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We are CLOSED to new members at this time. If you have a problem with this you may write to us under the contact form. 

You should read this entire article before joining. Once you’ve done that, memberships of various kinds may be purchased at the link below. Prices vary depending on the package, but annual membership is $32. It does not vary or go up in price the higher your rank in TAI, as it does in other organizations. For the foreseeable future, it will always be $32. However, there are packages that include the tarot or various important curriculum books for more ambitious members of The Abrahadabra Institute. 

Link to the Bes’ Bag Store: Abrahadabra Membership Packages

First of all, we recommend that you read the Mission Statement,  if you are interested in joining us, and the Mutational Alchemy synopsis,  if you are considering us specifically for our educational material. Anything we say here will fall short of what we are all about. Over sixty years’ worth of significant and revolutionary occult data is stewarded by The Abrahadabra Institute. 
       The work here is enormous, and much of it necessarily has to be doled out in parts as members grow and ask the right questions. Information we’ve released ahead of the class has mostly flown right over the heads of people who haven’t yet built the right foundation to absorb the more advanced knowledge.
      The material is extremely dense, so the demand for an integrated and staged curriculum has been high. A vision of what that might look like has emerged over the course of the past decade and a half, and within the past two years m1thr0s and I have been working night and day to formulate something of significant value to those wishing to grasp a number of important subjects, with a final goal of learning Mutational Alchemy. Classes launch every March with open registration through June for those interested in one-on-one guidance with a tutor. Self-guided curriculum is readily available immediately for all members on the forums and through various scheduled discussions.
      The handy info chart below displays the subjects that comprise The Abrahadabra Institute, for those without the patience to go through extensive articles and who have missed out on the past 15 exciting years with TAI. 

What Membership Includes

  • Eligibility to register for Abrahadabra Institute classes, with seven years of material.
  • The membership packet, described below.
  • Access to The Abrahadabra Institute forums and our huge library of articles, images and discussions.
  • The Mutational Alchemy Tarot (Optional)


You must be mentally stable, (medicated/seeing a therapist is fine) in a stable life situation, able to exercise self control, and agree with our mission statement, in particular our premises listed in the Mission Statement in order to join The Abrahadabra Institute.
      We do not accept criminals or trouble makers, those who have committed condemnable acts that reflect poorly on the occult community or from the perspective of Western values.
      If a member causes trouble to The Abrahadabra Institute or if they commit serious criminal acts while a member, they will be forced out of TAI. The only exception we make for this is drug related crimes of any sort, which is a health and social justice problem and should not be considered a criminal issue. This is the only exception. 
      If you have taken the third degree in the OTO, we ask for the sake of the oath you have taken with them that you do not join us. We have no way of verifying your membership with any of these organizations.
      You may remain a member of the OTO as long as you do not take the oath of the III°. We have no restrictions on Argentum Astrum members. If you take the oath of the III° while you are a member here, you will be forced out of TAI.
      Exceptions can be made, but this has to be discussed with the Magister Ouroboros directly.
       We do not accept current OR ex freemasons. There are to be no exceptions to this rule at this time. If it is discovered you have had past interactions with the freemasons that included any type of initiation, you will be stripped of your rank and you will be forced out of TAI. Members who joined before 1/10/2018 are exempt. (Two members.)


All those joining the The Abrahadabra Institute must get an annual membership card. This card not only preserves the integrity of the The Abrahadabra Institute and its members, it indicates that you are part of a larger whole–one whose members come together in the spirit of Hermeticism to better themselves through learning and friendship. It evinces the glory of Magus virtue, and embodies both loyalty and Will.
      Access to all materials is free for all members, guided curriculum under a dedicated tutor becomes available every March only to current Abrahadabra Institute members at the cost of $10 per month in addition to the cost of purchasing the books and materials.

A Profile of the Ideal Candidate

One of our simplest, yet enduring images, The Abrahadabra Grid created by our founder, m1thr0s after a decade of research. It has 100 chambers and 36 “lamps” (the lamp, or asterisk is the sign of Hermes and The Hermit, also 36×2=72, Shemhamphorash, corresponding to the ancient and ornate system of Tetragrammaton and the Goetia) Its points number 66, defining it as a solar sigil. Note that the highlighted letters that outline the Sephira of the Tree of Life, spell “Abrahadabra” as well. “People who are artistically intrigued with my own work are nevertheless somewhat repulsed at having to contend – once again – with the Tree of Life itself, which in many cases they find oppressive and contrived, and indeed, both of these handicaps are a real enough concern to my way of thinking. I am fortunate in my own work that the Tetractys provides a means of *starting over* to a certain extent and I find that the Tree is a lot more palatable taken as a subset than it ever was as a principal focus in itself. ” – m1thr0s


 Peculiar intelligentsia have been innately attracted to The Abrahadabra Institute even since its earliest inception, when it was merely a website, with a dozen charts and half a dozen articles written by our founder, m1thr0s 729.  Most of those persons who have been attracted to a deeper involvement with materials, are pariahs on the fringes of one or another occult, pagan or new age society. Sometimes they are hermits, loners, hackers, solitary scholars, who happen to find a rare sense of belonging here, for whatever reason. Our best guess was that it was due to the fact that we’re the only star theory organization in the world at this time, and those stars will emerge from a new subspecies of human evolutionary dharma.
      For most of us, we came here to because no one else in the occult seemed to know what the fuck was going on and had no interest in doing any real work to *raise the foundation of Man*. Instead it seemed to most of us that they were just regurgitating the same dried up dogma and prejudices. This has been going on in the occult since at least 1900.
      Over the years the sense of belonging that emanates from TAI has occasionally taken some by surprise. Sometimes it motivates them to learn all that they can in a short amount of time, to become penpals with others within TAI, or to explore surrounding ideas with their own art and writings.
       So it is, until July 29th 2017, we had an informal membership, bound together only by an attraction to this unique style of internal alchemy.
       We expect our initiates going forward to be enthusiastic about working on themselves for their own sake, and passionate about studying the state of the art of Mutational Alchemy – which is always changing. It’s always changing because we tirelessly work on improving it, and we need scholars interested in developing it. We’re looking for people who eventually want to contribute in some way to this body of knowledge, which as of the date of this writing, is already enormous in scope and shows no sign of letting up as we dig.
       Logic, discipline, respect for objective reality, self-control, dedication, patience and a capacity for adaptation to change are absolutely necessary in any individual who wishes to continue with us to the highest levels of Mutational Alchemy. We went along for over a decade presuming all individuals would be able to teach themselves with just a few pushes in the right direction, with the right books, but this turned out to be false. There are countless gaps in understanding that emerge on the road to grasping a logically tight and precise system of meditation or magick. Some of these aforementioned qualities can be picked up along the way, but generally speaking, a love of reason and logic is helpful, and a love for The Abrahadabra Institute itself. We require no oaths of fealty. Such things are useless and unnecessarily restrictive, and any assurance of fealty is built right into the authorities we cleave to, such as the Tetractys of the Decad or the Abrahadabra Grid. We always want to stand on our own virtue, not the superstitious fears of bygone eras.
       No one comes to and immediately desires to sink time into it just to see it grow and succeed, but even initially, it does ignite a certain fascination and admiration in certain people. I am asking these people to consider joining us.  We need people who are interested in The Abrahadabra Institute because it suits them, because it aligns with their loftiest goals, because they love this work and the vision of an idealized Mankind who can harness it fully. The Greeks called the god of alchemy and magick, Hermes, Filos Andras, friendliest to Man, and it is to be expected that you also like our species and believe in it, even if it has terrible faults.
      Other organizations do not make such demands of their prospective members, more likely, they will require an oath of secrecy and fealty, and this is because they do not offer the same class of technology that we do. The materials covered here are extremely advanced and carry with them their own security system. The true head of TAI is the Tetractys of the Decad, which resides within all of us. I’ve observed it *taking care of business* and anyone familiar with TAI over the years has also become familiar with its pervasive activity and personality within TAI. 
     We cannot be held responsible for not informing you beforehand that the technologies we utilize are dangerous. Some of them constitute a hyper intelligent weapons system that cannot be wrested from the heavens, only wooed by those who have made themselves worthy of the Will of Heaven. They are universal tools arriving at us from an origin point beyond the current scope and capability of Man. This *providence* is meant to propel anyone who uses the technology to literal thermonuclear starhood, our aim for every human being born on this planet – Light, Life, Love, Force, Fire, Fantasy is the ultimate goal. Oaths are never required, but we have seen tremendous fallout from the misapprehension of the work and widespread annihilation targeting individuals acting as *fetches* for entities who regard our work here as a declaration of war on their mode of operation and an attack meant to break their dominion over Man. While these are abstract symbolist ideas, at times this is the only ethical and reasonable way to have a conversation pertaining to a particular meme architecture.
      As well as the ability to, at the very least, tolerate abstract thinkers who tend to communicate in abstract ways, on the other hand, a respect for those who insist upon rigorous logic, academic fact and research is also necessary.  The systems are observably correct, based on mathematical and geometric proofs any astute student of the occult, especially Hermetic Qabbala and Eastern Binary and Ternary mathematics, will recognize and be able to see as *correct*, not rhetoric or hypothesis, and they are powerful beyond anything you see in other parts of the world.
      The Abrahadabra Institute does not have to rely on rhetoric to convey this, it will become immediately apparent within a few minutes of working with the system for anyone who has had a little experience with standard magickal or alchemical practice. Without any experience, about six months of daily practice will be required to ignite the system, often much less for those with a backlog of experience. 
      This organization has to grow – not by numbers of members, but by our methods. Our technology must necessarily adapt as new data is acquired. We require proofs for new innovations and we have proofs from past research to point out why one methodology is used over another. All of this and we still value unique abilities and individuality. We’re not interested in teaching every warm body that comes along. That being said, if you have patience and discipline at least, you will be rewarded for your time spent here. Since we are giving of our time in order to invest in you, we expect that you will find some way to contribute to the goals of the The Abrahadabra Institute.
      You don’t need to have a plan for this immediately, but if you are going to come into our ranks we ask that you keep it at the back of your mind. Honor is a big deal to us and the current Magister Ouroboros. We require people with the intelligence to both understand the work and understand what it means, not just to themselves, but to our species and the planet it inhabits.
           The work we teach and study here is so unusual that those who are captivated by it often find that there really is nowhere else to go to find any of it, and what’s more – no one except others who have worked with these tools know why they are interested in it. People interested in Mutational Alchemy are genuinely seen as weirdos and freaks. Rightfully so, perhaps, but as the saying goes, one cannot choose who one loves. Supposedly the same can be said for our philosophical and occult interests.
      Now that you have read this and know the prime direction of TAI, those who still feel like they want to pursue this path are welcome to join us on it. There is a natural need for a sense of belonging which is perfectly understandable, and you will find that here. It is difficult to achieve a sense of well being without being able to talk to other equally enthusiastic humans about the things that ignite our passions.
        We’re only interested in what works, what technology from the field of Eastern or Western occult doctrines that genuinely helps humankind achieve its loftiest goals as we define them. We value Hermetic Alchemy as a discipline and believe that it has a crucial role to play for the future of Mankind. There are many branches of knowledge which aid in this work, but we are uniquely positioned as the stewards of Mutational Alchemy, a praxis which has no equivalent in the world, either past or present. It isn’t for everyone, which is why we ask that you think carefully about joining us. There are many other organizations in the world which may suit one’s interests better than our logically rigorous and intellectually demanding path. 
      The Abrahadabra Institute is an Hermetic organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of Hermetic Science and Alchemy above all other disciplines or religious aims. Unlike many organizations of occultists or spiritual seekers, we also support the aims of modern science, medicine and national democracy. We believe that There is No God but Man, and that Every Man and Every Woman is a Star. That being said your religious beliefs are necessarily separate from everything we do here. You can worship whatever, whoever and however you like as long as it is legal and you don’t try to proselytize or try to tear down the paradigms of other members. Debate and discussion of religious or atheist practice, as it pertains to theurgy is welcome, though. 
     We have a long history of welcoming those of other disciplines among our ranks, truth seekers who have grown out of the their current path or organization, whether pagan or witch or atheist, or something else. We’re not for everyone. Just to reach the gates of Mutational Alchemy requires a tremendous effort and two years of study. We do provide this training, which takes two years. This isn’t a guess – this statement comes from decades of experience speaking directly with would be seekers from all walks of life and many different disciplines. There are always prerequisites missing whenever someone comes to us, and these blanks have to be filled in to correctly achieve Mutational Alchemy praxis. The Abrahadabra Institute coursework will rectify this problem directly by providing a comprehensive map to the threshold of Mutational Alchemy. 
      This organization never requires belief in any Gods or a God, only yourself, nor do we discriminate against any religious beliefs. We require tolerance of the religious and cultural beliefs of others.
       Your beliefs or atheism are objectively irrelevant to the work itself and the studies that will be required of you. Subjectively they may influence your own journey with the work, and will likely only augment your aims in religion or areligion, and that’s fine if you wish for that. 


TAI officially recognizes the Book of the Law as a sruti to be taken very seriously and we are the first significant Nu Aeon organization to do so.  We do not require any sort of oaths or interest to be taken in it, ever. First of all, it doesn’t speak to everyone, right away. Ra Hoor Khut, the third speaker in the Book of the Law and the revelator of our namesake, is regarded as an interesting intelligence, due to the importance he places on the formula of Abrahadabra. It’s important for everyone to know that not all of the work we do at The Abrahadabra Institute is about Abrahadabra, for example, Mutational Alchemy is an entirely separate research area from the formula of Abrahadabra. We do not require any oaths of allegiance towards Abrahadabra or the Book of the Law, nor do we ascribe to The Book of the Law divine origin beyond Man’s innate potential. Ra or Montu is a factor of consciousness we do not understand but who is unyieldingly linked to the species of Man and their inheritance of starhood. Usually placed anatomically at the solar plexus, extending into the arms, there are certain optional exercises and formulas we teach which are intrinsically linked to the very physical phenomenon that we call Ra Hoor Khut, taught in the second year. 
       Differentiating us somewhat from Thelemic groups, Liber Tzaddi is viewed as the fourth chapter of the Book of the Law, so it is equally important, but here again, it is optional and is only a very small portion of what we are interested in.
        The Hermes Phoenix is another symbol we utilize to some extent, found on the shield of the Emperor and Empress in more traditional Tarot packs. To some, Hermes is a deity as real as day, to others a mythological figure, and to the secular proponents of Democracy he is a symbol of the Great Western Enlightenment. The Greeks themselves, to whom he originated with, believed he represented the personification of Mankind’s spirit, who arose from within each human being, apportioning to each their intellect and guiding them after death.

Hermes at the Grand Central Terminal, New York, 1914

Whatever or whomever Hermes may be, he is inexorably linked by the symbol of the caduceus, and by this unique symbol, to Ningishzidda, a Trans-tigridian snake god originating 6,000 to 8,000 years ago amidst the Susiana Plains of Northeastern Iraq near Elam. He, and his father, Ninazu, “The Grand Physician” may be considered the earliest intelligences bearing the standard of the caduceus. Importantly, Ningishzidda and Ninazu have close ties to Abrasax, who is assigned various impressive epithets, including King of the Stars, the Dweller on the Threshold, Grandfather of the Logos, Progenitor of the Nous, Judge of the Works of Man, The Dweller Within Sophia, The Honorable and Hallowed Wyrd. His symbol was regarded as a guardian of thresholds, including those of the boundaries of time, such as the changing of the Aeons. He is sometimes depicted as being supported by his assistants, the dragon and the aardwolf. This is our patron, be it by myth or symbol alone. 

Entwined serpents, flanked by two panthers, 6800 B.C., unearthed at Chogha Mish, Khuzistan Province of Iran (Susiana Plain) under the direction of Pierre Delougaz and Helene Kantor of the Oriental Institute.

Hermes is linked to Odin by the respected German scholar Jan de Vries, in his Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte. One might ask why detail these icons at all in an introduction to new potential members.  These symbols and gods are important because they serve to convey a vast expanse of ideas and experiences one cannot experience without actually taking that long journey. Symbols and archetypes are shorthand for huge ideas and philosophical thinking too complex for our consciousness to apprehend quickly or easily. Symbols act on our subconscious allowing us to catch a glimpse of hidden pathways and see through unopened doors before we cross the threshold into more dedicated work.

What happens after I join?

After making your payment and mailing a copy of your ID, first, you’ll be e-mailed a link to the application. This application is hosted on a secure server with two-step verification that goes to a secure landline. You’ll have the link sent to the e-mail address you submitted in the store checkout within a week. You’ll fill this out.
      Your membership packet will be shipped to you, and your chosen username approved on Abrahadabra Forums. The membership packet is pictured below, they are our precepts and membership certificate print, signed and sealed, a heavy duty plastic membership card, enamelled gold plated lapel membership pin and The Mutational Alchemy Tarot (optional.) Your legal name, magickal name(s,) e-mail address, mailing address and phone number will be kept on hand in order to keep you up to date on Abrahadabra business and events including the announcement of the upcoming school semester registration deadlines.


Am I eligible to join?   

You must be above the age of consent in the country where you are applying from, as our material covers explicit topics, for example the social etiquette of the Kama Sutra up to and including courtship and marriage, as well as the artistic nudes in the Mutational Alchemy Tarot. All applications are accepted, with major exceptions already discussed above. There are some minor exceptions having to do with other organizations that we’ve already mentioned previously. 

If you’re on our blacklist, which is very short at this time, there is nothing we can do. While very few persons were added to this list by the previous Magister Ouroboros, it is not something which may be overridden by anyone, not even the succeeding Magister Ouroboros. Getting on this list usually consists of a pattern of seriously hostile or reckless behavior that is repeated over a long period of time. They consist of trouble makers nobody should be made to associate with, who thought only of themselves and failed to see how their actions might adversely affect others. Through their actions, such people were violating the spirit of The Abrahadabra Institute. 

I Might Have a Record…

If you have questions about what types of crimes we find to be serious, (i.e. we do not consider someone with a normal juvenile record a criminal) it is best that you contact Izi, Magister Ouroboros 777 first by e-mail, phone, or on Abrahadabra Forums privately to inquire about it.We also do not accept applications from current members of any organization currently or formerly classified as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) by the Secretary of State of the United States of America. 

What if I Quit and Come Back?

Former members who have quit their membership with these organizations will be accepted, however, if you choose to return to these groups, or join them while you are a member here, you will be forced out of The Abrahadabra Institute and barred from re-entry for life.
      We are very interested in what is going on in your head and TAI only exists so that people can begin talking about ideas that have no other platform to express their voice. There are no restrictions upon associating informally with members of other organizations. We have no way of monitoring such activity anyways, so we’re holding you to your honor, basically. 
      Our goals and aims are too far removed from any of these organizations already mentioned to find any common ground now or for the foreseeable future. We stand for and vow to protect science, liberty, progress in the alchemical arts as they are defined by The Abrahadabra Institute, tolerance for diversity, fraternity/sorority, The Constitution of the United States and other constitutions influenced by it, separation of church and state, and above all the continuation of humankind’s survival and move into space as stars.

Sex Magick

This is mentioned elsewhere, but it is such an uncomfortable topic for some potential members that it bears repeating: there are no sexual initiation rituals in The Abrahadabra Institute. They’re not forbidden either, if members want to start a swinger’s party with a side of Abrahadabra, no one cares, as long as everyone is a consenting adult. All of the initiation requirements here are in an academic style, for example essays, tests and quizzes. The highest rank attainable without appointment by the Magister Ouroboros does require a *Declaration of Will and Wyrd* which is essentially a thesis or magnum opus. 

Abrahadabra Institute Ranks & Houses

We do have openly revealed ranks, and titles to go along with those ranks. Symbolically they serve to convey certain deeper meanings about our philosophy and what we are trying to achieve in studying and working with Abrahadabra, Mutational Alchemy, Tetragrammaton and related subjects. They do have meaning, and significance and you will experience them in a personal and probably astonishing way if you choose to join us. As well as this, the infochart below is an attempt to map out our influences and focus, although each subject here is a vast sea of knowledge and data. You need to be prepared to embrace the sandbox here, because none of us are probably ever going to be as expert on one topic or another as any other member will be. That is where our strength lies and why we were founded. 


Chinese (Formal)





Shìzú lóng

Clan of The Dragon

Application for Membership Accepted and  in Good Standing


Zhùshǒu Lóng

Acolyte of The Dragon

Successful Completion of TAI Coursework Year One


Lóng jìsī

Priest (or Priestess)of the Dragon

Successful Completion of TAI Coursework Year Two

Guà xuéshēng

Mutational Alchemist

Successful Completion of TAI Coursework Year Three


Lóng de huàshēn

Avatar of the Dragon

Successful Completion of TAI Coursework Year Four


Fènghuáng zhī yè

Night of the Phoenix

Successful Completion of TAI Coursework Year Five


Fènghuáng fùhuó

Phoenix Risen

Successful Completion of TAI Coursework Year Six


Móshù dàshī

Master Magician

Declaration of One’s Will and Wyrd


Mó dǎoshī


One of the 11 Leaders of TAI


Dà dúshé dàshī

Magister Ouroboros

Leader of TAI