“I have always been endlessly bored by classical rituals like the LBRP. Not that I have not tried and even have had success and spiritual experiences and insights by the help of them but to me they just dont cut the edge.

Things like tantra, alchemy, philosophy, the I ching and m1thros’ system at give me much more pleasure in that they dont prescribe *in what way* one approaches them, they dont force a method. In this respect I think they are for the advanced pratitioner (not necessarily of magick but of life). They require a certain maturity, responsibility and ability to decide the method for oneself.” – Raal Occult Forum Archive Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:59 pm

“When I first saw the Tree Fields mirror, my jaw just kind of dropped, and I felt kind of overwhelmed. There was this sense that I couldn’t really comprehend the synchronicities then and there, partly due to the fact that I am not quite as dexterous with the language of the I Ching as I am willing to be.” – Imagenerator, Abrahadabra Forums 2007

“These two are considerably generous for sharing all this hard work.
lets return the favor with hard work of our own. Testing this hardcore in the lab so to speak.” -Steven Moore

“Hi. I just wanted to say thanks to the two of you for creating and sharing this amazing deck. I’ve had it for several weeks now and am really enjoying learning it and using it. I enjoy the challenge it unravels. It’s density is a lot of fun, yet it’s very clear and beautiful in reading. I certainly don’t understand everything in your book, but again that’s part of the fun and learning. Love your new insights, twists and your sense of humor both in poking fun at Crowley and your obvious reverence for him. Very touching. Bravo and brilliant. Thanks too for the solstice wishes. Same to you guys.” Phil

Hello. I just received my deck(s) and am delighted. I am a newcomer to this Tarot and the Abrahadabra Institute, this page being my 1st foray. I hope to learn a great deal here. Thank you.”  – Mark Miller

The Radio Episodes are a great resource )I’m really enjoying them, and listening to each several times. you guys are touching on both salient and interesting points, and i love how you quickly burn away the bullshit, the ideology, the fief building etc.

Izi and m1 have a great cadence together. I really like how Izi gets m1thr0s to fill in certain gaps a less experienced listener might not know, yet still get him to lay down advanced info. They are also entertaining, I like when you get riled up :)”  


“Have been following enthusiastically for over a year now. Best wishes to m1″ – Trog Frogg

This deck is an amazing achievement – a huge amount of occult and esoteric information has gone into its creation. It is clearly a labour of love and skill. The images are powerful and striking, and some are quite confronting. If you are uncomfortable with strong nudity then this deck may not be to your tastes. However if you are looking for a tarot deck that has taken Aleister Crowley’s knowledge and expanded it into the new Aeon then this deck is an absolute must have.” – medusawink 

“for who have made the great crossing, this deck will become one of the most useful, and powerful, tools available. The keys are all here, the doors are unblocked, the path not hidden, and the city of pyramids is open for business.” – Aeclectic Tarot

“I squealed when I saw this post. Incredibly excited to get my face up in there.” Fr. Petrichor (in response to the Mutational Alchemy Tarot release!)

Just found this….about the most beautiful tarot deck I think I’ve ever seen. Nice work…m1thr0s…..I remember him well from Occult forums. And the artist wouldn’t happen to be “Lady……”….I can’t quite remember the name…a goetic practitioner, Ningishzidda devotee and artist? I’m amazed, that’s all I can say. Brilliant insights that were a bit outside of my knowledge level and understanding I DO recall.” – James Warfaeld

That Twinstar is something! I had a big ass tornado headed to my house, So I evoked the elements, did the TS meditation, and called forth Quan Yin Goddess of compassion. I empowered all of the spirits I was working with, with the Twinstar. Long story short, the tornado jumped over our city, and landed in the suburb. You can see Quan Yin in the upper righthand picture. You know before I learned about Abrahadabra, I reached a conclusion that most of the magic available today is seriously outdated – not ineffective, or just missing something. So as my only solution to such a problem, I cast a spell to lead me to it, whatever it was. I wanted and needed to find the HEART of magic. Where is the power, because all this stuff that I was reading in these books were rehashing of things that I already was aware of and or once discovered before, but nothing new in my opinion. I remember reading this book about the Tamil Siddha Tradition by Professor Kamil V. Zvelebil “The Poets of the Powers: Magic, Freedom, and Renewal”, and I remember the introduction of the book went something like “There is no absorbing a story, like the tale of the interpretation of Eastern thought in the West” That quote struck a cord in regards to affirming that I was on the right track all along, having followed the current of initiation from Witchcraft in younger years, then more or less chaos magic, energy manipulation, which led me to Tantra and Hatha Yoga. I noticed that the Yogi/Yoginni, or Tantrik Sadhak/Sadhaka, paralleled a Western Witch or Wizard in many ways and their aims were similar. Finally leading me to alchemy, understanding the importance of the Great Work, and spiritual and physical immortality, which was what I secretly held deep down inside, I felt I HAD to do it 1 lifetime. Fuck anything else. Because if I do it, it will be easier for others to do it as well. And I thought (In my Samuel L. Jackson voice), I SERIOUSLY CAN’T BE THE ONLY MUTHAFUCKA SEEKING THIS AM I? Then I found Abrahadabra Institute….I am still in utter shock. There is still valuable information gained from re-reading the same article after doing the meditation. Are the words transforming or is my mind? It’s like everytime you read it, you unlock another layer of knowledge and information. If I could describe this technology in one word, it would have to be “Supra-Capable.” Hope you and M1 are well, I will talk to you soon.” – Shane Chandler

“After having the deck a few days, I really wanted to stress to people not to miss the opportunity to get this deck.

I never thought I’d say this in my life time, but this deck is MORE powerful that the thoth deck, and its a hell of a lot more friendly; in fact, this deck may be the most beneficial conglomeration of energies and intelligences that has yet been made manifest, at least since the discovery of the templars beneath the mount….hell maybe this is what they found under the mount, in a manner of speaking….And I just wanted to say after knowing m1thr0s for years on various occult forums as a moderator and on his own site I notice he always takes time out of his day to help out neophytes no matter what and that to me is the mark of a true master” – Fr Novum Organum

Check out the mutational alchemy tarot by the Abrahadabra Institute. It’s pretty cool. I just got it in the mail today, but I think it may be a new favorite! Sexy, colorful, well thought out and loaded with symbology.” – TarotWolf

“The deck is very pretty, dark, gothic filled with lovecraftian beasts roaming through the cards… and dragons. For anyone who thinks the Liber T is dark, that one is darker.” WolfyJames

“This is jaw dropping. I never realized that there was a perfect correspondence between the I-Ching & the tree of life. But it is clear to me now that their are 32 pairs of 64 hexagrams in the I-Ching, that map exactly to the 32 paths of the tree of life. I like your site a lot.” The Street Witch

“This project is pure fuck win” – User on Abrahadabra Forums, on The Mutational Alchemy Tarot construction thread

“My friend, thank you for your great support. It is our honor to support your cards’ production. Your cards’ design artwork really very fantasy, I like them too. It is a great news for our side to know your clients like our printing. John Hu really tried his best to help the printing. If you would like to order the cards again, we will still helping you checking every process as before. We are now is in Chinese New Year holiday, wish you will see a great Chinese Spring Festival in USA too. Wish you a blooming Year of Monkey!!! Wish Our sincere wishes!!!” – Fanny Yeung, Shenzhen Wanjiang Printing Co. 


“I remember seeing Izi’s incredibly technical and informing replies on the prophecies board some time ago – I was in awe of your intellect then and I still am. I had no idea if you were a man or a woman, but I always saw you in my mind as some male engineer. smile emoticon Kudos to you for your insight and your intellect.” Cindy Sandlin Calvert

“I just got done looking over your photos and I must say that your artwork is amazing and quite intriguing.

Excellent work. I am very interested in commissioning a piece for an album.”  Claude Cote’

“Hey Izi just wanted to say thank you again for coming in to do a workshop. Everyone that was there enjoyed it and found it really useful! I think in the future people would love to make that a continual thing. I’m hoping we can connect soon with M1thro5 and Dante to talk about the Symbolism in occult workshop. Hope all is well!” – Leo Shallat

“Thank you and mithros so much for being such an amazing inspiration to Bob ~ MythMath – Sat Tan (m1thr0s) has been a fantastically unbelievably perfect mentor and you WTF how you got Bob into social media is beyond comprehension ~ BTW your deck is breathtaking, astounding, fascinating ~ Bob is making some fabulous connections with artists and gallery owners are soliciting his work ~ what a dream come true… Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude …thank you both so, so, so much ~~ grin emoticon Sheri