Two of Blades: Peace


Two of Blades: Peace

Historical: Lord of Peace Restored

Ruling Pentagram: Pent #2 “Illuminating”– Fire of (Sun) The Penetrating, Wind
Berashith: “and the ruach of Elohim”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #43 ( guài), Break-through (Resoluteness)

Tiered Bigrams: Earth (Above), Fire (Middle), Fire (Below)

Element/Planet: Air of Uranus (Chokmah, Wisdom)

Planet/Sun Sign: Moon in Libra

Keywords: Truce, Caution, Analysis, Pause, Hesitation, Calm, Rationality, Peril

Keywords (Ill-Dignified): Indifference, Cowardice, Stagnation, Overwhelmed, Insufficiency


Golden Dawn: Called The Two of Swords Lord of Peace Restored, the Two of Swords card corresponds to the planetary Luna and the zodiacal Libra, as well as the angels Yezalel and Mebahel and places at Sephira #2 (Chokmah,) in the Golden Dawn system.
     Two hands emerge from clouds, each holding a sword, crossing beneath The Rose. Two crescent moons are at the top and bottom. A double headed dagger, is below. A bright solar disc shines behind it all.

Thoth: The opinion here, is that the influence of Binah is somewhat sinister, representing the abyss and the darkness of an eternal night. This may be due to the rule of Saturn in Libra, where Binah is manifest powerfully, in her aspect as a bringer of Justice. The Sephiroth is, after all, the master of Geburah.
     He tells us to study the 14th Aethyr carefully. “There come into the stone a white goat, a green dragon, and a tawny bull. But they pass away immediately. There is a veil of such darkness before the Aethyr that it seems impossible to pierce it. But there is a voice saying: Behold, the Great One, of the Night of Time, stirreth, and with his tail he churneth up the slime, and of the foam thereof shall he make stars. And in the battle of the Python and the Sphinx shall the glory be to the Sphinx, but the victory to the Python.” (The Vision and the Voice, Crowley ch. 14) The serpent could be Apophis as he suggests: “here is an all-glorious Angel before me, standing in the sign of Apophis and Typhon. On his Forehead is a star, but all about him is darkness, and the crying of beasts. And there are lamps moving in the darkness.” but just as easily, it could signify the beneficent Ananta Adi Sesha.

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: The Two of Blades is a mix of interesting symbols. There is the Hexagram itself, which seems to signify the need for urgent action. Something terrible is about the happen, and the military will not be of any use. The evil cannot be pointed out, or fought directly. This only empowers it and weakens us.

     In the tiered bigrams we have two fire elements rising up to meet the lone Air element at the top. The image is of being nurtured. Air has a sinister quality, which is influenced positively by Old Yang, that is, Fire. The source of the evil in this card may be the progeny of the Mother, Vau itself, but it is immortal and cannot be dispelled only transmuted, perhaps by evacuating from it and letting it play itself out.
     The trigrams seem to indicate Heaven supporting Lake, and this confirms our suspicion, that the female principle is seeking assistance from the Male principle, but at the same time, this is the source of the problem, just as in a pregnancy. Vau, in and of itself has a tendency to be monstrous and problematic, if by the sheer diversity of its possible forms in matter. The Mother often gets blamed for its “evil” even by Crowley, but it is the genius of Vau, working through her from the Father, that is the actual culprit. Contrast this reality with the absurdities of the Christian churches in blaming Eve for everything and clearly their dogma must be thrown on its head.  

The Scene: The King of Heaven and the Queen of Infinite Space are are found here in the sanctuary of bliss and love, which can be found when the Two of Blades vibrates Logos in its purest state (ie, not ill-dignified.) There is a perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy at play, symbolized by the king and queen but also by the peacocks, who are enjoying themselves and displaying their natural plumage. These are a reflection of the double phoenix, or lord of the horizon, found in all of the “two” small cards.
     Neither of them rest easy in the certainty that peace is unshakeable. Harmony requires work and diligence to maintain the balance of energy. Any misstep could lead down the long but deceptively easy path to complete ruin, the tenth aspect of Blades.
     Chokmah’s influence in the Air element is clearly present, with the masculine force, Yin, or Heaven, enthroned amongst fluffy clouds, rising out of the Great Ocean, The Great Mother, Binah, pooled at his feet.