ATU IX The Hermit

mini-009-IX-thehermitAtu IX: The Hermit

Letter: י Yod (I, Y)

Number: 10

Proximity: Sephira #4 (Chesed) to Sephira #6 (Tiphareth)

Ruling Pentagram:

Pent #20 “Will” – Earth of (Kên) Keeping Still, Mountain (Above/Below)

Water of (Sun) The Penetrating, Wind (Without/Within)

Berashith: “Elohim created great whales”

Corner Hexagrams:

(Upper right) Fire: Hex #56: (Lü) The Wanderer

(Lower left) Air: Hex #55: (Fêng) Abundance

(Upper left) Water: Hex #59: (Huan) Dispersion/Dissolution

(Lower right) Earth: Hex #60: (Chieh) Limitation


Keywords (Dignified): Mysterious, Memory, Creative, Obscure, Hidden, Stealthy, Intense, Seclusion, Brilliant, Visionary, Unorthodox, Alchemical, Holistic, Ignitive, Inceptive, Innovative, Meticulous, Microcosmic, Intuitive, Analytical, Pregnancy esp. Late-Term Pregnancy, Sperm, Genetics

Keywords (Ill-Dignified):  Melancholy, Nihilism, Depression, Alienation, Fear, Apathy, Reclusive, Shut-in, Coldness, Disgust, Non-violent Sociopathy, Egomania, Evil Genius, Infertility


Historical:  The “angel” wings of the Hermit have been with him in some decks, and you see this in the shape of his cloak in the Rider-Waite deck. Many decks, both old and new, have done away with them, probably as a matter of form, rather than function, as the symbology is rather accurate, hinting at Mercury, and Logos. His lamp is the most important feature, as it carries the “Light of the World.” Not to be confused with the Christian idea, this light is peculiar to Spirit, and can be seen by those with appropriate sensitivities. Although it is the lamp of knowledge, it is also mezla, an Israelite term to describe the scintillating, differentiated light, subjected to darkness as it is seen coming down from the undifferentiated light of Ain. Usually it is shown inside is a six pointed star. His staff is obviously a representation of masculine, fertile power. Here is the sexual iconography of The Hermit, he is both the supersoul, and that part of the discarnate soul about to be born back into the world, called Atman. This soul will carry the Light of Ain Soph Aur with it and it is charged with spreading that light to the world. So he is that part of the soul which is eternal and also unborn. The Hermit never fully incarnates into the world, and he is enthroned in Binah.
     As well as this, in the oldest Tarot, the Hermit is depicted as being well off, with rich clothing in royal colors of blue and gold. Notably, on the 15th-Century Italian Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo Visconti Sforza Tarot pack he has the same shoes as the Magician and carries an hourglass instead of a lamp.

Golden Dawn: Called The Hermit, Magus of the Voice of Light, the Hermit card corresponds to the zodiacal Virgo and places between Sephira #4 (Chesed,) and Sephira #6 (Tiphareth,) in the Golden Dawn system.

Thoth: Crowley, via Harris, did a great job portraying the Hermit’s abode, and its”womb” appearance, with a spermatozoa wriggling towards his lamp and hand. The child being born into the world, and carrying its light, is integral to the Hermit’s gift en gratis. Crowley says that the Hermit is the highest form of Mercury, Logos, the All-Father. As well, he states that he is adoring the Orphic Egg or the universe.
      Furthermore, he states that Virgo represents the lowest, most receptive form of Earth which forms the crust of Hades, and, he equates the Hermit to both Mercury and Hades himself, being nearly the same, and he infers that they are. This of course points to Ningishzidda who is a Prince of Heaven and a Prince of the Underworld at once, and a prototype of Hermes but Crowley could never go this far, he did not have the research available to him.
     It is the belief of The Abrahadabra Institute that Ningishzidda evolved into Hermes and that this mercurial archetype has been with mankind as a great friend from the people of the harsh Susiana plains in Iran and the temples of Sumer, to the frontispiece of Grand Central Station in New York City, The United States of America.

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation:   It is fortunate at least that Crowley liked men, because we can get a better view of The Empress, via the Hermit, now that the puzzle of the Changes and Sephiroth are resolved finally by The Abrahadabra Institute.
     The Hermit shares a *secret alliance* with The Empress. They carry the very same hexagrams in different elemental positions. This is called a reciprocal inverse. Dragons are, of course, very promiscuous, so this is unsurprising, but it does not diminish her relationship to the Emperor. It is safe to say the Emperor and the Hermit are different facets of the same personage.
     ATU IX is the number of the Lo Shu and so it can be said, The Lo Shu is The Hermit, (And thus the Tetractys as his number is 10,) therefore, The Hermits’ power  is what brought about all Life in the Universe.  The union of the Lo Shu’s 9 and the Tetracty’s 10 is of utmost importance and perhaps this can be said of The Hermit: he is entirely oppressed, and misunderstood, in this world. But this will be corrected. It has to be, if anything is to go right on Earth.
     “And Elohim created Great Whales” is a benevolent if also slightly amusing pairing with the card. Whales are connected with memory and the Akashic records, but also Binah’s earthly representation, the ocean, so it is not disharmonious with the Hermit. The intelligence of the step of creation is Will, and this is wholly perfect for the Hermit’s position.

The Scene:  The Hermit gets a six pointed star, but this time, surprise, it’s the TwinStar!  This unicursal sigil of the tetractys discovered by m1thr0s is at the heart of The Abrahadabra Institute’s logo, nestled in the star of Babalon, but it is also one of the foundational elements of Mutational Alchemy praxis. The orphic egg is the symbol of transmutation, a universal representation of longevity and prosperity. Orphic eggs come to us from the very ancient Orphic religion, and are to be considered very auspicious.

The Hermit himself oversees the endeavor of guarding the egg, carrying with him the lamp, representing eternal Fire, the sheathe of Spirit, and the staff, representing masculine fertility, both very important aspects of the Hermit’s symbology. Behind him stands the forest primeval, representing the unknown, verdant growth, and the ancient and hoary female virgin-whore universe, or, The Empress!
     In a reading, the egg may be regarded as carrying the universe, or, a human being, (such as the questioner,) really anything biological undergoing transformation. It is most explicitly fractal in nature.
     The specific girl in the egg, as a divine archetype, could be said to represent Virgo or Persephone, guarded by Hades-Mercury in the forest primeval where hundreds more dwell in their youth, guarded with light against the dark intricacies of complex variables that would lead to their doom. This also represents the goddess in her child aspect that leads to renewal and new growth.
     In the Shakti cult the girl child is the penultimate supreme Goddess, all-powerful, all pervading, immaterial and virtuous. The purplish clouds are a Yin coloration of the Fire element. She represents the virgin life of all the beings in the forest as well, as it was originally intended in the highest heavens, with its infinite potential awaiting re-union with the further divisions of the masculine aspect of universe, Logos.
     Crowley likened the Hermit to the physical life form spermatazoa, and I do not dislike or disagree with this, but DNA is perhaps an even more accurate avatar of The Hermit, the discovery of which came after Crowley’s time.

The Hermit is also equatable to the shepherd, intuition and the subconscious of our minds that leads us through our own day to day jungles. The hermit is voice, “The Quiet Voice of Logos,” what the Hebrews called the “small voice of God.” The Hermit is fragile. It must be understood that like life itself which has its own strength in varied forms it is most strong in the realm of intellect. In this Logos is infinitely powerful in the realm of mind, and has a limitless potential to become into our universe, but that power is still waxing in our material world, so that the Hermit should be considered a delicate balance against other cards in any spread.
     It would not be inappropriate to regard this card as the very essence of the evolution of life, not just DNA or spermatozoa as Crowley affiliated it with. However it is a strong portender of pregnancy if it shows up in answer to such a question, especially of a sacred child who is incarnating with the purpose of fulfilling the Will of Heaven.