Eight of Pentacles: Prudence


Eight of Pentacles: Prudence

Historical: Lord of Prudence

Ruling Pentagram: Pent #8 “Perfect” – Fire of (K’un) The Receptive, Earth

Berashith: “and Elohim made the raki’a”

Element/Planet: Earth of Mercury, (Hod, Splendor)

Tiered Bigrams: Water (Above), Earth (Middle), Fire (Below)

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #11 ( tài) Peace (Harmony)

Planet/Sun Sign: Sol in Virgo

Keywords: Harmonizing, Caution, Economics, Balancing the Books, Analysis, Trying for a Baby, Arranged Marriage or Marriage of Convenience, a Fertile Man or Woman, Prime of Life, Wisdom

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Uncertainty, Hesitation, Poor Timing, Miserliness, Micromanaging


Golden Dawn: Called The Eight of Pentacles, The Lord of Prudence, the Eight of Pentacles card corresponds to the planetary Sol and the zodiacal Virgo and places at Sephira #8 (Hod) in the Golden Dawn system.
     A hand holds the stem of a rose rising under a rayed disc set amidst pentacles.

Thoth: Called the Eight of Disks, it represents the spiritual aspect of Mercury. To Crowley, it meant “the turn of the tide” and “the lowest fallen and therefore the highest exalted” (There’s the theory of the Ouroboros universe again.) He suggests the card is connected to the geomantic figure Populus. The gaudy tree is thick and leafy, like broccoli, and it owns enormous bright purple flowers with orange and yellow pistils, with a green center. The symbol for Sol is at the top.

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: The Hexagram #11 is part of a set of reciprocal inverses at Hod. These are all on a Sephiroth in the Temporals arrangement, but not on the Primordials arrangement which is what The Mutational Alchemy Tarot is based on. This Hexagram is one of the most auspicious symbols in the Changes, representing a time in which the rich and powerful aid the poor and weak, and the lowly promote peace and harmony in the whole society. It can be likened to the tilling of soil as well.
     In the Trigrams we have Heaven in the below and Earth in the above, which is likened to the bright and powerful Yang force fucking Earth in their loveplay. It is sometimes called Dragon in the Field. It should be noted that Aleister Crowley states “also the Virgin Earth awaiting the Phallic Plough” (The Tarot of the Egyptians, Crowley,  1944)
     In Earth of Mercury, we have intellectual drive and ambition, paired with fine logic and high morals. Sol in Virgo indicates sexuality and repose, that produces fruitful results.
     Like all of the Eights, it has the Pentagram called “Perfect” which is a strange coincidence with the Hexagram, on no less than two of the cards. Strange coincidences are all over this pack.

The Scene: This is a picture of a friend of mine, who experienced an awakening in which the God Ningishzidda spoke to her. She contacted me out of nowhere as a stranger, because the God told her to. I had the same experience a continent away, around the same time. Sadly instead of listening to what he told her, she chose to deny the experience and went on about her life and has experienced nothing but disappointment. I listened to him and have experienced a lot of enjoyment and my wishes in life have been fulfilled. She is a very pretty woman but I don’t keep in contact with her very much. I think that she is afraid of the occult and facing that side of herself. I see people fail in their True Will all the time because of fear. They think they can escape their destiny, or True Will, but they only put it off for another lifetime. I did experience apprehension and wished that I had not been contacted by him a few times in the months following my experience, but this soon passed with healthier thinking and a change of my mental conditioning and bad behavior.
     I painted this card and a few years later she became what I had envisioned – a student with a business major! I don’t know anything about Ningishzidda’s plans for her, but I’m sure they involved something great. We shouldn’t ignore our destinies even if they take us into scary places.
     The character in the card is the magistrate of a spaceport on a planet run by humans. The spaceport is in a hostile environment, and it requires smart and prudent management. She keeps track of her kingdom on her data pad and with the help of her technology, in this case droids. The sun is rising, representing order controlling chaos of night, and the buildings in the background protect the contents and inhabitants inside from an inhospitable atmosphere. The window to the desert scene runs into the walls of the cliff, signifying harmony with the environment. The clean and simple lines of her glass desk and chair represent austerity and simplicity at the Zen heart of prudence. Also in the shape of the spider droid we have a reference to the weaver, and the patience of the spider which results in profit.