methodology: 64 dakini mantra/tantra outcome: vishnuloka

Vishnu at Angkor, photo credit Rama Arya, used with permission.
Vishnu at Angkor, Cambodia photo credit Rama Arya, used with permission.

In this series I explore the method and outcome of various magickal rites, attempting to equip the practitioner with the tools they need to succeed in achieving their own ascension (or descent as it may be). 


That morning I had a chance to perform the traditional sixty-four yogini mantra, which is given below, with the simple warning to not use it frivolously. It is not in the same class as all-auspicious universal godhead mantras such as the so called hare kṛṣṇa mantra:


hare rāma hare rāma

rāma rāma hare hare

hare kṛṣṇa hare kṛṣṇa

kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa hare hare

This class of mantra given above is designed to meet the most basic spiritual needs.  It repels the demon Kali (Not to be confused with the goddess Kali) It requires no previous qualifications, and does not cause any unreasonably difficult side effects, so it’s a good starting point for beginners in mantra. It addresses a trio of the divine, Balarama (“Rama”) and his younger brother, the black god, Krsna (“Krishna”), and the aspect of Devi called Hare (Subhadra, their sister, not Radharani, although some like to attribute it to Radhe-Krsna, there is a separate mantra for the Vrindavan couple).  This trio comes from a very ancient period in Bharat’s history, and are still depicted in their original tribal form today, even in mainstream and modernized sects like ISCKON. 

The Balrama, Subhadra and Jagganath Krsna from the temple I grew up in. They are still there! I thought these were incredibly weird looking when I was small.
The Balarama, Subhadra and Jagganath (Krsna) from the temple I grew up in. They are still there! I thought these were incredibly bewildering when I was small.

Mantras are usually, but not always, sung in Sanskrit language. An Indo-Iranian language, it should be of especial interest to students of Sumerian religious practices, as most evidence points to Sumerians as being Australoids, that is from Australia, sharing linguistic and genetic characteristics with Australians and with Indians also consider Australoid.  Sanskrit is more melodic than Sumerian, and lends itself to hymns better, but use of Sumerian god names should be considered appropriate when one is able to find application.  The Sumerian language disappeared from India around 2000 BC.  (Read more by Dr. Ashok Malhotra:

Another good example of a “vanilla” mantra, and equally good for your body of light is the elemental formula is the Panchakshari:

Oṃ Namaḥ Śivāya

This is a classical element base mantra, invoking all the elements except earth as well as the god Siva, who is most famously known for being the god of destruction and the tandav (dance of destruction).  When used frivolously it has no ill effects and does good for the mind and body of the practitioner. It is also often used as a healing mantra or to ward off evil. 

The yoginis, or dakinis, on the other hand, are considered to be quite dangerous. One must be a highly experienced tantric practitioner to be confident one will come out through the ordeals they throw at you alive. I do not recommend this mantra to anyone who has not at least experienced the so-called HGA phenomenon or established a good, sound, working relationship with some, any aspect of Devi. This will be enough to control and pacify all that Shakti will throw at your feeble mind. 

 Some will argue that it’s best not to distribute texts widely known to be dangerous to potentially uninitiated viewers, but the truth is, without all of the risk and danger, the occult becomes  boring or droll, and sometimes a bronc is what a student needs to learn how to succeed. 

The 64-Dakini Mantra

64 Yogini Temple
Chausath Yogini temple known as Mahamaya temple which includes the statues of the 64 dakinis surrounding an open sky temple. Photo Credit: Soumendra Barik

ॐ is pronounced “Aum”, or “Ohm”.  Svāhā is a “hail” and refers to the goddess svāhā, who presides over sacrifices and is the wife of Agni, the fire god, the first god mentioned in the oldest book of Sanatana Dharma, The Rig Veda. Note that this 8-fold expansion contains all ten of the Mahavidyas, the aspects of devi that represent the divine feminine goddess form of the Tetractys of pythagoras. Thus the TwinStar is also embedded in this mantra along with all 64 hexagrams of the I Ching! 

ॐ  Kali Nitya Siddhamata svāhā

ॐ Kapalini Nagalakshmi svāhā

ॐ Kula Devi Svarnadeha svāhā

ॐ Kurukulla Rasanatha svāhā

ॐ Virodhini Vilasini svāhā

ॐ Vipracitta Rakta Priya svāhā

ॐ Ugra Rakta Bhoga Rupa svāhā

ॐ Ugraprabha Sukranatha svāhā

ॐ Dipa Muktih Rakta Deha svāhā

ॐ Nila Bhukti Rakta Sparsha svāhā

ॐ Ghana MahaJagadamba svāhā

ॐ Balaka Kama Sevita svāhā

ॐ Matra Devi Atma Vidya svāhā

ॐ Mudra Poorna Rajatkripa svāhā

ॐ Mita Tantra Kaula Diksha svāhā

ॐ Maha Kali Siddhesvari svāhā

ॐ Kameshvari Sarvashakti svāhā

ॐ Bhagamalini Tarini svāhā

ॐ Nityaklinna Tantraprita svāhā

ॐ Bherunda Tatva Uttama svāhā

ॐ Vahnivasini Sasini svāhā

ॐ Mahavajreshvari Rakta Devi svāhā

ॐ Shivaduti Adi Shakti svāhā

ॐ Tvarita Urdvaretada svāhā

ॐ Kulasundari Kamini svāhā

ॐ Nitya Jnana Svarupini svāhā

ॐ Nilapataka Siddhida svāhā

ॐ Vijaya Devi Vasuda svāhā

ॐ Sarvamangala Tantrada svāhā

ॐ Jvalamalini Nagini svāhā

ॐ Chitra Devi Rakta Puja svāhā

ॐ Lalita Kanya Sukrada svāhā

ॐ Dakini Madasalini svāhā

ॐ Rakini Papa Rasini svāhā

ॐ Lakini Sarvatantresi svāhā

ॐ Kakini Naganartaki svāhā

ॐ Sakini Mitrarupini svāhā

ॐ Hakini Manoharini svāhā

ॐ Tara Yoga Rakta Poorna svāhā

ॐ Shodashi Latika Devi svāhā

ॐ Bhuvaneshwari Mantrini svāhā

ॐ Chinamasta Yoni Vega svāhā

ॐ Bhairavi Satya Sukrini svāhā

ॐ Dhumavati Kundalini svāhā

ॐ Bagla Muki Guru Moorthi svāhā

ॐ Matangi Kanta Yuvati svāhā

ॐ  Kamala Sukla Samsthita svāhā

ॐ Prakriti Brahmandri Devi svāhā

ॐ Gayatri Nitya Chitrini svāhā

ॐ Mohini Matta Yogini svāhā

ॐ Saraswathi Svarga Devi svāhā

ॐ Annapoorni Shiva Samgi svāhā

ॐ Narasimhi Vamadevi svāhā

ॐ Ganga Yoni Svarupini svāhā

ॐ Aprajita Samaptida svāhā

ॐ Camunda Parianganatha svāhā

ॐ Varahi Satya Ekakini svāhā

ॐ Kaumari Kriya Shaktini svāhā

ॐ Indrani Mukti Niyantri svāhā

ॐ Brahmani Ananda Moorthi svāhā

ॐ Vaishnavi Satya Rupini svāhā

ॐ Mahesvari Para Shakti vāhā

ॐ Lakshmi Monoramayoni svāhā

ॐ Durga Satchitananda svāhā

The dakinis, literally “sky dancer” is a female spirit embodied in the form of a flying lady, the East Asian version of an angel. Some of them are quite sinister and terrifying. The old world vultures who participate in the sky burial ritual of the Tibetan Cho practice are the living embodiment of the dakinis. Followers of Thelema will be pleased to know that vultures are also symbols of Ma’at, the heir apparent “Hrumachis”  to our young Aeon of Ra Hoor Khut, and so this ritual will yield immense insight into the current aeon as well as put one in touch with the fierce dakinis which will be useful in an age of War and Science. 

Vultures, the living embodiments of Dakinis, awaiting breakfast being prepared by the priests out of a dead devotee. Attribution: China Buddhist Encyclopedia. Full article here:
Vultures, the living embodiments of Dakinis, awaiting breakfast being prepared by the priests out of a dead devotee. Attribution: China Buddhist Encyclopedia. Full article here:


The Dakinis are often associated with Siva, with him as the “axle in the wheel” surrounded by these whirling feminine energies that power both him and the universe. It is with some surprise that I got the result of Vishnu in accord with a meditation that would normally be associated with Shakti or Siva, but it is certainly welcome and I attribute it mostly to the positive response from one or more Dakinis connected with Vishnuloka. The endless debate upon whether Vishnu or Siva are the same or separate deities is not very important to me – Vishnu liked to come to me as Mahakala, Siva shows himself to me as Balarama, the “original Krsna” as Sri Prahbupad calls him. Krsna is the fair face for feeble human minds. The reality is – terrifying. As it should be. 


So why this series? I’m working on a Mutational Alchemy curriculum but teachings are necessary right now, all the time for lost seekers. There has been a lot of confusion over the past few decades in the so-called “occult” in the few internet forums and less than reliable books available to serious students of esoteric arts. Bearing this in mind I set out to compose a series of firsthand accounts including methodology and outcome that were not framed by incompetence or overly eager accounts of half baked initiates pretending to the title of Magus.

If this seems harsh, it is meant to be. Pretenders have grown far too bold and absurd in their claims  of performing magick when they are only deluding themselves. Most are easy to spot, even for the less experienced, but they can be vain wastrels and their falsehoods need to be exposed whenever possible. 

The adage: “To Dare, To Know,  To Will, To Go, To Keep Silence” is at all times advised as a ward against this sort of impropriety and to clarify the importance of freedom in personal practice – try anything within your own limits of reason.

While no one can ever describe the essence of a real magickal experience, it is true that hearing about what is possible may affirm, inspire or yes, even deter. So it is clearly important that a high standard of integrity be maintained in recording and relaying magickal ritual experience data. 

With that said, here is the first of these. Almost all magickal experience is spontaneous, it’s difficult to predict and always, of course, powerful. That is the primary reason for occult’s popularity- the divine is wonderful and far more addicting than base intoxicants such as alcohol or sex.  There is nothing more blissful than divine union. 


September 4th 3-4AM

Earlier that day I had performed the 64 Dakini Mantra listed before.  Sleep overtook me after working on yet another aspect of the curriculum.

There is a place between waking and sleep where subconscious meets conscious mind, which is very useful for communicating between realms. 

 I encountered a number of different “gateways” – one may linger but these realms are transitory when a game is afoot.  It’s a bit like travelling through a tunnel, but far less linear.  Something was pulling me in towards a central domain.

Fear is a huge problem during these events, and yogis and yoginis need to try to overcome their various deep seated fears or likes and dislikes before attempting to cross such distances. These fears and biases can be very hard to bring up to observe unless you have an experienced guide or chemical to bring them out. They can literally destroy the lives and peace of those who are not in control of their senses and are not mindful. Thoughtless people, those who desire greatly the fruits of their various actions, those with uncontrollable sexual or blood lust are in great danger when undergoing almost any kind of serious meditational operation. This is not merely a matter of self control, but of awareness. One must be aware of their position in relationship to universe herself, and be mindful of karma. Karma is not merely a “law of return” it is the mental asana and a very easy thing to navigate once you know its tricks. Cursing someone, killing someone and other actions normally viewed as sinful are all based on context, as one learns reading the Vedas. I am not condoning killing, as a vow of non-violence is preferable. But a soldier in a war must fight, that is a soldier’s duty. The Bhagavad Gita teaches us that. Fear is a greater impediment in my opinion, than pride, lust, violence or anything else. Ravana was the greatest devotee of Siva, no small feat, and he was filled with passions. Also a very great king. If he was afraid he would have never achieved such great success. Compare him with Arjuna, who was frozen, petrified on the battlefield. Krsna warns him of such behavior, that it leads to infamy. 

To conquer fear that disrupts meditation and the achievement of enlightenment, the Buddhists took to Chod practice for example, where the dharma guardians send you terrifying visions for you to overcome (after giving them permission to do so of course.) Some simple over the counter chemicals will also send you into a terrifying delerient state but this is not recommended as one can be overcome by their fears.  One fearful thought can be enough to bar entry or send your mind squarely back into your body, failing union.  There are other gates requiring different parameters, but fear is the one that will summarize the majority of setbacks. 

During “ascension” depending on various circumstances, one may be able to “see” various realms as they pass through them, or it may simply all be a blur. In this case I was stopping for a few seconds as as I passed through each gate.  If I was afraid at any one of these gates I would be turned back. There was one realm that was full of rolling black thunderclouds. Finally I came to a chamber full of pink lotuses, and golden light permeated the vast expanse. There a pair of eyes emerged from thin air and finally the full form of devi appeared clothed in red. This is the form of Lakshmi, although when I saw it I attributed it to Lalita Tripurasundari at first. The clear difference is the pink lotuses are Lakshmi’s, and although Lalita is also attired in red, she is much more childlike in her disposition than this one. Lakshmi is senior to her emanation of Lalita Tripurasundari. Lalita represents the desires connected to wealth, and is a playful one, Lakshmi represents wealth itself, and above all else, spiritual wealth. 

"Vishnu and Lakshmi on Shesha Naga, ca 1870" by Anonymous - V&A Museum [1]. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -,_ca_1870.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Vishnu_and_Lakshmi_on_Shesha_Naga,_ca_1870.jpg
“Vishnu and Lakshmi on Shesha Naga, ca 1870″ by Anonymous – V&A Museum [1]. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –,_ca_1870.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Vishnu_and_Lakshmi_on_Shesha_Naga,_ca_1870.jpg

It is important to note in visions that the form takes precedence in the mind over and above one’s expectations. – there is a reason why the artists of Bharat depict Lakshmi as on a pink lotus, clothed a certain way. That’s how she actually appears to her devotees, and it does vary a little, but not so much that you would not be able to recognize her in this universe.  Human minds are fortunately very similar.

Some kind of transaction took place between us, she approved me, and I got through – the next gate was the entrance to Vishnuloka, although I did not realize where I was or who I had just met until I passed through. 

A dark rolling sea of crashing waves, lightning and a twilight sky were all around and I became aware of Vishnu’s presence. He allowed me to know who was talking to me. The divine is very good at disguising itself and one should never assume anything when it comes to evocation or invocation.  His voice was very smooth and baritone. Meeting with Vishnu is a very awesome experience, better than anything. It is his form of Balram or Shesha Ananata that is my Ishta-dev, whom Guru Prahpupada refers to as the “original Krsna”. This form I know very well via scripture and iconography, but it is nothing next to having such an experience firsthand, for all of the Vedic knowledge one can acquire is merely hearsay in comparison to an actual meeting through Bhakti yoga. 

He granted a boon. Vishnu grants a lot of boons, frequently and generously, like an old grandfather doting on his countless grandchildren.  Needing nothing himself, he  is generally seen as the boon giver and is worshipped in order to achieve Nirvana or anything one might wish for in this material world. As the husband of the goddess of fortune, all kinds of wealth is at his disposal. He might not grant wealth if it takes away from spiritual wealth. However, a boon is different because it confers a kind of choice. One may wish for anything and get it. (And this has lead to many an Asura or Rakshasas gaining the upper hand over the Suras.)   I knew this, and so I chose appropriately according to my lifes work – The Abrahadabra Institute. I asked for help and assurance of its success.

For a moment I saw the glad faces of some beings hidden in the darkness. They wanted this too, and I was in a position to achieve it as I was positioned in the station of Man  (Jen), between Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Yin). 

Lord Vishnu procured a kukri. I only saw his hands as he showed it to me. They were dark blue like the color of a thundercloud. His face was obscured and all of my sight was captured by the bejewelled gold hilt of the kukri, which was sheathed in a gold scabbard as well. It had gems along the scabbard of different colors.  He said “You will know what to do when the time comes for it.” I took the athame and had a much more extended conversation, which isn’t recorded here.  The vision dissipated, I was left alone in my bedroom wondering.

• mutational alchemy as a daily practise •


“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible” – Albert Einstein

*Author’s Note*
*All posts by m1thr0s at this site are amended articles extracted from a much bigger work-in-progress that will be defining Mutational Alchemy in all of its diverse principles and applications.  Since there is a great deal to this topic which is many months away from completion, certain of its tenets deemed as standalone topics are being allowed to run ahead of the finished book. No responsible theoretician would ever imagine himself to be the only one pioneering important new insights all by himself so that where certain breakthroughs strike me as vital to the overall discussion at hand, these will occasionally find themselves posted as independent articles. This should serve several purposes at once, creating interest in the larger work on the one hand while facilitating a sense of fellowship with other pioneers at the same time.

Before we can tackle the topic of the Daily Practise, we need to spend a few minutes considering what has often been referred to as the Great Work. What we know of the Great Work (aka Magnum Opus) at its most personal level is conveyed to us part by intuition and part by deductive reasoning and will tend to follow upon those guidelines we have accepted as definitive according to whatever school or philosophical foundations we have embraced. Thus an exacting, or universal definition is not easily arrived at since it will tend always to be uniquely context-driven  by default. The syncretic method is always about comparative synthesis and distillation, extrapolating from as many sources as possible that which emerges as the prevailing (or dominant) theme or defining characteristics. 

Among the definitions of the Great Work that we find, a partial list follows here:

 The transformation of lead into gold (western alchemical traditions)
 The successful creation of the Philosopher’s Stone (western alchemical traditions)
 Breaking the cycle of Birth and Rebirth (eastern metaphysical traditions)
 The emancipation of Perfect, or Divine Will (western metaphysical traditions)
 The mergence of lesser self with higher, or True Self  (both eastern and western esotericism)
 The uniting of all opposites, e.g. microcosm & macrocosm (both eastern & western esotericism)
 Mastery of the Body of Light (both eastern & western esotericism)
 The fulfillment of one’s True Will especially in Earth (mostly western magickal traditions)
 The perfect balancing of Mind & Matter (both eastern and western esotericism)
 Raising the Foundation of humankind itself (chiefly a qabbalistic doctrine)

This little sampling of ten bullet points could ultimately extend to well over a thousand if we wished it to but would mostly just be repeating the same kinds of things according to different wordings. My personal favorite is the last one, as I feel it is the most technically aligned to the discussion of *stars* which Mutational Alchemy is especially focused upon. In all we see a common thread emerging which assumes that our usual state of existence (as well as coexistence) is fundamentally fragmented. Transforming ourselves from a fragmented to a unified state of being is the syncretic constant running through all of these definitions of the Great Work. We are born as halves seeking to become wholes in essence. Our half-ness torments and diminishes us. Our whole-ness sets us free. Thus the eastern sages speak of the Great Liberation, which is a virtually synonymous term for the Great Work as defined.

The physical world we live in and ordinarily think of as the sum of practical reality has been described in Hinduism and Buddhism alike as the Realm of ExploitationWhether we are surrounded with the trappings of affluence or are enmeshed in poverty and hardship the forces of Restriction never sleep. It is not necessary for us to think of the physical realm as our sworn enemy. This is a distortional and reactionary response to the kinds of oppression we encounter.  But it is necessary for us to raise a standard of perfect wholeness and reinforce and improve upon that standard continuously, since the world itself will never do this for us. It is not enough for us to dabble in this in our spare time. It is not enough to leave the work to others or imagine ourselves unworthy or unfit to take command of the situations we find ourselves in. It is essential that we establish a standard of attainment and reassert that standard every single day of our lives. This is the point and purpose of the Daily Practise; that we return to and improve upon that standard with such perfect regularity that our counter-measures are every bit as persistent and persevering as Unconscious Ignorance is omnipresent in this world. Our objective should be to remain in perfect alignment even during those moments where we have lost awareness due to the requirements of sleep or even death itself. This is one of the important things that a Daily Practise affords us; the ability to commit our work to auto-pilot such that we are acting both effectively and preemptively even when we are not fully conscious of our actions. 

Mutational Alchemy affords us a vast range of technical practises we can perform daily without ever getting stale or failing to ignite new insights and renewed vigor. This is important since the kinds of practises offered by most other systems tend to get old very quickly. Star Alchemy is diametrically opposed to the rituals of blind obeisance but is rooted in the assumption principle instead – that of becoming the object of worship by way of carefully plotted simulation exercises that systematically remove all obstructions or hindrances between the Thou and the That as defined in classical tantricism. We can only accomplish this with our eyes and ears wide open to every little nuance we might uncover. Suppressing doubt is a very inefficient way of advancing truth purporting to be objectively real. Scientific method demands that we question everything that stands in the way of a perfect understanding. If we abandon that standard we are left with little more than a fragile self-hypnosis ultimately useless if our objective is attaining to a real and lasting success. 

The Abrahadabra Grid as defined in Mutational Alchemy outlines the *star* referenced in the phrase *Every man and every woman is a star.*  Consequently, any visualization work built upon this model immediately engages the Knowledge and Conversation of Trees and Stars in perfect symbiotic alignment with each other.  The TwinStar Meditation is essentially a self-creation exercise since the glyph we are constructing is a symbolic representation of our own star house according to its geomathematical principle, or governing dynamic. Thus the image we are building is also a simulation of our own perfected being – the creator and the created being the same in this instance, where Perfect Will is the driving force propelling its creation. 

 The TwinStar is unique to Mutational Alchemy doctrine and can be rightly identified as the Ra Hoor Khut within. It is the one thing that should be attended to each and every day, even if no other action were to be taken. If we can count to 10 we can perform this meditation exercise. We refer to this as the *numbers method* but serious students will want to experiment with as many variations as might seem profitable as well, such as Abrahadabra itself which can be superimposed flawlessly in place of numbers. 

The Hidden Diamond, occasionally referred to as the Qabbalistic Diamond Sutra, constitutes an aspect of the qabbalistic Tree of Life whose value cannot begin to be appraised despite the fact that almost nothing has been written of it save within Mutational Alchemy discussions. It qualifies as the active principle to the Tree of Life as a whole. It has been so poorly understood (and subsequently neglected) that its innumerable lessons are a completely untapped goldmine. One could easily fill up an entire lifetime working with it alone without ever visiting the same underscoring principles twice. It is not even physically possible to overstate its importance. 

The Lo Shu Square, also known as the Qamea of Saturn in western mystery schools, is the great nexus and portal of understanding underscoring both the 64 binary hexagrams and the 729 ternary hexagrams of ancient Chinese mathematics and general cosmology. For Mutational Alchemy it is the elemental hub of the wheel of Universe itself defining both cause and effect reflected in Mind and Matter synonymously. It can be studied extensively but may also be used talismanically as a means of perfecting the Body of Light. It bears a special relationship to  the Pythagorean Tetractys and is an inexhaustible guide to focused intention

The Hexagrammal Fields constitute the advanced application of elemental fields as outlined in Mutational Alchemy Theory and Practise overall. The hexagrammal fields are the pragmatic keys to unlocking and subsequently harnessing the fullest possible potential of both Tree and Star anatomics. They constitute the most advanced transmutational technology ever conceived at any time in the entire history of human exploration. They lead us systematically to a higher state of physical and mental being than has ever been imagined possible to achieve by any logical methodology. Since Mutational Alchemy has evolved a means of constructing and projecting these elemental fields, their Daily Practise  consists chiefly of doing just that while meticulously scrutinizing them for their immediate and long range applications.  

A very simple way of integrating the Hexagrammal Fields is to divine what we refer to as the Daily Hexagram. It is constructed the same way as if you were using the I Ching to answer a question except that the question is always the same one, roughly paraphrased as *what hexagram should I be working on today?*. You get your hexagram and read up on it the way you normally would and then just sort of watch it all day long: watch for its pattern as it may appear in situations that come up throughout the day. If you have advanced to the point where you know how to build it tantrically (as a visualization exercise), then you do that as well and just study it for whatever lessons it may seem to be teaching you throughout the day. Next day you start all over with a new hexagram. I will try to put together a little treatise on this practise soon just to plug all the technical gaps that may exist from having mentioned it in passing.  

As a general rule, the more demanding a given standard of achievement may be the more important it is that it be attended to each and every day. Mutational Alchemy sets the bar very high, though no higher than what would seem to be required of necessity itself. We can abandon that standard any time we choose, but the odds of success drop off proportionately as we do so.  The entire point of a Daily Practise is that it greatly improves our chances of success. But the points I have listed above do not define the entirety of that Daily Practise.  Esoteric goals are typically more fluid than exoteric ones. Many people seem to believe that no amount of concentrated effort is sufficient to such goals at all; that it all boils down to the grace of God regardless of human endeavor. I know of no way to either prove or disprove such beliefs and all such assertions would seem to be beyond the burden of proof in any case. What we can know is more often than not learned by way of the pragmatic and the mundane…little lessons of life and its workings transferred to us through perfectly ordinary routine endeavors. Thus the Buddha achieves enlightenment accidentally overhearing a lesson between a father and his son regarding the proper way to tune a string! In an instant the great mystery of the so-called Middle Path fell into perfect and radiant focus. 

From this we may know that the Daily Practise should aspire to be as universally inclusive as possible. We should not engage such austerities as may leave us incapable of routine operations essential to day-to-day existence even though it is also true that these are often at odds to each other. The seeker of higher (or hidden) truth is often forced to make unprofitable concessions and these have to be weighed each in their turn. So long as our choices are reasonably informed ones and are thus deliberate rather than impulsive…so long as we are aware of the risks and are willing to accept the consequences, we are still operating on solid ground and cannot be defeated by them. Most of these issues are societal at root anyway, having more to do with what society itself is willing or unwilling to allow of its participating members. More often than not certain sacrifices will be made against the grain of societal norms that are themselves unwholesome and unwarranted demands imposed for all the wrong reasons to begin with. We have to become adept at assessing these kinds of tradeoffs whether balanced or unbalanced, whether rooted in the welfare of the whole or confined to the advantage of a relative few. But the Daily Practise itself can very often be camouflaged in diverse ways rendering it invisible to the eyes of the status quo as the need arises. 

The important thing to take away from this discussion is a conscious recognition of the Daily Practise itself.  We need to get straight with ourselves how important a thing this really is and develop strategies that enable us to hold true to our highest convictions all the time and not content ourselves to put it off for any reason at all. Achieving this is typically not an easy task but takes a concerted effort and a dedication to higher purpose almost always a little overwhelming on the face of things. None of us are alone in this difficult undertaking and any of us is liable to fall off our intended targets from time to time. No one can ultimately tell us what is best for ourselves in this regard and it is unfortunately one of those topics that very rarely surfaces at all. But successful individuals do tend to leave as many clues as they possibly can and we should search these out and choose from them those strategies that seem to fit us the best. The Daily Practise is the key to any meaningful success in life so one needs to get straight with this basic truth lest we find it is too late to make up for the time and momentum we may have irrevocably lost. 

m1thr0s / abrahadabra institute


• the proximity principle •

vertical & horizontal hexagrammal pairs

*Author’s Note*
*All posts by m1thr0s at this site are amended articles extracted from a much bigger work-in-progress that will be defining Mutational Alchemy in all of its diverse principles and applications.  Since there is a great deal to this topic which is months away from completion, certain of its tenets deemed as standalone topics are being allowed to run ahead of the finished book. No responsible theoretician would ever imagine himself to be the only one pioneering important new insights all by himself so that where certain breakthroughs strike me as vital to the overall discussion at hand, these will occasionally find themselves posted as independent articles. This should serve several purposes at once, creating interest in the larger work on the one hand while facilitating a sense of fellowship with other like pioneers at the same time.

One of the most central tasks of Mutational Alchemy has been aligning the 32 hexagrammal pairs of the Yi Jing (aka I Ching) to the 32 Sephiroth and Paths of the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. While the Yi Jing consists of 64 binary hexagrams in total, the convention (since the time of the King Wen arrangement) has been to group them together in 32 balanced pairs. The majority of these balanced pairs are referred to as vertical pairs (or inverted pairs), indicating that the  second hexagram is exactly the same as the first one, turned 180 degrees on its head.  In cases where the second hexagram produces the exact same hexagram as the first, the convention has been to resort to horizontal pairs (or lateral pairs) where each line of the second hexagram is the polar opposite of that same line in the first one. In this way all of the hexagrams 1-64 can be reduced to 32 balanced pairs of one type or the other, without omissions or duplications of any kind.

The reason we would like to be able to do this stems from two most apparent observations regarding both of these metaphysical systems viewed as a natural syncretic fusion. In the first instance there has always existed the general doctrine of balancing opposites within the Tree of Life itself as the recommended methodology of maintaining a kind of peak efficiency therein but also as a means of increasing our ability to receive and transmit mind and matter energy by way of calculated wave-cancellations achieving a type of zeroing effect thought to be essential to the alchemical levity principle. According to this doctrine (asserted both east and west) we are able to experience ethereal ascension (and everything that this entails) by means of balancing opposites in some deliberate way. Thus, by degree, we are able to liberate the Tree of Life from all of those constraints that clog its circuitry or drag against it continuously. Make no mistake about this. The Tree of Life suffers relentless assaults in this world left unattended. Take good care of your Tree and it will take good care of you. Abandon it and all bets are off.

Drawing upon focused intention we are able to align the Tree of Life as a whole in accordance to the Divine Will of Kether (Crown) from the lowest planes to the loftiest plateaus. Since Mutational Alchemy has evolved a method of simulating hexagrammal structures as a controlled visualization exercise, the 32 balanced pairs of the Yi Jing amount to a perfect template for achieving this dynamic balancing of opposites. That the Yi Jing is built upon the same mathematical matrix as the DNA code itself means we have a very high level of confidence in its intrinsic application to life in all its forms, from the lowliest little mushroom to Albert Einstein and beyond. But how can we know which hexagrammal pairs are best suited to the various coordinates within the Tree of Life?  While it is possible to identify several discreet numerical chronologies within the 64 binary hexagrams, the Tree of Life offers us no such ordering mechanism until the Proximity Principle is finally invoked.

the ten sephiroth
figure #1 – the ten sephiroth

Figure #1:  In order to understand how and why the Proximity Principle works as perfectly as it does we need to first run through a very basic primer on the qabbalistic Tree of Life. We begin from the ten sephiroth commonly referred to as the ten vessels or the ten emanations of Ain Soph Aur, or the Limitless Light from which all things originate and are thought to return eventually. There is much which can be said of how these ten sephiroth came to be but what most concerns us here is that they are identified as enumerations (or numbers). By default, this means that in qabbalistic thinking numbers are the highest expression of mind and matter. They are the purest language we can turn to in unravelling the mysteries of Life in its infinite diversity and are thus our surest guide to Truth as well. Numbers allow us to scrutinize the whole of creation without assuming anything with respect to God or some other imagined Creator operating  behind the curtain as it were. Numbers do not tell why things are as they are since they chiefly attend to the what but in many cases the why can be gleaned logically on the basis of  rational necessity laid down in the numbers.

Not included in Figure #1 are the topological constances of  Ain Soph Aur or its antapex counterpoint Daath which positions between sephiras 3 and 4 on the Tree of Life schematic.  That’s because neither of these epicenters are regarded as vessels per se, nor even emanationsbut are hidden (even from the hidden) and have never been considered to be sephiroth in themselves. Their roles are paramount in all cases but their properties are set apart from the Sephiroth and Paths.  We approach them somewhat differently than sephiroth and paths accordingly.

the lightning bolt
figure #2 – the lightning bolt

Figure #2:  illustrates the ten sephiroth superimposed by what is typically referred to as the lightning bolt. There are two kinds of lightning bolt descending from Kether (Sephira #1, Crown) generally conforming to the principles of Yin and Yang of which the one displayed here is the dominant, Yang bolt. There are numerous ways to analyze the lightning bolts but for our purpose at this time the important point to observe is that it establishes the chronology of the ten sephiroth from one to ten. Chronology is the science of arranging events in their order of occurrence in time, so the lightning bolt is giving us our timeline while the sephiroth are the discreet events occurring along that timeline.  The lightning bolt is also coordinating space since it begins from an above beginning (or alpha) location and concludes at a below (or omega) one. In all, we have a coherent Heaven Descending chronology established which coincidentally adheres to a 4:4 timing making it especially robust in terms of visualization applications.

That the chronological ordering of the ten sephiroth is entirely coherent means that we can implement that standard uniformly across the Tree of Life Paths as well. Exactly why this seems to have never been done before is something I have no explanation for but this is a good time to point out that the qabbalistic Tree of Life is an ongoing work in progress with numerous competing fractions attacking it from both similar and dissimilar points of view. Nor is linear chronology the only possible standard for us to build upon, but it is at least one standard that can be applied correctly without resorting to ambiguous subjective rationalizations.

the 22 manifest paths
figure #3 – the 22 manifest paths

Figure #3:  illustrates the dominant Tree of Life today with its 22 manifest paths, but there are more than one Tree of Life in circulation and there have been some pretty smart people proclaiming some terribly inaccurate models, apparently unable to ascertain the gaping holes in their own logic. The Tree of Life is a perennial theme across many cultures over very long spans of time. I will explain the importance of the arrows in a moment.

Mutational Alchemy has a distinct advantage over other models by virtue of having an actual physics brewing at the heart of everything. That raises the bar by more than just a notch or two and forces us to go where others may have feared to go in foregone epochs.  But the Tree of Life has become a compendium of half-logics over time where the standards being adhered to are lacking any respectable system of checks and balances, so people can assert just about anything and no one can correct them except to say that it does (or does not) agree with some other half-baked assertion.  Mutational Alchemy confines itself to falsifiable truth as much as humanly possible and this allows us a very different approach than we see in most other models.

the 16 hidden paths
figure #4 – the 16 hidden paths

Figure #4:  displays the 16 hidden paths  which ought to have garnered a great deal more attention than they have by now. The 16 hidden paths (aka the hidden diamond) define all those pathways not accounted for in the 22 manifest paths system. There are many characteristics of the hidden diamond that make it vital to any serious discussion of the inner workings of the Tree of Life. I am including it here as a kind of rebuttal of the Lurianic Tree of Life arrangement as well as various other arrangements that may assert a different ordering of paths without considering the stunning uniformity of the Hidden Diamond taken as a whole. In point of fact it has hardly been observed at all – an omission which (once again) leaves us dealing only in half-truths with respect to Tree of Life analytics. In Mutational Alchemy, the Hidden Diamond is accounted for via the 16 binary tetragrams which more-or-less parallel the so-called 16 geomantic figures (popular with medieval kabbalists) but for certain alchemical errors found rampant within that historical doctrine and methodology.  Another term for the 16 binary tetragrams is Tetragrammaton, since that is exactly what they amount to. How or why this could be so adamantly disregarded for so long is anyone’s best guess but it should serve as a reminder to us all how much work has been left unattended with respect to the Tree of Life.

the 48 sephiroth & paths
figure #5 – the 48 sephiroth & paths

Figure #5:  simply combines figures #3 & #4 to clarify the totality of Tree of Life paths available to us. It is always a good practise to take stock of all available possibilities and resources when embarking on a project involving any sort of alchemical distillation.  This allows us to be reasonably confident that we have not omitted anything vital to our final calculations, or if anything is omitted, that it can be accounted for on some coherent basis. If we were creating a map of any geological terrain, we might leave out underground water tables for instance, reserving that for a different kind of map altogether. In many respects the type of map we are dealing with in the Tree of Life is even simpler than the geological map would be, despite it being infinitely more important.

So at this point we should easily recognize that we are looking at 10 Sephiroth and a grand total of 38 linear paths, 22 of which can be deemed emanative or manifest + 16 secretive or hidden. The so-called Proximity Principle should (if we needed it to) be able to tell us the proper chronological order of either all or some of these linear pathways; which ever we choose to emphasize. As we will see, it does exactly that…

numbered sephiroth & paths
figure #6 – numbered sephiroth & paths

Figure #6:  Probably the first thing to be observed here is that this really isn’t very complicated. The only complication going on with this rationale is how so many reasonably intelligent and informed people seem to have altogether missed it, or else grossly underestimated the cost of downplaying it.

RULE: The closer the numerical proximity sephira to sephira, the smaller the path number.
Inversely: The further the numerical proximity sephira to sephira, the larger the path number.
Note: Since the Sephiroth 1-10 precede the Paths, our first path begins at #11:

◉Starting from Sephira #1: Three unclaimed manifest paths  (1–2, 1–3, 1–6)
◉sephira 1–2 = path #11  |  ◉sephira 1–3 = path #12  |  ◉sephira 1–6 = path #13

◉Starting from Sephira #2: Three unclaimed manifest paths  (2–3, 2–4, 2–6)
◉sephira 2–3 = path #14  |  ◉sephira 2–4 = path #15  |  ◉sephira 2–6 = path #16

◉Starting from Sephira #3: Two unclaimed manifest paths  (3–5, 3–6)
◉sephira 3–5 = path #17  |  ◉sephira 3–6 = path #18

◉Starting from Sephira #4: Three unclaimed manifest paths  (4–5, 4–6, 4–7)
◉sephira 4–5 = path #19  |  ◉sephira 4–6 = path #20  |  ◉sephira 4–7 = path #21

◉Starting from Sephira #5: Two unclaimed manifest paths  (5–6, 5–8)
◉sephira 5–6 = path #22  |  ◉sephira 5–8 = path #23

◉Starting from Sephira #6: Three unclaimed manifest paths  (6–7, 6–8, 6–9)
◉sephira 6–7 = path #24  |  ◉sephira 6–8 = path #25  |  ◉sephira 6–9 = path #26

◉Starting from Sephira #7: Three unclaimed manifest paths  (7–8, 7–9, 7–10)
◉sephira 7–8 = path #27  |  ◉sephira 7–9 = path #28  |  ◉sephira 7–10 = path #29

◉Starting from Sephira #8: Two unclaimed manifest paths  (8–9, 8–10)
◉sephira 8–9 = path #30  |  ◉sephira 8–10 = path #31

◉Starting from Sephira #9: One unclaimed manifest path  (9–10)
◉sephira 9–10 = path #32

That is the short and long of the Proximity Principle!  It is not a complicated rule of thumb in itself. It is both strong and irrefutable if we are going to base our path numerations on rational chronological ordering. Mutational Alchemy can do this without any hesitation inasmuch as it aspires to a falsifiable truth in all cases and is not beholden to any hand-me-down doctrines requiring of us to blindly acquiesce on the basis of faith alone. The Proximity Principle  affords us the ability to chronologically align the 32 hexagrammal pairs of the Yi Jing to the 32 Sephiroth and Paths of the qabbalistic Tree of Life with a high degree of confidence, complete with an inscrutable (internal) checks & balances. That confidence cannot be shattered by any rational criticisms I have ever been able to identify in the nearly 40 years I have been closely monitoring this state-of-the-art alchemical thesis.

22 hebrew letters
figure #7 – 22 hebrew letters

Figure #7:  demonstrates the logical placement of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet in coordinated alliance with the Proximity Principle. Eliphas Levi is often credited as the first occult scholar to have made this connection, which was later picked up and expounded upon by certain members of the Golden Dawn. In the Hebrew language, letters double as numbers and are assigned composite personality profiles as well as an odd assortment of alchemical attributions. There are at least two kinds of chronological orderings for us to be aware of which are very different from each other. The first type of chronology is empirical where events along a timeline are fundamentally objective, such as occurs with numbers. The second type of chronology is consensual  where events along a timeline are fundamentally subjective, and are thus more volatile and subject to change at any time. We can still make use of consensual chronologies but are much less able to rely upon them accordingly.

alchemical attributions
figure #8 – alchemical attributions

Figure #8:  catalogues the conventional alchemical assignments we find in practice at the time of this writing, in concert with the Proximity Principle such that their exact positionings are unique to this methodology and subject to change at a moment’s notice.  Here again, we can assimilate these kinds of orderings, but cannot rely upon them to be especially enduring. We even find multiple variations of these assignments asserted by the same author at different periods of their lives, so we can extrapolate from this that all such assertions are highly volatile by their natures, the crux of which is rooted in their consensual constitutions. The hexagrammal fields system asserted under Mutational Alchemy are of the empirical kind and are thus highly stable with the passing of time.  I am not listing those assigments here at this time but rather reserving that for another article and/or articles.

adjusted thoth assignments
figure #9 – adjusted thoth assignments

Figure #9:  demonstrates the effect of the Proximity Principle on the Book of Thoth tarot system created by Aleister Crowley and illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris. Crowley introduces a few changes of his own in that undertaking but still leaves the matter of positioning dangling precariously without adjustment, apparently oblivious of the fact that a rather serious problem exists here. In general, issues of this sort do not get addressed until we hit a crisis of some kind forcing their resolution. Mutational Alchemy can tackle this problem better than anyone else to date, simply because we need to know where each of these 32 balanced hexagrammal pairs belong with respect to the Tree of Life. Were there no particular need to resolve this technical issue it would probably go unchecked for another thousand years or more. Fortunately this particular need does exist so that this problem has now been identified and corrected. It may still take awhile for most people to become aware of the matter at all, but when they do they will be pleased to know that it has been thoroughly studied and spectacularly resolved.

note: where certain card positions have changed it is because they link to certain Hebrew Letters, so it is these letter/number assignments that is correcting their positions. Liber Al vel Legis (aka the Book of the Law) addresses Thoth assignments at one point in one small passage. It only addresses letter/image assignments and says nothing regarding positions. Book of Thoth enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Mutational Alchemy has not altered ANY of these letter/image assignments but where the Proximity Principle has repositioned a few letter/number values, the Book of Thoth positions have also changed. Everything follows on the numbers in this system.

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• tikkun olam (repairing the world) •


*Author’s Note*
*All posts by m1thr0s at this site are amended articles extracted from a much bigger work-in-progress that will be defining Mutational Alchemy in all of its diverse principles and applications.  Since there is a great deal to this topic which is months away from completion, certain of its tenets deemed as standalone topics are being allowed to run ahead of the finished book. No responsible theoretician would ever imagine himself to be the only one pioneering important new insights all by himself so that where certain breakthroughs strike me as vital to the overall discussion at hand, these will occasionally find themselves posted as independent articles. This should serve several purposes at once, creating interest in the larger work on the one hand while facilitating a sense of fellowship with other like pioneers at the same time.

tikkun olam is a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world” (or “healing the world”) referring to humanity’s shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world. This notion of assuming responsibility for the entire world is not unique to any one culture and forms the basis of what is sometimes referred to as the path of the *spiritual warrior*.  In Lurianic Kabbalah we encounter some very specific ideas of how this is achieved by means of liberating the 10 sephiroth (or numbers) of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Luria taught that the Sephiroth (also called vessels) had become damaged in the first round of the Creation, making it necessary that these broken shards be returned to Ain Soph (the Boundless Light) from where they first originated. This is an allegorical tale hyphenating the need for us to manage our own mental debris, raising the standard of Mind itself. Mutational Alchemy goes on to demonstrate that the Tetractys of the Decad is ultimately the most efficient means of accomplishing this. The Tetractys unfolds symmetrically in four distinct stages finally culminating in Abrahadabra which contains 10 x 10 triangular *chambers* within itself distinguishing both Tree and Star divisions all contingent upon the number 10 – a number most often associated to Malkuth (Kingdom) and thus *the world* as well as *universe*, kabbalistically speaking. So we find that repairing ourselves is essentially synonymous with the principle tikkun olam.  *Physician, heal thyself!* the age-old axiom recants. Only by way of healing our spiritual selves does healing the world become rationally attainable.

While an in-depth study of the Tetractys eventually leads us to a symbiotic binary & ternary mathematics culminating in a highly complex anatomical physics, there are a few exemplary roadmaps in route to this that do not require of us to have fully mastered that more comprehensive physics. Indeed, on the face of it, it might take us a thousand or more years to do any such thing! What has come to be called the TwinStar is outstanding among these more distilled symbological roadmaps. Thus the TwinStar is most often passed on to seekers of this greater knowledge even at the beginning stages of their development, as it is known to comprise that greater knowledge within itself and can dispense that knowledge interactively with dedicated application and study. This can only be communicated experientially at this pass, despite the fact that there exists a growing body of data suggesting that we will eventually be able to prove it empirically as well. For the moment we are still relying upon the faithful accounts of individuals doing their own work and reporting their own individual findings.

The TwinStar is of the rarest class of magickally charged symbols expressing a kind of topological super-symmetry rooted in specialized numerical arrangements. The counting of these numbers in their proper sequence creates a kind of magnetic ley-line effect and the most potent of these are called unicursal glyphs as they are infinitely repeating symbols whose alpha and omega points are the same at the level of plane geometry. The most famous of these rare symbols is known as the Great Seal of Saturn in Western mystery traditions:

This arrangement of 9 sequential numbers is called magickal because all horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows of numbers produce the same value (15) whereas the resulting symbol is weighed auspicious for being compliant, coherent, unicursal and also conforming to 4:4 time rhythmically. It is thus highly adaptable to the pronunciation of various four-fold words of power, whether names of God or other dynamic four-fold mantras. Altogether we derive a means of both expressing and alchemically projecting some imagined form of Unity.  It is important to acknowledge that we are engaging the faculty of imagination in this type of visualization exercise but we are at the same time adhering to a well defined set of logical rules such that both hemispheres of the physical brain are equally engaged.  It is generally maintained that this sort of sigil is capable of producing a wide range of possible impacts, from stilling the mind to unlocking miraculous phenomenological events of many kinds, all rooted in the focused intent of the individual performing the operation.

The following glyph demonstrates how the Tetractys of the Decad interacts with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life which is constructed symmetrically to the human body itself. It is important to understand that the TwinStar (which is built upon the Tetractys) imposes a higher order of Unity upon the Tree of Life in total, having the general effect of collecting it into itself while retaining it intact, since the Tree of Life is a mathematical subset of the Tetractys as well as Abrahadabra. Thus we refer to it as the *Star* and often use the term *star alchemy* in referencing its properties. It is vitally important for the student to understand that Kabbalah (aka Qabbalah, Caballa, etc) is an ongoing work in progress where the image you are scrutinizing at this moment in time marks a significant turning of the page from older models to the new. In this image the Tetractys is expressed as the 10 shaded triangles, sometimes referred to as the Secret Chiefs according to their unique positioning within the 100 internal triangles of Abrahadabra.

There is so much going on with this visualization practice that it would be impossible to summarize it all within the confines of a blog. Moreover I just like having it posted like a lighthouse beacon quietly broadcasting its signal over and over again where some will learn from it directly and others will wonder and perhaps explore its premise on their own initiative. Still others may gain from its presence without ever knowing how or why!  For those who wish to learn how to perform it, you should always begin from the Widdershins Rotation, progressing through the Deiseil Rotation and finalizing with the Final Close actions – in that order. Follow the arrows and words as well as you can until you are finally able to perform the entire thing from memory.

So that is the gist of things in an extremely reduced nutshell, but there are still a few things that need a little clarifying that will leave most people hopelessly lost or confused if omitted: (1) it always takes two rotations to result in a complete TwinStar sigil, rendering the conceptual subtext one of symbiosis at all times. Aside from the numbers 1-10, there are two other numerical properties involved in the creation of the TwinStar: The property of Ain Soph (also Ain Soph Aur) resides at apex from which everything originates and is subsequently drawn. The property of Daath ( i.e.  Knowledge) which rests between Sephiroth 3 & 4 in the Tree of Life but completes the triangle in the TwinStar.

Anatomically, Daath corresponds to the ayurvedic throat chakra and is thus linked to the faculty of speech. Although its sephirotic identity is hotly contested, Mutational Alchemy’s position is that it qualifies as a pragmatically validateable *not-sephiroth*, or *not-number* contributing syntax and grammar to the sephiroth as a whole. It is especially significant that it comes to unite with Ain Soph (whose numerical value is 0) in the TwinStar visualization practise.  Daath is well known as a collection point for every kind of mental debris whereby unconscious ignorance is able to gain a foothold over us, distorting our sense of who we are and what our purpose may be. The fact that we routinely route it through Ain Soph in this visualization practise means we have a means of flushing it of all this kind of mental garbage and restoring it to its primal serenity and calm. It is one of the many dynamic characteristics of this particular alchemical projection exercise.


The method of creation being employed in this demonstration is called the *numbers method*. Numbers are possessed of enormous integrity that demand very little of us while affording us a nearly frictionless method of operations. By *frictionless* I mean that there is very little psychological debris associated to numbers in themselves, even though some have become resistant to numbers due chiefly to negative associations acquired through public education or other kinds of traumatic exposure. In cases like this we need to restore their true relation to ourselves as they are not our enemy but among our staunchest allies. They work especially well when pioneering kinds of action we may not have every reason to be trusting, thus allowing us a full range of rational skepticism via an absolute minimum of applied belief. If there is any downside to this, it is probably that they tend to make for a rather awkward grounding action in themselves. For this I am applying the formulas A-U-M-N (to the circle) and A-H-U-A  / A-Th-H (to the triangle) both ascending and on the final drop.  These word formulas have a long and tested history but no part of the mantras being employed here are necessarily etched in stone. They are offered here as being exemplary and that is all at this moment in time that is all that is required. The word A-U-M-N simply divides the circle into 4 even parts. The Words A-H-U-A / A-Th-H create the ascending triangle which then drops plumb (from apex) and floats quietly back to center. The alchemical formula Hua-Athh has a special relationship to Abrahadabra as both words add to 418. So again – as neutral a word formulas as we may be able to find, allowing us a means of testing the visualization practise without committing much more than a prudent attention to details.

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the age of war and science

 So, the war between Science and Religion has been intensifying. For most occultists, the marriage between the two is a no-brainer – Chaos Magicians regard both as their toys, while in China, at least amongst the folk who still practice Wu and Feng Shui, they sit comfortably betwixt incense and ancient science. They discovered the universal code for DNA thousands and thousands of years ago, when the West was still fixated on spontaneous generation. Skeptical? Good. Alot of stupid crap has been cropping up lately about the I Ching and DNA which is fairly dangerous for the uninitiated. If you want the real deal and not some princess merlin I-channeled-it-from-aliens bullshit, check out DNA and the I Ching by Johnson Yan. 



Spontaneous generation is like when wiccans emerge from shitty "metaphysical" books. The metaphysical publishing industry motto "Feed them the worst possible crap ever, and maybe they'll grow out of it."
Spontaneous generation is like when wiccans emerge from shitty “metaphysical” books. The metaphysical publishing industry motto “Feed them the worst possible crap ever, and maybe they’ll grow out of it.”

Dr. Yan has the right credentials for the job of explaining DNA and the I Ching – he’s Asian, and he’s a Physical Scientist. He writes with excellence and elegance, and his book is enjoyable and easy to read, each page revealing more and more of the unbelievable connections between our DNA and the code of the I Ching the ancient Chinese discovered.

India, the source of much of China’s spiritual heritage, discovered the number zero and Kali. Both goddess and mathematics still coexist perfectly to this day in Bharat.

The real difference between Europe and the rest of the world is the ungodly hostility towards science that the Catholic Church bred and fostered right up until its decline in the early 21st century. So what? Should anyone concern themselves with the neurotic infighting of a bunch of white people? Well, yes. 

Worldwide, atheists have  become pretty hostile right back at religion.  The New Atheist, an ill-mannered, malicious and hypocritical lovechild of Richard Dawkins and James Randi that nobody really likes to invite to tea, are pretty much a parody of the midcentury Modern Art movement which intensely criticized the Academic Art circle to the point of neuroticism. In retrospect today, the Academic Modernists became shibboleths who irreparably damaged art education with their extremism. They aren’t even taken seriously by artists who follow minimalism and abstract expressionism today.  

William Bouguereau - Love Takes Flight _1901_
Picasso despised Bouguereau’s fame, realistic style and high standing. His followers took revenge by smearing Bouguereau’s name and reputation throughout the mid 20th century in American Art classrooms, where they called him a pedophile, bourgeois sympathizer and womanizer, in a gross attack of libel.

There are tons of militant Atheists on the internet and they’re about as stupid and boring to talk to as a religious nut.  Religion deserves criticism, because it gets out of hand without a proper perspective on reality. The occult is full of charlatans with no good intentions, some of whom are perfectly crazy and do not belong in the halls of Abrahadabra. Science is guilty of this also – all of the horrors facing the world today in the form of radioactive waste, global warming and mass extinction have been brought about directly or indirectly by scientific discoveries and the arrogant misuse of that knowledge.  Scientists foible their statistics and research to fit common opinion, even if it is wrong, to compete for grant scraps.

Art got over the childishness of the post modernists, by carefully tending the flame of Academic and Classical art until the kids got over their parental angst,  and Science will get over the circle jerk of the Atheists.  Because Science is awesome,  and Atheism is fucked right now. 

“An atheist has to know a lot more than I know. An atheist is someone who knows there is no god. By some definitions atheism is very stupid.”

– Carl Sagan

Academia itself  is moving in a gentler direction – the importance of including the devout in conversations about science has been an undercurrent in the scientific world for quite some time, since at least Carl Sagan declared atheism as “stupid” and leaders in the scientific world realized, “Holy shit, 98% of the world is denominational”.  Don’t get me wrong: I’m not opposed to atheist occultists, since there are a lot of them, especially in the Chaos Magick and Discordian circles. For the most part they’re all pretty tolerant of others beliefs. (I mean, they’re occultists, come on.) Religion is not going away – it’s way too addictive and culturally fulfilling for a vast majority of the world’s population. Fighting this tide directly instead of trying to understand it and even assimilate it is a fool’s errand.  This is a basic but important precept of the way of war – don’t fight the tsunami, ride it. 

Recently an article was published in February of 2014 by  some scientists who had scanned the brain of a woman experiencing astral projection, a capability the woman subject claims she is able to do at will, and has been able to do so since she was a young child. Occultists treat astral projection as rather passe, something any neophyte studies and practices in one form or another. 

Hearing about scientists analyzing  brain activity during such episodes is a hint of what is to come: confirmation on all levels of very interesting phenomenon  experienced by adepts in the occult everywhere. Testing will purge the charlatans and make way for some really awesome dialogue between science and belief. Religious people everywhere are up in arms – and the less religiousy metaphysicians amongst us might be nervous also. In my opinion they should nervous – but not in a negative way. This is an important time for everyone because Science and Religion can actually have an honest open discussion for the first time in history. Admittedly, it took the strong arm of greed and technology to knock religion down enough to have this discussion – Science has been the underdog far too long, and there is a feel of genuine righteousness when you watch rational people attack religion. 

Contrary to some people worried about what this might prove or disprove, both m1thr0s and I are very excited about it. Right now there is a lot of flim flam floating around in the occult. Even though the occult is and always will be fringe, the lack of internal consistency in the occult right now is appalling.  If something can be tested it should be. When an occult idea has been studied and internalized, it can be tested. It does not have to be tested by traditional scientific methods, with wires and so forth. Until these forms of technology become more sophisticated, it really would not do anyone a lot of good anyways. Test your methodology though – don’t rely on someone’s word that a technique will work just because it’s written in an article or book. Talk with other people outside of the practice you are using and ask them what they think. It’s important to carry on an open dialogue with Chaos Magicians, Witches, Hindus, Kabbalists and so forth, even if you have little to do with their hardcore belief system – it’s just right to get the opinions of another human being so you can know whether or not you’re about to shoot yourself in the foot. 

No one within the occult needs to perfectly justify cosmology that has proven time and again to have very interesting properties, such as in Jewish, Chinese, Indian and European schools of magick, but there needs to be a standard for what is acceptable and what is real. I believe that real harm can come from improper application of magickal theory.

Jack Parson’s Babalon working is a good example of what can come from swallowing dogma whole.  Parson and Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard evoked Babalon, from the Enochian system and it ended with Parson dead and the grotesque religion of Scientology springing forth, a movement which bears very little to no relevancy to The Great Work. Parsons himself was a slave to the Federal Government, which ultimately abandoned and scapegoated him. The Enochian system is typical of a type of bad occultism, in that it preys on people’s religious fears and creates the least appealing and most distorted image of the Goddess to ever to come out of Europe. Dee and Kelly’s system still appears to this day to be lackadaisical gibberish by any standards set, and that’s what you get when you use it – mostly random and empty automatons with confusion and little else at the helm.  In retrospect I believe that Parson’s work was amongst the worst examples of occultism to ever be widely publicized, and it’s little wonder Nasa wants nothing to do with his image.

Jack Parsons, arguably one of the worst occultists of all time.
Jack Parsons, arguably one of the worst occultists of all time.

Acceptance and crosschecking on what is currently known and accepted by the scientific academia cannot harm the world of the occult, nor can internal crossreferencing on what other older, freer and more intelligent cultures came up with a thousand years before Europe began to pull its head out of its collective asshole. Standards, checks and balances are important to the way one approaches magick in all disciplines, from Witchcraft to Kabbalah.

You needn’t bother attempting to convince anyone in the science set that you’re doing everything right – but for xsts sakes do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, not especially over mindless screams of “Burden of Proof” (seriously just don’t hang out in those kinds of forums – hang out with other occultists who know all of our inside jokes). We need our own culture of science within the occult and we need it now. Call it Logos, if you like. 

Some people have somehow got it into their head that science is somehow a threat or an enemy, out to destroy what they hold dear. If what is held dear by you is so easily eroded by fact, then perhaps it isn’t that dear on a universal scale, and that’s a dangerous position for you to be in. That’s why science is important – it gives us certainty, not faith, so that we can tackle life’s unexpected challenges with grace and security. Science is not going away.

The most widely publicized news of the astral projection lab research I spoke about earlier hit the interwebs via Reddit in this article by Gizmodo, a fairly lowbrow pop culture blog. It was interesting how the further it got from the original paper (originally reposted by Popular Science and reblogged elsewhere)   the more hysterical writers got about insisting it was “just neurological”  (nothing “paranormal” going on) while the original paper treats it with the a bland and blank finality of good science awaiting more test results to conclude anything.  It’s as though the articles in the trashier blogs already know how paranoid and rabid their readers can be, tearing apart anything that threatens their delusion that they are safe from the unknown. In the paper itself, published in the open-source journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, they call the ability “exceptional” not “normal”. They don’t jump to conclusions about what is happening, they just give us the data and reinforce that this is a sane, normal woman with an extraordinary ability we know next to nothing about. 

I mention this only because I think it’s important that occultists realize the kneejerk reaction of the general public is one which is not very valuable, and they shouldn’t be discouraged if some clueless clown completely unrelated to scientific academia starts frothing at the mouth about occult mysteries and how it is irrational.  

On the other end of the spectrum, the rest of the general public is more and more often involving itself in the affairs of the occult, thanks to pop culture icons like Harry Potter, pop music icons and other sources by which we get armchair magicians who may have barely heard of Qabbalah or Satanism. These tourists bring in all sorts of weak ideas and unreliable thinking practices to the table, further clouding the truth with their anti-science rhetoric. Fed on New Age soundbytes that lead nowhere, not only do these people not belong in the occult, they won’t last long in it. Until they run off to their next delusional window-shopping misadventure, they’ll be a thorn in the side of the dedicated Magus, alongside the rabid militant Atheist. 


Bring in the Age of Science and War, will you? Aleister Crowley announced in his commentary on The Book of the Law that the forthcoming Aeon, (known popularily as the Age of Horus but more properly the Age of Ra-hoor-khut) was the age of Science and War. 

 Why would that be? I know Crowley doesn’t make bold statements from nothing, usually, unless he’s high, and somewhere there would be an internal consistency. I went around the web asking people who might know for sure – avid Thelemites and Crowleyites.  One man indicated that it had to do with the ordering of the procession of the Aeons in Aquarius. Since Aquarius is an air sign, this would place it with Earned Success and Science from the Tarot. (5 and 6 of Swords). Earned Success certainly connotates conflict. Another person interjected that War comes from the German word, werren, meaning “to confuse”. I have already discussed in another article why this is important in connection to Ningishzidda, and why Ningishzidda is important to The Book of the Law. 

 I wrote to the man to get a more detailed explanation of the procession of the Aeons theory. He wrote back, and explained very nicely in detail:

“Wow, I had to trawl through my history… I see I was pretty oblique in my comment. Chalk it up to my not caring very much for Thelema.

My take on it is this: if Crowley reinterpreted the generally well-known Theosophical idea of the up-coming Age of Aquarius and envisioned it as the Aeon of Horus, the correspondence is a renaming to make it fit his Kemetic framework which carries with it all the correspondences implied by its astrological underpinning.

I made a mistake in assigning the decans, though, since it is only now that I realize that the vernal point precessesbackwards through the ecliptic; hence the correspondences should be the Seven of Swords, the Six of Swords and the Five of Swords, in that order. Their mystical titles are:

  • 7: Lord of Unstable Effort (GD), Lord of Futility (Thelema)
  • 6: Lord of Earned Success (GD), Lord of Science (Thelema)
  • 5: Lord of Defeat (both GD and Thelema)

In general, the Swords in the Tarot are adverse, sinister cards: all have to do with conflict, instability, disease and violent death (except for the 2, the 4 and the 6; but the core idea of instability remains in them.) To my mind There is no doubt that Crowley is thinking of the Tarot when he said what you found he did.

If you read the progression of the equinoxes through the three decans of Aquarius you can make another reading, more purely astrological this time:

First, as it enters the mutable decan, ruled by the Moon, changes are swift and all destructive; all structures are torn to their foundations to make room for the New Era: nothing remains standing, all is in flux under a baneful, irresistible force; emotional turmoil brought by tyranny in the name of enlightened progress. War is no longer waged for power, nor for beliefs, but now only for ideas. The movie is Terminator.

Then, as it enters the fixed decan, ruled by Mercury, it comes to the serenity brought by the rational control over the emotions, at their expense. Control over matter, space and time under the rule of pure thought. Man has dominion over Nature and Man, at the expense of dominion over Self. The movie is Equilibrium.

Finally, as it enters the cardinal domain, ruled by Venus, the dominion over the material aspects of reality rises against the mental oversight: earth defeats air, the sensual, earthly aspects of Venus under general rulership of Saturn make this decan conflictive, volatile, uncontrolled, anarchical. The movie is Mad Max.

As for credits, I don’t need nor want them. I am just a student of the Western Tradition, and trying to explain this to you has been a great opportunity for me to test my limited understanding. I hope this is of help to you, and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards, Matías.”


So what can we expect from this Aeon, then? Killer robots, dystopian patriarchy and motorcycle gangs? Well, maybe…I don’t think Matías’s explanations of the series are that far off from what is actually going to happen.  I think it can be inferred from the current state of events that things are about to go verrrry wrong.  Homo sapiens sapiens is getting very close to extinction.  You get this feeling that everything is about to go down and there is a faint but tangible safety net being coordinated. It could be a good thing for Homo sapiens sidus (the term I coined to refer to the emerging subspecies of star humans who don’t quite have all of their genes together yet) and mark the beginning of a new age contrary to everything the peace and love camp is touting as our future.

We have a few years, at the most, before human life ends.  Some of the grim statistics are the fact that the human body begins to break down and die at a cool 95 degrees in 100% humidity. (VICE Magazine 2014) Even with fans blowing on us constantly there’s still no way to carry away the body temperature. Heat waves have already killed tens of thousands of Homo Sapiens  over the past few years. Time to get over being human. 

The Sombrero Galaxy, Photo Credit: NASA

So what do we know about stars? They burn hotter than other things. They live a lot longer. They are also incredibly beautiful and givers of warmth, life, light, drama and death.

According to,  the axiom “Every man and every woman is a star” is taken to mean that every person’s will should not interfere with another’s will, because stars never collide.


“This is usually taken to mean that each individual is unique and has their own path in a spacious universe wherein they can move freely without collision.”

Stars do, in fact, collide and they do it frequently – it’s where gold comes from as far as astrophysicists can tell.  So the whole model is outdated in popular Thelema. It’s nothing Crowley ever said and nothing that is found in the Book of the Law, but you hear people repeating this meme everywhere. This is the sort of thing I can imagine is the second generation contemporary PC crap coming out of the OTO today. “Stars should be nice to each other”.  Try to tell a black hole that. Stars, like, totally consume each other on a regular basis. 

As far as I know no one has ever taken into consideration that the axiom is literal and not figurative – the species has to transcend to the next rung of consciousness. We’re to become better stars, and some stars are doomed to a quicker failure than others.

Everything in Thelema via the OTO seems to point towards acceptance of things as they are, rather than to the revolution that an Age of War and Science infers.  You cannot find Isis and Osiris in Liber al Vel Legis, but you can find a really pissed off Ra Hoor Khut. Don’t feel so safe and cozy in your religion or your anti-religion. The Age of War has hardly begun. 


“But is the deepest Meaning of life on Earth really only about us making payments on our standardized boxes in the suburbs, with both parents holding down unfulfilling jobs so that we can drive our air-conditioned SUVs to middle school soccer games, stopping along the way at our favorite fast foods franchise, finally to end our day collapsed in the blue glare of Fox News?”

– Gary Gripp, “On the Acceptance of Near-Term Extinction” <>


Part of the problem in explaining to anyone what I think they should do next is that in the occult, empirical evidence exists, but it’s often only in the hands of the initiates – the few brave enough to go there. It’s easier to convince someone to take LSD for science than to drop all will-to-disbelief and meditate with the TwinStar daily for 15 minutes and see what happens.


In the future I’ll cover some alternatives I’ve come to believe are the BEST way to deal with climate change and the impending wipe of humanity.  The short answer is meditate, alot. 

announcing the first release of the mutational alchemy tarot giclee prints


 Alright, so I promised these LAST year but The Nuit House project required all of my attention and it was sidelined. Fear not, for m1thr0s and I have officially begun the release of the Mutational Alchemy Tarot in giclee and ultragiclee form, starting with The King of Staves, including this very special signed copy in a one of a kind hammered brass frame from india:




The rest of the deck images will be released in the order in which they were completed. Visit Ningishzidda Arts for more information and pricing.


the magickal name

My friends in the occult have often told me they don’t have a magickal name, or they’re not really satisfied with the one they chose. I’ve helped many friends and acquaintances choose a magickal name and wanted to write a helpful guide for neophytes or even self-taught journeymen occultists who might not know how to do this.

It is easy to outgrow a name after achieving success in your pathworking, and it’s also natural. One should remember that once you have a name you never really lose its potential or magick. Holding on to a name after it has become boring, repugnant or corny to you without replacing it can signify stagnation. When you find a name that represents your will and your role of participation in the great work, you will feel a sense of confidence and ease with it, and you should feel powerful, calm or elated when you tell others your name. (feelings will differ depending on your focus in life.)

 Why Choose a Magickal Name?

It lets you choose who you are. You don’t get to choose your name when you’re born. You can shape your whole future with a name. Try it and you’ll see people treat you differently. In the Kabbalistic numerology, Gematria, each letter has a value which can form correspondences to other words and a number. It’s believed to have an effect on ones day to day affairs in manners which are not insignificant – it can shape and alter destiny. 

Name changes are especially common in Hollywood where a person’s name is synonymous with their wares – its the box they frame their image in. This does not normally qualify as a magickal name, since most Hollywood name changes are done on the basis of impressing other people with their uniqueness or affiliation with a certain culture, rather than as a conscious act of Will. A well crafted magickal name is also viable across time and space universally, rather than just being a soundbyte intended towards local popular culture.

Encryption with AIK BQR, the Gematria of the Nine Chambers, or other proven numerology counts which bear significance are best. For example, Aleister Crowley chose the name Perdurabo, Latin for “I will endure until the end” in keeping with the Golden Dawn tradition of choosing a motto as a name and its magickal number in AIQ BQR form of Gematria is 557. In some societies the name is shortened to its initials and preceded by Frater or Soror. 

As an example, m1thr0s noticed his chosen magickal name is a loaded name – he started getting into all kinds of irrational conflicts with people after taking it. It’s a very masculine name. The idea of completion is kind of inferred in the name because Tau is the omega point – the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This sort of name is the name of a closer – which is what m1thr0s is – someone who ties up loose ends and destroys old paradigms.

So words are powerful. This is what Abrahadababra itself hints at, being a magickal word used in curing illness. A force lies behind every word you speak or every act you engage in. The energy is happening while you are beginning to create your name.

Conversion to some traditions requires a name change, for example, in Sanatana Dharma, a convert always takes a Sanskrit name to signify the rebirthing process.  Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Sikhism all require or at least advise choosing a name before taking their first step into the process of conversion. and commitment

Anyone serious enough about choosing a magickal name that will do them any good has a lot of work ahead of them. It is neither simple nor easy to correctly choose a name for magickal purposes. It is for this reason that the Buddhists of Japan, tantricists, charge upwards of a million Yen for names for deceased family. These names are intended to prevent return by utilizing long complex names in archaic kanji mostly unpronounceable by laymen. 

It is not uncommon for an  individual, especially in certain shamanic/tantric cultures, to have more than a handful of names, given after certain milestone events, for purposes such as abating illness or curses, and for simply having the will to choose a name given a passing of a certain level of spiritual development. 

How to Start

Explore different languages and cultures, and examine how they treat names, words and nicknames

. As a Mutational Alchemist, I find syncreticism is perfectly acceptable as per the magician’s will, but bear in mind you might catch flak for taking an Egyptian name when you are Irish or Chinese by descent.

Be prepared to defend your choice if confronted. Not everyone accepts the idea that race is a scientific fallacy, (even though it is) and adopting a culture you are not related to by blood has to be done with style and finesse, or people will probably make fun of you.

Decide if you want to keep your magickal name private, to be shared only with other occultists, your own coven/house or yourself, or if it will be a more public name that you use daily on message boards or have legally changed. You can have more than one magickal name.

You should always check the Gematria value of a name via one or another traditionally reputable systems – Hebrew is fine. Explore different spellings to extract the most auspicious form of the name before you decide to take it.  

 Decide if you would like a well established name or one that is completely unique to you.  There’s no hard rule on this. Aleister Crowley took the name Baphomet as his name in the O.T.O. He became Baphomet 729 towards the end of his reign as Outer Head of the Order.

“I had taken the name Baphomet as my motto in the O.T.O. For six years and more I had tried to discover the proper way to spell this name. I knew that it must have eight letters, and also that the numerical and literal correspondences must be such as to express the meaning of the name in such a ways as to confirm what scholarship had found out about it, and also to clear up those problems which archaeologists had so far failed to solve. “

Aleister Crowley

The magickal name is not a screen name or a nickname that describes some quirk. The name should denote the place you want to get to in some point in the future. It should represent not who you are, but who and what you wish to become. It’s something that you work up to. It’s much better to shoot for the impossible than something  you see as attainable. 

Otherwise a magickal name can be anything you like. It may represent knowledge you want to attain, or they represent standards of morality that people want to achieve – dedication, loyalty or any number of things. It calls for an honest level of self analysis and self appraisal to try to ascertain your strengths and weaknesses and figure out where you can strengthen yourself to be a better person and of better service to the Work in general. 

Finally, a magickal name is taken on for life. You should feel free to add to it but it is not something that is frivolously discarded. Even if you should do so, a strong and powerful magickal name will continue to haunt you until you acknowledge it or death takes you. 

And after you’ve chosen a name, try out some cool graffiti tags with it!

IZI m1thr0s

chat transcript for march 2014

March 1, 2014 – 1:31 pm
Hello M1thr0s and others,

March 1, 2014 – 1:35 pm
Can you say more about the process of active scrying, or direct me to previous posts here or in other forums where you’ve discussed it in more detail? Thanks – rroseselavy

March 1, 2014 – 6:27 pm
@rroseselavy: active scrying is one of those things that is so integrated into the practise of Mutational Alchemy that very little has been committed to discussing what it is in a more generic sense. This needs to be corrected and I will set aside a place for it as soon as possible. In general, it is probably about what you’d expect: it is the focused *drawing* of any sacred symbol from an alpha point to an omega point, which can be performed either internally or externally. When we do this externally, it is usually projected against some sort of energetic fulcrum like a crystal or object suitable to being magickally *charged* in some way. The action itself is not complicated but seems to be one of those things that has become taboo for reasons no one can really explain. When people cross themselves from head-to-heart + shoulder-to-shoulder, that action is called active scrying but very little is ever spoken of it, and even less is available that discusses why people do this and what it is they are expecting when they perform this ritualized action. In general, it is one of the means we have to position an internal *spell* externally, and that is the same thing we use it for in alchemical projection…it externalizes an internal meditational formulation.

March 1, 2014 – 7:57 pm
Thanks for this. I do think I have a sense of it, but this is helpful. Thank you for sharing your experiences. If I may inquire further – if the alpha point of origination is the practitioner, is it efficacious to choose a particular, more precise point from which to maintain the projection? What I mean is would the practitioner project from the area of the heart or the lower belly or the third eye? Second, is the line traced in the process of scrying dimensional along a vertical plane, as if one were projecting from a lantern upon a wall with the circulation of energy occurring “out there” although mirrored somewhat in the body of the practitioner? Or, does the projection take place along a horizontal plane such that the prana/energy/awareness/whatever that is projected proceeds out and circles back through the body of the practitioner? In the second example, as i imagine it, the working upon the practitioner’s subtle body includes the element of projection mentioned in the first, but also includes the body/positionality of the practitioner herself as a relay in the circu

March 1, 2014 – 9:26 pm
When I began this body of investigations (nearly 40 years ago) there was literally NOTHING of this kind of information available anywhere. So I know from first hand experience that attending to one’s practise can resolve things even the so-called leading experts have not resolved. It is very important to get accustomed to this way of learning things. Most powerful magickal sigils of all kinds have the ability to teach far beyond what can be taught in any form of verbal discussion.

March 1, 2014 – 9:44 pm
m1thr0s is right…don’t let your mind talk you into an armchair.

March 2, 2014 – 2:48 am
@dragon: I seriously doubt it’s as fucked up as you say. Sounds like an emotional response to overwhelming circumstances…and that’s going around a LOT of late. Rather I think that in all this time there are things you’ve come to specialize in more than most. It might be useful to take inventory of that and address some of it. I’m sure it would interest me and I am fairly certain others as well. But probably most of all, it is likely to benefit YOU in ways you might have thought unlikely.

March 3, 2014 – 2:11 am
PLEASE NOTE: izi set up a new protected *class chatroom* today that you’ll need a password to access. It’s for people who have purchased books or other study materials from the Institute who would like to be able to ask questions regarding their theory & practise in a private conference environment. So you will need to have purchased something and you will need to obtain a password from us to access that chatroom.

March 4, 2014 – 8:39 pm
What did Dragon say was fucked up? His writing?

March 4, 2014 – 8:40 pm
Not following…and I e-mailed all of the people who purchased booklets. Do you want me to involve the Magisters?

March 6, 2014 – 12:03 pm
Hey it’s IZI testing the Author backend. Magisters and authors can access the ADMIN chat if you have questions about making posts. Scroll downhere:

March 7, 2014 – 1:56 pm
@izi: his comments are in the February 2014 chat transcripts towards the end.

March 7, 2014 – 1:57 pm
dragon February 28, 2014 – 10:36 am Ok, m1, I will reveal. It is probably time for me to come out of the shadows, though much has been learned here. Which probably makes me a more fucked up individual then I already was – but hey – it could make for some interesting verbage.

March 7, 2014 – 1:58 pm
I’m excited to hear he intends to do more public writing. We need his voice and he needs to start using it before the opportunity has come and gone.

March 7, 2014 – 2:00 pm
Granted it can be a serious pain in the ass, but then, most things of value CAN be…you just have to plough through all of that to get to the shiny bits!

March 7, 2014 – 8:21 pm

March 8, 2014 – 1:47 pm

March 8, 2014 – 1:47 pm
more signs academia is dying:

March 8, 2014 – 6:15 pm
the slide into tyranny has always been heralded by a ruthless assault on academia. It was this way with the warring warlords of ancient China and it is true today where the *warlords* are now a bunch of corporate slimebags who don’t even have the balls to fight out in the open. People need to wise up and begin banning together to protect their common best interests and stop waiting on things to improve at the political/economic level…it ain’t gonna happen. This sh*t is going to play itself out the hard way and a lot of people are going to get burned in the process. Occultists already know this. Nobody ever gave two shits about them or their *Great Work*. It’s time for academia to pull its head out of its ass and start working together for the common good.

March 8, 2014 – 6:25 pm
Know your Enemy. This is one of the first (and most important) lessons from Lao Tzu’s Art of War. Know their strengths as well as their weaknesses and capitalize on both, since even their strengths will tell you something about their blind spots. What the NIH fears the most is negative public exposure…so give them that in spades and don’t let up. It isn’t impossible to win this kind of battle but you have to know you’re in a fight and you’ve got to take all your skills to bear against it.

March 8, 2014 – 8:29 pm
I have a feeling the reason that isn’t occurring already is that those scientists who are being marginalized are more focused on receiving tenure than altering the political landscape of academia. It’s ironic that the revolutionary aspect of science is lost on most scientists I think. All-in-all if everyone could widen their self-interest corporate oligarchy would crumble. I’ve never actually read an article like that before–a scientist leaving academia because of corrupt bureaucracy–I knew it existed just haven’t seen it expressed before. Thanks for sharing.

March 8, 2014 – 11:10 pm
@Apollo: I agree and it almost seems a little comical in some ways. Did they not see this coming? The writing has been on the walls for decades! But modern academia has been sucking so hard at the corporate tit for so long they seem to have settled into a complacent disbelief that it would ever turn on them! Poor little rich kids…time for a serious reality check!!!

March 8, 2014 – 11:50 pm
A lot more people SHOULD of seen this coming! But only a minority of individuals within academia, I feel, are really innovative and creative enough to engage threats of this nature. Most scientists have technical aptitude, but flair and genius are rare. Battling corporate interest is probably particularly important within the realm of science due to it’s awesome and incredible power for both creation and destruction. I do feel however that this is a really exciting time to be living in and a great stage for revolutionary action.

March 10, 2014 – 12:33 pm
I like this quote so much I’m using it to kick of the Prefoundational Elements of Mutational Alchemy: Alchemy book.

March 10, 2014 – 12:33 pm
“stars are a literal anatomical reality…an accessible inheritance to humankind but not without mastering the underlying physics. You can bounce off the ceiling all you like but it will not secure the foundation. This is the gist of future science: there is a physics to that which we have called godhead and we have the wherewithal to grasp it.” – m1thr0s

March 12, 2014 – 4:37 am
My view is that we have missed out on a science of mind that might be possible with the marriage of modern science and the tantric approach to body and mind integration. I feel this sentiment may be not uncommon among those steeped in tantra and magick. When I look around I don’t see many “sorcerers”. A couple good artists and philosophers, and maybe even some magicians, but no yogi’s really…modern sorcerers. At least, nothing comparable to previous advents along the “alchemical line of thought”. Mutational Alchemy, being a novel, yet in ways, self-evident synthesis of ancient and modern approaches to mind-body science might be the doorway to a blending of modern physics and premodern tantric and magickal technologies.

March 12, 2014 – 11:34 am
Might be? Ha.

March 12, 2014 – 8:45 pm
We’ll see…

March 13, 2014 – 12:12 am
@Apollo: seems a little too easy to me to form judgments about the status of others and/or the state of the world prior to validating one’s own innermost assumptions first…or perhaps invalidating which is just as useful in my experience. The odds are we probably don’t have the kind of time required to wait and see how it all plays out. The failures of past masters has left us at a tremendous deficit…I very much doubt that anyone realizes just how bad that situation really is. The only thing very likely to make a difference at this pass is the willingness of a very few individuals to go all out experimenting on themselves and MAYBE getting lucky enough to pull off the ridiculously impossible. That’s where things are really at in my view. The rest is just a bunch of far-flung speculations so far as I can tell. Who I am…what my work is worth etc…this is all a bunch of idle nonsense. The only thing that matters is that SOMEBODY push this whole star-thing across. I don’t much care who the fuck it is personally and there isn’t a real great likelihood that ANYONE will accomplish this in time to make a difference…that’s how deep in a hole we really are here. The writing is on the wall. It really should be pretty damn apparent.

March 13, 2014 – 12:52 am
Not every world that picks up the dice and tosses them is going to win the game. Right now this world’s odds are’t looking very good. People can play at whatever they want…whatever gets them through their day but that doesn’t make it real. Our only fallback point is that we can still make preparations against death itself and that may be the only gambit left to us at this point anyway. I don’t think that is being *negative* per se…I think it’s just calling a spade a spade. But so long as the game is still on there is at least a very remote chance of actually winning it. But it’s a hell of a longshot by now. So if I am right about that then who really gives a shit about any of the rest of this stuff? The only real question right now is: is Completion itself squarely within your grasp? Cuz if it isn’t there isn’t a whole lot of reason to think it’s in anyone else’s either and that’s not an especially good report. We’re pretty much out of time here and all our enlightened masters have pissed their inheritance right down the tubes…sold it off for a fistfull of silver as usual.

March 13, 2014 – 1:35 am
My entire life…the entire work i have been engaged in since I hit this rock…has been a last ditch hail-mary’s pass. I have come to believe that’s why I am here at all, so no…I’m not your fucking *yogi* nor anyone else’s accustomed spiritual master. I’m the guy they call when the shit has hit the fan and there is pretty much not a chance in hell of anyone or anything surviving it. That’s what I have come to believe based on everything which has transpired since I got here. i might be right or I might be wrong but I actually don’t think that I am wrong. And I also don’t have much of anything invested in it either way. My *self* doesn’t actually exist the way people ordinarily think of these things. Things are much worse than anyone thinks they are with this lovely little planet and if I cannot tip the balance in some remarkable way, I don’t expect it to ever reach maturity. Too many failures on the side of Being but the march of Knowledge never sleeps…so now we’ve got a bunch of homicidal baboons tossing nuclear power around like it was so much poop…do the math…it isn’t pretty and high ideals can’t fix it.

March 13, 2014 – 3:24 am
greetings everyone! just wanted to say I have been following this site for a couple of years and got really worried when it appeared to have disappeared! So very glad to see you up and running again under such a great looking rebuild!

March 13, 2014 – 3:36 am
@Saquasohuh: It’s good to have you with us here at TAI! I see your name is associated to the Hopi legend of the Blue Star Kachina! Are you Hopi or is this perhaps just something you are interested in?

March 13, 2014 – 3:40 am
Hello new person

March 13, 2014 – 3:45 am
@m1thr0s – half hopi on my mother’s side. stories of the Blue Star Kachina were told to me from a very early age. I grew up wondering when I might get the chance to see him in real life, although considering what it means maybe it would be better if it waited a bit longer! Hi izi!

March 13, 2014 – 3:51 am
@Saquasohuh: yeah…hard to say on that one, but still…the prophecy is a very powerful one and also has certain themes in common with ancient Sumerian tales as well as Mayan etc… In the meantime, we have a lot of star-related stuff to discuss around here in general so we are glad to have you with us!

March 13, 2014 – 11:26 pm
@m1thr0s: Dear god old man I hope you’re not *anyone’s yogi* unless its izi’s as it sounds more like a pet name put that way than a designation of *guruhood*. That I call you a yogi and izi a yogini is more a sign of endearment based on an affinity and identification with a particular class of human. Nonetheless I HAVE learned a great deal from you, not the least among them is that *perseverance furthers*. The issue here is *leveling up*. I don’t know how exactly that is going to happen, but I happen to believe that, in addition to the outstanding synthesis you’ve achieved in your own work (which outpaces anything else around, which is self-evident…and no I don’t need a fucking pat on the back, but hey…fucking thank you. Yeah! Fucking thank you!), modern science and the ability to empirically demonstrate the level of aptitude and ability that may be able to be achieved with advanced alchemy may be something of a game changer. And if not, I’ll choose the high road and die fighting. Of course this world is going to shit! I share your contempt, but even that may be to our adv

March 14, 2014 – 12:03 pm
@Apollo: I’m actually just a theoretical (tantric) alchemist, though I happen to be a very good one in a world that presumes to no longer value such stuff …troglodytes who fail to grasp that *sustainability* is one of the key issues that my profession excels at. I can go into ANY situation, assess it and tell you exactly what will fail and why and when etc. I can pinpoint the alternatives that will stand the test of time. All this Body of Light stuff…that’s just your garden variety systems analysis really, trained on the topic of biostellar transmigration: what will work vs what will NOT work if this is the direction we wish to pursue etc… A more enlightened culture would just refer to me as *doctor* so-and-so since I have garnered the equivalent of maybe 1/2 dozen PhD’s over the years…instead I get a lot of knee-jerk reactionary bullshit from just about everybody, though fortunately this is finally beginning to wane. A day late and a dollar short as ever…so enamored are they with their beloved apocalypse.

March 15, 2014 – 5:20 am
Neither of you jew-crackers know what yogi means obviously

March 15, 2014 – 11:57 am
is a jew-cracker anything like a blintz? well crap…now I want a blintz…. I don’t CARE what *yogi* means or doesn’t mean actually. It has nothing to do with me or the work I am involved with. I only care what *stars* means.

March 15, 2014 – 12:07 pm | term: yogi | definition: to have sex with a girl using no condom | example: I just hit a yogi last night

March 15, 2014 – 6:09 pm
for the edification of the unenlightened hordes…

March 15, 2014 – 8:43 pm
very gratify… *cough*…I mean edifying…

March 16, 2014 – 8:08 am

March 19, 2014 – 3:53 am
The movie about Richard Wilhelm was really good.

March 20, 2014 – 12:35 pm
@izi: yes, very good but also interesting that one of the most important characteristics of the Yi Jing has been generally NOT been properly understood. Experts keep referring to the Yi Jing (I Ching) as a combination oracle/social ethics guide without really understanding that what truly sets it apart is that it is the oldest formal theoretical physics in the entire world…a work that set about from its inception to explain the iner workings of universe without resorting to notions of Deity on any level.

March 20, 2014 – 12:48 pm
This is truly remarkable for its age and rivals the best of modern physics even today for its profound attention to detail and the breadth of its analytical reach. It attends to biological and cosmological phenomena with equal skill and agility and even though it hails from the time of Nu Kua (predynastic China) it was never about some all-knowing deity playing at creation as though it were his pet project per se. Nor are we compelled to buy into any of that crap in order to make use of its principles. Mutational Alchemy recognizes this and builds upon this remarkable human accomplishment with a vengeance. If we allow that consciousness may be a built-in feature of Universe itself, then there was never any reason to conclude that it had to be authored by some all-knowing God in order for there to be telltale indicators of conscious design in nature. If the Universe is inherently *superconscious* all by itself, then it was always sufficient first cause unto itself, just as a very few philosophers have been trying to assert for millennia.

March 20, 2014 – 1:04 pm
Richard J Smith addresses this often overlooked detail in his ground-breaking little book quietly understated as *The I Ching – A Biography*…very important little book.. It’s a proper physics people…and that physics will set us free once and for all. This will take some time since we have a huge problem going on with all the apocalyptic suicide-jockeys out there doing their damndest to bring life to an end as a necessary precursor to their delusional projections of godly intervention.

March 20, 2014 – 1:19 pm
Nevertheless, the Universe has almost certainly factored this bullshit in so it’s going to get interesting, if not a little abrupt…the Universe may be content to let this troublesome world rot on the vine just owing to the mental illness it has so copiously perpetrated but – moreover – I rather tend to doubt it. I cannot see where it really NEEDS this world for anything per se but Nature generally seems to abhor unnecessary waste. That’s a human preoccupation. It is not something we find Nature itself slathered in the way people are.

March 22, 2014 – 4:15 pm
I think the earth is magickally protected in some way. Like there’s a plan. It may sound naive but that’s what I believe.

March 23, 2014 – 2:33 pm
it has other suitors who seem to care a lot more for it than its worthless children do. Nua Kua and Tiamat seem to share this burden with respect to worthless children…strange, but probably not coincidental. I have always felt as though Life itself seems to have a peculiar agenda with respect to *outing* its *inessential* bits, as the Yi Jing puts it. It will *hack away* these inessentials in the end and what remains will amount to a legitimately victorious lineage of not-so-worthless Kings & Queens of Life itself. I wouldn’t want to be caught resting on my own guesswork regardless. There is much to be done if we are going to take responsibility for our part in things and liberate ourselves, jut in case God misses his train or whatever…

March 23, 2014 – 3:12 pm
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March 23, 2014 – 3:13 pm
god takes the train?

March 30, 2014 – 2:08 am
@izi: sometimes she just catches a dragon…kinda depends on her mood…

March 30, 2014 – 2:12 am
caught her riding a yeti one time…that was pretty hilarious. yeti was deliriously happy about it from what I could tell…they’re a little hard to read…