Nine of Pentacles: Gain


Nine of Pentacles: Gain

Historical: Lord of Material Gain

Ruling Pentagram: Pent #9 “Pure”  – Air of (Ch’ien) The Creative, Heaven
Berashith: “And Elohim called to the ra’kai”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #16 ( yù), Enthusiasm

Tiered Bigrams: Water (Above), Air (Middle), Water (Earth)

Element/Planet: Earth of Luna (Yesod, Foundation)

Planet/Sun Sign: Venus in Virgo

Keywords: Female Energy, Art, Inspiration, Scientific Knowledge, Infrastructure, DNA, Ritual

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Bad Ritual, Lack of Judgement, Boastfulness, Stagnation, Drudgery, Ugliness


Golden Dawn: Called The Nine of Pentacles, The Lord of Material Gain, The Nine of Pentacles card corresponds to the planetary Venus and the zodiacal Gemini. It places at Sephira #9, (Yesod,) in the Golden Dawn system.
     A healthy rosebush is growing interspersed with pentacles. The scene is pleasant and pretty.

Thoth: Crowley doesn’t let go of his terror leg of causing hysteria wherever the numbers descend below the supernals. I don’t know why he persists in this, as it is melodramatic even for him. The balancing aspect of Yesod is emphasized as well however, so there is temperance here. And he notes it is good luck for: “material affairs, favour and popularity;” and signifies “good luck and good management.”

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation:  I don’t know why being more complicated automatically makes things *bad* but this is the view taken by the majority of 20th century occultists. It may be the scene is complex, but it is well ordered. The Bigrams show a single Air element, centered between two Water elements. This may be considered a time of debauch or darkness…but not definitely. The Hexagram’s Trigrams show Earth in the below and Thunder in the above, the image of Enthusiasm. Thunder comes resounding out of the earth: “The image of enthusiasm. Thus the ancient kings made music In order to honor merit, and offered it with splendor To the Supreme Deity, inviting their ancestors to be present.”  This is an image of mankind attempting to connect with the divine and attain harmony and relief from Heaven.
     Earth of Luna indicates a kind of material celebration, a feast or sacrifice, perhaps even a marriage. There is a glee and forgoing of everyday responsibilities and routine. It’s also feminine energy, so that the situation will be receptive and perhaps slightly treacherous.
     Venus in Virgo symbolizes innocence and further underlines the femininity of the card. The virtue here is purity and beauty. This is a holy ritual and sacrament, so by the heavenly standard, it may be called gain, it is not mere gross profit, nor mere general good luck, but divine luck.

The Scene: The traditional garb of Chung Kuo, this is not, but of a space faring futuristic version, living in a sky city, similar to what we find on the Four of Staves. The dragon and phoenix are in the auspicious position: yin in the above, yang in the below. The phoenix is a strange one, and will befuddle many people, unless they are an amateur paleontologist. It is Pteranodon sternbergi. A lot of the flying reptiles had strange upturned beaks like this. It represents genetic science as it occurs in the future where mankind has a much deeper understanding of genetics and our ability to manipulate DNA is much better and smarter. As well as this, mankind has also found time, through technology, to work on nothing else but projects that uplift and improve all life forms, just as stars do. The palaces on the floating platforms represent the mystical Shangri-la, the symbol of a perfect harmony of the many as a civilization and group.