I’m not in the U.S., do you offer international shipping and memberships to individuals outside of the U.S.?

Yes, but because the prices on shipping varies so wildly from country to country, and our postal system is constantly changing its pricing, we have a simple solution for those who wish to purchase our products outside of the U.S., and that is to use Ebay to complete the purchase. That way you get the most current shipping prices for your country from the U.S. and they are even slightly lower in some cases due to Ebay’s relationship with the postal service. If you see an item in the store that is not on our Ebay listings, please contact us. abrahadabrainstitute@gmail.com or 360-688-1242

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You state that “The Physics of the Body of Light is humankind’s surest path to Completion.” Is your goal to sever the Body of Light from the corporeal body?

Nature itself, from consciousness to mathematics, is always the guide we look to at TAI when trying to sort out difficult questions. The physical body is valuable and necessary. Physical life exists, and we must presume there is a reason it must exist at this point in time, and for a long time to come. Many models of consciousness already point out that we have immortality – the goal is not to attain immortality, but to form consciousness into a condition that can maintain high altitudes indefinitely, and with the help of science, achieve longer lifespans so that our most intelligent and productive minds can finish their work. We’re also aligned with the Tantric school of thought rather than conservative Vedic thought, and this lends weight to our belief that life is important, valuable and meant to be enjoyed. 

When we pull a (Mutational Alchemy) tarot card reversed, if we are using reversals, do we consider the hexagrams reversed as well?  

No, and you’re not required to use reversals. Neither m1thr0s nor Izi uses reversals. As always let your own experience guide you as well.

So … How can I become a member??

Just visit the store page, purchase the membership you want (with or without tarot, or the Mutational Alchemy kit) wait to recieve the application in your e-mail, fill it out, send your ID to us at the e-mail address provided, and wait. The whole process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. If you are outside of the United States you should visit our Ebay store or request that we repost the membership package you saw in the store that you like. Ebay will tailor the shipping costs to your region.

Shipping is way too expensive for me since I am outside of the U.S. Do you have a less expensive option?

Special accommodations can be made for “lightweight” memberships where the certificate is folded into an envelope instead of being shipped flat, but you’ll have to contact us with your address so we can check envelope pricing. 

Does each person possess an individual Body of Light, or is it more of a Universal/singular body that we are all connected to?

The doctrine of the polar akashas, which speaks of two important forms of spirit both at Apex and Antapex to the Tree of Life itself…what is called the White-Gold Akasha at aura to Crown and the Black-Silver Akasha at aura to Malkuth. The implications are that Akasha is at root to both Macrocosm and Microcosm. If the physical universe manifests from this and resolves back into it as well, then the notion of the spiritual and the physical standing in opposition to each other would seem to make no sense at all. It has been said that no two snowflakes are ever exactly alike so perhaps individuality is itself a property of Akasha. We have repeatedly stumbled upon mathematical evidence of a *Set and Subset* relationship going on between the Spiritual and the Physical as well as with Macrocosm and Microcosm and I think that adjusting our thinking to this way of understanding is of very great benefit to any of us.

Are you racist, like many other occult organizations?

Our goal is to prevent racism from ever occurring within TAI. So far, we have a very good record. Some of our brightest and most promising minds attacking the problems within Mutational Alchemy have been African-American, Asian and Asian-American and American Indian, and we value all of our members. We don’t discriminate based on appearance whatsoever. In some organizations, a kind of soft racism exists where European ideology is placed on a pedestal, whereas anything outside of Europe is viewed with disdain. Since Mutational Alchemy and some of our Abrahadabra historical knowledge relies heavily on doctrine and accounts from the Israelites, the Sumerians, the Chinese and others, there’s no way we could ever look down on these cultures or recognize “race” as a thing at all. Every Man and Every Woman is a Star and that goes for every member of the human species. Science doesn’t even recognize race as a valid word. 
      Although it’s perfectly fine to recognize that humans are a transitional species, it’s very clear those who are going extinct are scattered widely across all of the localized genotypes, and the emerging, surviving subspecies will not be recognizable by appearance, only by their mannerism, intellect and raw ability as mages. Over the course of history the species has adapted in many ways to their enviroment, in often radical ways, but underneath it all is the essence of the human animal: adaptability, innovation and intelligence. We find that everywhere, across the board with each and every pocket of humanity, so there’s no telling where a successful *star* might pop up.