Ten of Pentacles


Ten of Pentacles: Wealth

Historical: Lord of Wealth

Ruling Pentagram:

Pent #10 “Resplendent” – Air of (Sun) The Penetrating, Wind

Berashith: “And Elohim said, “Let Tiamat be collected in one place”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #51 ( zhèn), The Arousing (Shock, Thunder)

Tiered Bigrams: Water (Above), Air (Middle), Earth (Below)

Element/Planet: Earth of Earth (Malkuth, Kingdom)

Planet/Sun Sign: Mercury in Virgo


Keywords: The Unexpected, Warriorship, Pleasure, Marriage, Fertility, Protection, Stability, Play, Distraction, Fun, Tribe

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Sterility, Scarcity, Poverty, Sadness, Loneliness,


Golden Dawn: Called The Ten of Pentacles Lord of Wealth, The Ten of Pentacles card corresponds to the planetary Mercury and the zodiacal Virgo and places at Sephira #10 (Malkuth) and  in the Golden Dawn system. Its angels are Hihaayah and Laviah.

Ten discs are floating amidst pleasant looking open blossoms.

Thoth: Crowley changes nothing, and keeps the same imagery of the Golden Dawn. “Here is great and final solidification” (The Tarot of the Egyptians, Crowley 1944) He does point out that the influence of Mars is undesirable, as usual. This possibly explains all of his problems with The Book of the Law, since Mars is not that unloved amongst occultists. He calls The Ten of Discs “a hieroglyph of the cycle of regeneration”. The placement of the Geomantic figure Conjunction is done without any reason he is able to give, and he concludes that this card represents the Great Work in completion. Maybe?

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: While a cat god with an enormous flaccid penis may not be the very first image people call to mind when imagining the 10 of Pentacles, there is a good reason Bes is present. Despite our issues with Aleister Crowley’s assumptions, it is our opinion he was very on target with most of his intutive assumptions, and so he inspired the subject of the card. (If one wants to know why they should read the chapter on the Ten of Disks in The Tarot of the Egyptians book accompaniment to the Thoth Tarot pack)  This Bes representation is taken from a very old representation of the God residing in the Altes Museum, Germany 650-350 BCE.

In the tiered bigrams the two child elements Air and Earth stand below Water, and the trigrams are the double Thunder hexagram # 51, Chen the Arousing. This is a scene where a loud and powerful sound of thunder is heard. It may be literal thunder but it is an analogy of a surprising revelation that can cause a paradigm shift. It also represents a fear of Heaven itself, which can lead to Joy under the right circumstances.

Earth of Earth symbolizes stability in the face of almost any disturbance. Firmness, gentleness, quiet, warm, perseverance, steadfastness, work, manifestation, wealth and earthly riches like gems and precious metals are all the nature of the element of Earth. The djed pillar and pyramid symbolize stability in the background, the discs and plant life represent material riches in biodiversity and natural beauty.

Mercury in Virgo emphasizes perfectionism and especially so in craft professions, from cooking to painting. There is an innate flexibility and a desire to work, but also distraction can be a vice for this planet in this sign, it will always be something to do with perfecting the work.

The Scene: Bes, the Ancient cat god who is described visually as a sand cat or lion cub with a large phallus, an upright stance wearing the a cat’s skin  and a crown, came from a very ancient class of deity in Kemet, that is, Modern Day Egypt. A god of physical pleasure, he also had the endearing characteristic of being extremely protective of women and children – the center of the family unit. The cat of course was a very valuable asset in a desert country that was probably at the mercy of the local rodent population who could decimate the graineries if mice and rats were not kept under control.

Lions have always been closely associated with the Great Beast, who is the Emperor of all things and connects the Kings of the Earth together, and the Queens of the Earth through his consort the Great Mother. While unnecessary to put a face or single name to this The Beast, it is true that he can be equated to every single male deity in existence, representing the totality of the divine divided from what becomes the Goddess or the Scarlet Woman. This Goddess is merely an aspect of God. As the star goddess aspect Nuit said, she is divided for Love’s sake for the chance of union. That original monotheism, founded by the Sumerian Avraham, revealed this in another way by the command of his God to obey his wife in all things. Here, goddess is defined as the oracle, the one who can scry the complexities of reality and map out the true path for her masculine counterpart. Hints of this ultimate reality about the divine feminine can be found everywhere, from the status of real human women as the best oracles, to the feminine figureheads on ships, or the Judaic concept of God’s visible shell, Shekinah, that blinding bright light who is synonymous with the Indian concept of the Lord’s Maya.  This fundamental difference between the original concept of Monotheism and the derivative Monotheism of the Islamic and Christian cults is irreconcilable. They of course place the authority and importance with the man, which is pointless as it denies that the division is of no concievable purpose. The purpose, the Great Work, as it were is the essence of all the true religions of the world, without which mankind’s destiny and path are ultimately lost.

When the conception of God as Male, Female, Quintessential one, as Alchemy defines it,  is grasped fully, life may be viewed as a great journey of learning and expansion by that great being, who is both man and woman, whole universe, and ultimate reality:  The Ardhenarishvara.

The connection between Malkuth, the feminine (Earth+Earth= Daughter) is very important in this case, as it is the place where everything happens. Malkuth translates as “Kingdom”. The importance of this Sephira cannot be overstated. It is here that the Magus, or Kings and Queens of the Earth must exercise their royal and sacred magickal authority.

Bes is the archetype of the evolving masculine aspect of God, the essential male product of this alchemical division between God and Goddess. He is attributed leonine characteristics, with beard, ears and  as well as being, small, virile, fertile, protective and entertainer of women and children, a warrior. Taking all of these important and preserved duties into account, his universality, offering fertility to any women and protection to any child, Bes makes the best representation of the all-father here on earth.

The importance of the ten of pentacles is in its status of the essence of God’s Kingdom, the place where all creation is at its apex and many important things are happening all at once. Events and processes which we as humans cannot understand or fathom yet, but which take place all the same, in our world and in the events that shape it.

All of the auspiciousness of the god Bes, the sacred Djed pillar behind him, and the fertileness of the Nile Delta as well as the abilities of intelligence and knowledge in the material world are present and active in this card, Ten of Pentacles.