on this since it can take upwards of a few weeks for people to decide on a magickal name, and a few of you have been waiting for the curriculum before making the leap to join us, so it’s okay to not be officially on the books with a member ID in hand, as long as you have purchased a membership and are pending admission. If classes sell out I will have to cut members based on seniority, (in order of TAI member #)  however as I cannot handle more than 30 students. Keep in mind if you skip your dues your number changes to the last available number. 

Your Time Requirements

For those worried about having enough time to spend on the curriculum this year, I have to warn you, that due to time constraints, it may not be possible for me to take on a fresh crop of year one curriculum students in 2019, as I will be focused on those graduates going into their second year, which will be a new and complex endeavor for me, and I expect that most students first years will want to finish up to year/rank 3, 卦學生 Guà xuéshēng, or Mutational Alchemist, as this is the highest one can go in TAI before making a trip out her for the physical initiation process. (This comes at the end of year 3 but can be delayed for as long as necessary.) We may be able to appoint one of the more advanced graduates as a part time instructor alongside me, but we shall have to wait and see if anyone qualified can be hired on by us. 

Will I Pass?

Since there are no minimum grades required to pass year one, and one would literally have to drop out and stop contacting me for the entire year, in order not to pass, you are highly encouraged to join while the few open spots we have are available – even if you think you might not be able to focus on this curriculum this year. That being said if you want to get the most out of this, and have a chance in hell of getting through the second year (which does have grade requirements to pass, with unlimited retakes) expect to set aside a minimum of 5-10 hours per month, and 30 minutes per day for the daily exercises in order to maximize your performance for the first year.
      This will likely be the last and only first year taught by myself (alone,) as it isn’t until the second year that graduates will likely be fully qualified to teach this material and will then be welcomed to be hired on by us and to offer this first year course to new TAI members at the beginning of 2020.
         One will be allowed to teach and be enrolled in more senior classes at the same time, in order to assist in getting the most people on board as possible with this star heuristic tech. It’s our goal to get people up to speed as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and maybe even earn a little money doing what you love in the meantime as a TAI member, and this is how it is going to happen. 

Class Listing and Example of the Schedule 

YEAR ONE Class Listing March 2018 – January 2019 

Tetragrammaton 01-1: Basics
Tetragrammaton 02: Trigrammaton 01
Tantra 01
Hierophantic Tasks 01
Hermeticism 01

YEAR ONE Class Schedule March 2018 – May 2018

This class schedule shown below is given as an example to show the kinds of topics we will be covering throughout year 1.


The Golden Age of Bharat and the Aftermath of Liber al Vel Legis: The Burglary into Crowley’s House and Mind.

The Three Primal Forces

Mutational Alchemy Daily Practice & Bigrammaton

The Classical Altar

Man’s Primacy and Contracts With the Devil

  • You will become familiarized with The Great Mystery or Tai Hsuan Ching. You will memorize the basic traits of Yin, Yang and Jen by the end of the month.

  • You will become familiarized with the Kama Sutra and its setting in Hierophantic Studies 01.

  • You will become familiarized with the Qabbalistic Sephiroth with the primary goal of memorizing the colors, names and placement of the individual Sephira on the Tree of Life by the end of the year.

  • You will set up a permanent altar.

  • You will begin to learn how to perform the TwinStar scrying meditation using your magickal mirror.

  • You will begin learning about and analyzing the work of Aleister Crowley via his top student, Israel Regardie, and some of the unique positions the Abrahadabra Institute takes concerning the little beast, in Hierophantic Studies 01.


The Combinatorial King Wen Sequence (a.k.a. “Early Heaven Arrangement”) and Modern Russia

Levelling with the Ancients & Quiz, Unforgivable Aleister Crowleyisms & Quiz

P’an Ku and the Prime Divisions

The Significance of the 729

Introduction to the Tarot

  • Become capable of performing a simple tarot reading for yourself and look up the card meanings online. You will be able to find the meaning of the different components of the card.

  • Learn about and the three aims of life espoused by Vatsyayana, PhD, and contemplate how you might integrate them into your own way of life.

  • In Tetragrammaton 01, begin learning about the vast history and foundational elements of the I Ching.

  • Become acquainted with the concept of guru in the Eastern Sense and the 729.

  • Become introduced to the 81 Shou, and acquainted with the ternary and binary systems.

  • Become familiar with the first chapter of the Book of the Law in Hierophantic Studies 01, answering a few questions in the class discussion thread.


Rectifying the Misinformation of the Past

Talents to Relieve Tedium Between Loveplay, Maintaining a Socially Successful Household and Magickal Genitals


An Extended Treatise on Etiquette for Householders or Regular Jackoffs, To Facilitate Success in Society

The Vulgar 93

The Mystery of Consciousness

Setting Yesod Aright

  • Continue your work with the I Ching, casting and reading a hexagram daily. Familiarize yourself with the history and implications of the I Ching that pertain directly to future Mutational Alchemy practice, such as the concept of Multiplicity from Nothing, as well as the idea that Hexagrams symbolize a forcefield.

  • Examine the nature of a successful lover, their talents and abilities, and nature of Mankind’s sexuality itself, within Tetragrammaton 01 and the Hierophantic Studies 01 course. Eradicate old aeon notions of prudish and juvenile concepts of sexuality which still plague and haunt the occult to this day.

  • Become familiar with the concept of the 729 and its importance to Mutational Alchemy.

  • Become introduced to the concept of interaction with other dimensional worlds, from the point of view of various cultures.

  • Explore the initial underlying precepts of the concept of “raising the foundation”

  • In Hierophantic Studies 01, we will explore the world of hosting guests, parties, ritual events and cultivating the relationship of a desirable friend or lover. These concepts may seem mundane or basic, but they are the essence of society that even reaches to the level and magnitude of the Rites of Eleusis. Understanding the foundations of polite society will have far reaching effects for your future success in occult society and in normal society. Furthermore you’ll begin examining the nature of Nuit as we continue through the Law is For All.

This is Expensive, Do You Have a Payment Plan?


Since we offer PayPal, it’s very easy to get month-to-month financing through them. Start there.
       We always have sympathy for people who can’t afford extra luxuries, as we have advanced this work at great personal expense ourselves and know what it’s like to make sacrifices in exchange for  knowledge and for this work.
      Knowing this struggle however does not lessen the need to find compensation for the ever increasing demands upon our time and energy. We are fully secure in the knowledge that this coursework is worth far more than what we are offering it for, and my motives should be clear by this very fact. By comparison, for one semester, my atelier tuition was $425 for one half year, and we only spoke with the master once a week for 15 minutes at a time. It was well worth it, and way less than the $10,000 per semester for a college art course.
       During my own tutelage under m1thr0s I instantly saw the value in his work and insisted upon paying him for his time as he was not comfortably well off, in face he was in dire straits as a matter of fact, and this ended up being $150 per month. Even though many people benefitted from his work, very few ever paid him for his time. Certainly, except for my contribution, it was never enough to pay the hosting bill monthly. I was left with the choice of losing him as a teacher for good, or moving to Olympia and throwing everything in with his lot in order to see what he could do without having to worry about money every waking moment. The choice was very simple for me, and the results are clear: we now have the doctrine of the TwinTrees, the Hidden Diamond, The Mutational Alchemy Tarot and countless other advancements, as well as clear documentation on his prior research. We also have a permanent home for the Abrahadabra Institute, thanks to my mother, also one of his students, who donated the space to TAI after m1thr0s passed away.  
       As it stands, I simply can’t afford to offer this class for less with all of the equipment, effort and paperwork required. I would make more money at literally any other job than this, even flipping burgers, which I have done before and is actually easier than this if you can believe it.

      If you can’t afford the training, you should really look at what we offer for self-study, as you do get support and guidance through the institute for just $32 a year.