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The Mutational Alchemy Tarot is a project by Izi Ningishzidda and m1thr0s, begun in late 2008 and finished in late 2012. It was released to the public on October 22nd 2015. It may be purchased exclusively from The Abrahadabra Institute here. Scroll down for a full list of cards. The book is open to the public, as it holds important keys and long overdue refinements and corrections which are vitally important to the lifeblood of Tarot amongst occultists.

Few tarot decks are as complex and meaningful as Aleister Crowley’s THOTH tarot, and The Mutational Alchemy Tarot stands as the direct descendant to his and Frieda Harris’s work, correcting some of the errors he made and implementing the Tree of Life and Hexagrams into the Tarot as well in a mathematically perfect way. 

Although it incorporates vast elements of Hermeticism, Alchemy, Tantra, Witchcraft, Qabbalah and Wu-Feng-Shui, it’s at its heart a work on Mutational Alchemy, which will find the most appeal in the hands of those familiar with the pylons of Mutational Alchemy: The I Ching, Tetragrammaton and Tantra (Yantra, Mantra and Yoga)

The art direction embraced global culture, diversity was on a top list of priorities for the artists m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda. Not only African, European, Asian and American Indian are represented, but blue, green, red and green people too! Far from being merely an effort at encouraging acceptance of the fun of diversity, these also are a hardcore alchemical-hermetic representation of the core elemental standards that the deck upholds, as it is a product and proponent of the Royal Science of Tetragrammaton


This is what 400 lbs of Tarot Cards looks like.
Never have so many TwinStars been present in one place on earth!
The sizing is the same as the famous oversize THOTH tarot decks. Oop product placement for my fuel. – Izi
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The Mutational Alchemy Tarot Companion Book

The Cards (The Prince of Blades was REPLACED in the final deck, but it’s in the three proto-copies MythMath had made) :



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    1. No, those are based on the Rider-Waite which is already extremely watered down to be of any use to just about anybody. Somehow people mistake complexity with difficulty, but the truth of the matter is that the Rider-Waite is about as easy for teaching tarot as alphabet blocks are for teaching English to a beginner. Some depth is necessary.

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