Ace of Pentacles


Ace of Pentacles

Historical Title: Root of the Powers of Earth

Ruling Pentagram:

Pent #1 – Fire of (Ch’ien) The Creative, Heaven

Berashith: “In the beginning, Elohim created.”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #2 ( kūn), The Receptive

Tiered Bigrams: Water (Above), Water (Middle), Water (Below)

Element/Planet: Earth of Neptune (Kether, Crown)

Tantric Root/Aspiration: Yin Ascending / Widdershins

Keywords: Stability, Abundance, Prosperity, Practicality, Trust, Reliability, Safety, Health, Wealth, Longevity, Consolidation

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Frustration, Stagnation, Overwhelming Situation, Stubbornness, Disaster, Enviromental danger


Golden Dawn: Called The Ace of Pentacles, Lord of the Root of the Powers of Earth, The Ace of Pentacles card corresponds to Sephira #1 (Kether) in the Golden Dawn system.

A single disk crowned with a winged disc with a cross in the center is surrounded by flowers on branches held by a hand emerging from a cloud.

Thoth: Crowley contradicts all of his degradation of Earth by proclaiming that “The old conception of the Earth as a passive, immobile, even dead, even “evil” element, had to go.”  But this is curious insasmuch as not only does he incorrectly assign passivity to such active stations as The Empress and some of the Court cards, he then goes on to compare spring to the dying god Osiris mythos, which was only ever popular in the much degraded religion of Egypt and not in the original godforms of Kemet such as Ptah, the true Ra and the original Hrw who had nothing to do with Isis or Osiris.

The sigil of the Prince Priest The Beast is at the center of this stunningly beautiful painting, and the six wings surrounding it represent Sol and Terra conjoined, and Crowley suggests you might understand this if you hermitage in the Sahara, where “Sun and Earth can soon be instinctively recognized  as living Beings, one’s constant companions in a Universe of Pure Joy.”

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: Here the Hexagram is denoted by the downward pointing triangle of Kun, Earth for the bigrams and the trigrams are squares, a traditional Chinese attribution for Earth. Earth’s natural inclination is to ascend, so the lightning bolt is travelling upwards. The upwards flowing energy is more unstable than the downward, it is easier to assimilate downward flowing energy than Earth ascending. (Compare this with the overblown horror stories of the Kundalini Shakti.)

In the element/planet we have Earth of Neptune. The card represents the union of high and low, God and Man, or God and Goddess. Therefore a desert much like the Sahara  is shown with a lone obelisk etched with the TwinStar. It could be on any planet, it could be on Mars.

The Scene: Winds, her brother Air, blow over the sands, the element of Earth. The sea of sand also echoes the elements origins in Water, the Mother. A mysterious obelisk hints at the nature of Earth as the place where everything that is important in the manifest universe happens and is made special. Earth is the ultimate goal that necessitates all the other elements. Earth is all about hidden potential and what can be revealed, through the sands of time, through literal material sand, and through the shifting of ideas and perspectives. Always hard work and perseverance is necessary to attain any of the promises Earth holds, but they are great rewards. The stars above represent the distant Fire that created all.