• what is the “TwinStar”? •

This article is another attempt at making one of the most fundamental assertions of Mutational Alchemy as simple and straight forward as I possibly can because it seems as though most previous attempts have fallen flat on their face, despite dozens of articles and private discussions I have laboriously undertaken.

In its most basic sense, the TwinStar is a sigil built upon the framework of the Pythagorean Tetracys of the Decad. It is the way we count out the points of the Tetractys that gives us this sigil. Scrying the lines of the sigil then becomes a meditation practice. Let’s begin by scrutinizing the Tetractys itself.

figure #1
figure #1

In its most basic form, the Tetractys is a collection of 10 points arranged in a perfect equilateral triangle with one point at the top tier, two points at the second tier, three points at the third tier and four points at the bottom tier. It was a highly venerated symbol among the Pythagoreans and Neo-Pythagoreans alike. It was referred to as Logos, the manifestation of God on Earth and was said to contain all the rules of dimentionality since 1 point connected by no lines gives us 0 dimensions, 2 points connected by one line gives us one dimension, 3 points connected by two lines gives us two dimensions and 4 points connected by 3 lines gives us three dimensional space. But this is just the tip of the iceburg as to why this symbol garnered so much praise and adoration and I would highly recommend the serious inquirer to Google it to learn more. Most of what this article will be defining is widespread knowledge already and can easily be referenced in other places. A few things will be unique to Mutational Alchemy doctrines which can still be pieced together logically.

figure #2

Figure #2 demonstrates what happens when the Tetractys is extended all the way out under the auspices of Abrahadabra. Not only does the Tree of Life nestle neatly within but the 10 points have now become easily identifiable as the 10 shaded chambers referred to as the Secret Chiefs. So the Tetractys has an undeniable relationship to Abrahadabra under the guidance of the Secret Chiefs. The grid comprises exactly 100 internal equilateral triangles making it synonymous with the Kamea of Malkuth, Kingdom, or Earth. Each of the four descending elemental worlds contain their own tetractys if you look at it closely.

The way we count the 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life is important because the inclusion of Daath actually gives us 11 spheres (or epicenters) but Daath is not treated as a Sephira and consequently has no number per se. It is not inaccurate to think of Daath as a “not sephera” (or “not number”) representing grammar and syntax within numbers without being an actual number, any more than an addition sign, for instance. It bears a distinct relationship to numbers but is not a number in itself. Its identifying convention has been to assign it a dash, indicating that  we recognize that it is there but treat it separately from the 32 Paths of Wisdom comprised of the 10 Sephiroth (literally, numbers) and 22 Paths. When we come to it in any sort of count we call out “dash”, according to its properties. Thus our chronological count along the Tree of Life from 1 to 10 reads:  1-2-3-“dash”-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. I mention this now because it plays a part in how we navigate the TwinStar as well. Always bear it in mind that when we count out the TwinStar we are attempting to elevate the Tree of Life as a whole. The Tree of Life is a mathematical subset of Abrahadabra and the Tetractys is our surest guide to uplifting its properties correctly. Similarly, the principle of alchemical levity impacting the Tree of Life is the best way to characterize what is occurring whenever we raise the TwinStar incantation.

figure #3
figure #3

At this point it would be prudent to mention the Lo Shu magickal square, since one of the things we are trying to accomplish with the TwinStar is as close a numerical super-symmetry as we can get. Nothing achieves this as efficiently as magic squares but we can get pretty close notwithstanding. Figure #3 demonstrates what is called the first magic square flanked by tetracti on 4 sides. All horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows add to 15. Magickal squares have an important role to play in different types of magickal operations since we can also substitute letters in place of numbers to accomplish detailed and diverse sigil workings. Sigils built upon magickal squares or triangles have a tendency to be much more potent than those which are not. This principle of numerical super-symmetry is the most apparent reason why this would seem to hold true.

figures 4 & 5
figure 4
figure 5
figure 5
figure #6
figure #6

Figures #4 and #5 demonstrate that it takes two full rotations 1-10 to give us the complete pattern, or sigil displayed in figure #6. In each case the “dash” comes right after point #3 and completes the triangle. We then fall back to point #4 and continue our course to point  #10. This infinity loop is an integral part of the TwinStars’ action. If we do not complete the loop we are left with a broken mess instead of the stunning perfection we get upon successful completion of the loop. Pushing Daath to point #1 in this manner has the general effect of repairing the division between the Supernals and the rest of the Sephiroth, even if only momentarily. It is useful to think of the TwinStar as a perpetual process that we join in with periodically but is itself ongoing all the time of its own accord. We are justified in thinking this way because the TwinStar is an active principle built into the fabric of things so it really is omnipresent with respect to the Tetractys.

figure #7
figure #7
figure #8
figure #8
figure  #9
figure #9

While the numbers method of invoking the TwinStar is unquestionably useful it is not the only means at our disposals. Figures #7 and #8 demonstrate how the word Abrahadabra can be applied letter by letter to achieve the same ends. Because it contains 11 letters it even accommodates our treatment of Daath. A step by step example follows: 1=Aleph, 2=Beth, 3=Resh, “dash”=Aleph, 4=Hé, 5=Aleph, 6=Daleth, 7=Aleph, 8=Beth, 9=Resh, 10=Aleph. The proper protocol is to always begin with the Counter-Clockwise direction and conclude on the Clockwise direction for the first loop. For the second loop we reverse this, starting Clockwise and culminating Counter-Clockwise. It takes a little time and practice to get used to this but it very soon becomes fluid. At the end of each loop we run a Center & Ground action which I will discuss momentarily.

For the moment I want to reassert that ANY 11 letter word or phrase will work as well as the numbers method – arguably better depending on the situation at hand. The phrase “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” happens to be an eleven word phrase that some will no doubt appreciate as a suitable means of invoking the TwinStar. Any of these methods suffice active scrying but there is also passive gazing which uses no words of any kind and thus needs no embellishment other than to acknowledge it. Generally, active scrying is a better form to adhere to when invoking the TwinStar as passive gazing is naturally incorporated to the extent that we are paying attention to what we are doing. But my objective right here and now is to define what the TwinStar is and not venture off into the various alternative means of invoking it.

Figure #9 is arguably the most important image being published in this article as it demonstrates the relationship between the leylines of the TwinStar and the Sephiroth. Always remember that the objective in raising the spell of the TwinStar is to raise the foundation of the Tree of Life itself. That the TwinStar coordinates so perfectly with the Sephiroth tells us that it has the ability to collect the Tree of Life up into itself without modifying the Tree itself in any way. The relationship is unquestionably like Tree and Star where the Tree is a mathematical and geometrical subset of The Tetractys and consequent TwinStar. Thus Mutational Alchemy commonly refers to the TwinStar as the star half of the Tree and Star equation. It IS the star that the Tree has the wherewithal to become.

figure #10
figure #10

The closing action comes at the end of any finished loop where it serves to lock in the loop, center and ground it. You can use anything you prefer to close but I recommend using A-V-M-N to the circle and H-V-A, A-Th-H for the ascending triangle and final drop.

In application we begin from the top pronouncing AHH-OHH-MMM-GNN to the circle and AHH-HAY-OHH-AHH for the ascending triangle to AHH-TAH-HAY for the final drop and descending triangle. The direction of the closing action should match up with the direction of the loop you are building. I also include a Final Close at the very end which is simply a repetition of the Clockwise closing action. The closing action is important and should never be omitted. It adds finality, continuity and strength to the creation of the TwinStar.

figure #11
figure #11

Figure #11 is just a quick way of recapping everything that has been laid out in this brief article. Some years ago I created a little animated GIF that demonstrates all of this which at present is included in my article entitled tikkun olam (repairing the world) which can be viewed here:
I hope that between this article and that one the TwinStar is crystal clear but I rather doubt that it will be because experience teaches us that nothing replaces hands-on practice when it comes to ironing out the details. Nevertheless, I have gone about as far as I am able between this article and that one.

Perseverance Furthers,

from one nuit to another: jobby jobs


(Featured Photo: William Bougueurea, workaholic extraordinaire, champion of poor French girls and boys and the man who allowed women into the Ecole De Beaux Des Artes.)

Welcome to another page of From One Nuit to Another, the text log of conversations between women in the occult. I am your host, Izi Ningishzidda, and our guests today are Niguma, a disciple of the Tibetan Shangpa Kagyu and closet Thelemite also a previous guest.

Valeria Diocletian who is a witch in what she calls the “Latium” tradition.

We have “S” who is of the theological Satanist leaning.

Finally, Darcy, who is a Wiccan with American Indian roots.

Names are changed to protect identity, the conversations are transcribed when coordinated by telephone or Steam chat.

New interviewees are welcome. Call me at 360-688-1242

First Interview: Niguma

Izi: Hello.

Nigum: Hey Izi. What’s up?

Izi: We’re going to talk about jobs. Like, what does it mean to have a job that sucks or doesn’t suck, as an occultist.

Niguma: Okay well, I can confirm I don’t really work I just sort of live off my parent’s good will.

IZI: K how did that happen?

Niguma: I graduated during the recession and there were no jobs, especially not for newbie women. I saved like everyday I didn’t eat out or buy any new clothes I just saved up and went to Nepal.

Izi: Wow. I’ve heard that’s how to travel is you just have to say “Okay fuck this I’m out of here.”


The morning commute in Nepal. Photo by Krish Dulal. CCL
The morning commute in Nepal. Photo by Krish Dulal. CCL

Niguma: Well it wasn’t a decision I made without consulting my parents who were supportive and offered to cushion me if I needed it.

Izi: Did you live off food stamps?

Niguma: Oh yeah. Embarassed to say but I did.

Izi: I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed of. It’s probably the only social program that works to counterbalance all of the evil the government is guilty of like bailing out banks and protecting foreigners during war instead of our soldiers.

Niguma: The government I believe did ruin the economy, it’s true. I can’t say I really love this country or what it’s become and I don’t care if someone scrutinizes my food stamps, I guess because it’s like “Hey grandpa this is the world and country  you have left to us. It sucks”

Izi:  It sucks so bad now.

Niguma: Armageddon or whatever it will probably be better than this. Anything would be.

Izi: Okay so you don’t have a job, do you plan to get one and how does it relate to your occult studies?

Niguma: Oh geez. I have no idea? I guess write a book about my travels…oh and I’m looking into freelance editing. The pay like, sucks but it’s a job. My parents are cool they know the job market is wrecked and the world sucks so they are glad to afford me the opportunity to become an enlightened being.

Izi: I’ve talked to the TwinStar and it stated that while it can’t help one find a job, it can help you align to the 418 current and survive. That’s enough. No jobs needed.

Niguma: What do you mean by that?

Izi: What I mean is that the “job” is the Great Work and it will do anything to help you survive to accomplish your part in that. It may not be a standardized job or a position you think is best for a certain “career”.

Niguma: Well, I would like to see a different pattern emerge than the one we have now. Working appears to be much more frenetic than say, a farmer’s day 500 years ago.

Izi: But we have better amenities, because, science.

Niguma: right science. And medical care. Although if Obama hadn’t passed Obamacare I would be soooo fucked.

Izi: I havn’t really used it because I hate doctors and dentists.

Niguma: Oh? Like personally or just going to see them.

Izi: No not personally just generally. They often don’t know anything or they make stuff up. The smart ones are angry bastards. Especially the women. God, women doctors are so bitter. It’s the gender inequality gap in their field I’m sure.

Niguma: Yeah that is a really hot topic right now and for women basically every career sucks.

Izi: This world and this country can straight up go eat a dick if they think I want to join their unfair workforce. I’d rather be on minimum wage and food stamps than contribute to this BS.

Niguma: What if they took food stamps and minimum wage away?

Izi: I’d live off the land like my ancestors it’s a lot easier than the job market.

Niguma: Wait so you don’t have a job?

Izi: Oh I do, I work for TAI. I have held a dayjob in the past. I usually just find something I like or people I like to work for.

Niguma: So you are just purely working for TAI – The Abrahadabra Institute?

Izi: Yes I always have wanted to grow up and be an artist and work for a wizard and learn magick. I studied all of the pre-raphaelites work and knew it was possible even though wizards are rare.

The Wizard by Edward Burne-Jones. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham
The Wizard by Edward Burne-Jones. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham


Niguma: Yeah the ones who arn’t flakes or fakes.


Niguma: The tattoo business is an interesting specimen for studying this. Goetia for instance, tatoo art has swung more in the direction of occult themes quite strongly over the years.

Izi: Yeah thats of a career or industry that is banking off the occult and admires it. There’s a few other jobs i can think of that are like that…some coffeehouses and curiosity stores would welcome occultists. There’s a number of giftshops here in Washington that have tarot readers. Metaphysical shops are the one holy grail of jobs for a student occultist who want to learn about the craft from a shop owner or an older occultist who wants to be out of the closet permanently, as a business owner. I would love to own a occult shop, in some ways.

Niguma: Theres a lady downtown here who has had a tarot reading shop for 20 years. It seems like occultists almost have to start their own business.

Izi: Yeah. And why not? Maybe that’s the directive of the new aeon. Start anew.

Niguma: Yeah.

Izi: Sadly I don’t have the money to start an occult shop in 3D, but I did start one in cyberspace, and it’s been a ball. m1thr0s and I have fun everyday. It’s never a ball and chain. I have other things in my life that suck, but not my job. Okay last question, what is your dream job as an occultist?

Niguma: Well I would live in a monastery and meditate all day and do chores to maintain it like they did in Nepal.

Izi: Really what do you think is holding you back from that?

Niguma: I am not sure that low-tech is the way to go, like…the internet seems to be like, the magickal child. You know? I’m not sure I want to give up all the modern amenities.

Izi: You should be able to do both. Meditate and…

Niguma: Well I do that now, it’s true. I worry about the future though like when my parents are gone, what will I be doing.

Izi: I am sure that the universe will manifest something.

Niguma: I’m glad you’re sure. Lol

Izi: Lol.Thanks for being with us again.

Niguma: Oh, yeah, sure.

Second Interviewee: Valeria Diocletian

Izi: Hello Valeria. It’s Valeri-a not Valerie, right?

Valeria: Yes after the region.

Izi: What region  is that?

Valeria: Ancient Rome, far northeast part in modern day Hungary.

Izi: Oh, cool. And your last name?

Valeria: The emperor.

Above: Triarii’s awesome Emperor of the Sun from their album ‘Exile’ which anyone should buy immediately.


Izi: Great. So, we’re going to talk about jobs. How they relate to us as occultists or women. So, what is the most fun and most occult job you have had?

Valeria: So you want me to start?

Izi: Sure or if you’re more comfortable I can start.

Valeria: Okay why don’t you start?

Izi: Well I have held a lot of jobs. Not all of the jobs I have had were ideal but, they all had fun aspects. The most crazy fun job I had was at the biggest hip hop club in the South – Senses. I worked as security and sometimes as a backup bartender. In security I was part of the “Wolf Pack” they called it. I was the only girl on the team, so I handled pat-downs for women and restricted access to VIP and the ladies lounge.

Valeria: Wait you had to do pat-downs?

Izi: There were 800-900 people in the building and less than a dozen security, in the heart of inner city Memphis, so yes, we were looking for dangerous weapons and bottles of booze.

Valeria: Did you find any guns?

Izi: No, thankfully and the only time I found anything was on Dubstep pirate night on this lady dressed as a sea captain, all black velvet and red ostrich feather and the admiral’s hat…the works. She had a huge bottle of rum in her purse.

Valerie: That’s really funny.

Izi: Yeah dubstep pirate night was fun.

Izi: Sometimes I would call ambulances for sick women in the lounge who had maybe taken the wrong combo of alcohol and pills. We wore all black uniforms and stood on the perimeter of the building and at times it was just a sea of bodies you couldn’t see anything in front of you, it was all lights and loud beats and dancing people. Memphis has a black majority and Senses was mostly all black, there were about 800-900 people every night, so it was the perfect essence of Southern hip hop culture. The owner looked exactly like Christopher Walken.

Valeria: How did you get the job it sounds awesome, like partying for a job.

Izi: It was kind of exactly like that even though we were working the whole time.  He hired me probably because he felt sorry for me.

Valeria: Why?

Izi: Well, I rode up on my bike at the beginning of summer in Memphis, it was really hot out, and he came out on the back door and said to come back at 9 when the doors were open. I asked for a job, and he said “Oh you’re looking for a job. And you’re a on a bike. It’s pretty warm out.” and I told him that yes, I had been all over the city looking for work on my bike, as I didn’t have a car.  I handed him my application and he asked me, and it was kind of odd, what ancestry I was. And I told him Jewish and he nodded and said there weren’t any openings but he would hold onto my application. And then he called me about a week later and said I was hired.

Valeria: Do you think he hired you because you were Jewish?

Izi: Maybe. Who’s to say.

Valeria: I work at a local pizzeria. It’s fine. I feel like people judge me based on my job so I don’t talk about it that much.

Izi: People who make fun of your job are jerks. There was this guy – um, on the old forums who had a falling out with m1thr0s over a birthday gift he wanted returned last year.

Valeria: What happened? I sort of remember him…but not like what he said or anything.

Izi: Ugh he’s a pathetic neckbeard…but anyways he made fun of my job like really snidely “You just work at a furniture store”, but he was referring to a job I had quit a year earlier.

Valeria: Seriously? What an a-hole. What’s wrong with selling furniture?

Izi:  Nothing! And it was a nice job, a few blocks from my house. That job was also supporting The Abrahadabra Institute and my art. This guy never did anything for Mutational Alchemy or Abrahadabra, he was huge fucking glommer, a real showpony type of occultist  who just gets into it for the vanity.

Valeria:  My boss is kind of a jerk – or micromanager. He thinks he’s better than everyone, but I’m like, dude, you’re a manager at a pizza joint don’t judge me.

Izi: Oh god I know that kind of person they should not be in charge but they almost always are.

Valeria: Yeah I don’t plan on working in a pizza place…forever…it’s just people kind of judge you by your station in life.

Izi: I hear you.

Valeria: I don’t think I’ve had a job I enjoyed yet.

Izi: Here’s the big problem, okay. I know a lot of people who are smart enough and talented enough that they would do extremely well in a position at an engineering firm, a software firm, any of the big tech giants like Microsoft or Boeing.

Valeria: Uh huh…

Izi: But they don’t have any desire to go to school. I did and it was mistake, cuz now i have a small debt and I was not taught the things I wanted to learn. I ended up getting a stellar art education from one of the few European Academic Art masters in the world left….for a few hundred dollars and web design work. Also the ex hub posed naked for the class. Our kids thought that was pretty funny.

Valeria: Wait what he posed naked for the…class?

Izi: Yeah in Academic art there’s almost always a live nude model, and they get paid. We were really poor and needed money. My teacher wanted to paint Asian skin and he was Chinese, the flesh has an interesting hue. She went up to him with this intense weird expression you get from academic realist artists and intently almost half whispered…”I love your flesh”

Valeria: Hah.

Izi: I don’t and I know my fellow occultists don’t want to end up working in some lab at some lame company that’s inventing plastics or gadgets to be used in cheap plastic junk designed to wear out in a few months. The supply line is horrifying and you dont know if you’re doing something for evil or not.

Valeria: Well you could make medical equipment or computer stuff, that can’t go very wrong.

Izi: True, but it’s not like you’re an optics manufacturer on a street in Boston 100 years ago where you are making some lenses and glasses to help someone see…

Valeria: Uh huh

Izi: In a corp you’re working on some project and the end destination may not ever be known to you. It’s too difficult to know whether a corporation is going to end up being evil. Very few professions can claim that their entire industry is free of corruption, or at least, free of evil corruption like raping the planet and perpetuating old aeon ideology.

Valeria: Yeah it seems like it’s going to get pretty bad here soon.

Izi: Then there’s the crushing debt and inability to switch careers…

Valeria: I feel that way about college, right now

Izi: The New Aeon starts with a lot of pushing. Like a chick getting out of an egg, that is Ra Hoor Khut. Except…less peaceful.

Valeria. Why can’t it be like the birth of Venus?

Izi: Ha, well that whole thing started with Ouranus getting his dick cut off, so….

Valeria: Uh, yeah you’re right. “sigh”

Izi: Perseverance Furthers.

Valeria: Perseverance furthers?

Izi: Yes, it’s what m1thr0s always says when things are troublesome. It is much more useful than “It is what it is” because it is true and it is helpful advice. It comes from the I Ching.

Valeria: Oh Okay. Yeah I can see that.

Izi: Last question, what is your ideal job?

Valeria: Being a Senator, but I don’t have the drive. I do a little bit of lobbying though, in season.

Izi: Well that does sound like a fun job and I think there are probably a lot of people in government interested in the occult, considering Empire and the Occult go hand in hand really.

Valeria: Yeah it’ll be nice when they all come out of the closet, all the Freemasons and paganists in the ruling class.

Izi: Indeed.

Izi: Okay well thank you for talking, and we hope to have you on again at TAI.

Valeria: Okay thanks for having me.

Third interviewee: “S”

Izi: Hello and welcome to S, our third interviewee.

S: Greetings.

Izi: So what’s the left-hand path take on careers as an occultist?

S: What do you mean? Like what do we want to do or what do we choose as jobs?

Izi: What’s your take on jobs as an occultist, what do you think of the oppurtunities out there for magickal folk and witches and so forth?

S: Well it sucks mostly. I’m just out of grad school and I’m working in a lab but there’s hardly any oppurtunities out there wihich qualify as “real”

Izi: Real?

S: Like, meaningful. I’m no nihilist. you work for some corporation and then you’re dead and gone and they take all the glory and riches as well. I wantred to be a sociologist but it didn’t have enough oppurtunities I felt to be worth it.

Izi:  I am not sure what sociologists do.


S: A lot. Sociologists do a lot. Well, business, marketing, realty…all kinds of things in government and research.

Izi: People on a large scale?

S: No. Yes. Kind of. Sociology is all kinds of social stuff. Face to face is microsociology.

Izi: I see. So you didn’t go into it?

S: It’s still an option but no, I am not sure what I am doing right now as of yet. Life is not what one expects, except in the case of things of little consequence.

Izi: Yeah I and some other people I have known do not want to get involved in the sciences because there are problems with where science is at right now.


S: Yeah and it’s not getting better. There is no hope that it will get better because people won’t allow it to. And we’re at the edge of a major disaster that will crush mankind. What’s the point?


Izi: m1thr0s and I truly believe there’s a way out. But it will come at a price. The damages have gone on far too long for anything less than a heavy price to be paid, for sure.

S: What one sows is  what one reaps.

Izi: So how has the left hand path treated your job life?

S: I used to rebel a lot against the status quo. Religious freedom is a myth. No one at work can resist breaking the law by discrimination or harassment once they find out you are a Satanist. It’s to be expected in any work environment really.

Izi: Mmm, so you were open at jobs?

S: Yes. And I was fired for it. I didn’t care then, I do now because I’m selfish and want what’s best for my children. America is a sham, but it’s the best we’ve got.

Izi: Oh. Well I agree it’s the best we have got. There are so many baby boomers who are brainwashed into thinking Satanism is a bad thing. Even people who are liberal or out of the closet, or open minded have this kneejerk reaction to sinister folk.

S: Liberals are the worst, in my experience. They love muslims, can’t stand homegrown all American Satanists.

Izi: Bill Maher was going on about that a lot for a few weeks.

S: I watch him sometimes.

Izi: So you are a theistic Satanist which means you do worship the dark God, the horned one, lord of the night and the left hand path?

S: To put it most mildly, yes.

Izi: That’s wonderful. I don’t worship Satan directly but we’re very fond of any kind of Satanist at TAI.

S: I know, I’ve read your stuff. m1thr0s got me into Satanism when I was a teenager.

Izi: Yeah you mentioned that earlier. On OF?

S: Yes and Abrahadabra Forums. Which I miss a lot.

Izi: People say so.

S: So about the job things, as occultists and especially women, well, occultists are normally just really smart people, and smart people get bored easily, they also have a bullshit meter that goes off and they don’t trust the system, because the system is designed to rip us off. SO people should just not do jobs, and just do what they like, perhaps finding ways to fund that in some clever or easy way.

Izi: Is that what you are trying to do?

S: Yes and no. I’m in the disillusionment phase I guess.

Izi: Oh. What about your faith, does the dark father bring you advice?

S: All the time, but not always. I get anxious about my choices and feel like I’m making mistakes or missing something important. He is very hands off and…not like hands on, you know. I was going to say not like Zeus but it’s not a good analogy. I feel like I have a lot of guidance. But at the same time not enough. I’m cautious like a spider.

Izi: Spiders are very industrious and work all the time.

S: Nature does work a lot. All the time.

Izi: Do you feel like there is a higher purpose or calling to your work, being an occultist or as a Satanist?

S: Some days, yes, other days, no. I don’t know what to think. I feel small, and the world is so full of fools, bad things, traps, with death at the end of it for everyone.

Izi: Yeah I hear that. Hedonism within reason may be a good starting point for planning one’s life at least part time.

S: Oh I have more than enough of that in my life. Jobs and a career is not high on my list of priorities to make perfect. I think I just want financial security.

Izi: I see. There’s not a lot of jobs out there for occultists, and it just can’t be standardized.

S: A haven for charlatans.

Izi: Yeah, right Of course.

S: But you work in the occult…

Izi: I do, it’s true. And I don’t expect people to do such crazy things. Art is clearly occult and if you want to be an artist it’s just as hard as being an occultist.

S: Right, and occult art is the thing right now, it’s all over fashion and music…

Izi: Yep, oh and you could create a church.

S: Lots of money in that.

Izi: Or do a show on some sort of occult topics. So what would be your ideal occult job?

S: I would live in an alleyway, selling dark magickal potions and idols of the ancient and dark gods to passerbys.

Izi: Well that sounds interesting, I hope you get to do that someday.

S: Thanks!

Luis Ricardo Felaro, The Witch's Sabbath 1880
Luis Ricardo Felaro, The Witch’s Sabbath 1880


Fourth Interviewee: Darcy

Izi: Hi

Darcy : Hi

Izi: So what is your view on jobs in the occult, or rather, occultists working in the normal boring work world….

Darcy: I guess the first thing is ive never had a job that was directly related to my studies in the occult. But I work with animals, so indirectly i have an opportunity to practice my craft.

Izi: So uhhh, you are a Wiccan, correct.

Darcy: Yes.

Izi: Great. Um, what kind of magick do you do in Wicca. Im really not familiar with it.

Darcy: Well Im studying to be a veterinarian.

Izi: Cool.

Darcy: And so, I’ve learned as much as i could about old world healing cures using both herbs and potions but also spells and incantations.

Izi: SO, that’s really good, you’ve learned to integrate the occult into a normal job, right?

Darcy: Sort of. I have to keep it hidden.

Izi: I’ve noticed the equal rights that are so popular in the workplace in america rarely extends to occultists, socially at least.

Darcy: Yeah that’s true.

Izi: Which is wrongheaded. Occultists are more effective at everything, don’t you agree?

Darcy: I think so, yes.

Izi: How did you come to veterinary medicine, was it an extension of your path-working as an occultist, or did you get into the occult after you had already wanted to work with animals. Or were your parents into it?

Darcy: Um i picked up a lot from my mother, and healing work with animals just came naturally. When I was growing up there were several times when sick or diseased animals actually came to me.

Izi: So it might be destiny then, or a calling, i mean your path seems to be very clear.  So you said your mother taught you a lot, uh, can you tell me more about that?

Darcy: Yeah, what i want to say is that my mother was trained by her mother in Indian magick.

Izi: Indian as in east Indian?

Darcy: No, Western Indian.

Izi: American Indian?

Darcy: Mm hmm.

Izi: So a lot of emphasis on spirit animals I suppose?

Darcy: Yeah.

Izi: DO you feel like there’s more or less pressure on women occultists to conform in the workforce compared to male occultists?

Darcy: well it does depend on the situation i have some friends who can be quite open about occultism in their jobs. But I’m still going to school and working part time as a veterinary assistant and i have to be very careful. So i think that if were talking about professions, that the pressure is alot greater on women to conform and not give any sign at all of being involved in occultism.

Izi: So just the general inequality that is prevalent between the two sexes everywhere in the workforce is also equally represented in an occultist’s workplace.

Darcy: Yeah.

Izi: Any other thoughts on working as a woman occultist in a mundane job? I guess that was a horrible question


Darcy: No, It’s not i think women occultists need to find some way to support each other more than they tend to do. occultists tend to be very individualistic but i think a lot of times what we suffer from is a general lack of collective support.


izi: Okay, well thank you, we’ll talk to you again hopefully soon.


Darcy: Sure my pleasure.



the most frequently stolen image in the abrahadabra institute’s repertoire




While not unbearably obtrusive, the watermarking of many of the precious Mutational Alchemy images crafted by our founder m1thr0s have to be nowadays, because it’s so popular to steal them. Masons, Freemasons, Wiccans and New Age Shame-man freaks have been the most prevalent thieves. They always display the image with no credit given or any relevant data attached to it. A tall tale about how ancient the image is and connected with some belief system that they promote, and that we hate with a passion is also common. Very often, especially at The Abrahadabra Institute, the images, symbols and ideas are very very new. The image here, for example, is the only one of its kind in the world. It has a very special place in the timeline of occultism and has a very deep and intricate explanation which no one has ever heard before outside of TAI, because it didn’t exist before m1thr0s came along and discovered it.

m1thr0s was the first person in the world to place the tree inside the star (Abrahadabra) correcting the worst mistake Crowley made in his life next to fumbling the 729 Hexagrams of the Ternaries.

Our latest and most annoying thief was Catholic Exchange. The dying old aeon religion of Christianity, with all the grace of a drowning rat, plastered this, our most often stolen image, and possibly one of our most powerful,  on an absurd article on how particle physics is somehow connected to the Canticle of Daniel.

I’ve never had any patience for anything Christian, but much less so when they are stealing my man’s artwork and claiming that it has something to do with their dowdy bullshit.

The image was reported by MythMath, may non-Catholic and superior all-powerful Tetractys God bless him. I contacted the site’s host, Rack Exchange and the takedown happened within 5 minutes.

The actual image was being hotlinked from one of the Institute’s first thieves, a jeweler in Israel, who apparently had removed the artwork from his page but not his server. So, the Catholics were stealing an image and stealing bandwidth from other image thieves, who are Jewish. Sounds like basically all of Catholic history.

m1thr0s and I work tirelessly on this work with no vacations and no pay. Please don’t steal our work, as our motivations are very far from supplying uncreative people with a free concept art and blog clipart department.

• hexagrammal fields •

Hexagrammal Fields is one of the defining characteristics of Mutational Alchemy overall that makes it distinct from every other form of spiritual alchemy on Earth. Whether we are dealing with the 64 binary hexagrams or the 729 ternary hexagrams, the ability to build any hexagram according to a rational and uniform logic puts Mutational Alchemy in a league by itself. It is one thing to divine a hexagram according to traditional methods. It is quite another thing to position ourselves within it and construct it at will as a controlled visualization exercise. This gives us a tenable form of Will Magick quite unlike anything which has ever been demonstrated in the past.

Hypothetically we can do whatever we want to when it comes to aligning the 32 hexagrammal pairs to the 32 Paths of Wisdom on the Tree of Life. The problem is that there is no way to know if our assertions are right or wrong. Neither the Tree of Life nor the 64 binary hexagrams follow an exact chronological ordering, yet both follow an implied chronological ordering from end to end. When Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz studied the YiJing in the 1600’s he discovered an intriguing thing. The older of the two systems he examined (called the Early Heaven sequence) followed an exact reverse numerical arrangement where the later sequence (commonly called the King Wen arrangement) did not follow any. For its part, the Tree of Life starts out following an exact chronological arrangement in order from 1-10 but suffers several unaccountable breaks thereafter. The Proximity Principle steps up to repair the damage to the Tree but correcting the hexagrams leads us into more complex realms of exploration. For one thing, the first 10 of the 32 (called the ten sephiroth) amount to the equivalent of chakras in Ayurvedic tradition. They are special among the 32 constituting the hub around which everything else unfolds.  So a perfect ordering of hexagrammal pairs will have to account for this peculiarity somehow.

four binary and nine ternary bigrams
figure #1

Here’s a couple of charts to get you thinking in terms of the basic elemental structures. For our purposes here in this article we are only going to be focusing on the smaller of the two charts with its 4 bigrams and subsequent elements. We will be using the Word of Perfection to do any actual building of structures. These are all outlined on the far right of the charts under Banner Assignments.  The Word of Perfection (discussed in greater depth on this site) is uniquely perfect for our intention of building these structures with its 3 divisions neatly corresponding to 3 line types we are confronted with here. Briefly stated, a Heaven (Yang) Line is always built with the Heaven Word (A-H-I-H); A Man (Jen) Line with the Man Word (A-H-V-H) and an Earth (Yin) Line with the Earth Word (I-H-V-H). There are more complex strategies we could invoke but in this case it is more advisable to follow the simplest possible method. 

the four pillars
figure #2

I refer to this chart as the four pillars, important because it identifies the four chronological arrangements of trigrams of which the Heaven Descending arrangement most closely parallels the 32 Paths of Wisdom. It is the numerical opposite of the Earth Ascending arrangement which is identical to the oldest Early Heaven arrangement assigned to the mythological FuXi. Mutational Alchemy utilizes both of these arrangements to arrive at its TwinTrees Arrangement, the only arrangement on earth that resolves the balancing of opposites in such a way as to account for the unique characteristics of the ten sephiroth. The chart below demonstrates how this plays out, where the first 10 sephiroth utilize the balanced/unbalanced system of hexagrams to their fullest possible advantage. A balanced hexagram is any hexagram that has the same number of yin and yang lines (always 3 each). All other hexagrams are unbalanced according to this definition. It is a mathematical anomaly that the 64 binary hexagrams have exactly 20 balanced and 44 unbalanced hex’s. Paired together in the right way we get 10 (balanced) sephiroth plus 22 (unbalanced) paths.

balanace/unbalanced hexagrammal pairs
Figure #3
Twin-Trees • Temporals Arrangement
Figure #4

Ordinarily, there is quite a bit of explanation that defines how we get from point to point in hexagrammal field theory but the purpose of this immediate article is to demonstrate the fields themselves in as short a distance as possible to the reader. Consequently, a lot of detail is being omitted from this discussion. The glyph in the above outlines the Temporals Arrangement which marks the furthest place which has currently been reached defining how the hexagrammal pairs are placed on the qaballistic Tree of Life. It is called the Temporals Arrangement due to the staggered chronology of its predecessor (called the Primordials Arrangement) giving us a division that sets the 10 sephiroth apart from the 32 Paths of Wisdom according to the balanced/unbalanced system within the 64 binary hexagrams. This results in a staggered chronology only necessary if we want to parallel the Tree of Life as closely as possible, leaving us with a division virtually identical to the division Da’ath leaves us with within the Tree of Life system. 

Hexagram #64 - Circular Pattern
Figure #5
63-64-CCW Build
Figure #6

In order to build hexagrammal structures we need to convert straight line values to circular ones. We refer to this as alchemical projection. The straight lines become circular because we posit them as such. We posit them as such because it works better and this is the long and short of it. Straight lines work fine as a kind of mental shorthand against a flat surface but lack the power to take root internally in 3 dimensions. For this we need to go the extra distance of converting them to circles which then anchor correctly internally. Occasionally a few people will experience trouble with this despite the fact that it really isn’t especially difficult. It helps to think of the lines as planes which are already circular (or spiral) in nature, whether yin, yang, or jen. In general, practise makes perfect with respect to converting lines to circles.

Choosing which hexagrams to build is especially easy since we can simply do readings, the same as you would if you were inquiring from the YiJing as an oracle. Only in Mutational Alchemy, you can derive your hexagram, study it and build it. Being able to build it allows us to go an extra step in working with our readings that imparts personal power to the hexagram and vice verse. Since we also get Tree of Life properties doing readings this way we derive a great deal more than using conventional means. 


• pursuing perfection •

The pursuit of perfection underscores every major religion on earth, yet perfection has virtually never been defined in a way that is pragmatically sensible from a logical point of view. It is only in the years following the end of World War II that such a definition might even have been a practical possibility, since prior to this it would never have been thought possible that humankind might come to threaten the balance of Nature itself on a global scale. Now we know differently and as I sit here hammering out this article in 2015 the discussion of perfection takes on the question of sustainability more than at any time in human history. Avoiding the consequences of global warming would amount to a practical application of perfection! Reversing the damage done to our environment and restoring Nature’s rich bounty would amount to a caliber of perfection requiring a miraculous change of events in human behavior, not at all likely to occur.  Suddenly perfection is adopting a very real and a very urgent definition.

Religion, generally, has maintained a pretty dismal view of Earth, portraying it over and over again as something to be disparaged and escaped. Called the Realm of Exploitation, both Hinduism and Buddhism  have portrayed Earth as a place of unspeakable suffering, the only solution of which was to quit the cycle of birth and rebirth that draws us to it time and time again. While not universally viewed in this way in Judaism, distortional spin-off religions have generally followed suit with this view of the world so that perfection has been viewed as a matter of successfully escaping its clutches by one means or another. So long as Earth is viewed as the enemy of perfection there is very little chance of including it in any plans that share an imagined perfection with the Earth itself. If it turns out that either Heaven or Hell are internal states and not external places then the possibility of realizing Heaven on Earth is decidedly disadvantaged by this grim outlook of Earth.

The most noteworthy exception to this anti-earth attitude is Qabbalah which defines Earth simply as Kingdom and does not assign characteristics of good or evil to it. East-Asian Yin/Yang philosophy also does not succumb to this notion of an inherently evil Earth where Earth is viewed as the Yin Principle opposing Heaven as the Yang. Tantricism, with its emphasis on the balancing of opposites, does not hold with the idea that Earth must be subdued in order for Heaven to prevail. Heaven out of balance is just as detrimental to our collective well being as Eath run amok, so this notion of Earth as an inherently bad place is not universally held to but has become a kind of fetish among the proponents of apocalypse for whom the path to perfection has become synonymous with the suppression of Earth. The exaltation of Life, Light, Love and Liberty are viewed as universal qualities generated internally where man himself is the right and proper focus of this miraculous attainment.  The thing for us to stay attuned to is the how with respect to the pursuit of perfection. Thus Pythagoras advocates To Know Thyself as the root of philosophical inquiry. Without a keen sense of who we are on a cosmic scale we cannot hope to achieve a balancing of opposites that has any enduring meaning. This means staying abreast of new knowledge that emerges and constantly updating our esoteric knowledge to attune itself to exoteric knowledge about ourselves and our environments. This is why the creation of maps plays such an important role in the ongoing pursuit of perfection.  The cross-referencing of ancient maps with modern knowledge yields new maps better geared to the knowledge we have on tap – knowledge that is bought and paid for through the dedicated labors of our best minds over extended periods of time. These new maps put us in a position of strength pertaining to the ancient goals which do not really change so much in themselves. Rather, what changes are the strategies which our new maps reveal.

The following chart demonstrates how the four bigrams (two line structures) pair against guanine (G), cytosine (C), thymine (U) and adenine (A) to give us a new and revolutionary system of 64 hexagrams that 5,000 years of Chinese assignments could not have given us. This eventually leads us to a new kind of binary hexagrams, the possibilities of which are as startling as they are universal.  

This next chart redefines the Lo Shu diagram with its 9 ternary bigrams that gives us the elemental properties of its 9 internal chambers. This has never been accomplished before until now and would not be possible without the syncretic nature of Mutational Alchemy. Staying abreast of all available knowledge at our disposals is what qabbalah is all about.



 Qabalistic philosophy is inherently syncretic in nature which puts more on its plate than most since it is constantly cross-referencing everything that comes before its view. This is the only way that important new knowledge can be identified and adjusted. In 1953 a body of new knowledge was introduced that will forever change the way we look at geomantic magick. Franklin, Watson and Crick and their publication of the DNA code language was not intended to advance the state of 21st century alchemy but clearly does so notwithstanding.The binary nature of the YiJing had already been identified in the 1600’s by Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz but what could not have been known was the stunning similarities between the YiJing and DNA. Several important books and dozens of scholastic articles have been written on this subject since but my purpose here is to hyphenate how unexpected  breakthroughs in scientific understandings can radically impact our sense of spirituality and perfection. 

For an informed qaballist, the Tree of Life is divided into 32 Paths of Wisdom. The 64 binary hexagrams have always been paired into 32 complementary opposites. Once we know that the 64 DNA templates are a direct parallel to the traditional 64 YiJing hexagrams, we only need some way to align the hexagrams to the Tree of Life to give us a map sufficient to assert perfection against the Tree. We also need a word or method to exercise this assertion. It happens that Mutational Alchemy answers to all of these issues and more. Thus we have every good reason for a high level of confidence that Mutational Alchemy puts us squarely on the road to Perfection, though in truth there are still certain mysterious elements lacking.  These have to do with the external environment, a very difficult thing to control with exact precision. This is one of the reasons some practitioners confine their work to special caves deemed suitable for visualization work. Others establish and maintain temple space reserved for visualization practice. Though not 100% crucial, controlling one’s external environment is a routine protocol in the ongoing pursuit of perfection. We need more capable individuals working along lines that can actually succeed instead of wasting their lives away on fantasy projections which cannot, or following in the footseps of frauds and dinosaurs who have no earthly idea where perfection lies or how it can be secured.  


there is no god but man vs. the stupid atheist


The Thunderbird is a creature documented all over the lands of American Indian territory. They are birds of prey, giant creatures who shoot lightning from their eyes and live in the sky. I know that they are real, for I have met them. Their power can set one’s feet on the path of The Great Work as nothing else can.

Devilry, to the Christians, and perhaps Superstitious Nonsense to the less religious, but both, non-conforming to White Opinion. Opinion, for it does not contradict science or evolution, yet the Thunderbird does not reveal itself either, just like the Christian God Atheists hate so very much. I do not blame them for their hatred. It is a lifeless force to me and to many others in the world of magick, and a force that has perpetrated great evil and great good. Christians feel Jesus, and so he is real to them. I am not one to argue with them but would rather see them be free to explore on their own. It’s not my will to interfere and the old aeon will be reduced naturally by course of Ra’s ascendancy.

The Stupid Atheist,  comes from the famous Carl Sagan quote “Atheism is very stupid”. Sagan didn’t like being labelled an atheist because he was a careful scientist. He was a true agnostic, and wore it on his sleeve as a symbol of his cautious rationality. All religions, one could argue, are merely a symbolic gesture of one’s inner self, or an allegiance to one of the Gods.

So all of us occultists have been watching the drama playing out between Atheists and Theists in the land of metaphysics from our corner in the dark primeval forest of weird. While I was writing this, several threads populated on Reddit’s little occult corner, reddit.com/r/occult with a few people expressing concern over the rabidity of the Atheists who are on the web and being vocal about it.

I knew then I had to publish this, even though I might be talking about it alot. Over half a dozen or so articles at any given time may find themselves in my recycling bin, as I warrant topics to be non important, a passing trifle, or too much, too soon. Not this one, as it seems I know something a few other concerned occultists do not, though it is obvious to me. There is absolutely nothing to fear or be concerned about with the so-called atheists and their hate filled diatribes. (So-called, because they’re not strictly atheists, they’re anti-theists.)

The New Atheists could have been brilliant and progressive, but instead they’ve decided to adopt the same brand of hate filled bigotry Christianity is well known for.

The problems within the Atheist movement are rampantly snowballing, from the snide sexism of Richard Dawkins to the whole radioactive rationality of “We are the New Moralists”. Dawkins stated something that spells the deathknell for anything Atheists hope to accomplish, before they have even begun to make any progress: “”Mock them, ridicule them in public. Don’t fall for the convention that we’re all too polite to talk about religion. Religion makes specific claims about the Universe which need to be substantiated and challenged.”

This use of force and harassment to make another to believe they believe is merely a rehashing of Soviet style collectivism or good old American Indian Re-education. I greatly value the rich culture and diversity of the world’s belief systems. They are fucking fascinating, the architecture that their religion inspires is beautiful and their insights into the nature of man are often very astute.

Birla-Mandir, Hyderabad, India
Birla-Mandir, Hyderabad, India

Occultism abandoned morality over a 100 years ago with “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law” and we’re doing just fine without it. The absurd little sideshow of Wiccanism which is incapable of not thieving and pillaging everything it gets its grubby little paws on, including American Indian beliefs and Thelema, harangue us with “And it harm none, do what though wilt”, basically rejecting everything The Mother and The Father ever, EVER stood for. Satanists tried to embellish the axiom a little further, without actually quoting it, but the Church of Satan and its offshoots has all the signs of becoming an outdated shibboleth. Patenting a scary god you don’t even believe in is a sure way to lose all the followers you’ve ever had, once he loses his shock factor.

Immorality is a different story altogether, and The Book of the Law pins that down to Restriction. Immorality and Morality are human ideas, not universal ones, although Nature has his own sort, based on economics. It’s really all simply harmony and disharmony, and only the framework of Will in “Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law” is relevant.

There isn’t a lot written about Will that is right or even does us much good. It’s a force connected to what the Ancient Chinese called the Tao. I say Ancient Chinese because the last few generations in China have abandoned everything the Dragon taught them. I don’t proclaim to know everything but I do know this  – if everything went as planned, I wouldn’t be typing this from The United States. As it stands now, one can be killed for believing in such things as we Abrahadabrites do in China. The Federal government here in the states has it laid out in their monuments and city arrangements, they’ve embraced it so. And they’ve been rewarded for it.

Choronzon Club by Michael Bertiaux
Choronzon Club by Michael Bertiaux

I think the stench of Choronzon is all over New Atheism, mostly because they are really intending to point out how mediocre man is. Abrahadabra states that mankind is a miracle, a marvelous star destined creature. Choronzon’s mark has been made in the past by belittling man in any way possible. Hostilities are thrown at him to degrade and discourage him. Futility is arranged as his destiny to make him out to be an impotent and miserable creature lost in a sea of irrelevance or under the dominion of terrible forces only gods had control over. The New Atheist is saying the same thing, just in a way that preempts the Nu Aeon’s movement of empowering Man with the adage “Every Man and Every Woman is a Star”.

Courtesy of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo; photograph, Hirmer Fotoarchiv, Munich
Hrw with Pharoah Khafre at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo; photograph, Hirmer Fotoarchiv, Munich (Khafre built the Sphinx and the second largest pyramid in Kemet)

Gamergate, the movement against the rampant sexism in the gaming industry has been more prominent than the misogyny scandals affecting atheism because people like games more than they like morbid and astringent rationality. They’re really worried the scandal threatens games, and they should be. Sexism is an even bigger threat to Atheism, as it has no inherent economic value. The evidence set forward by Rebecca Watson, by the admission of many atheists, tolled the death knell for New Atheism. She wrote:

“Dawkins’ seal of approval only encouraged the haters. My YouTube page and many of my videos were flooded with rape “jokes,” threats, objectifying insults, and slurs. A few individuals sent me hundreds of messages, promising to never leave me alone. My Wikipedia page was vandalized. Graphic photos of dead bodies were posted to my Facebook page.”

Since the 2008  incident, the movement has been mired in a debates about equality. Admitting you’re an atheist, especially a New Atheist, is about as attractive as admitting you have the plague. I don’t want anything to do with them. When I think of atheists I think of nerdy, unnatractive alcoholic nihilists hating women and nyucking it up about how clever they are and how stupid everyone else is, in their easy chairs on internet forums, with perhaps a neckbeard and a toaster pastry in hand. I know it’s a cartoon image but I can’t imagine that they’ll ever recover from this debacle in time to head off the more ecstatic and neo-shamanistic Visionary movement, or the Occultist movement which embraces Science, Magick and Spirituality in one seamless package, sometimes hand in hand with atheism and sometimes with theism.

The New Atheists could have been sparklingly brilliant and progressive, but instead they’ve decided to adopt the same brand of hate filled bigotry that Christianity is accustomed to poking the “Other” with. Just another dogma. Just another oppressive meme to degrade humanity with, starting with women and non-white culture of course.

Liber al Vel Legis has some interesting things to say about this.

27. There is great danger in me; for who doth not understand these runes shall make a great miss. He shall fall down into the pit called Because, and there he shall perish with the dogs of Reason.

28. Now a curse upon Because and his kin!

29. May Because be accursed for ever!

30. If Will stops and cries Why, invoking Because, then Will stops & does nought.

31. If Power asks why, then is Power weakness.

32. Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise.

33. Enough of Because! Be he damned for a dog!

34. But ye, o my people, rise up & awake!

Why do we believe in gods? The straight up truth is that occultism is about embracing Doubt.  As Crowley said  “I slept with faith and found a corpse in my arms on awakening; I drank and danced all night with doubt and found her a virgin in the morning.”

m1thr0s and I believe in all the Gods but we believe Gods are an expression of a higher mind. Not believing in any limits for Nature means that if universe extends multidimensionally so does Nature. Strato was a Greek philosopher, the first to espouse the notion that the universe does not require any other cause, and posited the universe is sufficient first cause unto itself. That which we call God is in fact, the universe, and universal mind. They are the same thing. This is not to say the Gods are not capable of individuality. Individuality is built into the fabric of Nature.

Gods were identified and catalogued by humanity for the purpose of inspiring growth and evolution, Perfection or Completion being the ultimate lofty goal. One may reconcile the inner and outer world, microcosm and macrocosm, through the use of the idea “There is No God But Man” and forgo all of the baggage of slaves.


Nature urges us on to become perfect, pointing at us from all directions with immense mystery and the promise of an ever unfolding evolution, in our only real heaven, simply the here and now and whatever we choose to make of it.


Main article photo credit: The Brooklyn Museum, Thunderbird Transformation Mask by Namgis 1908.

gung ho fa choy

At the beginning of the Lunar and Middle Kingdom New Year, The Abrahadabra Institute wishes you everything you need and at least a taste of what you desire. 2014 wasn’t the year everyone had hoped for, but the Horse brings the pain of endurance to the front of the line, and this time it was no exception, but the element changes every 12 years for the animal. Growth and expansion are linked to Wood, the element of the year, and I watched as friends and colleagues took on new directions, sometimes painful but definitely and inexorably linked to the greater good. Unexpected generosity and anger mixed throughout the year from many different directions, the hallmark of a Wood year.

We’ll be scaling back our web operations in order to focus more on our print projects. Anyone who wishes to speak with us more directly will find us on Facebook

The year of the Goat is a great year for artists in general, as they are the most aesthetically attuned creatures in the zodiac. 

Mountain Goat by Jon Sullivan
Mountain Goat by Jon Sullivan


from one nuit to another: sex and relationships

The more advanced aspects of Abrahadabra and m1thr0s’s discipline of Mutational Alchemy have proven to be far too lofty for much of the current audience on this planet. m1thr0s and I talked extensively about getting back to basics, and correcting some of the inherent damages that have been incurred over the millenia in this world. Both of us agreed that the role of women has been heavily maligned and is probably one of the most significant defects marring the standard of The Magus – the world of the occult sciences. Science proper also suffers from the alienation of women, even though some of earth’s finest scientists and mathematicians have been pioneering women. 

In this particular prefoundational series we’re exploring how women look at the occult.

Aside from Blavatksy  and Dion Fortune, historically we don’t get a lot of opinions from women about certain ideas in magick and occultism. Considering that many of the issues, rituals and focus in the occult is about women or the goddess, it doesn’t seem fair that the majority of the dialogue out there is coming from men, about men’s issues.  It’s not fair for men who could certainly benefit from a female perspective and it’s certainly not a fair representation of women’s roles in the occult, since there are a lot of female occultists.

The series is not intended to be by women, for women, rather it’s an open dialogue on real world subjects which effect both men and women, from the viewpoints of at least two women in the occult.

We chose a text format because I found out that women are actually somewhat terrified of being found out that they are into the occult. In fact my third candidate backed out at the last minute out of fear. They’re scared of sharing their opinions due perhaps somewhat to the occult’s own personal neckbeard problem. You know the type. Women are for use as energy repositories and – nothing else. Tools to be utilized as the so-called mage would see fit. Everything a female occultist does is viewed with fear and paranoia.

In this world the circles in which the would-be Magus must enter if he is to have any social life at all, sees male and female as nothing more than occultist and non-occultist.  Some women were afraid that their families would find out. The sensitivity of this first subject was also an issue. In the future I expect to maintain this anonymity since it seems to be the crux of the issue with women and talking openly in the mysterious world of the occult.

Alchemy regards male and female as quintessential one. Hermeticism also talks extensively about this idea of the sacrosanctity of the special relationship between male and female energy in a magical relationship. The old stuff is replete with sexual imagery, and Franz Bardon, Modern by occult standards, often delves into the somewhat nebulous relationship between male and female energies.

Given the necessity for privacy, text was the only option for our covert female interviewees, who cannot be identified by voice. If anyone else would like to apply, we can transcript via telephone or e-mail. Please contact me at izi@ningishzidda.com for inquiries on being an interviewee

Together over future discourses we’re going to cover everything from death and illness, personal practice, career choices to our first topic, sex and relationships. (Conversations are edited very slightly for syntax and to eliminate snort giggles.)


My first talking partner will be Niguma, who once attended classes at Abrahadabra Forums and who continues to study Mutational alchemy alongside Shangpa Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism. A world traveller, she has been a member of the occult community for her entire life, raised in an avid Thelemite family. We spoke on the phone and for privacy the conversation is recorded in text.

First Interview: Niguma

IZI: Hello Niguma welcome .

Niguma: Thanks it’s great to be here. Namaste.

IZI: So for your own privacy you’re using an alias.

Niguma: Well Niguma is part of my Buddhist name and so it is my name, just not my birth name,  yes.

IZI: Okay. Izi  is not my birth name either but people know who I am.

Niguma: Yes. I don’t want a lot of attention so I’d prefer to stay anonymous. Also I am not sure how my Buddhist family thinks of occult practice so I don’t want to step on any toes. I want to remain anonymous.

IZI: Not a problem. We always have trouble getting women to talk in the occult communities. In every single one I have been a part of. I am sure it is because women are already at a disadvantage socially, all of these expectations are heaped on them to be a wife, parent and a perfect girl – which is insane, and then you buy into it and have no time for spiritual or scientific pursuits.

Niguma: Definitely. I see it you know in my friends but I was raised by a Buddhist and family, even though I’m white. So I have a better platform from which to launch myself into occultism.

Niguma: Mom was Buddhist, Dad is Thelemite by the way.

IZI: Sounds dangerous.

Niguma: lol

IZI: We’re going to talk about sex and relationships to start off with, since it’s a popular subject and one in which men and women don’t communicate effectively enough I think.

Niguma: Well sex is dangerous in Buddhism you can’t just approach it without getting into complications….

IZI: Tell me more about these complications.


Niguma: Aside from social ostracization, you supposedly run into spiritual complications. So if you’re a monk or a nun you not only cannot partake in sex without very serious preparation in a lot of lineages, you also cannot make sexual advances or flirt. If you flirt with a man or a woman and you are a nun or a monk you will get disciplined.  That’s not the case in all forms of Buddhism, but it is a prevailing environment in Buddhism, sex is a big no-no. Any kind of co-ed mingling is also viewed as something to be closely monitored. It’s like Victorian England almost.

IZI: Is there a practical reason for this, I mean – having a family is considered a big hurdle on the path to spiritual advancement. We have reliable birth control now, too. And I have heard homosexuality was not a big deal compared to heterosexual acts.

Niguma: Yes, well I have not thought about it a lot but it could be considered a problem. Monasteries don’t have the means or time to care for infants, they end up with a lot of unwanted children already. Birth into this world brings suffering so you don’t want to add to that by  having children, that’s for certain….Homosexuality is frowned upon in Tibetan Buddhism mostly due to the teachings of one guru. On the other hand Tibetan Buddhism is much friendlier towards heterosexual couplings than other strains of Buddhism which do not like sex at all. In fact in Tibetan Buddhism,  that is, the kind the Dalia Lama is in charge of, in the final stages of training you are encouraged to partake in the sex act to achieve enlightenment.

IZI: But the lamas have to be born, too.

Niguma: They can choose at will and there has never been a time on this earth where there was not an opportunity to be born almost anywhere one would wish. That is if you have the mental faculty after death to choose, and it is believed lamas or Bodhisattvas do.

Izi: Okay so from a Buddhist perspective we should mostly avoid sexual contact, and relationships.

Niguma: Not relationships because that is the Sangha. Just no sexual contact, at least not until you are ready, and again, many schools don’t think there is ever an appropriate time for that.

Izi: I’m not on board with the Buddhist school of thought.

Niguma: That’s okay.

Izi: There is never a time where I say “life is suffering and it sucks so  I want to end all of this”. The pain is a part of it. In tantra especially you accept both pleasure and pain as unavoidable and there’s merit associated with partaking of it.

Niguma: That’s true, and not too far from the first Buddha’s message – Siddhartha. His was the path of moderation never extremism. He tried and it failed him. So I think sex is one of those things where it’s a moderation practice. If you subscribe to Tibetan Buddhism it’s okay for householders and okay for higher initiates. It’s not talked about a lot, still, but it is normal for a lama to have sex with another practitioner.

Izi: Okay yeah let’s talk about the freaky stuff in Buddhism. That’s hot.

Niguma: Lol

Izi: I am serious, there is all of this sexuality permeating Buddhism and Hinduism, and it’s like everyone got so REPRESSED over the past 100 years. What happened?

Niguma: Okay well first of all, there’ s a lot of not-so-nice stuff happening there. there’s a lot of misogyny, pedophilia and other nasty stuff like there is in so many organized religions. The abuse and rape of Kalu Rinpoche at the hands of monks when he was a child was unacceptable. But yes there are some very beautiful mother-father thangkas in the art, and that’s what I think is sexually appealing. You never see  a thangka of homosexuality. Sorry but it doesn’t feature in world creation, which is what the thangkas are attempting to illustrate.

Izi: Okay well I don’t want to discourage consensual homosexuality at the expense of  raping children, and that’s what the Tibetans are doing, yes?

Niguma: Yes the lip service is to heterosexuality amongst regulated householders but like in the Catholic Church homosexuality is forbidden. It’s setting up a really bad situation for poor children who must attend monastery to get education or security, and they are rooming with all of these monks, some of whom include homosexuals who probably resent being typecast by the religious system. They find each other and form secret pedophilia gangs who don’t care about Buddhist precepts.

Izi: See I couldn’t deal with that, I couldn’t associate with Buddhism. Siddhartha was an interesting person but did not solve this world’s problem. He solved a problem, but not the big problem. In fact your namesake channeled through me once. She was pretty angry about how her student had formed the Shangpa Kagyu, and that she did not approve of the lineage. I don’t really know or care that much about Buddhism but that struck me – that Buddhism has fallen far from its source, just as Christianity has fallen far from its source. It takes an outsider to see this but to me Buddhism has nothing to do with Siddhartha and Christianity has nothing to do with Yeheshuah. They don’t even get his name right.

Niguma: Yes. But there’s a lot of good people in Buddhism too so I stay there.  It helps to have it.  Shangpa Kagyu doesn’t regard the body as a bad place nor does it demonize sexuality. I don’t agree with everything the lineage teaches and I don’t put teachers on a pedestal, nor the lineage. One can’t be reliant on the Sangha alone.

Izi: I imagine. But we have to talk about relationships now, in the occult.

Niguma: I just got out of a relationship.

Izi: Out? Describe him.

Niguma: Pretty handsome, okay really handsome, and into Buddhism. But verrrry superficial. I think I fell for the handsome and then realized he was just in it for his own vainglory.  I have a weakness for sexy partners so that’s not great Buddhism, but I thought it was okay because he was into you know, Buddhism.

Izi:  So you were into him because he was handsome and sexy?

Niguma: Pretty much, and into Buddhism. I got some red flags though, like how he seemed to ditch his partners for no real reason except to pursue whatever flight of fancy he got, like moving to LA or if they brought up committment.

Izi: Oh I hate that. Like grow up little boy.

Niguma: Yeah he was pretty immature and I’m glad I ended it when I did. He was not ready to break up but I could see down the road and it didn’t look promising, he would have split eventually when the next new hip thing came along. His interest in Buddhism was totally superficial.


Niguma: Most of my sexual partners have been pretty okay but I am not someone to be tied down myself. I don’t want to live in a house and have kids and be a wife. I was raised Thelemite, so the image of Babalon is pretty appealing to me I guess. Free and happy, but with the right beast. Now you. What is your relationship story?

Izi: I’m married Jewish style to the best occultist in the world.

Niguma: Jewish style?

Izi: You know, they sleep with you and they don’t run away and you don’t yell about it.

Niguma: Oh lol.

Izi: It’s a really bad Deuteronomy reference, ignore it.

Izi: Okay but I am married to m1thr0s and I could never go back to -whatever that crap was I called sex and love before him.

Niguma: You seem to have a real dynamic. You also have a huge age difference.

Izi: Yeah I think it’s sexy.

Niguma: Do you get a lot of looks about that?

Izi: Not really, no one has ever said anything about it. And May December has been around forever it’s very classical. It’s alchemically correct as well. I have always thought I was the effect of his work and he acknowledges it too.

Niguma: Huh. So what…what kind of work?

Izi: Well he was redefining Hermeticism, and finishing the work Crowley began with the I Ching. Quite a big deal. Then there’s countless other discoveries. The Microprosopus and Macroprosopus third formula no one knew about for the thousands of years Alchemy was under the magnifying glass. He uncovered that. The Temporal and Primordial hexagrams layed out on the Tree of Life. But I was summoned. I know that, and I knew what was happening to me. But there was a deeper connection there as I have been with him off world on a lot of other missions. This one is not the shittiest but it ranks right up there with my top 100 worst of all time. He needed me really badly here so I made the decision to  incarnate into the world in 1978, and found a mother in 1980. this had to be a very particular kind of mother, she had to have certain things I don’t want to talk about.

Niguma: Fascinating. So you feel like your love was preordained?

Izi: It already existed and it was part of a plan.

Niguma: Oh right. Wow I wish I had that kind of certainty. I can’t seem to remember a bit about my past lives.

Izi: There is a complexity to accepting the reality of reincarnation, acknowledging your memories as fact rather than fantasy. If there’s no god and no life after death, there’s no point in not relishing the fantasy. Because we’ll be dead soon. I’m fairly certain it is not fantasy or a trick. I can’t imagine the universe being so stupid to me personally at least. Reality appears to be subjective. I can’t get a lot of people to agree with me.

Niguma: On the topic of relationships I remember we were facebooking and we both didn’t find a lot of men attractive. I’m not a lesbian…

Izi: It would make things less complicated…

Niguma: Yes, lol, and probably less smelly. but I think that’s a factor of the spiritual deficit of our world. We really live amongst a lot of spiritual inbreeds, so to speak. I find spirituality very attractive, and that can be dangerous because us woo-woo girls get sucked into cults or whatever. Crowley didn’t intentionally raise any fools but it’s somewhat of a worry.

Izi: I find the false Messiahs kind of funny but can’t imagine who would be attracted to them. I mean they are kind of like a phenomenon you’d think people would be able to recognize by now.

Niguma: It’s white culture. We’re so lost. I mean I’m Finnish and we’re supposed to be one with the land and smoked herring and here I am growing up in Chicago with my parents who worship a batty Englishman, Buddha and watch CNN. Not a lot of culture there except for Crowley, but he’s really weird for a 12 year old girl. I never got into Thelema but my parents were okay with that.

Izi: They didn’t lay the Moon child trip on you?

Niguma: I think my mom wanted me to be an Indigo because it was a fad, but no, she let me do my own thing. They were both pretty proud of me and when I became a Buddhist they thought it was a phase. Maybe it’s a phase. I’m past the point of infatuation and have lived in Tibet, and I’m still here.

Izi: So I’m supposed to ask, and we answer, what is your ideal traits in a mate, and give examples if you can.

Niguma: Ooh um…I havn’t met Mr. Right yet. Not sure he exists. I think that’s why I turned to Buddhism. I mean not just boys but satisfaction, I didn’t think it could be found in this world. But ideally he would be very spiritual, be a good cook, take his shoes off when he comes into my flat, and take me to sushi.

Izi: That sounds pretty reasonable.

Niguma: Is the bar too low?

Izi: I think it’s probably a good idea not to expect too much because you might be surprised about what is possible.

Niguma: I should like to hope so. We’ll see.

Izi: So my ideal traits in a mate have changed a lot. I wanted initially someone who shared a passion for Ninjutsu, and I ended up with a really bad relationship which I’ve talked about elsewhere. He was very abusive and obsessed with sex. There’s just a sexy zone which my mind is very selective about. I don’t think it’s just a “mission parameters” thing, either. It’s got a lot to do with power levels. Martial arts raises it a little bit but it’s not enough for my senses. Meditation of the proper sort makes a guys sexiness levels skyrocket on my radar, so to speak.

Niguma: I think I get that. I have dated the Kung Fu crowd but they are only exhilirating if they have the deep deep DEEP monk level meditation going on.

Izi: Right, its not the martial arts. MA is a dead end ultimately, gets you to a certain point but after that it’s pointless. You get it, you move on. 23 Skidoo. I am not at all attracted to martial artists now because I see through the game.

Niguma: Okay 23 Skiddoo, The….Book of Lies? I havn’t read that one in a while.

Izi: I don’t have a copy next to me, but it’s a good one.

Niguma: I remember, something about getting out of the inn, because you’re an innkeeper, or something.

Izi: That’s the one.

Niguma: Okay.

Izi: Anyways so good powerful meditational practice. That light is like what blood must smell like to vampires to me.

Niguma: Oh Eric Northman on Trueblood. That’s the ultimate hottie.

Izi: I KNOW RIGHT. The guy I am interested in has to be a feminist, and be aware of the issues facing females, since I think that is the priority of Yang, to be aware of this. If they are into themselves they are just Air or Earth, not Fire. I need  a Fire guy.

Niguma: Fire? You mean like Tetragrammaton?

Izi: You got it. And I don’t want Water guys because they are too much the same. I have things to accomplish. I need the Emperor to my Empress. Or a Devil, or a Hermit, since they’re really the same guy according to the Tree and Ching via m1’s proximity principle.

Niguma: I remember somewhere on the boards you discussing how the Hermit was the secret agent of the Empress.

Izi: That’s because of the locations on the Tree they are placed at. They share a secret relationship.

Niguma: So what is sex like for you and m1thr0s?

Izi: lol

Niguma: Getting to the good stuff now….

Izi: I actually can’t talk about it because he would kill me. But there’s a lot of electricity. All the time. It’s so different from what I expected, where I had set my bar really low in comparison. So I was pleased. I think that it gets better everyday too. It’s sexy to learn together, too.

Niguma: I hear that, learning is very sexual. I’ve had a couple of flings with teachers myself.

Izi: Lamas?

Niguma: Oh well yes there was one but I mean just like, in the classroom, like college and then one of the Kung Fu Instructors I dated was, well, my instructor.

Niguma: I feel like I’ve over-shared.

Izi: Well yes but that’s what’s wonderful about this being anonymous. I mean I’m not but I won’t blow your cover.

Izi: It seems like we have pretty high standards. But not looking for anything particularly mundane. I mean a big difference between us and other women is we have our own thing and want to be independent and powerful.

Niguma: I want to be enlightened. I don’t know if a man is an answer to that. Maybe a spiritual man but maybe not even that. Maybe just meditation.

Izi: I think that it’s fine to be satisfied with that. The vestal virgin thing is probably pretty appealing to a lot of girls. But I think the light manifests as mankind, too, and there’s a lot of aspects of the original fire hidden here. A lot of darkness and ignorance, too, but they pass and are gone and the light will win eventually.

Niguma: Yes, the light will win and Nirvana will prevail for all.

Izi: Okay thanks for talking. We’ll do it again.

Niguma: Namaste.


Soror Ma’at

Soror Ma’at  is the pen name of a Thelemite who attends a lodge on the West Coast of the United States and wants to conceal her identity to protect her lodge standing. (Not that we are on bad terms with any Lodges but she isn’t sure how they would react to her going outside the Lodge for occult activities)

Izi: Hi

Ma’at: 93 Izi can you hear me okay?

Izi: Yes

Ma’at: I’m calling on my iphone from a local coffee house the connections not always great

Izi: Yes i can hear you fine.

Izi: So the purpose of this exercise is to talk about everyday things but from an occultists perspective. and were girls of course.

Izi: So whats your view on sex and relationships  as an occultist.

Ma’at: Wow thats a pretty huge topic.

Izi: We could narrow it down.

Ma’at: I think its very difficult for a woman to find a mage that can actually do as much for her as she can potentially do for him.

Izi: I’m not sure I agree. but i have a great mage for a lover so …

Ma’at: Well youre very lucky.

Izi: Yeah youre probably right. m1thr0s says I don’t view myself as an exception to the rule enough of the time.

Izi: But i did a lot of work, magickal work to try and find him and that work started when i was about 16.

Izi: There are things i knew about him because of ritual magickal work i had done and the entailing visions and dreams that followed.

Izi:  That took me him. I got confirmation in a big way….

Ma’at: So you had a lot of indicators and help finding your magickal mate.

Izi: Well i took a detour to a really dead end relationship and got a divorce. That was fucked up.

Ma’at: Mm hmm….

Ma’at: Were there kids involved?

Izi: Yes

Ma’at: That must have been very difficult.

Izi: Yeah it sucks and….

Ma’at: Without trying to get too personal which is difficult on the topic would you say this person maintained a magickal practice for any particular purpose or for parties or more for casual interest?

Izi: He was a deadbeat emotionally, physically, spiritually….a true momma’s boy who ….well gosh in retrospect I am certain he tried to poison me and there was a lot of other weird shit going on…probably a narcissist. He certainly acted like one. I had a ton of outpouring of support for me in making the transition to where I am now. I might not have made it otherwise.

Izi: When i did goetia and summoning and work with vision questing he would play along but i don’t think he ever owned any of it, and the spirits disliked him. I could feel it. m1thr0s repeatedly tells me he’s not real, and that’s kind of true.

Ma’at: So there was not much mutual growth happening there magickally

Izi: Yeah

Ma’at: I would say i experienced similar sort of problem from different circumstances but similar complications.

Izi:  Okay

Izi: I feel like i projected a lot on to him, and he was not worthy.

Ma’at: You projected  a lot on to him…

Izi: Yeah my ex

Ma’at: By trying to turn him into something he was not prepared to be do you think?

Izi: Yes. he didnt respond well to my energy work. i mean he would black out if i went to Da’ath and sort of looked into that energy. The purple energy.

Ma’at: So you guys were going straight at Da’ath as opposing to working withYesod.

Izi: Maybe it was Yesod.

Ma’at: Yesod would be more like the earth triad where you have Venus on one side youd have Hod on the other side it’s called the earth triad.

Izi: Yeah maybe it was that cuz Yesod is purple.

Izi: So whenever i would tap that, he would just short circuit. I never discussed it with him.

Ma’at: Wow. Cuz thats not even basically first base in terms of astral.

Izi: Hahahahahhaha omg what was i thinking

Izi:  Anyways m1thr0s doesnt have those problems. i end up passed out and hes all buzzed after sex

Izi: The result is i enjoy sex alot more. i never enjoyed it with my ex that much. it was really just a chore. i hated trying to make it interesting. he was always interested. this is depressing.

Ma’at: Mmm hmm yeah i can see how it would be…

Izi: I dont live there anymore though its a huge relief.

Ma’at: Well for what its worth my experience was also depressing although for slightly different reasons and slightly different ways but similarily dissapointing, and uh, um, i guess very one sided is the best way for me to identify it.

Izi: Oh yeah. definately. ive never enjoyed sex this much. its worth it to find a mage who knows what they are doing kabbalistically or energetically speaking.


Izi: Ithink the chinese define it as Yin and Yang fluxes. like if the polarities are off you get bad matches.

Ma’at: Mmm hmm

Izi: But thats not all thats going on

Izi: So im picturing that song by wynona rider where have all the cowboys gone in the background except where have all the mages gone

Ma’at: Mmm hmm. there were never very many of them to begin with, in the case of mages at least.

Izi: Well properly theres only one isnt there

Ma’at: Is there? lol. i hadnt considered that

Izi: Well theres the tao, the tao is the mage right

Ma’at: Wow now our sites are like way up high

Ma’at: I think weve just totally sprung a leak in our Yesod roof here

Izi: lol

Izi: I dont know what that means but its funny. “You could drown a toddler in my panties right now. Not that you would.”

Ma’at: lol whaaat

Izi: Oh it’s an Archer quote. Nevermind.

Izi: Not that I’m trying to solve anyone’s problems…

Izi: I know it sounds cheesy, but pray about it. because right before I finally I guess discovered abrahadabra.com, i was doing heavy tantric work praying to Siva and i asked Siva, i said can you please make Greg my ex into a husband like you, and if you cant, please send me someone who is. and i had a really deep connection with the deity at that point. Not doing any drugs either – i was like 26. it was 2006. I was talking to the jasmine flowers in my garden.

Izi: And i came to Abrahadabra and the next January i announced to Greg I wanted a divorce and within just a few months i had an major epiphany, and i mean that in the classical sense – Ningishzidda visited me and it was spectacular.

Izi: Well by the next year i found i was falling for m1thr0s because he pulled me through it just talking me through the more perilous aspects of this sort of major event that happens to all occultists given enough time on the path. but also i was getting major signals from Heaven that i was supposed to go to him. I had a conversation with a certain star goddess who really wanted us to get together

Ma’at: Star goddess? does she have a name?

Izi: Nuit

Izi: But yeah i wont go into details because its personal, but thats what happened.

Ma’at: Thats some pretty heavy involvement involving alot of heavyweights in this relationship.

Izi: well my point is that you will be surprised that if you ask the right people, you might get what you ask for. but if you dont ask, theres no way in hell they can ever help you. its like a rule of the game. or playing field.

Ma’at: Hmm…

Izi: It doesnt end there though, theres the Great Work to accomplish and relationships are always work, everyday you have to tend to them. Plus all of the intricacies of being occultists with a heavy responsibility of being the bridge between heaven and earth, that comes at a price that has to be paid. Its great and theres no other choice for magickal folk. Alot of people deny it and go about their business ignoring the fact that they will all too soon be rotting corpses in the ground, with nothing to show for their infidelity to the Great Work.

Ma’at: The true infidels. That’s interesting.

Ma’at: What do you think about the concept of twinflames?

Izi: There was an occultist – Sebastian who I worked closely with for about a year who was really into that. I thought he invented by him  but lately I’ve been seeing the idea pop up in a lot of strange places. From what I understood it may have been from Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Ma’at: Yes that’s right. A bit New Age you might not like it….

Izi: I never got into his stuff so I have no idea. Anyways Sebastian – he said that the singular supersoul as described by Krsna, splits and continues to split as it descends through space time, until you get here on earth and you have something like 18 different parts of you – your twin flames.

Ma’at: Yeah it’s not like soulmates.

Izi: So….yes I think it’s possible but I’m not about to sign up on the Woo Wagon just yet.

Ma’at: Woo Wagon, lol

Izi: Heh, I just don’t see  a point to overanalyzing it. If there’s more of me doing my job, fine, if not, whatever, doesn’t concern me right now with the amount of work I have on my plate.

Ma’at: Do you regard m1thr0s as your twin flame?

Izi: No, I don’t. He is my lover, brother and master, but I don’t really subscribe to the idea of twin flames…it’s just so…ech…cheezy.

Ma’at: I like it but then I’m a romantic.

Izi: I think m1thr0s and I are very romantic. He tells me the most romantic things. I could probably write a romance novel with some of the things he tells me.

Ma’at: Sounds like you got yourself a keeper.

Izi: I do.

Ma’at: I’m never going to understand why some people find it so easy to get into a magickal relationship that works.

Izi: God girl, I don’t think it was ever easy. I had been trying to find him since I was practically a child. The world was a horrible thing to me and I needed a Magus.

Ma’at: A child? lol

Izi: Well teenager, but same difference. I was stupid enough to marry a cretin and then get pregnant. Don’t do that.

Ma’at: But still, you have what you want now.

Izi: Yes and I feel very lucky, I feel like I’ve been dealt a very fair hand with m1thr0s for once in my godamned life.

Ma’at: I’ve been seeing this guy who basically is just a child myself…he’s waaaaay younger than even I would normally want to date. I am 30 and he’s 22.

Izi: That doesn’t seem like a huge age difference.

Ma’at: It is culturally. I don’t get the bands he’s into and he has a lot of learning to catch up on. I feel like his mom. lol

Izi: That can suck. Nobody wants to be a mom to their lover, not truly.

Ma’at: I’ve heard some women really get into it, but, eh, not me.

Izi: So why are you dating him?

Ma’at: I was bored and sexy.

Izi: lol

Ma’at: I better not say anymore because I have no idea who is going to be hearing this.

Izi: It’s all typed.

Ma’at: Oh, good. Change the ages then so he can’t guess.

Izi: Will do.

Ma’at: I think I’m tired of talking about men and boys. Men-boys.

Izi: That’s really the crux of the whole issue here isn’t it? As women we’ve grown a lot faster through our tribulations than many men.

Ma’at: Maybe.

Izi: I hope to have you on again in the future Ma’at, it’s been nice talking to you.

Ma’at: You too Izi….I would like to go again as well.




blue star kachina will melt your face, red star kachina will lop off your head

Not the pretty picture plastic shamans espouse, is it? And about as accurate.

We got this letter a while ago, (I’ll show it to you below) and  a recent interaction on reddit/occult called to my mind the increasing insurgence of interest in American Indian ritual magick, prophecy and superstition that comes along every few years.

The shallow and culturally poor glom off bits and pieces of really badly copied magick, from a people they don’t know.  The slipstreaming never stops.   The cry of “But I have so much respect for Native Americans/First Nations!” is very shallow. To respect a people, you must first know about them! I have actually been to the reservations of many many different tribes, and talked to the people. I have family living on  reservations, do you? 

The post I had an issue with on reddit was presented by a boy, of working age who had a father divorcing a mother. The mother was an “alleged” witch, and was using magick against the father to gain the upperhand in the divorce. Fine by me. I am not going to get in the way of another occultist’s will. People started trying to help the son, even though he was a self admitted plebian/non-magick user, and had no evidence that the father was not an abomination. Then they started pimping out American Indian culture to him, like a cheap and easy cure all.

They kept repeating the New Thought zany mantra to buy some sage and “smudge” the house.  These are sacred traditions. You cannot buy sage at a Wiccan store and call it good. It has to be harvested respectfully, with will and intent, at the right time of year, during a specific part of the plant’s cycle, and from a specific species, which is very rare and not available commercially, generally. 

Occultists, we are better than this. Stop repeating plastic shaman tripe. If you genuinely want to learn about a tribe’s medicine ways, move to the reservation. Find an elder to teach you. Commit yourself to serving his or her family and taking care of them. This is what students of the medicine ways do for their teachers in real tribes with real medicine traditions, all over the world. 

Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth. – Madhasudhana, Krsna

This symbiotic relationship in the oral tradition between teacher and student, where the teacher gives the tradition and the student gives service is sacrosanct and dates back to the dawn of man. This is what is lost on these people who go to a sweat lodge ceremony and pay $500 to do it. Medicine ways taught by the elders are free in American Indian cultures.  Pay it forward by buying their artwork in return. Do their yardwork. Bring them food, blankets or other necessities. This is the red way, which none of the plastic shamans are going to teach you. 

 The letter (anonymous)

I have watched a video caller the Secret Alchemy, which made a connection with the Holy cross  and Hopi prophesies of The Blue Kachina.
First thing came into my mind when I saw the name Blue Kachina was the Blue Twinstar, and I have been wondering if they are connected. As the video suggests, the Blue Kachina is actually a massive explosion in the center of our Galaxy that happens every 13000 years, and some people have estimated that next explosion will happen on the winter solstice of 1212.
One of the reason why I thought of the Blue Twinstar was because I though that the description of the effects of The Kachina explosion on a macrocosmic level seem to fit the changes that one would encounter on a microcosmic level, perhaps as a total result of the Great Work, effects such as transcendence of the Soul over Matter and the Unification whilst remaining individualized.
I hope I wont offend anyone with my curiosity, as my thoughts are solely based on my own subjective observations.

 My reply:

The Hopi are related to the Anasazi, small desert people who were once traders to the Aztec nation. There were quite a number of religious ideas exchanged,  including the idea that you had to sacrifice a lot of people to get what you wanted from the gods, in weird, festive and sometimes terrifying ways. In one excavation at an ancient Hopi well, over 90 skeletons were found, gifts to the underground water serpent god, probably.  They live all over the world now, but their homeland is in a small corner of the American Southwest between New Mexico and Arizona. I visited the “Mesas” in 2009. The place isn’t without problems, but one of the things that needs to be known about the Hopi is that they are very private, much more so than some other tribes I’ve encountered.
Isolated desert peoples distill concepts very effectively and come up with very innovative spiritual practice due to their isolation.  I don’t know that the Hopi believe this story about the galaxy explosion, and even if some do, don’t think that the whole tribe holds the opinion. Many of them don’t even know the meaning behind the religious symbols on the Katsinas body and accoutrements. In some people’s opinion, Hopi spirituality  is like a dead language – still practiced, not really evolving. Others believe that only a few dedicated individuals, exclusively medicine men and women can make decisions about the religion and evolve it. It’s not clear what occurs inside the tribe unless you are a part of the tribe. Even then, there are secret societies within  the tribe itself that share nothing with others in the tribe already.
From what I understand the Blue Star Kachina was not clearly identified. It could be either a spacecraft, god or a planet that lands or crashes on earth, the last stage in the so-called Hopi Prophecies. It doesn’t really match the status of the TwinStar as the generating seed of all existence, the connection that bridges Malkuth to Ain Soph Aur, or all of the other curious properties that we’ve been studying all of these years at TAI. 

I don’t know that the video you watched (link was removed) is made by the Hopi people. The maker does not name any elders or medicine people in the video description or credits. This is important. If it’s not made by the Hopi people, or someone who has lived with them a long time,  it is highly offensive and should not be taken seriously at all. We’re allowed to speculate on syncreticism as much as we like – for example, wondering if the TwinStar is the Blue Star Kachina, but making a factual statement about a culture we don’t belong to like this is wrong.  The Hopi as a people are not generally ready to join the global conversation on magick and the occult, and until they are they need to be left alone, and their ideas need to be left to them to disseminate on their terms. This is the same right any culture has. 

If you want to find out about anything American Indian, it’s not untoward to call the tribe. Ask them. They might put you in touch with someone who is very passionate about the topic and wants help getting the word out. They might laugh at you. They might tell you to fuck off. It’s the only right way to find out.  You can also visit in person.  Set up a visit at the hotel they run and spend a few days or preferably a few weeks there. Accept the place and people for what it is.  The truth is that the Hopi know about as much as anyone else. It’s a form of cultural genocide to put a people on a pedestal and then be dissapointed with them when they fail to meet expectations. White tourists do this all the time with American Indians, forgetting that the reservations they are visiting are some of the most poverty stricken places on earth with all of the problems that face afflicted areas. 

The TwinStar


The TwinStar is alive, readily accessible, a proof of Abrahadabra. It has been created by m1thr0s alone, it’s not a nebulous prophecy, and it is presented on its own terms, outside of exclusive cultural boundaries. It doesn’t need to appropriate the Blue Star Kachina prophecy to legitimize it. It’s logically tight and can be experienced directly without taking anyones word on it. Sloppy intuitive and artistic interpretations are not for the serious occultist, especially when they are taking advantage of an exclusive culture that wishes to keep its ceremonies and beliefs secret for now.



There is an account of some Hopi etchings that have been reproduced for study within the tribe. The story goes that the etchings were made by lightning and the originals are in the Grand Canyon. It depicts a person surrounding by a serpent like an ouroboros serpent, and the persons head is cut off by the serpent. The elder referred to the serpent as the Purifier. The Purifier is a more sinister figure than the plethora of New Age and Conspiracy wingnuts  seem to want to believe, and considering there was a lot of human sacrifice going on in the past in the Hopi tribe, the cultural fixation on a REALLY BIG sacrifice is not far off from simply being a deeply embedded cultural memory and a longing to be redeemed by a big powerful sky god.  The prophecy states that the sky will be red one day when we wake up and the red star kachina, the Purifier will arrive to begin purification. Not much else is known (or else the Hopi have not been forthcoming about it). I assume it means a lot of blood shed and head rolling if its just a myth, and if it’s a real prophecy that will come true someday, your guess is as good as mine. Any assumptions are pretty much useless at this point, sort of like Eliphas Levi’s crackpot flowery theories about attaining World-of-Warcraft-esque occult achievement awards.


“To attain the SANCTUM REGNUM, in other words, the knowledge and power of the Magi, there are four indispensable conditions–an intelligence illuminated by study, an intrepidity which nothing can check, a will which cannot be broken, and a prudence which nothing can corrupt and nothing intoxicate. TO KNOW, TO DARE, TO WILL, TO KEEP SILENCE–such are the four words of the Magus, inscribed upon the four symbolical forms of the sphinx.”

“You are called to be king of air, water, earth and fire; but to reign over these four living creatures of symbolism, it is necessary to conquer and enchain them. He who aspires to be a sage and to know the Great Enigma of Nature must be the heir and despoiler of the sphinx: his the human head, in order to possess speech; his the eagle’s wings, in order to scale the heights; his the bull’s flanks, in order to furrow the depths; his the lion’s talons, to make a way on the right and the left, before and behind.”


Oh so it’s about despoiling the Sphinx, I get it. People fall too easily for “You have won a special prize” routine.  This whole line of shit is about a misconception about man’s relationship to nature. And that, the Hopi have not made the mistake of doing, which is perhaps the great lesson one can learn from all American Indian people, at least those that still follow the Good Red Road.

It baffles the wannabe tribe. “How could anyone not lose touch of their proper relationship to nature?” It’s the 1/16th Cherokee man’s disease to take the price of technology  and equate it with the  inevitable rape of nature. It’s sort of taken for granted that this will happen. That’s just not how it is all over the world among literally thousands of tribes of people. This is not how it is with very advanced science and the kind of science and technology the Abrahadabra Institute is interested in. However, the idea that nature must be conquered could never be more obvious to a person who is a part of the wannabe tribe.

I mean Nature created you, you worthless dweebs, it’s not like you can return the favor. “Oh no no no, Nature didn’t do that, God did that”. God. What the fuck is God?

The Hopi people have never espoused that this is to be translated as a comet, or Nibiru or whatever else the New Agers think up next. So it is important at least that if we want to make such theories, that we base them on our own thesis, and not on the prophecies of another people. They have access to all of the information we do today in astronomy but they do not equate the prophecies with stellar events.