Three of Pentacles: Works


Three of Pentacles: Works

Historical: Lord of Material Works

Ruling Pentagram:

Pent #3 “Sanctifying” – Fire of (Li) The Clinging, Fire
Berashith: “and Elohim said let there be dawn”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #7 ( shī), The Army

Tiered Bigrams: Water (Above), Water (Middle), Air (Below)

Element/Planet: Earth of Saturn (Binah, Understanding)

Planet/Sun Sign: Mars in Capricorn

Keywords: Perseverance, Command, Generosity, Fairness, Order, Control

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Disorder, Bureaucracy, Instability, Inexperience


Golden Dawn: Called the Three of Pentacles Lord of Material Works, the Three of Pentacles card corresponds to the planetary Mars and zodiacal Capricorn and places between Sephira #3 (Binah) in the Golden Dawn system.

Three disks with rays within are set amongst the branches of a thorny rosebush in spring. The bush is held by a hand emerging froma  cloud at the bottom. A winged disc crowns the top pentacle.

Thoth: The card shows a pyramid from above amidst a frozen sea. It is lit in red light from the influence of Mars. This sounds a bit more exciting perhaps than the actual execution of the card. Capricorn, Crowley informs us, is at his best in Mars, being exalted there. It is the card of architects and engineers.

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: Hex # 7, The Army, one of my favorite hexagrams. It pairs with 8, Holding Together. When I would get 7 in readings it almost always pertained to success within the multitude. So success involving lots of people. But also internally you can look at The Army as an internal thing as well, like the hosts of heaven type of army. I had a personal fondness for it on that basis. It also shows up on ATU VI The Lovers, connecting Binah to Mars, which is really an appropriate place for it.

If someone recieved it in a spread, depending on the question it would generally mean success in terms of action, particularily in the case of ambitious plans. If someone were to launch a business for instance and recieved The Army, that would be a very good sign, of supreme good fortune. There is a lot more that can be said when one gets into the analysis of the lines, for example it only has one Yang line, the rest are Yin. But that Yang line is in a strong ruling position.

Earth above and Water below is similar to the concept of the turbulent waters of the Abzu.

The Scene: The Oroboros is the symbol of life’s self renewing process. The serpent sheds and eats its skin, symbolizing many aspects of alchemy, this renewal is like the Phoenix who builds a pyre to destroy itself and in doing so is born again. It is also symbolic of the serpent which surrounds and supports the entire universe, akin to the Orphic Egg or Ananta Adishesha, the great serpent of Vishnu who is Balarama, “Original Krsna” as Sri Prabhupad put it.

Particles of information, thought and feeling are symbolized as the fragmented remains of the dragon’s tail. An orchid in the center represents the fragility of life within the many petals of the Goddess Nuit, or Flower of Life. The TwinStar is perfectly aligned to the Flower…one of its more remarkable properties. The marriage of Flower and Star, or The Tetractys is a complete map of whole universe, the orchid and serpent symbology amongst stars are only here as visual aids.