Nine of Alembics: Happiness


Nine of Alembics: Happiness

Historical: Lord of Material Happiness

Ruling Pentagram:

Pent #9 “Pure”  – Air of (Ch’ien) The Creative, Heaven

Berashith: “And Elohim called to the ra’kai”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #15 ( qiān), Modesty

Tiered Bigrams: Water (Above), Earth (Middle), Water (Below)

Element/Planet: Water of Luna (Yesod, Foundation)

Planet/Sun Sign: Jupiter in Pisces


Keywords: Psychic, Engaging Work, Balanced Power, Creativity, Good Humor, Omnipresent Beauty, A Snug and Cozy Home, Staying Busy Indoors, Going Home

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Acting on Emotions, not Reality, Uncooperative, Denying Reality, Chasing FirefliesInstead of Stars


Golden Dawn: Called The Nine of Cups Lord of Material Happiness, The Nine of Cups card corresponds to the planetary Jupiter and the zodiacal Pisces. It places at Sephira #9 (Yesod) in the Golden Dawn system. The Angels Saliah and Ariel are paired with the card.

Lotuses are a common motif, often with a disembodied hand pouring liquid out of the lotuses into cups.

Thoth: Yesod is viewed by Crowley with some benevolence, he tells us that it restores stability, it is placid, beneficent and full of wisdom and happiness. The painting is quite attractive, with lots of full pink lotuses spewing golden liquid into cups made of rosy purple glass. This liquid he calls the “true nectar of the Gods”. (The Tarot of the Egyptians, Aleister Crowley, 1944)

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: The hexagram for 9 of Alembics is #15 Modesty. The image shows us a mountain that dispenses rain granted to it by Heaven and by this act become beautiful. Furthermore it is an image of the creation of balance. Earth above a Mountain also seems to imply a hidden strength.

In Water of Luna we have a ethereal and psychic kind of emotional vibe, everything is in tune with the deepest and highest levels of consciousness. Jupiter in Pisces further underscores the idea of a high and ethereal consciousness. It is easily Happiness as it is also good luck and good vibes. Generally speaking the 9’s have more to do with mankind’s future growth and development than any other card, so in spreads it will tend to advise on self-improvement. This card advises us to find our bliss, and this in turn will lead to a more natural kind of prosperity than the artificial job where the work is unhappy and the only purpose is money. The tetractys on the front of the spaceship is central as is the Saturn sigils to the meaning of the 9 of Alembics. The basic idea is that of balance and power. The card may have a lot of power behind it but it will be manageable and steady.

The Scene: The is a portrait of my son, David Chan. It was originally intended as The Chariot in its sketch form, but was later shelved in favor of a special imagery. At the time the m1thr0s had been hands off on the deck so I was working on the sketchwork myself. The sketch was modified to suit the 9 of Alembics. It looks a bit like one of those 90’s video game movies I suppose. It could certainly correlate to that, playing video games indoors if that is what makes one happy. But the card will tend to be more about pursuing one’s work in The Great Work, and the emotional satisfaction that naturally brings with it.