the mutational alchemy tarot is available for purchase


Please order by December 10th to guarantee Solstice delivery as the USPS advises delays during the holiday rush. Shipping is fast and free! Usually ships on the same day you place the order, boxed Priority Mail 1-3 day.

It’s finally arrived! A superior, classical 78-card Tarot Divination deck designed by experienced occultists for experienced occultists the world over. A collaborative masterpiece by Izi Ningishzidda and the Magister Ouroboros 729. As intuitive as it is technically robust, the Mutational Alchemy Tarot Deck fulfills the needs of beginners and experienced readers alike slicing through stale old stereotypes to get straight to the heart of any question at hand. This is the type of Tarot deck that comes along once in a century or two. It has no equal either in the quality of art or the depth of its ability to probe the most complex of situations. For a full list including images of all of the cards, click here.

The first 78 decks sold get a signed copy of Izi Ningishzidda’s reference copy from the book writing. It is signed by both m1thr0s and Izi and they will be passed out in order of sale!(Currently on The Emperor, as of 11/20/2015! 4:18 AM PST)

* 78 Cards

* 350gsm art paper

* 88*126 mm (3.46 x 4.9 inches)

* Reversible backs

* Fast and Free Shipping USPS Priority Mail Tracked and Insured.

Please note this deck does not include a “white book”. The full size manual is available online for free, for print or tablet viewing. Here.

International Shipping is available, the invoice must be handled manually by Izi Ningishzidda, you choose and pay for shipping. (Generally 1 or 2 decks costs an extra $20.)Please contact us here to set up an order.

why you should have a huge ego by Jason Louv @Magick.Me

“You have a big ego” is a covert game by which spiritual, New Agey and occult people police each other’s actions.” – Jason Louv

"Canis lupus standing in snow" by Tracy Brooks - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -
“Canis lupus standing in snow” by Tracy Brooks – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –


“I have an ego. I have a right to my ego. I can turn off my ego if I like, or leave it on if I like, but what I do with my ego is fundamentally nobody’s business but my own. Spirituality need not and should not hang an “open season” sign on your sense of individuality and self-worth.”

A new article by Jason Louv addressing a major problem and misconception meme running around in occult circles.

Read more at Magick.Me 

the IONA tarot

Oppressively limited to a dozen decks, the IONA tarot features some extreme imagery which makes The Mutational Alchemy Tarot look a little tame by comparison. A set is for sale at Milan’s Deodato Arte Gallery for an unknown price.

la papessa from The IONA tarot by Giona Fiochi
la papessa from The IONA tarot by Giona Fiochi