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abrahadabra radio 002: ritual magick and the holy guardian angel for neophytes Fri, 26 Jun 2015 20:36:00 +0000

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new limited t – kali yantra – mutational alchemy regalia Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:18:23 +0000 Continue reading new limited t – kali yantra – mutational alchemy regalia]]> ad1

Grab a truly tantric t-shirt design while they last! This magickal garment combines the ancient Kali Yantra merged stunningly to the TwinStar of modern day Mutational Alchemy. This version of the Kali Yantra emphasizes the 5 Koshas (literally sheaths) of the Body of Light while the TwinStar defines the most efficient means of scaling and thus transcending them, culminating in perfect mastery of the Atman, or the highest attainable state of transcendental consciousness. A perfect marriage between the very ancient and the very rare. A highly occult emblem that few will understand but all will appreciate and find difficult to avoid being captured by its magnetic spell!


This is a great unisex t-shirt for both men and women. Looks good on, and feels even better.

  • 4.3 oz. 100% combed ringspun cotton made in Los Angeles by American Apparel
  • Double-needle stitched for durability
  • Super soft fabric
  • Baby ribbed v-neck
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abrahadabra radio: 001 insider views Wed, 24 Jun 2015 13:11:34 +0000 Continue reading abrahadabra radio: 001 insider views]]>


For more information on Pazuzu, please check out this wonderfully well-researched article over at Shadows of the Sun by :


“While Pazuzu is most frequently referred to as “King of the wind-demons” in various ritual texts and accompanying incantations recorded on tablets and other Pazuzu artifacts unearthed at Nineveh, Sultantepe, and Uruk (Heeßel, 2002), I claim contrary to Heeßel in particular that it is made abundantly clear by a number of artifacts that Pazuzu was respected as a God, not merely as a helpful demon Who reigns in or banishes malevolent lesser demons. A remarkable item on display at the Israel Museum, 93.45.73, is a bronze head with a suspension loop on top. What is remarkable about this Pazuzu head is that it possesses pair of horns which encircle the top of the head, and turn up at the front, typical of those shown on crowns festooning the heads of revered Gods such as Šamaš and Ištar. (Gabbay, 2001) Another find that shows Pazuzu with Divine rather than mere demonic trappings also comes from the Israel Museum’s collection. It is an octagonal pyramidical carnelian seal — BLMJ Seal 1060 — that bears a well-defined relief of Pazuzu on its bottom. He is depicted in His unmistakeable chimeric form with a leonine or canine face, four wings, erect penis, and scorpion tail. Here He is given a crescent headdress and a ball-staff, which rests before His feet. (Gabbay, 2001) Both the crescent and the standard have obvious Divine connotations, though the reader should not assume that Pazuzu was in any way being merged with the Moon God, Sin.” – 

Pazuzu seal at The Israel Museum
Pazuzu seal at The Israel Museum

Sound familiar? Yes, the figure of Pazuzu in the Israel Museum resembles the creatures on the Ningishzidda Grail. They are Djinn! Fire critters:



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• what is the “TwinStar”? • Sun, 07 Jun 2015 04:33:19 +0000 Continue reading • what is the “TwinStar”? •]]>

This article is another attempt at making one of the most fundamental assertions of Mutational Alchemy as simple and straight forward as I possibly can because it seems as though most previous attempts have fallen flat on their face, despite dozens of articles and private discussions I have laboriously undertaken.

In its most basic sense, the TwinStar is a sigil built upon the framework of the Pythagorean Tetracys of the Decad. It is the way we count out the points of the Tetractys that gives us this sigil. Scrying the lines of the sigil then becomes a meditation practice. Let’s begin by scrutinizing the Tetractys itself.

figure #1
figure #1

In its most basic form, the Tetractys is a collection of 10 points arranged in a perfect equilateral triangle with one point at the top tier, two points at the second tier, three points at the third tier and four points at the bottom tier. It was a highly venerated symbol among the Pythagoreans and Neo-Pythagoreans alike. It was referred to as Logos, the manifestation of God on Earth and was said to contain all the rules of dimentionality since 1 point connected by no lines gives us 0 dimensions, 2 points connected by one line gives us one dimension, 3 points connected by two lines gives us two dimensions and 4 points connected by 3 lines gives us three dimensional space. But this is just the tip of the iceburg as to why this symbol garnered so much praise and adoration and I would highly recommend the serious inquirer to Google it to learn more. Most of what this article will be defining is widespread knowledge already and can easily be referenced in other places. A few things will be unique to Mutational Alchemy doctrines which can still be pieced together logically.

figure #2

Figure #2 demonstrates what happens when the Tetractys is extended all the way out under the auspices of Abrahadabra. Not only does the Tree of Life nestle neatly within but the 10 points have now become easily identifiable as the 10 shaded chambers referred to as the Secret Chiefs. So the Tetractys has an undeniable relationship to Abrahadabra under the guidance of the Secret Chiefs. The grid comprises exactly 100 internal equilateral triangles making it synonymous with the Kamea of Malkuth, Kingdom, or Earth. Each of the four descending elemental worlds contain their own tetractys if you look at it closely.

The way we count the 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life is important because the inclusion of Daath actually gives us 11 spheres (or epicenters) but Daath is not treated as a Sephira and consequently has no number per se. It is not inaccurate to think of Daath as a “not sephera” (or “not number”) representing grammar and syntax within numbers without being an actual number, any more than an addition sign, for instance. It bears a distinct relationship to numbers but is not a number in itself. Its identifying convention has been to assign it a dash, indicating that  we recognize that it is there but treat it separately from the 32 Paths of Wisdom comprised of the 10 Sephiroth (literally, numbers) and 22 Paths. When we come to it in any sort of count we call out “dash”, according to its properties. Thus our chronological count along the Tree of Life from 1 to 10 reads:  1-2-3-“dash”-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. I mention this now because it plays a part in how we navigate the TwinStar as well. Always bear it in mind that when we count out the TwinStar we are attempting to elevate the Tree of Life as a whole. The Tree of Life is a mathematical subset of Abrahadabra and the Tetractys is our surest guide to uplifting its properties correctly. Similarly, the principle of alchemical levity impacting the Tree of Life is the best way to characterize what is occurring whenever we raise the TwinStar incantation.

figure #3
figure #3

At this point it would be prudent to mention the Lo Shu magickal square, since one of the things we are trying to accomplish with the TwinStar is as close a numerical super-symmetry as we can get. Nothing achieves this as efficiently as magic squares but we can get pretty close notwithstanding. Figure #3 demonstrates what is called the first magic square flanked by tetracti on 4 sides. All horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows add to 15. Magickal squares have an important role to play in different types of magickal operations since we can also substitute letters in place of numbers to accomplish detailed and diverse sigil workings. Sigils built upon magickal squares or triangles have a tendency to be much more potent than those which are not. This principle of numerical super-symmetry is the most apparent reason why this would seem to hold true.

figures 4 & 5
figure 4
figure 5
figure 5
figure #6
figure #6

Figures #4 and #5 demonstrate that it takes two full rotations 1-10 to give us the complete pattern, or sigil displayed in figure #6. In each case the “dash” comes right after point #3 and completes the triangle. We then fall back to point #4 and continue our course to point  #10. This infinity loop is an integral part of the TwinStars’ action. If we do not complete the loop we are left with a broken mess instead of the stunning perfection we get upon successful completion of the loop. Pushing Daath to point #1 in this manner has the general effect of repairing the division between the Supernals and the rest of the Sephiroth, even if only momentarily. It is useful to think of the TwinStar as a perpetual process that we join in with periodically but is itself ongoing all the time of its own accord. We are justified in thinking this way because the TwinStar is an active principle built into the fabric of things so it really is omnipresent with respect to the Tetractys.

figure #7
figure #7
figure #8
figure #8
figure  #9
figure #9

While the numbers method of invoking the TwinStar is unquestionably useful it is not the only means at our disposals. Figures #7 and #8 demonstrate how the word Abrahadabra can be applied letter by letter to achieve the same ends. Because it contains 11 letters it even accommodates our treatment of Daath. A step by step example follows: 1=Aleph, 2=Beth, 3=Resh, “dash”=Aleph, 4=Hé, 5=Aleph, 6=Daleth, 7=Aleph, 8=Beth, 9=Resh, 10=Aleph. The proper protocol is to always begin with the Counter-Clockwise direction and conclude on the Clockwise direction for the first loop. For the second loop we reverse this, starting Clockwise and culminating Counter-Clockwise. It takes a little time and practice to get used to this but it very soon becomes fluid. At the end of each loop we run a Center & Ground action which I will discuss momentarily.

For the moment I want to reassert that ANY 11 letter word or phrase will work as well as the numbers method – arguably better depending on the situation at hand. The phrase “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” happens to be an eleven word phrase that some will no doubt appreciate as a suitable means of invoking the TwinStar. Any of these methods suffice active scrying but there is also passive gazing which uses no words of any kind and thus needs no embellishment other than to acknowledge it. Generally, active scrying is a better form to adhere to when invoking the TwinStar as passive gazing is naturally incorporated to the extent that we are paying attention to what we are doing. But my objective right here and now is to define what the TwinStar is and not venture off into the various alternative means of invoking it.

Figure #9 is arguably the most important image being published in this article as it demonstrates the relationship between the leylines of the TwinStar and the Sephiroth. Always remember that the objective in raising the spell of the TwinStar is to raise the foundation of the Tree of Life itself. That the TwinStar coordinates so perfectly with the Sephiroth tells us that it has the ability to collect the Tree of Life up into itself without modifying the Tree itself in any way. The relationship is unquestionably like Tree and Star where the Tree is a mathematical and geometrical subset of The Tetractys and consequent TwinStar. Thus Mutational Alchemy commonly refers to the TwinStar as the star half of the Tree and Star equation. It IS the star that the Tree has the wherewithal to become.

figure #10
figure #10

The closing action comes at the end of any finished loop where it serves to lock in the loop, center and ground it. You can use anything you prefer to close but I recommend using A-V-M-N to the circle and H-V-A, A-Th-H for the ascending triangle and final drop.

In application we begin from the top pronouncing AHH-OHH-MMM-GNN to the circle and AHH-HAY-OHH-AHH for the ascending triangle to AHH-TAH-HAY for the final drop and descending triangle. The direction of the closing action should match up with the direction of the loop you are building. I also include a Final Close at the very end which is simply a repetition of the Clockwise closing action. The closing action is important and should never be omitted. It adds finality, continuity and strength to the creation of the TwinStar.

figure #11
figure #11

Figure #11 is just a quick way of recapping everything that has been laid out in this brief article. Some years ago I created a little animated GIF that demonstrates all of this which at present is included in my article entitled tikkun olam (repairing the world) which can be viewed here:
I hope that between this article and that one the TwinStar is crystal clear but I rather doubt that it will be because experience teaches us that nothing replaces hands-on practice when it comes to ironing out the details. Nevertheless, I have gone about as far as I am able between this article and that one.

Perseverance Furthers,

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from one nuit to another: jobby jobs Fri, 05 Jun 2015 13:01:22 +0000 Continue reading from one nuit to another: jobby jobs]]>  

(Featured Photo: William Bougueurea, workaholic extraordinaire, champion of poor French girls and boys and the man who allowed women into the Ecole De Beaux Des Artes.)

Welcome to another page of From One Nuit to Another, the text log of conversations between women in the occult. I am your host, Izi Ningishzidda, and our guests today are Niguma, a disciple of the Tibetan Shangpa Kagyu and closet Thelemite also a previous guest.

Valeria Diocletian who is a witch in what she calls the “Latium” tradition.

We have “S” who is of the theological Satanist leaning.

Finally, Darcy, who is a Wiccan with American Indian roots.

Names are changed to protect identity, the conversations are transcribed when coordinated by telephone or Steam chat.

New interviewees are welcome. Call me at 360-688-1242

First Interview: Niguma

Izi: Hello.

Nigum: Hey Izi. What’s up?

Izi: We’re going to talk about jobs. Like, what does it mean to have a job that sucks or doesn’t suck, as an occultist.

Niguma: Okay well, I can confirm I don’t really work I just sort of live off my parent’s good will.

IZI: K how did that happen?

Niguma: I graduated during the recession and there were no jobs, especially not for newbie women. I saved like everyday I didn’t eat out or buy any new clothes I just saved up and went to Nepal.

Izi: Wow. I’ve heard that’s how to travel is you just have to say “Okay fuck this I’m out of here.”


The morning commute in Nepal. Photo by Krish Dulal. CCL
The morning commute in Nepal. Photo by Krish Dulal. CCL

Niguma: Well it wasn’t a decision I made without consulting my parents who were supportive and offered to cushion me if I needed it.

Izi: Did you live off food stamps?

Niguma: Oh yeah. Embarassed to say but I did.

Izi: I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed of. It’s probably the only social program that works to counterbalance all of the evil the government is guilty of like bailing out banks and protecting foreigners during war instead of our soldiers.

Niguma: The government I believe did ruin the economy, it’s true. I can’t say I really love this country or what it’s become and I don’t care if someone scrutinizes my food stamps, I guess because it’s like “Hey grandpa this is the world and country  you have left to us. It sucks”

Izi:  It sucks so bad now.

Niguma: Armageddon or whatever it will probably be better than this. Anything would be.

Izi: Okay so you don’t have a job, do you plan to get one and how does it relate to your occult studies?

Niguma: Oh geez. I have no idea? I guess write a book about my travels…oh and I’m looking into freelance editing. The pay like, sucks but it’s a job. My parents are cool they know the job market is wrecked and the world sucks so they are glad to afford me the opportunity to become an enlightened being.

Izi: I’ve talked to the TwinStar and it stated that while it can’t help one find a job, it can help you align to the 418 current and survive. That’s enough. No jobs needed.

Niguma: What do you mean by that?

Izi: What I mean is that the “job” is the Great Work and it will do anything to help you survive to accomplish your part in that. It may not be a standardized job or a position you think is best for a certain “career”.

Niguma: Well, I would like to see a different pattern emerge than the one we have now. Working appears to be much more frenetic than say, a farmer’s day 500 years ago.

Izi: But we have better amenities, because, science.

Niguma: right science. And medical care. Although if Obama hadn’t passed Obamacare I would be soooo fucked.

Izi: I havn’t really used it because I hate doctors and dentists.

Niguma: Oh? Like personally or just going to see them.

Izi: No not personally just generally. They often don’t know anything or they make stuff up. The smart ones are angry bastards. Especially the women. God, women doctors are so bitter. It’s the gender inequality gap in their field I’m sure.

Niguma: Yeah that is a really hot topic right now and for women basically every career sucks.

Izi: This world and this country can straight up go eat a dick if they think I want to join their unfair workforce. I’d rather be on minimum wage and food stamps than contribute to this BS.

Niguma: What if they took food stamps and minimum wage away?

Izi: I’d live off the land like my ancestors it’s a lot easier than the job market.

Niguma: Wait so you don’t have a job?

Izi: Oh I do, I work for TAI. I have held a dayjob in the past. I usually just find something I like or people I like to work for.

Niguma: So you are just purely working for TAI – The Abrahadabra Institute?

Izi: Yes I always have wanted to grow up and be an artist and work for a wizard and learn magick. I studied all of the pre-raphaelites work and knew it was possible even though wizards are rare.

The Wizard by Edward Burne-Jones. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham
The Wizard by Edward Burne-Jones. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham


Niguma: Yeah the ones who arn’t flakes or fakes.


Niguma: The tattoo business is an interesting specimen for studying this. Goetia for instance, tatoo art has swung more in the direction of occult themes quite strongly over the years.

Izi: Yeah thats of a career or industry that is banking off the occult and admires it. There’s a few other jobs i can think of that are like that…some coffeehouses and curiosity stores would welcome occultists. There’s a number of giftshops here in Washington that have tarot readers. Metaphysical shops are the one holy grail of jobs for a student occultist who want to learn about the craft from a shop owner or an older occultist who wants to be out of the closet permanently, as a business owner. I would love to own a occult shop, in some ways.

Niguma: Theres a lady downtown here who has had a tarot reading shop for 20 years. It seems like occultists almost have to start their own business.

Izi: Yeah. And why not? Maybe that’s the directive of the new aeon. Start anew.

Niguma: Yeah.

Izi: Sadly I don’t have the money to start an occult shop in 3D, but I did start one in cyberspace, and it’s been a ball. m1thr0s and I have fun everyday. It’s never a ball and chain. I have other things in my life that suck, but not my job. Okay last question, what is your dream job as an occultist?

Niguma: Well I would live in a monastery and meditate all day and do chores to maintain it like they did in Nepal.

Izi: Really what do you think is holding you back from that?

Niguma: I am not sure that low-tech is the way to go, like…the internet seems to be like, the magickal child. You know? I’m not sure I want to give up all the modern amenities.

Izi: You should be able to do both. Meditate and…

Niguma: Well I do that now, it’s true. I worry about the future though like when my parents are gone, what will I be doing.

Izi: I am sure that the universe will manifest something.

Niguma: I’m glad you’re sure. Lol

Izi: Lol.Thanks for being with us again.

Niguma: Oh, yeah, sure.

Second Interviewee: Valeria Diocletian

Izi: Hello Valeria. It’s Valeri-a not Valerie, right?

Valeria: Yes after the region.

Izi: What region  is that?

Valeria: Ancient Rome, far northeast part in modern day Hungary.

Izi: Oh, cool. And your last name?

Valeria: The emperor.

Above: Triarii’s awesome Emperor of the Sun from their album ‘Exile’ which anyone should buy immediately.


Izi: Great. So, we’re going to talk about jobs. How they relate to us as occultists or women. So, what is the most fun and most occult job you have had?

Valeria: So you want me to start?

Izi: Sure or if you’re more comfortable I can start.

Valeria: Okay why don’t you start?

Izi: Well I have held a lot of jobs. Not all of the jobs I have had were ideal but, they all had fun aspects. The most crazy fun job I had was at the biggest hip hop club in the South – Senses. I worked as security and sometimes as a backup bartender. In security I was part of the “Wolf Pack” they called it. I was the only girl on the team, so I handled pat-downs for women and restricted access to VIP and the ladies lounge.

Valeria: Wait you had to do pat-downs?

Izi: There were 800-900 people in the building and less than a dozen security, in the heart of inner city Memphis, so yes, we were looking for dangerous weapons and bottles of booze.

Valeria: Did you find any guns?

Izi: No, thankfully and the only time I found anything was on Dubstep pirate night on this lady dressed as a sea captain, all black velvet and red ostrich feather and the admiral’s hat…the works. She had a huge bottle of rum in her purse.

Valerie: That’s really funny.

Izi: Yeah dubstep pirate night was fun.

Izi: Sometimes I would call ambulances for sick women in the lounge who had maybe taken the wrong combo of alcohol and pills. We wore all black uniforms and stood on the perimeter of the building and at times it was just a sea of bodies you couldn’t see anything in front of you, it was all lights and loud beats and dancing people. Memphis has a black majority and Senses was mostly all black, there were about 800-900 people every night, so it was the perfect essence of Southern hip hop culture. The owner looked exactly like Christopher Walken.

Valeria: How did you get the job it sounds awesome, like partying for a job.

Izi: It was kind of exactly like that even though we were working the whole time.  He hired me probably because he felt sorry for me.

Valeria: Why?

Izi: Well, I rode up on my bike at the beginning of summer in Memphis, it was really hot out, and he came out on the back door and said to come back at 9 when the doors were open. I asked for a job, and he said “Oh you’re looking for a job. And you’re a on a bike. It’s pretty warm out.” and I told him that yes, I had been all over the city looking for work on my bike, as I didn’t have a car.  I handed him my application and he asked me, and it was kind of odd, what ancestry I was. And I told him Jewish and he nodded and said there weren’t any openings but he would hold onto my application. And then he called me about a week later and said I was hired.

Valeria: Do you think he hired you because you were Jewish?

Izi: Maybe. Who’s to say.

Valeria: I work at a local pizzeria. It’s fine. I feel like people judge me based on my job so I don’t talk about it that much.

Izi: People who make fun of your job are jerks. There was this guy – um, on the old forums who had a falling out with m1thr0s over a birthday gift he wanted returned last year.

Valeria: What happened? I sort of remember him…but not like what he said or anything.

Izi: Ugh he’s a pathetic neckbeard…but anyways he made fun of my job like really snidely “You just work at a furniture store”, but he was referring to a job I had quit a year earlier.

Valeria: Seriously? What an a-hole. What’s wrong with selling furniture?

Izi:  Nothing! And it was a nice job, a few blocks from my house. That job was also supporting The Abrahadabra Institute and my art. This guy never did anything for Mutational Alchemy or Abrahadabra, he was huge fucking glommer, a real showpony type of occultist  who just gets into it for the vanity.

Valeria:  My boss is kind of a jerk – or micromanager. He thinks he’s better than everyone, but I’m like, dude, you’re a manager at a pizza joint don’t judge me.

Izi: Oh god I know that kind of person they should not be in charge but they almost always are.

Valeria: Yeah I don’t plan on working in a pizza place…forever…it’s just people kind of judge you by your station in life.

Izi: I hear you.

Valeria: I don’t think I’ve had a job I enjoyed yet.

Izi: Here’s the big problem, okay. I know a lot of people who are smart enough and talented enough that they would do extremely well in a position at an engineering firm, a software firm, any of the big tech giants like Microsoft or Boeing.

Valeria: Uh huh…

Izi: But they don’t have any desire to go to school. I did and it was mistake, cuz now i have a small debt and I was not taught the things I wanted to learn. I ended up getting a stellar art education from one of the few European Academic Art masters in the world left….for a few hundred dollars and web design work. Also the ex hub posed naked for the class. Our kids thought that was pretty funny.

Valeria: Wait what he posed naked for the…class?

Izi: Yeah in Academic art there’s almost always a live nude model, and they get paid. We were really poor and needed money. My teacher wanted to paint Asian skin and he was Chinese, the flesh has an interesting hue. She went up to him with this intense weird expression you get from academic realist artists and intently almost half whispered…”I love your flesh”

Valeria: Hah.

Izi: I don’t and I know my fellow occultists don’t want to end up working in some lab at some lame company that’s inventing plastics or gadgets to be used in cheap plastic junk designed to wear out in a few months. The supply line is horrifying and you dont know if you’re doing something for evil or not.

Valeria: Well you could make medical equipment or computer stuff, that can’t go very wrong.

Izi: True, but it’s not like you’re an optics manufacturer on a street in Boston 100 years ago where you are making some lenses and glasses to help someone see…

Valeria: Uh huh

Izi: In a corp you’re working on some project and the end destination may not ever be known to you. It’s too difficult to know whether a corporation is going to end up being evil. Very few professions can claim that their entire industry is free of corruption, or at least, free of evil corruption like raping the planet and perpetuating old aeon ideology.

Valeria: Yeah it seems like it’s going to get pretty bad here soon.

Izi: Then there’s the crushing debt and inability to switch careers…

Valeria: I feel that way about college, right now

Izi: The New Aeon starts with a lot of pushing. Like a chick getting out of an egg, that is Ra Hoor Khut. Except…less peaceful.

Valeria. Why can’t it be like the birth of Venus?

Izi: Ha, well that whole thing started with Ouranus getting his dick cut off, so….

Valeria: Uh, yeah you’re right. “sigh”

Izi: Perseverance Furthers.

Valeria: Perseverance furthers?

Izi: Yes, it’s what m1thr0s always says when things are troublesome. It is much more useful than “It is what it is” because it is true and it is helpful advice. It comes from the I Ching.

Valeria: Oh Okay. Yeah I can see that.

Izi: Last question, what is your ideal job?

Valeria: Being a Senator, but I don’t have the drive. I do a little bit of lobbying though, in season.

Izi: Well that does sound like a fun job and I think there are probably a lot of people in government interested in the occult, considering Empire and the Occult go hand in hand really.

Valeria: Yeah it’ll be nice when they all come out of the closet, all the Freemasons and paganists in the ruling class.

Izi: Indeed.

Izi: Okay well thank you for talking, and we hope to have you on again at TAI.

Valeria: Okay thanks for having me.

Third interviewee: “S”

Izi: Hello and welcome to S, our third interviewee.

S: Greetings.

Izi: So what’s the left-hand path take on careers as an occultist?

S: What do you mean? Like what do we want to do or what do we choose as jobs?

Izi: What’s your take on jobs as an occultist, what do you think of the oppurtunities out there for magickal folk and witches and so forth?

S: Well it sucks mostly. I’m just out of grad school and I’m working in a lab but there’s hardly any oppurtunities out there wihich qualify as “real”

Izi: Real?

S: Like, meaningful. I’m no nihilist. you work for some corporation and then you’re dead and gone and they take all the glory and riches as well. I wantred to be a sociologist but it didn’t have enough oppurtunities I felt to be worth it.

Izi:  I am not sure what sociologists do.


S: A lot. Sociologists do a lot. Well, business, marketing, realty…all kinds of things in government and research.

Izi: People on a large scale?

S: No. Yes. Kind of. Sociology is all kinds of social stuff. Face to face is microsociology.

Izi: I see. So you didn’t go into it?

S: It’s still an option but no, I am not sure what I am doing right now as of yet. Life is not what one expects, except in the case of things of little consequence.

Izi: Yeah I and some other people I have known do not want to get involved in the sciences because there are problems with where science is at right now.


S: Yeah and it’s not getting better. There is no hope that it will get better because people won’t allow it to. And we’re at the edge of a major disaster that will crush mankind. What’s the point?


Izi: m1thr0s and I truly believe there’s a way out. But it will come at a price. The damages have gone on far too long for anything less than a heavy price to be paid, for sure.

S: What one sows is  what one reaps.

Izi: So how has the left hand path treated your job life?

S: I used to rebel a lot against the status quo. Religious freedom is a myth. No one at work can resist breaking the law by discrimination or harassment once they find out you are a Satanist. It’s to be expected in any work environment really.

Izi: Mmm, so you were open at jobs?

S: Yes. And I was fired for it. I didn’t care then, I do now because I’m selfish and want what’s best for my children. America is a sham, but it’s the best we’ve got.

Izi: Oh. Well I agree it’s the best we have got. There are so many baby boomers who are brainwashed into thinking Satanism is a bad thing. Even people who are liberal or out of the closet, or open minded have this kneejerk reaction to sinister folk.

S: Liberals are the worst, in my experience. They love muslims, can’t stand homegrown all American Satanists.

Izi: Bill Maher was going on about that a lot for a few weeks.

S: I watch him sometimes.

Izi: So you are a theistic Satanist which means you do worship the dark God, the horned one, lord of the night and the left hand path?

S: To put it most mildly, yes.

Izi: That’s wonderful. I don’t worship Satan directly but we’re very fond of any kind of Satanist at TAI.

S: I know, I’ve read your stuff. m1thr0s got me into Satanism when I was a teenager.

Izi: Yeah you mentioned that earlier. On OF?

S: Yes and Abrahadabra Forums. Which I miss a lot.

Izi: People say so.

S: So about the job things, as occultists and especially women, well, occultists are normally just really smart people, and smart people get bored easily, they also have a bullshit meter that goes off and they don’t trust the system, because the system is designed to rip us off. SO people should just not do jobs, and just do what they like, perhaps finding ways to fund that in some clever or easy way.

Izi: Is that what you are trying to do?

S: Yes and no. I’m in the disillusionment phase I guess.

Izi: Oh. What about your faith, does the dark father bring you advice?

S: All the time, but not always. I get anxious about my choices and feel like I’m making mistakes or missing something important. He is very hands off and…not like hands on, you know. I was going to say not like Zeus but it’s not a good analogy. I feel like I have a lot of guidance. But at the same time not enough. I’m cautious like a spider.

Izi: Spiders are very industrious and work all the time.

S: Nature does work a lot. All the time.

Izi: Do you feel like there is a higher purpose or calling to your work, being an occultist or as a Satanist?

S: Some days, yes, other days, no. I don’t know what to think. I feel small, and the world is so full of fools, bad things, traps, with death at the end of it for everyone.

Izi: Yeah I hear that. Hedonism within reason may be a good starting point for planning one’s life at least part time.

S: Oh I have more than enough of that in my life. Jobs and a career is not high on my list of priorities to make perfect. I think I just want financial security.

Izi: I see. There’s not a lot of jobs out there for occultists, and it just can’t be standardized.

S: A haven for charlatans.

Izi: Yeah, right Of course.

S: But you work in the occult…

Izi: I do, it’s true. And I don’t expect people to do such crazy things. Art is clearly occult and if you want to be an artist it’s just as hard as being an occultist.

S: Right, and occult art is the thing right now, it’s all over fashion and music…

Izi: Yep, oh and you could create a church.

S: Lots of money in that.

Izi: Or do a show on some sort of occult topics. So what would be your ideal occult job?

S: I would live in an alleyway, selling dark magickal potions and idols of the ancient and dark gods to passerbys.

Izi: Well that sounds interesting, I hope you get to do that someday.

S: Thanks!

Luis Ricardo Felaro, The Witch's Sabbath 1880
Luis Ricardo Felaro, The Witch’s Sabbath 1880


Fourth Interviewee: Darcy

Izi: Hi

Darcy : Hi

Izi: So what is your view on jobs in the occult, or rather, occultists working in the normal boring work world….

Darcy: I guess the first thing is ive never had a job that was directly related to my studies in the occult. But I work with animals, so indirectly i have an opportunity to practice my craft.

Izi: So uhhh, you are a Wiccan, correct.

Darcy: Yes.

Izi: Great. Um, what kind of magick do you do in Wicca. Im really not familiar with it.

Darcy: Well Im studying to be a veterinarian.

Izi: Cool.

Darcy: And so, I’ve learned as much as i could about old world healing cures using both herbs and potions but also spells and incantations.

Izi: SO, that’s really good, you’ve learned to integrate the occult into a normal job, right?

Darcy: Sort of. I have to keep it hidden.

Izi: I’ve noticed the equal rights that are so popular in the workplace in america rarely extends to occultists, socially at least.

Darcy: Yeah that’s true.

Izi: Which is wrongheaded. Occultists are more effective at everything, don’t you agree?

Darcy: I think so, yes.

Izi: How did you come to veterinary medicine, was it an extension of your path-working as an occultist, or did you get into the occult after you had already wanted to work with animals. Or were your parents into it?

Darcy: Um i picked up a lot from my mother, and healing work with animals just came naturally. When I was growing up there were several times when sick or diseased animals actually came to me.

Izi: So it might be destiny then, or a calling, i mean your path seems to be very clear.  So you said your mother taught you a lot, uh, can you tell me more about that?

Darcy: Yeah, what i want to say is that my mother was trained by her mother in Indian magick.

Izi: Indian as in east Indian?

Darcy: No, Western Indian.

Izi: American Indian?

Darcy: Mm hmm.

Izi: So a lot of emphasis on spirit animals I suppose?

Darcy: Yeah.

Izi: DO you feel like there’s more or less pressure on women occultists to conform in the workforce compared to male occultists?

Darcy: well it does depend on the situation i have some friends who can be quite open about occultism in their jobs. But I’m still going to school and working part time as a veterinary assistant and i have to be very careful. So i think that if were talking about professions, that the pressure is alot greater on women to conform and not give any sign at all of being involved in occultism.

Izi: So just the general inequality that is prevalent between the two sexes everywhere in the workforce is also equally represented in an occultist’s workplace.

Darcy: Yeah.

Izi: Any other thoughts on working as a woman occultist in a mundane job? I guess that was a horrible question


Darcy: No, It’s not i think women occultists need to find some way to support each other more than they tend to do. occultists tend to be very individualistic but i think a lot of times what we suffer from is a general lack of collective support.


izi: Okay, well thank you, we’ll talk to you again hopefully soon.


Darcy: Sure my pleasure.



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the most frequently stolen image in the abrahadabra institute’s repertoire Wed, 27 May 2015 15:49:17 +0000 Continue reading the most frequently stolen image in the abrahadabra institute’s repertoire]]> unnamed



While not unbearably obtrusive, the watermarking of many of the precious Mutational Alchemy images crafted by our founder m1thr0s have to be nowadays, because it’s so popular to steal them. Masons, Freemasons, Wiccans and New Age Shame-man freaks have been the most prevalent thieves. They always display the image with no credit given or any relevant data attached to it. A tall tale about how ancient the image is and connected with some belief system that they promote, and that we hate with a passion is also common. Very often, especially at The Abrahadabra Institute, the images, symbols and ideas are very very new. The image here, for example, is the only one of its kind in the world. It has a very special place in the timeline of occultism and has a very deep and intricate explanation which no one has ever heard before outside of TAI, because it didn’t exist before m1thr0s came along and discovered it.

m1thr0s was the first person in the world to place the tree inside the star (Abrahadabra) correcting the worst mistake Crowley made in his life next to fumbling the 729 Hexagrams of the Ternaries.

Our latest and most annoying thief was Catholic Exchange. The dying old aeon religion of Christianity, with all the grace of a drowning rat, plastered this, our most often stolen image, and possibly one of our most powerful,  on an absurd article on how particle physics is somehow connected to the Canticle of Daniel.

I’ve never had any patience for anything Christian, but much less so when they are stealing my man’s artwork and claiming that it has something to do with their dowdy bullshit.

The image was reported by MythMath, may non-Catholic and superior all-powerful Tetractys God bless him. I contacted the site’s host, Rack Exchange and the takedown happened within 5 minutes.

The actual image was being hotlinked from one of the Institute’s first thieves, a jeweler in Israel, who apparently had removed the artwork from his page but not his server. So, the Catholics were stealing an image and stealing bandwidth from other image thieves, who are Jewish. Sounds like basically all of Catholic history.

m1thr0s and I work tirelessly on this work with no vacations and no pay. Please don’t steal our work, as our motivations are very far from supplying uncreative people with a free concept art and blog clipart department.

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