Seven of Alembics: Debauch


Seven of Alembics: Debauch
Historical: Lord of Illusionary Success

Ruling Pentagram: Pent #7 “Hidden” – Fire of (Chên) The Arousing, Thunder
Berashith: “and Elohim said “Let there be a raki’a””

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #45 ( cuì), Gathering Together (Massing)

Tiered Bigrams: Earth (Above), Air (Middle), Water (Below)

Element/Planet: Water of Venus (Netzach, Victory)

Planet/Sun Sign: Venus in Scorpio

Keywords: Trickery, Subterfuge, Underworld, Manipulation, Temptation, War, Femininity, Hypnotic, Seductive, Attraction, Choices, Fantasy, Drunken, Misogyny, Squandered oppurtunities, Deception in Love and Friendship,

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Submission, Trapped, Suffocating, Languishing, Desire, Lust, Vanity


Golden Dawn: Called The Seven of Cups, Lord of Illusionary Success, the Seven of Cups card corresponds to the planetary Venus and zodiacal Scorpio and places at Sephira #7 (Netzach,) in the Golden Dawn system. Its angelic rulers are Melchel and Chahaviah.
     A hand holds the stems growing out of one of the lower cups. The lotuses are drooping over the cups, but no liquid flows from them into the empty cups.

Thoth: Called the Seven of Cups, Crowley, once again, begins his emotional terrorism of explaining how naughty Netzach is, how she gets more dick than he does, how she doesn’t appreciate those dicks as much as he does, and la de da de da…he may as well be the poster child for fag draaamaaa.
      He gets much more worked up about this one than usual – it is the element of Water, the Mother, after all – aka Fire’s best and only true consort and lover. From a Mutational Alchemy perspective Man is neither male nor female elementally – we’re an admixture of both, ultimately designated as *Jen* rather than Yin or Yang, so there is no need for this jealous hysteria. It’s unusual to see a normally intelligent person lose his shit so completely over something like this. I have to wonder if he’s just subconsciously upset he didn’t catch the Emperor problem, since it is so closely connected to Netzach’s station and behavior.
     He admits the root of his psychological problems at the end of the short paragraph: “Lose direct touch with Kether, the Highest; diverge never so little from the delicate balance of the Middle Pillar; at once the holiest mysteries of Nature become the obscene and shameful secrets of a guilty conscience.” Poor, poor, Victorian England denizen, Aleister Crowley.

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: The Hexagram is #45, Gathering Together. The dangers of the unexpected lurk during a time of calm or prosperity. A man is advised to assemble and prepare his weapons. Perhaps this will be friends, family or money, disguises, actual guns, swords, hatchets and vehicles, or psychological weapons: meditation, neuro-linguistic programming and information. The unexpected danger can come from enemies but it is useful to remember one’s greatest enemy can be one’s own mind. So it is the aspects that drive us away from the path of our True Will are represented by vices. In moderation, these things are alright, but over time, and in certain cases they can attend failure.
     In the tiered Bigrams, we have a Water element below Air and Earth, as if a superior female is being exhausted by immature elements, (in a reading, this may literally mean children and a mother, literally or figuratively.)
     In the Trigrams, we find Earth below Lake. This is the image of the Earth collecting Water. The lesser elements are drawn to the Earth, like it is the mother. So it is one has made a place for danger to nest in his own domain and being. (Water, is dangerous, in traditional Chinese attributions.)
     Water of Venus amplifies the planet’s seductive characteristics. Hypnotic, alluring and desperately attractive are few keywords relevant to her. Venus in Scorpio adds “fatale” to the femme character, and we find that there may be a stinger at the other end of this delightful thing. At the very least, one is cautioned to proceed carefully.

The Scene: My trout mermaid, my trout mermaid! I asked m1thr0s what he thought was a sort of ugly fish to use as a mermaid. When the mermaids show up in the deck, they always represent a personification of Water relating to royalty, such as the Melusine. I watched a video in which some Wiccan was complaining that mermaids shouldn’t go in “witch” themed tarot packs because they were not witchy enough. I can’t think why not, if the Pentacle can. They are an ancient part of the human experience and should be treated for what they are – undine symbols of the ocean, Tiamat and Apsu, liquid and Venus and so on. And little girls often love mermaids, who is to argue with the personification of the goddess?  It’s also a strange piece of lore that women make much better fishermen, on account of fish being naturally attracted to young women.
     This mermaid is quite sinister. m1thr0s thinks trouts are ugly and I don’t. Of all the river fish, the trout is actually the prettiest and the smartest. But, he likes catfish and their fancy relatives the Koi, so there is no accounting for taste. However, the trout skin on her makes this one look particularly ugly and her bald head and red eyes don’t help. Her herd of undead zombies are the souls of those she has lured to their doom with her offerings of Religion, Entertainment, Drama, Death, Murder, Food and Money.
     Perhaps the city in the background is responsible for this escaped genetic experiment. It is meant to represent the hexagram Massing Together. Certainly the nearest coastal city is going to be in for a nasty surprise.