Two of Pentacles: Change


Two of Pentacles: Change

Historical: Lord of Harmonious Change

Ruling Pentagram:

Pent #2 “Illuminating”– Fire of (Sun) The Penetrating, Wind
Berashith: “and the ruach of Elohim”

Ruling Hexagram: Hex #24 ( fù), Return (The Turning Point)

Tiered Bigrams: Water (Above), Water (Middle), Earth (Below)

Element/Planet: Earth of Uranus (Chokmah, Wisdom)

Planet/Sun Sign: Jupiter in Capricorn

Keywords: Splendour, Beauty, The Chaos Principle, Variety, Fluidity, Motion, Balance

Keywords (Ill-Dignified):  Illusion, Decay, Entropy, Rigidity, Fixation, Inflexibility, Stodginess, Compression


Golden Dawn: Called The Two of Pentacles, Lord of Harmonious Change, the Two of Pentacles card corresponds to the planetary Jupiter, the zodiacal Capricorn, the angels Lekabel and Veshiriah  and places at  Sephira #2 (Chokmah) in the Golden Dawn system.

An ouroboros in the shape of a figure eight is wrapped around two discs with a cross in the center of each. Clouds fill the background.

Thoth: Although the symbology of the card and the art is quite effective, Crowley tells us little about the inner workings of the card itself. We are left to our own wits and knowledge in interpreting it for ourselves. The art is elegant, a lemniscate made up of the Ouroboros serpent who is crowned surrounds the symbols for Yin and Yang.

Mutational Alchemy Interpretation: There is stability here, in the single Earth element below two Water elements in the bigrams. One gets the idea of a fertile coral reef or deep ocean vent. In the trigrams we see Chen, the Arousing, Thunder, under Kun, the Receptive, Earth. This indicates a kind of restless movement protected by the Earth. The hexagram is called Fu, Return or The Turning Point. The text talks about the earthquakes that happen during certain seasons, where the rulers do not travel and the dangerous mountain passes are closed. (This is an exciting coincidence considering Ouranos rules earthquakes.)  The idea of the Return comes with a warning, if one doesn’t catch the moment at the right time  (“Opportunity only knocks once!”) then decades can pass with misfortune. Any kind of pass and return is relevant, including the Saturn return. The most important thing to remember is to act as soon as the time comes to do so.

In Earth of Ouranos we have the idea of practical ideas, and planning for the future. preparedness and steadiness are fruitful. The slow moving planet is made more concrete with the element of Earth, compounding the consequences of not acting correctly.

Jupiter in Capricorn promises big payoffs in the material world with steady, even handedness in all affairs.

An auspicious card which should benefit any person with good timing.

The Scene: The twin phoenix appears again, this time in the mists of the current scene, Ace of Pentacles. This small card has long been an omen of good fortune and fundamental wealth. The goldfish, charmed creatures bred for ornamental reasons alone, are chosen for their connection to aesthetic value, the  height of wealth. This hints at the shadow of fragility in wealth and its products, that it must be protected or it cannot survive on its own. The orchid, in the meantime, is quite self sufficient without being plain. The visual feast reveals the true nature of Earth, as concrete and real as it may seem, it is only the master of illusion at play. There is balance in all of the aces, but here the balance is described by a pair of perfect pentacles, conjoined, symbolizing eternal rebirth. Gold, the color of luxury and wealth, is chosen as the color, a color of alchemy.