Prince of Pentacles


Prince of Pentacles

Planetary: Neptune (Above) / Venus (Below)

Diamond Path: Kether, Crown (Above) / Yesod, Foundation (Below)

Geomantic Figure: Carcer

Tetragram: Air (Above) / Earth (Below)

Keywords: Planning Ahead, Methodical, Driven, Variance, Wealthy Personage, Good Business Practices, Captain of Industry, CEO, Increase

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Stubborn, Boorishness, Stuck in a Rut, Overwhelmed by Material Obsession, Corruption, Animalistic, Avarice


Historical: Called the Knight of Coins, or Knave of Coins,  the Knight in the Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo Visconti-Sforza pack, is covered in hexagonal ribbons and suns. One stocking is blue, the other red. His hat is plumed. The coin he offers up is large, the size of a dinner plate. It’s etched with the Visconti Heraldic sun, a solar disc surrounded by spiral arms. A forest is in the distance.
     This knave is associated with the historical figure Hector, a Trojan Prince, and one of the greatest fighters Troy ever produced. His name is an epithet for Zeus, and it means, “to hold or to have”. He is slain by Achilles outside the gates of Troy.
     He is later called the Prince of Coins or Pentacles, as well as the Knight of Pentacles, in later packs.

Golden Dawn: Called The Knight of Pentacles, Prince of the Chariot of Earth, The Knight of Pentacles card corresponds to the zodiacals Aries and Taurus and places at Sephira #6 (Tiphareth,) in the Golden Dawn system.
     The main figure, the a nude and darkly tanned Knight, carries two shields and a wand or scepter, topped with a holy symbol, sometimes the Magen star or Star of David. He carries a shield and a winged deer head, crowns him. Wheat and other fruit of the land is present.

Thoth: Crowley names the station The Prince of Pentacles. The Prince’s chariot is drawn by a bull, and he carries an armillary sphere with a scepter, topped with a Maltese cross crowned orb, which he calls, “the symbol of the Great Work accomplished.” Behind him is a circle, filled with spheres, on a background of fruit and flowers, representing fecundity. The Prince himself is tanned and naked.

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: The Prince of Pentacles’ station is very lofty, high up, in the Supernals. His descending path on the Hidden Diamond takes him down to Yesod, Foundation, signifying that his plans are being processed on high. He is also above Kingdom, above the fray, affecting the fresh foundation of Man, virtually forever. This makes him unstoppable!
     The planetary of Ouranos over Luna, is very important, as it is a clue to his ultimate nature, that of one interested in raising up the foundation of man (Luna=Yesod.) This will give him a unique perspective on the world, one that doesn’t invite any deviation from a higher purpose.
     In the tetragram we find Air in the above, Earth in the below, confirmed on the Hidden Diamond path. The geomantic character somewhat resembles a crystal, or a dorje.

The Scene: Air of Earth, The ultimate captain of industry, the Prince of Pentacles is an unstoppable force. Crowley damned him to the pedantic and unsexy attributions, of being plodding, dull and methodical. With Ouranos in the above and Luna in the below, I find it very difficult to agree with this assessment. Considering the effect that living and breathing figures aligned with the Prince of Pentacles energy have on the world, (People like Bill Gates,  J.D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt,) his opinion was shortsighted at the very least.
     The drawing this painting is copied from is by the master artist William Bouguereau, of Mars. The bulls, of course, belong to Nergal, Lord of the Necropolis at Cutha. They represent Gugalanna, the great Bull of Heaven and his unnameable consort, who were absorbed into the Akkadian/Assyrian war god Nergal’s attributes, in later history. War and Industry are matched very well. Everything technological in a modernizing society is brought in through the actions of such captains of industry, as the Prince of Pentacles.
     He is at times cruel and ruthless, but also ingenious and industrious. Unusual and technologically advanced creativity is the sign of the station, and that, Nergal most assuredly is. He is not, however, stupid, nor intentionally sadistic. He has a plan and that plan is to be effected, by hell or heaven. Slow and steady, wins the race, through sheer might and force of Earth. The Prince is at the helm of an unstoppable juggernaut of might, power and effectiveness – with staying power I will add – that through discipline, hard work and active countering of any unstable emotions, can bring one through to victory.

Significant Revisions/Additions:

Geomantic: Called Carcer (Latin for *the Prison*) in its medieval interpretation, the correct elemental association should define it as a (Youthful) Masculine/Physical character, corresponding to the qabbalistic Assiah (Action,) in the Four Celestial (or Elemental,) Worlds.

Jungian Type: Idealists Class / ENFJ (Teacher) Type

Excelling in all manner of conversation and social situations, the ENFJ is adept at fine tuning relationships, they excel at diplomacy. They care about people, and depend on the wellbeing of all of the people around them, to find satisfaction.