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Class of 2019 Curriculum has Begun

This is orientation week, we officially begin on the 10th of March, so I will be expecting hexagrams either in my inbox (on the forums, or in my google mail) or in your journals by March 17th! Registration for these guided classes is ongoing until June, so you still have time if you want to get in on it. My order for paper was delayed, so I went ahead and posted the entirety of the March curriculum, so if you’re chomping at the bit just go ahead and start. Otherwise, I am available for questions all week by phone (please leave a message if I’m not there) or on Discord <https://discord.gg/3vrApsM>

Those of you who will not be taking the guided curriculum will still be given access to all TAI materials, and as my microphone will be replaced within the next couple of days, that means we will be shifting away from articles and back towards podcasts. If you have a request, ping me on Discord or e-mail me.


I will be booked through the week at the end of March, as a student of mine will be visiting me for one week to get his Westworld on with the local scene and maybe if he’s lucky I’ll teach him some Mutational Alchemy. Visitors will still be welcome to join us but I will not be able to offer you a bed or a room. 

Also, please make sure you give me a reasonable amount of time to prepare before coming over, especially if I don’t know you very well. A minimum of three days’ notice is almost always required, and more than two weeks is best, so I can make sure my schedule is clear, and I am not entertaining any other visitors. (Who knows, I might be already having my English lover over, I do have a life too, people!) Also we do NOT offer initiations to neophytes as I have explained in the article below.

A Theory of Aeonic Progression

"Yes! I was frightened when the God of Things as They Ought to Be told me that They Were to Be. I was born under a German Queen, and I did not believe in the Revolution that I willed. And lo! it is upon us, ere the Fifteenth Year of the New Aeon has dawned." - Baphomet 729

A re-release of a previous article, for members only, discussing a new theory of Aeonic progression via the lense of Mutational Alchemy.


What is Self-Initiation?

“Lately I have been getting a lot of requests for more information about initiation. It’s not surprising to me – many are unfamiliar with these classical Hermetic concepts, which are stripped out of, or just missing, from revisionist texts. The concept of initiation is so basic to Hermetic praxis, some of the older texts presume that one understands what is meant by the term. While self-initiation is always a respected process in the Hermetic ouevre, there is a very clear difference between self-initiation alone, and initiation into a lineage.”


Reading the I Ching – Tips and Tricks

“Reading the I Ching is pretty simple. The key is to pick a method of casting you like and stick with it. Yarrow stalks are valid as is the m1thr0s method of d10 dice. The dice even have a precedent in early I Ching history, as bones were often shaken inside of a turtle shell to determine lines, using an undocumented method. Below are some tips and tricks to get you on the right footing with your I Ching journey.”


Pentagrammaton Part I: Introduction

“5-Line Structures are known as Pentagrams. There are exactly 32 Pentagrammal Structures corresponding to the 32 Paths of Wisdom in the Tree of Life so it is very important to know about them, even though so little is known about them generally. I discovered them early on in the formation of the Mutational Alchemy Tarot, and with a ton of help from m1thr0s, developed them more systematically about 3 years later.”


Sanatana Dharma

The Consequences of an Indian Raj

Of late there has been alarmist talk of India succumbing to its most hated and despicable dark ages mentalities, specifically the caste system as it was understood in the past 100 years – nothing like the ancient caste system, that is – and a thousand times more backwards and oppressive. Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) has been leveraged of late to motivate Indian nationalists to stand against the admittedly real threat of a Muslim incursion in the face of an aggressive Pakistan and the rise of ISIS in years past. India has enjoyed a a high level of respect and support from other Western Nations due to its generally sincere support of Democracy and Western ideals. It is for this reason that India is counted as a Western Nation, the only one in Asia as a matter of fact (Japan is technically a constitutional monarchy.)
      Political writers have been ringing the alarm bell that India is beginning to look a lot like a theocracy, and less like a democracy, of late, and that there is a real danger of it losing its Democratic status. The West has never taken kindly to countries which talk Democracy and practice tyranny, so the consequences for this direction would be most dire.
       To this problem Devdan Chaudari has written a thoughtful article discussing the very real possibilities and consequences of India becoming a Hindu Rashtra, or even a Raj, in the Daily O, India’s trendiest hipster rag. 


Hindu Priestess Initiated As Tantric Leader in Kerala

Kerala has a long history within Tantra, and is discussed in one of our classes this year. This article details the life and initiation of an 18 year old girl into the Tantric priest profession, something usually reserved for men today, but more acceptable in India as neocon ideas revert back to the more natural ideologies of ancient Bharat and Sanatana Dharma. The priestess is going on to acquire a degree in Vedanta in order to study Tantra, the Deccan Chronicle reports. 



Occult Conference in Wales, June 2nd 2018


Ma’at Watch

5-Year-Old Girl Permanently Disfigured in Voodoo Ritual, Police Say

As usual, there has been NO public outcry from leading Voodoo or occult organizations…fortunately the girl is now with a foster family and these terrible people are being prosecuted. 


Lodoe Gyatso for Free Tibet Arrested

Lodoe Gyatso recorded a video calling for the release of Tibet from Chinese hands, and an end to the persecution of the Tibetan people. He was promptly arrested and still sits in a cell.



Occult Act Siva Six has released its new remix album “Nyx”

Our favorite occult musicians are at it again.


Katy Bohinc’s Invocatory Reading at Treadwell’s, UK

Video in the link below: “Katy Bohinc’s sold out invocatory reading of her ode to the divine feminine, Trinity Star Trinity, recorded by Tony Torn at Treadwell’s Bookshop in London on Friday 23rd February.” – Scarlet Imprint


Katy Bohinc’s Trinity Star Trinity is a long poem dedicated to the divine feminine, written in response to her experiences and encounters with faith and deity during a sojourn on the islands of Lesvos, the home of Sappho; Samos, the birthplace of Hera; and Patmos, where St John wrote the Book of Revelation.”



Witches and Pirates

Captain Tonz is a retired marine captain and self-proclaimed pirate, currently based in Italy. He has worked  the South China Sea, the Red Sea, the North sea, the Med, Baltic, Atlantic, Philippine sea, Andaman sea and the Mekong river. Recently he wrote an article for Witchvox explaining the relationship between pirates and witches! Pretty much this guy is the epitome of cool. As well as this, he implies the later origins of the caduceus and its connection to medicine!



In Our “Duh” Column, Yes, Art is Magick

DJs are like shamans, says Chicago nightlife star Eris Drew.


AJ the Sage

Aj the Sage, aka AJ Morgan, swears constantly throughout his occult videos and makes us laugh with all of the likeability of John Lemon crossed with the looks of Black Panther, plus, we’ve been watching him for a while to make sure his information is on point, therefore, we put our stamp of approval on it. Be aware these videos are targeted more towards the neophyte side of things, but they’re fun enough to watch that adepts won’t regret letting them play, I think.

Damh the Bard, Druid, Describes Death Rites

The Express draws readers in with the most prurient sounding title of all time and then just goes on to let one of the local druids describe the weird shit they get up to in caves, faux murdering people. m1thr0s 729 composed a similar ritual over 20 years ago which is still in use here at TAI, officially. 


Sealaska Heritage Institute asks Tourism Company to Stop Commercially Exploiting Shamanism

California is once again embarassing itself by sending its faux shaman into American Indian territories and pretending to be them. 


If you want to be a shaman, maybe don’t keep protected species in jars and sell them?

A Scottish shaman has been selling wildlife parts online to other people interested in shamanism. This is really stupid and constitutes a betrayal of shamanism. They’re supposed to be respecting Nature and yet they’re keeping body parts of protected species. Not just roadkill, or for personal use, but catching and killing them in order to sell them to other assholes. That’s not Shamanism, that’s wasichuism. The Daily Record reports.


Land Battle Over Santuário dos Pajés, the Sanctuary of the Shamans

Indigenous leadership Marcia Guajajara poses for a photo in indigenous land Santuario dos Pajes in Brasilia, Dec. 3, 2017. Photo Karia Mendes (Reuters) “When the developers arrived, we were already here. They think that money always wins,” she said.

Developers are hemming in on the sanctuary’s legal rights again, federal prosecutor Felipe Fritz Braga said the sanctuary is crucial to ensure the Fulni-Ô Tapuya’s tribe’s future in the area. Due to the presence of sanctuary, the area has gone up in value. This happens all the time in “artist havens” in the US as well, where the presence of artists naturally gentrifies a very poor, destitute area, famously the meat-packing district in New York and Seattle’s Capitol Hill and Wallingford districts. These places then become the cool spots in town, but then, as it becomes trendy and attractive to the wealthy over time,the artists can no longer afford to live there and it just becomes another urban sprawl. Art and Shamanism are intrinsically linked and have been since the dawn of time. Now more than ever, Shamanism has become the new “hot” trend with yuppies and places like the Sanctuary are in danger of being annihilated by their popularity and the greed of developers who try to bend or break the laws to get their way. Voa News reports.


Arunachal Pradesh Opens “Shamanic Centre”

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Thursday inaugurated the ‘Mipi Pene Centre’ – the state’s first Shamanic centre. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the 29 states of India and is the northeastern-most state of the country. Due to its close proximity to Tibet, it is one of the havens of traditional Vajrayana Buddhists and Tibetan shamans. The centre’s name translates as ‘the place for Shamans’ in Mishmi dialect and will be a place for Shamans to perform and offer their priestly service.



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Succeeding m1thr0s 729 (Magister Ouroboros 729) izi is current guardian of the 418 current in this world. She upholds the young Nu Aeon tradition of Mutational Alchemy, a hybrid branch of Hermetic Alchemy developed by m1thr0s 729. Her current work to date includes the art and written analysis of The Mutational Alchemy Tarot, the development of Pentagrammaton (the 32 5-line binary structures unknown in the East) and the ongoing analysis of The Hidden Diamond Sutra.