important memberships ruling: ex-freemasons no longer permitted to join TAI

Effective immediately, ex-freemasons are no longer permitted entrance into TAI. There will be no changes or allowances to this rule, with the exception of the individuals with us already. As well as this, anyone who withheld this information from us is fine, as long as you applied for membership prior to 1/11/2018.

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Succeeding m1thr0s 729 (Magister Ouroboros 729) izi is current guardian of the 418 current in this world. She upholds the young Nu Aeon tradition of Mutational Alchemy, a hybrid branch of Hermetic Alchemy developed by m1thr0s 729. Her current work to date includes the art and written analysis of The Mutational Alchemy Tarot, the development of Pentagrammaton (the 32 5-line binary structures unknown in the East) and the ongoing analysis of The Hidden Diamond Sutra.