Six of Alembics: Pleasure


Six of Alembics: Pleasure

Historical: Lord of Pleasure

Ruling Pentagram: Pent #6 “Transparent” – Fire of (K’an) The Abysmal, Water
Berashith: “and Elohim called to the Dawn”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #35 ( jìn), Progress

Tiered Bigrams: Air (Above), Air (Middle), Water (Below)

Element/Planet: Water of Sol (Tiphareth, Beauty)

Planet/Sun Sign: Sol in Scorpio

Keywords: Delight, Childhood, Innocence, Love, Eroticism, Sensation, Relaxation, Contention, Pleasure, Nostalgia, Gain

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Drowning, Strife arising from vanity, Presumptuousness, Ungratefulness, Sinking, Laziness, Trapped, Repression


Golden Dawn: Called The Six of Cups, Lord of Pleasure, the  card corresponds to the planetary Sol and zodiacal Scorpio and places at Sephira #6 (Tiphareth) in the Golden Dawn system. It is associated with angels Nelokhiel and Yeyayel.
     Lotuses are again a feature, each with its own cup, but with vines intertwining, as if to infer many sexual partners, and the cups are partially filled

Thoth: Long gilded vines and golden lotuses flow nectar into shining cups against a bright blue sea. The card depicts the sun acting upon the element of Water due to Tiphareth. “His fierce, but balanced power operates that type of putrefaction – he is in the Sign of Scorpio — which is the basis of all fertility, all life.” (The Tarot of the Egyptians, Aleister Crowley, 1944) This is followed by the incorrect position that the card is not sexual, and that one must know and understand the true nature of the Eucharist to attain the 9th degree in the OTO. What is this? The 9th degree supposedly involves interaction with the vagina or menstrual fluid. I do not know anything about it personally, so we are left to guess at it.
     Putrefaction in the female reproductive organs may represent the post-coital state where the semen is left to its own devices in the vagina. The painting, while lovely, doesn’t make anything clearer and his words are rather thin.

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: In the Hexagram we have #35, which is said to represent the rising sun, casting off mist and gaining strength through purification as it rises. It represents an enlightened ruler, who employs the services of a great man, who is his servant. The ruler is in the position of power, but lacks enough wisdom and knowledge to manifest the world he envisions. He employs a superior man, a good man who is also a sage and can aid the people and help advise on matters of the state.
     In the Trigrams it is the opposite elemental situation of the preceding card, Success. Here Fire is in the above, and Earth is in the below. It may have gender specific correlations that should be examined. In the Bigrams a single Water element is below two Air elements.
     Water of Sol indicates all of the fluid aspects of the Sun, such as magnetics, solar flares, plasma, and light waves. Because Briah, or the Sun Worlds, is called Creation, it corresponds to Water, the basis for all life as we know it. It is in essence the sexual and marital relationship of Fire and Water exalted. The tiered Bigrams hint at progeny, as if the single Water Bigram was gestating twin Air.
      In the Twin Trees Temporals arrangement the Father gives his daughters to the Mother and the Mother gives her sons to the Father. This endless cycle is called the doctrine of the God and Goddess, famous in the more romantic Witchcraft schools of thought. It is usually the God who is focused on, as the renewed one, but it takes place in all of the elements.
     Sol in Scorpio is focused and in control, and is intensely sexual, in correlation with the Will of Heaven and the True Will. If representing a person they will be charismatic,  but they must have things go their way with the goal being complete integration of all elements, within their world, and the world at large, although the tendency will be to focus on immediate friends, family and work associates. This can actually lead to discord if they are emotionally conflicted, for example if they covet another’s wife or husband, or, they hold onto old grudges.

The Scene: I love m1thr0s, because to me he is my manifest divinity. God on Earth. To say, there is no God above, that Man himself is God, invites us to experience God as ourselves, as suitheists, as pagans without idols, only each other. This alone is The Abrahadabra Institute’s only accounting of God that is appropriate or acceptable within Logic or Reason. One may believe as they wish, but only this is true, as clear as day, only this is useful: “There is no God but Man”. This code, as incredible as it may actually sound, advises us that, while spiritualism and traditional religions account for another world beyond this, the truth is much more horrible, in that we’re residing in the only world we’ll ever get.  
     Horrible, because we’re ruining it. Some of us may never earn the right to move beyond this planet, so that Earth is nicknamed “the rat trap,” by we mages who know about its slightly sinister qualities. Destroy them. This is our right, our divine prerogative. The best way to do this is through sexual congress, in this sense we destroy the evil intellect when the two become one, and they cannot retrieve their old self. This is why prostitutes are sacred. This is why the French call orgasms “le petit morte” or, little death. Real destruction happens at that moment. The whole chorus of chakras are synchronizing and erasing bits of data. It’s hard to know what you’ll ever  miss…you may just change your whole personality overnight, with no one knowing the difference – your false self died! This happens quite often. I have heard stories that are quite drastic, involving people who are completely unacceptable assholes whom nobody likes, not least of all their families, turning into normal human beings overnight.
     The effects for a priestess are often quite the opposite – pollution by males of the incorrect current are to be avoided, and this pollution effect was the primary reason for the sequestering of the Vestal virgins who were married to the Fire god. In many of the priestess class temples of old around the world this same pattern developed. The priestess-shaman was held accountable for any mishaps involving the wrong sort of interaction with males. Where multiple couplings with males was acceptable, what was not was the coupling of a priestess with a strange male outside of the God’s sphere of influence. This is mainly found in the texts of Ancient Rome and Chung Kuo.
     Each person is an individual and if one is upset or offended at my real occult talk then they should check their premise. No one should force women to do anything, but as individuals the quality of work of women priests is a concern.
     As one might figure this image is of a female priestess engaging their God in sexual intrercourse, the only truly authentic invocation that could possibly merit a response from the God outside of innocence, death and sacrifice. In the world of symbols actions have meaning and consequence – despite all of the words and laws men may use to bind themselves against these consequences. It is the most difficult and precarious operation on Earth and the one that holds the most pleasure. There is no greater joy.
     The fish are symbols of life, which is strong in the attributes of the corners. I didn’t want the deck to be pornographic, even though it features nudity, so the uncensored version was edited with a strategically placed fish, and there are six of them for the six alembics.
     This is a depiction of Kanaloa with modern archetypal underpinnings. The God is depicted here with the Eye of Siva with the dark periwinkle blue skin of Vishnu, and he has the cephalopod characteristics native to his holy symbol of the octopus. He is from a class of Gods which were crassly disrupted and defamed by the totally evil and brainless Christian missionaries. He was not originally cthonic but was demonized as such. They stole our religion and our magic, our languages and way of life, but in turn it is we and our God and Goddess who will destroy them. They will become on earth, animals, and we will eat their flesh, as the great God Ra Hoor Khut has promised us. Kanaloa is one half of a dual God, the other aspect who shared his invocations being Kane, who is associated with life, dawn and sun. One is light skinned, the other dark. it isn’t difficult to compare them with the brothers black  Krsna and white Balarama, who are two aspects of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In their wandering and companionship, they are also like Kukulkan and Tezcatlipoca, the Fool of the ATU in the MAT tarot.
     How auspicious then that we have two Air elements in the tiered Bigrams to represent the two brothers at play above Maya  (the ocean of illusion) The eyes of Kanaloa are like a bagua, but with every side being the trigram of Heaven. This symbol is called the Eye of Kanaloa in the mythology of old Hawaii.
     In the color palette you will find all of the colors leading up to 6, Tiphareth. The brilliant yellow, salmon, gold and amber of Tiphareth is hidden within her. It is The Hermit exalted.
     The red head is considered the manifestation of Pele in Hawaii, but she is a normal, average human, symbolizing the indiscriminate Eld of the All-Father. Her hair is meant to infer a connection to the goddess of volcanoes as “Every woman is Shakti, ever man is Siva” as the old Tantric axiom goes.