The Mutational Alchemy Tarot Deck is a revolutionary approach to esoteric Tarot that will forever enhance your divination skill on many levels at once. The Body of Light physics it defines will stand the test of time for many centuries to come. Embedded in this remarkable deck is a coherent model of *star alchemy* unlike anything that has ever been published before. Every effort has been made to insure that conventional Tarot practitioners can bridge the gaps between old association and new, but it has to be said that once you begin to grasp and apply this new paradigm, you are not likely to ever return to the more limited perspectives of bygone eras.  
      Modern Tarot has been through a whirlwind of transition originating as a popular card deck across medieval Europe, until being seized upon as a vehicle of divination in the latter 1800’s. Numerous individuals have added or subtracted from its occult form, while its underpinning rationale has remained fundamentally astrological, with a faint sprinkling of western alchemical doctrines tossed in the mix. Many contemporary decks have taken to encapsulating folklore and mythologies that make for attractive novelties but do very little to advance cartomantic divination itself. 
      The Mutational Alchemy Tarot Deck returns us to a sense of purpose so often missing from other decks. It tells a story of unfolding destiny that is balanced against the evolutionary potential of us all. It outlines a model of Completion rarely imagined by the most daring of visionaries. It is as much a book of magickal instruction as of divination wherein the properties of conscious *stars* are finally laid bare for all to contemplate and master. 

Perseverance Furthers,

m1thr0s aka Magister 0r0b0r0s 729 ~ (author, artist) 
Izikisikil Sesa Ningishzidda (izi) ~ (artist, co-author)
The Abrahadabra Institute



The traditional charts of the Tarot against the Sephiroth, or, Tree of Life, were analyzed at every step to make sure it agreed with the most current understanding in the occult. A few major decisions had to be made in order to reconcile The Book of the Law with Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu’s interpretation of the transmission.

Arrangements of the Hexagrams on the Tree of Life are precisely chosen according to a strict rational ordering.  Explanations for why this ordering has been devised can be found all over

Traditional attributions have been used when appropriate and correct, and where those things have changed or some items have been omitted, the reader may see exactly what has changed. We did not change anything simply because we felt like it, or to be different, but rather where both of us felt it was important that new knowledge be accorded its proper place in the ongoing conversation of Tarot which necessarily takes place in the medium itself, as it crawls along the course of centuries.

5-Line Structures are known as Pentagrams, which appear at the top of every card with the exception of the 16 Court Cards. Those with a partial understanding of line structures may think that an error has been made but there is no error. There are exacty 32 Pentagrammal Structures corresponding to the 32 Paths of Wisdom in the Tree of Life so it is very important to include them even though so little is known about them generally. They were discovered by myself initially but most of the work of examining them correctly and identifying their unique properties was done by m1thr0s.

A decision was made at the completion of the deck to name the Pentagrammal Structures after the Hebrew names of the steps of creation. These are the intelligences of Berashith. Since I discovered them this is my prerogative, although we see how long that lasted with Georgium Sidus. m1thr0s and I are both at least half Hebrew and cannot escape our genes. All in all this decision should also serve to please that percentage of our audience who feels a close kinship with the Torah. It is the only reference to post Babylonian monotheism (As opposed to Hebrew magick predating the fall of Jerusalem)  you will find in this deck.  A global deck would in fact be remiss to include at least some of the so-called “Abrahamic” religions of the world, considering “Judaism” is the font of monotheism which is the essence of the Tetractys as well. (The monad.)

It is important to note, since we are utilizing it to understand the Tarot, the order of creation in Berashith is not considered the order of the tree, at least in Western Magickal tradition, similarly how the order of the building of a structure is not the same as the order through which one progresses through the structure when it is complete.  Also noteworthy is that despite being chosen only through the natural mathematical order of the Tetragrams and how they correspond to the ordering of creation, the intelligence and line are stunningly well paired with the Pentagrams and cards. For example, Fortune corresponds to the intelligence of creation called “Fulfilled Desire”! Or if the translated Hebrew does not seem to make sense, the line from Berashith is stunningly insightful, for example, the Star, when placed in its proper position according to the suggestion from the Book of the Law and the Pentagram being placed according to the Proximity Principal, the text just happens to be “Elohim said let there be Luminaries”! This is a natural consequence of building a system on a very strong mathematical and geometric foundation and is the essence of Mutational Alchemy which differentiates it from every other occult or religious discipline on earth. It serves to offer recognition to those systems which are complete, inherently built on some kind of rational principle, and deserving of attention from occultists. At the same time it also validates our underlying suspicion as occultists that the ancients did their work very diligently and created a system (Tarot) based on astute observations of the natural world, from observing animals, to forays into mathematics or geometry, recording patterns of behavior in people and in analyzing the stars.

My only hope with this deck is that it will pave a clearer path towards starhood for budding Mutational Alchemists. This deck is not for everyone. There isn’t a single element in it that was bent to appease consensus occultism. I wish any pure-hearted seeker lots of luck and love  in their life, and inevitable starhood.

Izi Ningishzidda

Part II, m1thr0s: Right is Yang, Left is Yin: The Twin Trees

Following the convention of the Watch Towers, the system of hexagrams being used in this deck allows for 64 binary hexagrams repeated once: The first stemming from the Heaven Descending chronological arrangement with its double appearing via the Earth Ascending arrangement. This allows us to get a grand total of 128 hexagrams in all, or 32 x 4. No hexagram appears more or less than twice, but since they are adhering to different chronological alignments they will not always pair together in the same place. In cases like this we may refer to Reciprocal Inverses and sometimes Reciprocal Echoes. These terms allude to those hexagrams which appear in different places, sometimes in the same tree and sometimes in the opposite tree.

Here we’re going to splay out the guts of the Mutational Alchemy Tarot Engine. You may want to skip this part unless you are interested in how the system works or want proof that it is actually a logically tight and perfect system.

The charts on the following few pages define the number and kinds of pairs throughout the Twin Trees systems.

There is a word that needs reiteration regarding the notion of chronology, as the Mutational Alchemy system relies upon accurate chronological ordering of hexagrams. It was  Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz that first observed the binary ordering of the oldest known arrangement (called the Early Heaven arrangement) The hexagrams can be ordered numerous ways but I have opted for chronological ordering as it best coordinates with the qabbalistic Tree of Life. Two chronological orderings are especially important: The Heaven Descending and the Earth Ascending orders. In the Heaven Descending arrangement the first hexagram is made up of 6 Yang lines (numerating 000000) and progresses towards 6 Yin lines at the end (numerating 111111). In the Earth Ascending arrangement the opposite occurs where Yins are counted as 0’s and Yangs as 1’s. The pairing of these two great chronological arrangements is what gives us the balanced pairs throughout the entire system. Of these, it is the Heaven Descending arrangement that most closely resembles the chronology of the Tree of Life. Similarly, it is referred to as the dominant where the Earth Ascending is the subdominant arrangement. While it has become habit to always assign odds to Yangs and evens to Yins, with chronologies no such rule actually exists. With respect to the binaries, whatever comes out first counts as 0 (or 0’s) and whatever comes out last counts as 1 (or 1’s). All other combinations fall logically somewhere between the two polar ends. The numbers assigned to Mutational Alchemy hexagrams are from the King Wen system as these are universally the most recognized by a clear majority of readers.

Figure 1: The Twin Trees: Imperial Edition (Primordials Arrangement, first release)

The first chart above (Figure 1) is the Primordials. The Primordials are the set that are found on this Tarot deck. So in the Twin Trees system and in the single tree system, what the hexagrams provide us with is a balance of opposites along all 32 Paths of Wisdom within the Tree of Life. These are called the P’an Ku (Yangs)and Nu Kua (Yins) arrangements respectively, aka the Heaven Descending and Earth Ascending arrangements chronologically. Not only do they tell us which hexagrams correspond to any given paths but they also tell us how to construct these paths tantrically for those who have reached a more advanced level of Tree of Life mastery. References to “hexagrammal fields” allude to this more advanced level, where the adage “0=2” serves to remind us of the “alchemical levity” principle at work in the tantric construction process.

These are the two prevailing chronologies.

The Primordials chart (Figure 1) is based on the strict chronological ordering of Heaven Descending and Earth Ascending orders.

There is another tree arrangement which I will explain below.

The arrangement of the hexagrams on the Tree of Life (Figure 1) was created originally by myself after many years of trial and error. One prior attempt was made at doing this using the eight binary trigrams by Aleister Crowley. It was arbitrary and lacked the perfection of mathematics which is fundamental to creating a rigorous and useful system of magick which will stand up to the most demanding of scrutiny..

Crowley did not associate Qian with Kether, in the highest, a terrible mistake based on a lack of understanding of Abrahadabra  (not elucidated until I applied the Tree of Life to the Abrahadabra Grid in the 1970’s, published online in 2001) and a terrible misunderstanding of the nature of the light of Kether in respect to the higher form, Ain Soph Aur. Kether is NOT the Tao, in other words, and the light of the mezla or *diamond light* is NOT emanating directly from Kether. Kether is merely the channel through which it flows.

The chronology is based on the mathematical ordering of the binary hexagrams, which is inherent in their form and intrinsic to their natures. There are 64 of them and they come down to us via the mythical Fu Hsi, after which countless Chinese, Japanese and Korean scholars analyzed them for thousands of years. This span of time is often overlooked when examining the occult work of the East. It underlines their immense importance to royalty, sages and scholars. It’s recorded that Emperors of Chung Kuo would have a reading every morning before attending to the affairs of the country, the reliability of the wisdom of the oracle was so revered. Japan or Nippon, was so enamored with them, and so caught up in nationalistic pride, that fierce arguments were put forward that the Hexagrams MUST have originated in Nippon originally! (Which isn’t true, by the way.) Who can blame them. The binary hexagrams and the lesser known but equally important trinary hexagrams are a major part of the crowning achievement of Eastern magick and yes, science and mathematics. Today the I Ching lies face down in the dirt, forgotten and derided under the communist regime. It is probably one of the holiest records of universal truth regarded by The Abrahadabra Institute.

The ordering of these hexagrams was applied to the Sephiroth of ancient Israeli origin, specifically Tribe of Judah Kabbalah according to the Proximity Principle, a system of rational ordering identified in about 1996. Though the search continues, there has yet to appear any mention of its property prior to this more recent discovery. The Proximity Principle organizes paths according to their numerical proximity to Sepheroth staring from 1 advancing systematically all the way to 10 with paths 11-32 emanating logically from lesser to greater numerical distances. While there is some indication that the paths may have been organized this way at some unknown past, it is not until the emergence of this deck that paths are meticulously adhering to this underlying principle from beginning to end.

(Note: It is the opinion of The Abrahadabra Institute that the Sephiroth, or Tree of Life had prototypes stretching back to Sumer, due to the archaeological evidence surrounding it. No prototypes of the tree can be found in Egypt, so the claim that it came from there via the Hebrew people is probably a myth. It would be much more likely to have originated from within the tribes after they arrived in Israel, even though it is clear the Egyptians and Sumerian immigrants, Abraham’s children, would have been trading ideas in a friendlier political climes.  Many interesting trees resembling the final Sephiroth can be found in Mesopotamia. This is part of an ongoing study my wife and I have undertaken, in order to get to the bottom of baseless assertions people have brought to me insisting the Tree originates from Egypt. I have seen people quoting this as a known fact, but any actual evidence supporting the assertion is not found in any reputable book on archaeology or anthropology, or religious study to date.)

In turn, the anatomical body parts of the Tarot were analyzed according to their fundamental numerical and elemental properties. It was found that the 64 Hexagrams of Ancient China, already a perfect marriage with Ancient Israel’s Sephiroth or Tree of Life, arranged excellently into the Tarot using the paths of the Sephiroth and Tetragrammaton itself.

The Temporals Arrangement in the second chart (Figure 2B) is not present in this deck but is included for academic reference. It applies the balanced hexagrams to the Sephiroth and come out first. As a matter of divination a conscious choice towards the Primordials Arrangement was opted for as opposing the Temporals Arrangement which is better suited to the more advanced business of emulating the hexagrammal fields tantrically. In any case the very serious student will want to consider BOTH arrangements. Even so, experience has shown that divination is a very intuitive art that utilizes technical information more as a general guidelines than an absolute or empirical credence.

Both arrangements are chronological, but in the Temporals the balanced pairs are extrapolated first and applied to the Sephiroth in chronological order.  (e.g 11-12 are the first balanced pairs and so, they are applied to the tree first in the Temporals arrangement) A balanced hexagram always has three Yang and Three Yin lines in any order. All other hexagrams are classified as imbalanced regardless of their importance.

The red highlighted hexagrams below (Figure 2A and Figure 2B) are paired against themselves. There are eight of these special pairs.

These are not to be confused with the “double” Hexagram graced ATU, of which there are six. (The Magus, The Priestess, Strength, Justice, The Devil and The Aeon all have two pairs of duplicate hexagrammal structures in their elemental corners.) The corners come from both sides of the tree on each ATU, depending on where that ATU resides on the tree.

For example, The Hierophant is between Chokmah and Tiphareth on path 6. So it gets two Hexagrams from the Yang or Right side of the Twin Trees off of path 6, and two Hexagrams from the Yin or left side of the Twin Trees. The Yin Hexagrams are applied to the Yin Elements, Earth and Water. The Yang Hexagrams are applied to the Yang Elements. The Mother has given up her sons to the Father and the Father has given up his daughters to the Mother.

The blue Hexagrams pair onto to the same side of the tree, for example, 14-13 only shows up on the Yang or Right side of the tree, but twice. It is not present on the Yin side. There are 12 instances of this occurring, counting the duplications which swap sides. (ie, 32-31 will show up in the same tree as 31-32.)

Hexagrams noted with an asterisk (in the charts below) signify balanced hexagrams. A balanced hexagram ALWAYS has 3 Yin and 3 Yang lines in one of all possible combinations. That there happens to be 20 of 64 balanced hexagrams (or 10 perfect pairs) is a mathematical miracle of its own kind since there exists no better way of distinguishing 10 of 32 “special” epicenters than according to this miraculous anomaly.


Figure 2A: The PRIMORDIAL arrangement used in The Mutational Alchemy Tarot
Figure 2A: The PRIMORDIAL arrangement used in The Mutational Alchemy Tarot
Figure 2B: The Temporals arrangement provided for reference. NOT used in The Mutational Alchemy Deck. :)
Figure 2B: The Temporals arrangement provided for reference. NOT used in The Mutational Alchemy Deck. :)
Figure 3: The Tree of Life structure of The Mutational Alchemy Tarot (Not identical to the THOTH or Golden Dawn)
Figure 3: The Tree of Life structure of The Mutational Alchemy Tarot (Not identical to the THOTH or Golden Dawn)
Figure 4A: The Balanced Primordials Arrangement
Figure 4A: The Balanced Primordials Arrangement

You’ll need a copy of the I Ching to utilize this chart as the numbers correspond to Hexagrams 1-64.

You are looking at the TwinTrees method of connecting Hexagrams to the qabbalistic Tree of Life. The blue boxes tell us the whereabouts of the Balanced hexagrammal pairs. A Hexagram is considered to be balanced if it has the same number of yin lines and yang lines – always 3 of each in any order. It is a quirk of mathematics that we get exactly 20 of 64 hexagrams which are balanced. It is hard to convey what an amazing discovery that is to a qabbalist as these 10 pairs CAN be aligned to the ten Sephiroth. This validates the doctrine of the Sephiroth rendering them special in some way.

We have to break our chronology to achieve this and that’s where the Temporals arrangement comes into view. The Temporals allow for this *Division* where the Primordials do not. In the Primordials, The Heaven Descending arrangement is married to the Earth Ascending arrangement and the pairs just naturally unfold from there…no special emphasis on the 10 sephiroth.

In the Temporals an allowance is made where the 10 Sephiroth are numerated first and then the 22 paths unfold. The 10 sephiroth are all balanced pairs and the 22 paths are all unbalanced. We still have operational chronologies but they are staggered, not unlike extrapolating Primes in chronological order. This staggering gives us a division between balanced and unbalanced pairs or then Sephiroth and paths accordingly. This is a very important discovery if perhaps a little technical.

Figure 4B: The Balanced Temporals Arrangement.

This image in 4B, The Twin Trees Temporals,  is what we get when we extrapolate the balanced pairs and align them to the 10 sephiroth. With respect to tantric applications I am of the opinion that this is a much stronger way of approaching the Tree…that it is *closer* to us in general proximity and thus more likely to produce the kinds of tantric results we may be after. The Mutational Alchemy Tarot inspired the discovery of the Temporals, but the art was modelled after the Primordials. Thus the Primordials will undoubtedly have a more ethereal, lofty and ancient feel to them than any Temporals deck that The Abrahadabra Institute might produce.

A handful of single Tree arrangements, some handmade on graph paper from the 70’s and some digital copies from the turn of the 21st century, with the full gamut of the 64 Hexagrams on them exist in the archive of  The Abrahadabra Institute. We will not show or discuss them here, in this particular book, so as not to confuse anyone further.

The Da’ath Hack: The Hidden Diamond Sutra


The Hidden Diamond features prominently in The Mutational Alchemy Tarot. Why? The short answer, is that the sixteen hidden paths of the tree of life also known as The Hidden Diamond Sutra, have a direct correlation to the sixteen court cards of the tarot. Also, the sixteen binary tetragrams are represented in the sixteen hidden paths.

We were having an open discussion about the Tree of Life in general, in the Mutational Alchemy Tarot building thread, on Abrahadabra Forums. Someone raised the question as to the hidden path’s relevance to the discussion. As is the usual routine, the information was brought to me and I analyzed it and recognized that the Hidden Paths in general was an area that needed much deeper investigation. Kenneth Grant has his nightside tree, which is quite different. Aleister Crowley has the inverse or reversed Tree of Life, which is also quite different. (The Magick of Aleister Crowley: A Handbook of the Rituals of Thelema, Lon Duquette, 2003 page 90) So don’t mistake it for that. I was surprised no one had looked into the Hidden Paths before and I still am. It’s been years since this discussion went down in 2007 and I haven’t heard a peep from anybody about the Hidden Paths. There will be at least a chapter in the upcoming Book of Mirrors about the Hidden Diamond Sutra for those who want to learn about it, although students who purchased the Symposium series guidebook by me when it was still in print have the most complete information on hand that there is so far. The data just hasn’t come in on it to say much more than what one can do with it, although reports from various Abrahadabrites indicate that it is pre-eminently sinister, a Satanic tree if there ever could be one. I named it The Hidden Diamond because of the way it looks – it has a diamond like appearance. I call it a sutra because of its application. It’s a tantric visualization device. You’ll find it on each of the aces, which is purely an intuitive call. I felt that their overall import matched the concept of the aces.