Princess of Pentacles


Princess of Pentacles

Planetary: Mars (Above) / Luna (Below)

Diamond Path: Gevurah, Severity (Above) / Yesod, Foundation (Below)

Geomantic Figure: Acquisito

Tetragram: Earth (Above) / Earth (Below)

Keywords: Steadiness, Directness, Protected, Fertility, Determination, Stability, Nourishment, Home, hearth, Care, Benevolence, Sex

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Putrid, Hoarder, Trying but Failing, Insufficient Funds, Emotional Manipulation


Historical:  Draped in a blue cape, with a Magen star pattern in blue and gold, on the Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo Visconti-Sforza, the Page of Coins as it was called, carries a large coin. He has one red right stocking and a blue left stocking. His large, red hat, is decorated with gold coin emblems. He faces to the left of the card, looking into the past, a conservative traditionalist, like the other old Visconti Royal Coin bearers.

Other decks, later portray her as a rather frank and straightforward, wealthy young lady. She will have sumptuous clothing and will often be facing the viewer, directly.

Golden Dawn: Called The Princess of Pentacles, Princess of the Echoing Hills, The Princess of Pentacles card corresponds to the terrestrial North Pole and places at Sephira #10 (Malkuth,) in the Golden Dawn system.
     The Princess will be holding a disc, depicting the balance of dualities, in some way, in Thoth, this is the Taijitu, in the Hermetic Tarot of the Golden Dawn, it is a checkered and striped black and white disk. She will be standing firmly and looking straight ahead, not lollygagging or daydreaming. She is focused on her task and will feature horns, or a ram’s head somewhere, signifying her connection to the Great Beast, the Emperor.

Thoth: Aleister Crowley persists with a warrioress, and starts out, in his description of her, very favorably. This charitable moment, of course, completely evaporates soon enough and he distracts himself with Thelema and her inconsistency, while being quite inconsistent himself, in his rambling. The feminine is ever a sideshow in any of his diatribes, but at least the picture is pretty.
     Draped in plush grey fur and a silk dress, she carries a long spear and a shield-like coin, etched with the Taijitu. She wears an impressive crown of kudu horns, the same exact type used in the Israelite shofar horn.

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation:  The Great Black Mother, Saturn, or Ma’at, in the above, and Luna, Foundation in the below, signifies that Crowley was correct in presuming she represented, “Womanhood in its ultimate projection,” but here it is more appropriate to say that she is the feminine, in all of its projections, for man ill carries all of aspects of Godhead, as of yet. But, in the beasts and flora of the earth, and the potential of the universe itself, we might get some hint of The Princess of Pentacle’s infinite potential, which she carries in the sci-fi Pentacle, in her left hand. “For I have crushed an universe, and naught remains”
     The tetragram Earth below and above, reveals the nuclear of K’an the Abyssmal, reflecting back on Binah, the infinite ocean of sorrow, and Li, Fire, the Clinging. In this, we have the seed of the Mother-Father thangka and so Crowley is completely vindicated and, as usual, proves himself as the consummate occult-truffle pig.
     The Hidden Diamond path is a steep and long descent, directly hitting Tiphareth from Binah. She is a no-nonsense character, with a flair for style and the dramatic, acting in a way only the divine feminine and the young yin energy of the princesses can. Her cunning manticore is the most developed and intelligent of all of the lifeforms present on the princess cards. She will get things done and will have many hidden and powerful allies in her work. His tail circles around so that his stinger touches her mons Venus, signifying that he merges from her, as her creation and he protects her.

The Scene: Earth of Earth, the Princess of Spring, she stands in a barren landscape, symbolizing her power over the most infertile fields. She relies upon her brothers, heavily, for this.  The Gorgon is the sacred, fierce, feminine protector of the Titans, the second generation of gods, who were usurped by the Olympians. As a protector of the primordials, she carries with her a great power and influence. This is why she graced the doorways of temples and the shields of soldiers, in the ancient world. The minor gorgon, Medusa, a mortal maid under the influence of a spell, gets much attention, but she does not constitute the core, or the birth, of this archetype. The Manticore is thought, now, to originate from the ancient world’s perception of the tiger. It represents the fierce and untamed natural world, which this princess has complete dominion over. Earth of Earth, the land is scorched and dry, but holds limitless potential for life. Her blue cloak symbolizes this alignment with freedom, as she must be left to her own devices and choices, for anything to occur in the right way. She is perfectly attuned to the alchemy of the seasons and ebb and flow of life. In the mundane sense, this means also someone in tune with their body and knowing the old saying “Health is one’s greatest wealth.”

Significant Revisions/Additions:

Geomantic: Called Acquisito (Latin for *Gain*,) in its medieval interpretation, the correct Elemental association should define it as a (Youthful) Feminine/Physical character, corresponding to the qabbalistic Assiah (Action,) in the Four Celestial (or Elemental,) Worlds.

Jungian Type: Guardians Class / ISFJ (Protector) Type

The ISFJ focuses their effort on maintaining balance in their sphere, by honoring the needs of the beings and environment around them, to which they are keenly aware of. They are soft spoken, meticulous and dedicated. Sympathetic and kind, they derive satisfaction from serving others.