Ace of Blades


Ace of Blades

Historical Title: Root of the Powers of Air

Ruling Pentagram: Pent #1 – Fire of (Ch’ien) The Creative, Heaven

Berashith: “In the beginning, Elohim created.”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #1 ( qián), The Creative

Tiered Bigrams: Fire (Above), Fire (Middle), Fire (Below)

Element/Planet: Air of Neptune (Kether, Crown)

Tantric Root/Aspiration: Yang Ascending / Deiseil

Keywords: New beginnings, Mental Acuity, Justice, Perseverance, Truth, Understanding, Strength, Intelligence

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Gossip, Stupidity, Fear, Escapism, Nervousness, Anger, Insanity, Ineloquence


Golden Dawn: Called The Ace of Swords Lord of the Root of the Powers of Air, The Ace of Swords card corresponds to Sephira #1 (Kether,) in the Golden Dawn system.
     A single sword is shown piercing a crown. The  hand holding it emerges from the clouds. A feather and a fruitful branch flank the sword.

Thoth: Correctly identified as the Vau of Tetragrammaton, Crowley goes on further to insult it of course and underestimate it, but at least he acknowledges it as all-embracing, all-wandering, all-penetrant and all-consuming afterwards. He notes “set in motion by its Father and Mother, its power is manifestly terrific” and “Mercury, also most properly the Breath of Life, the Word, the Logos itself.”

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: One might ask, why the Hidden Diamond Sutra is on every single Ace card, and the answer lies in the fact that the Aces are nothing less than the doctrine of Tetragrammaton, as mentioned by Crowley, over a century ago. The Hidden Diamond is comprised of 16 paths, the general number of Tetragrammaton with 4 cardinal elements of Heaven, multiplied by the 4 cardinal elements of Earth. The Hidden Diamond constitutes the driving active force of the Tree of Life. With the triple 4:4 count, (see my article The Da’ath Hack) and its crossing of Da’ath, it can effectively flood the Seat of Knowledge, with the full force of the ternary Tetragrammaton. This makes it exceptionally good contender for the subject of all of the Aces, comprising the generating seed of the entirety of their respective element.
     Here, on the Ace of Blades, we find as one might expect, Pentagram #1, indicating its authority as the Alpha of Vau. This, is the same Hexagram and Pentagram found on all of the Aces.
     Air’s instinct and urge is to “Ascend” as the principle of Levity and so its lightning bolt is ascending. The Planetary is Neptune of course, planet of Kether (Crown).

The Scene: The Hidden Diamond sits amongst the newly forming universe, where Air is coming into being through the union of Fire and Water. Here, the element is represented by the delicate black butterfly, which symbolizes the frolicking and clever nature of mind and thought which defines Air’s special qualities. Levity, is that magick of Air, that makes it especially important to Alchemy. The two interplaying mercurial elements of Air and Earth sport the colors of Alchemy, green and gold, in this tarot. The planet represents ideas and the formulation of Earth, its sister element, showing the special relationship they have. In the above, a white light is the hint of Fire, the Father from which the Son, Air, emerges, while below, the clouds represent the Mother or Water.