Six of Blades: Science


Six of Blades: Science

Historical: Lord of Earned Success

Ruling Pentagram: Pent #6 “Transparent” – Fire of (K’an) The Abysmal, Water
Berashith: “and Elohim called to the Dawn”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #5 ( xū), Waiting (Nourishment)

Tiered Bigrams: Earth (Above), Earth (Middle), Fire (Below)

Element/Planet: Air of Sol (Tiphareth, Beauty)

Planet/Sun Sign: Mercury in Aquarius

Keywords: Messenger, Declaring One’s Will, Smoothness, Thermonuclear, Warrior, Expediency, Elegance

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Harshness, Recovery, Complications, Arrogance


Golden Dawn: Called The Six of Swords, Lord of Earned Success, The Six of Swords card corresponds to the planetary Mercury and the zodiacal Aquarius it places at Sephira #6, in the Golden Dawn system. It’s angels are Michael and Hahihel.
     Two hands emerge from the sides of the card, each holding three swords, crossing over a central sword, in each hand with a face of a satyr on each. Two daggers are at the bottom of the card. The Rose is in the center, surrounded by a solar glow.

Thoth: Called “Science,” The Thoth imagery is very robust, with intricate, clean lines and geometry, everywhere. In the center is the rosy cross. The six of swords generally represents moderation of the suite, after this point, it supposedly becomes quite poor in nature and mischievous, (forward in this suite we have Futility, Interference, Cruelty and Ruin.) This isn’t true in the Mutational Alchemy deck, since the 10 is a hard won goal for the Nu Aeon, and they are all broken down purely elementally, without emotional dross, but, it is important to note that in most other decks, all of the other sword cards after the six are portrayed in a negative light. He tells us; “Mercury, in Aquarius, represents the celestial Energy influencing the Kerub of the Man, thus showing intelligence and humanity.” (The Tarot of the Egyptians, Six of Swords, Aleister Crowley 1944)

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: The hexagram explains to us the very basic fundamental principles of scientific research: waiting patiently with firm resoluteness, and eliminating all self-deception and illusion. Aleister Crowley was a prophet and renamed the card perfectly, in this case. I am not a prophet, I am a closer. It is my job to annihilate the miscreants and establish the rule of the tetractys. It may be agreed upon by adepts that when the universe hears the word Abrahadabra, it translates as Science. Universal science, balanced and connected to art and beauty and culture, freed from the shackles of mankind’s biases, is in every way perfect. This science has a precious enduring quality that uplifts and upholds virtue, pleasure, technology, amrita, knowledge, wisdom, and peace. One can be strictly regulated and pure with science without resorting to cynicism, cruelty, judgmentalism, caustic attitudes and pedanticism. This world exists, it is real, it is possible, but it is not Here. Not on the Earth. Someday it will be though. This is the essence of Six of Blades: Science.
     The Aeon of Ra Hoor Khut, called the Age of Horus by the vulgar, is wrapped in Science and War. This scene has a natural connection to The Aeon, therefore, in our immediate time, as well as to the Earth hex of ATU III: Death. Is it not true, that scientific knowledge brings with it a kind of death, to science itself, but also religion, culture, technology and even philosophy? This is all well and as it should be. With customs and wrongdoing so grossly mismanaged and misinterpreted as it is on Earth, things have gone far astray, so it does not seem beautiful, but it has to be from a certain point of view. If humans would but shake off the dross from their skin and unhinge the cold dead fingers of the horror religions of the past from their souls, they could see it.  
      The careful planning and patience native to science as applied to investigation must also be applied to the act of integrating with culture, religion, fools, philosophy and education. We see this today in the patient explanations to the laymen about how things work. We see it in programs designed to merge scientist culture with religious culture in a peaceful and nonviolent way. It can be done. It is the only way. Scientific culture is in every way the dominant force in our technology, but it has to make inroads into religion and philosophy to succeed, for ABRAHADABRA, the science of Macrocosm, to succeed.
     The image of the hexagram is similar to the situation in science. Heaven is under Water, everything is dark and it can be dangerous. However, Heaven always prevails in the end and is very strong, even, or especially, in the face of danger.  The tiered bigrams reveal a strong Fire element below two Air elements. It is like the image of a Father rearing his two sons, or a superior man who is at the mercy of two cunning men, who may be inferior in some way. This is like the time of the Inquisition for science. Theologians can be dangerous adversaries, because they have abandoned reason completely and intellectuals like this can easily slip into cruelty, especially if they are inferior, poorly educated or shallow thinkers. We see this amongst the scientific community, especially the atheists who behave quite foolishly and endangered the survival of science itself. Only a decade ago, you would be attacked for offering the idea that there were more than three dimensions, or that observation could change the outcome of an experiment, even though these were hot and correct topics amongst more well read atheists and science buffs. Caution must be used when dealing with rogue Air elements. They are like djinn. They are intellectuals without a cause. This is dangerous to anyone. There is no difference between a hateful atheist and a hateful theologian, especially when their reason is faulty, skewed by false premises.
     Air of Sol is bright and cheerful, exciting and sparkling. Despite the caution it is the element of creation of the intellect. It is not only capable of building playgrounds for the mind in the shape of games, movies, books, toys, but also, of solving the direst of problems facing Man. Aging, spacefaring, underwater breathing, flying, genetics, boredom, limitation of sense and so on – all are problems that have been solved or will be solved, by Air of Sol. It is the card and station of The Enlightenment. In Mercury in Aquarius we have futurism, space travel, the synthesis of beauty, culture, science and beyond. The limitless vision of Aquarius is set free to play on the infinite borders of space via Logos, the Will of the All-Father unbound.

The Scene: Below our thermo-nuclear warrior, he is producing a white light above his head that represents the crown lotus, he is able to do this through his superior genetic makeup. The large white birds are downy juvenile or baby falcons, representing young peace, that is vigilant and has fierce potential. In the future they will grow up and become killers able to devour men! But these are friends of  their keeper, allies and who will defend one’s hearth and their keeper’s home and family. This is the science and technology Man creates, it can be turned against us on accident. We do not mess around with the dove symbology, it is complete nonsense, one would be better off with a pigeon. They are white to aid in the color recognition. This is also the scale of 1, representing Kether, the untamed wildness of Logos made flesh in the element of Air. Splendid!
     In the symbol, we have a 13 pointed consciousness star, which is a layered fusion of Saturn and Jupiter, part of the circuitry of universal mind, and the circuit board pattern in the background reinforces the computer like nature of universal mind at its best. This is what the Air element is really about, the massive network of consciousness, talking to itself, at the heart of every sentient lifeform and itself. The warrior is representative of Science, at the human level. The falcons are white because they are a product of the science of the future. The old Science card was all about the swords, here, the emphasis is all about the life form, the star, mutated animal forms, mutated human forms. Genetic science.