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The People of Tibet (Kids in the Kham) photo by Antoine Taveneaux, Image is licensed under  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
The People of Tibet (Kids in the Kham) photo by Antoine Taveneaux. Image is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Retrieved from <> 1/28/2016

Every organization should have a cause that they champion outside of their own unique focus, and there are few countries in the world that can boast of the immense contributions they have made to the knowledge of Body of Light and its mastery.  The Tibetan people historically have made some of the most daring and significant inroads into the study of the Body of Light. This country is one of the original homes of the sacred I Ching. It used to be one of the most spiritual and pristine places on earth, a literal Shangri-la. Today it is staggering under the weight of industrial atrocities perpetrated by the Chinese government.
      While supporting Tibet may make us a target, we’ve already experienced many onslaughts by Chinese hackers over the years for our work on the I Ching.  While we love the Chinese people and their contributions over the millennia to Mankind, we do not love injustice and tyranny. Many other Chinese people have spoken out against the fascist communist regime and their campaign of torture and racism, including persecuted artist Ai Weiwei and Jiang Tie-Feng, father of the Chinese Color School. 
      Despite continuous occupation by the brutal and savage Chinese government and their morally corrupt ideology, Tibetans continue to work towards freedom and hope. It is important to know that Tibetans today have never stopped resisting the evil Chinese occupation and they can be tortured for the simple act of sending an email abroad, for flying their flag, for using the phrase “human rights” and for possessing a photo of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama is beloved all over the world for his words of wisdom, conscious efforts towards bridging understanding amongst the many beliefs of the world, and for his ability to win the love and respect of the common man. He has also upheld authentic Tibetan Buddhism in the face of consensus New Age teachings which beleaguer an honest accounting of the path towards Completion.
     The Abrahadabra Institute recognizes that few nations have ever betrayed The Dragon as deeply and gravely as China has. The Chung Kuo of the I Ching is a distant memory, its last scholars who failed to escape to the democracies of America, Europe or India were and are yet left to rot in Chinese torture prisons.        Mahakala is not amused  and we stand with everyone across Asia and the rest of the world who is willing to openly and proudly defy the evil anti-freedom and anti-justice Chinese government and their eager slaves.

      Please visit Free Tibet to get involved and speak out in your community and online.