Here is a collection of websites, books and media which we strongly advise exploring or viewing at least once. 

Calling Crane in the Shade 


“Biroco’s remarkable site” 
Magister Ouroboros 729

Secrets of the I Ching 

(Formerly, The Wisdom of the Changes) Bettina Wilhelm, filmmaker and granddaughter of Richard Wilhelm, author of the best translation of the I Ching worldwide, explores the history of the I Ching and the excellent scholarly work of her grandfather. Highly recommended. Available on Vimeo, Amazon, Google Play, among others. 

The I Ching Sequencer @ Tao Lodge
<> “      “At the side is a scale showing how many hexagrams of the 64 have played and position in the sequence. You can even play a techno soundtrack to accompany the animation. A fascinating and beautifully executed piece of work. An elegant hexagram sequence is like a mesmerizing dance.” – Biroco, author of Calling Crane in the Shade (site)