Eight of Blades: Interference


Eight of Blades: Interference

Historical: Lord of Shortened Force

Ruling Pentagram: Pent #8 “Perfect” – Fire of (K’un) The Receptive, Earth
Berashith: “and Elohim made the raki’a”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #11 ( tài), Peace (Harmony)

Tiered Bigrams: Water (Above), Earth (Middle), Fire (Below)

Element/Planet: Air of Mercury (Hod, Splendor)

Planet/Sun Sign: Jupiter in Gemini

Keywords: Change, Undisciplined Thinking, Future Benefit, Thwarted, Mishap

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Success in Evil Matters, a Draw, Imperceptible Beginning of Ascent


Golden Dawn: Called The Eight of Swords, Lord of Shortened Force, The Eight of Swords card corresponds to the planetary Jupiter and the zodiacal Gemini. It places at Sephira #8, (Hod,) in the Golden Dawn system.
     Swords, all converge, crossing each other to touch The Rose, without harming it. A banded half circle is seen in the background.

Thoth: Swords of different kinds cross over a background of orange static filled purple and pink. The different swords are said to represent certain cults. Sadly, Crowley doesn’t bother to reveal which cult belongs to what sword, he only tells us each has a country. Hod represents the undisciplined, to him, and Jupiter in Gemini salvages the weak thinking.

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: Hexagram #11, T’ai, or Peace, is the opposite of the next Hexagram, which is applied to the previous Eight, the Eight of Staves. In this Hexagram we have a situation where Heaven is under the Earth, this implies that the ra’kia extends all the way below the Earth, (extending up and coming at us from behind;) and the universe is, as suspected, toroidal in nature, like the Ouroboros serpent and the Taoist symbol for Tao.
     In the Bigrams we have a single Earth element sandwiched between Water in the above and Fire in the below, as if to say, “Yes, that’s it exactly!” to our theory. The Trigrams represent the (sexual) union of Heaven and Earth and are considered to be most auspicious, it is also called The Dragon in the Field.
     Air is exalted in Mercury, though few authors note it. The cleverness will have a focus on economics and may seem cruel, or even sadistic, but it has a good purpose somewhere. If it is an event, it will happen unexpectedly and suddenly, as if out of nowhere. This can be annoying if one can’t see the reason for it, and one probably will not. In the example shown here, it is the dinosaurs who are demolished to make way for birds.
     Jupiter in Gemini is auspicious, commonly considered the best aspect of our card, but not the only one, as we have seen. Generally speaking, this is a good card, and may indicate that an ill omen is actually good. Contrary to popular opinion, not all bad things have a silver lining, but when Interference shows up, it means it does, for at least one party.

The Scene: I was obsessed with dinosaurs from a young age, and I don’t know why. Tyrannosaurus rex and Archaeopteryx lithographica are two species found in the late Cretaceous strata, at the point of the Mesozoic extinction event.
     The coloring of the feathers on the Archaeopteryx needed to be invented, and so the plumage pattern of Alopochen aegyptiacus was used, the Nile Goose, who is the symbolic bird of Geb, the consort of Nut and cthonic God of the earth.
     The Tyrannosaurus is shown in skeletal silhouette, representing the extinction, while the Archaeopteryx flies ahead, into the blood red miasma of future evolution. They are linked together by the glowing green light, symbolic of the Will of Heaven, inferred to as an As Above, So Below,  phenomenon in 8 of Staves, Swiftness.
     The lady figure was added much much later, as a symbol of Nature personified as a woman, which is a common belief or ideal even amongst the secular. She has the star filled body of Nuit.