the kings and queens of the earth series: ayn rand and saul alinsky

I simply could not resist the reckless self-indulgence of kicking off the second piece of this series with Ayn Rand. (The first installment is viewable here.) Anyone who joins TAI will be expected to be interested in philosophy – any philosophy – and while my personal preference is for an enormous range of philosophers ranging from Pythagoras to Thomas Jefferson. I don’t really care what kind of philosophy our students and members like, as long as they have some kind of philosophy. Ayn Rand just has a special place in my heart as the most polarizing individual in my repertoire of knowledge. No one causes an irrational emotional meltdown quite as spectacularly Ayn Rand, this is probably one of her most endearing qualities. Just drop her name in any social circle and watch the fallout.
       Yet, she also has some things to say about our Nu Aeon that support the ideas Thelemites and Liber al Vel Legis aficionados hold dear regarding the imagined and perceived reign of Ra Hoor Khut. RHK is experienced as coming from within our own Body of Light, centering at the solar plexus and is felt along the arms during gnosis. “I am the strength and force of your arms” he says. This area of the Body of Light is connected with the chakra known to facilitate carving out dominion, and Ayn Rand has plenty to say about dominion and will. While she is coming at it from a very earthly perspective, this is exactly the kind of down to earth objective-reality espresso shot most occultists need these days – not the subjective “everything will unfold as it should” crap that you hear spouted off to anyone who will listen. Ra Hoor Khut himself defines himself, first and foremost, as a God of War and of Vengeance. He’s not going to be inspiring us to turn the other cheek and be our brother’s keeper, as the previous aeon was defined, unless that keeping includes socking them in the jaw for their bullshit.
      People are going to have to learn to change their own godamned diapers in this aeon, mark my words. We’ve got a lot of serious threats breathing down our neck here, from the antibiotic crisis coupled with the return of ebola and the plague in Africa, to the fallout of what is the largest extinction since the Permian. The world is not going to be saved by niceness, it’s going to be saved by what we refer to, and what the ancient Chinese referred to, as *right thinking* and *right action*. But what is *right thinking* and more importantly, what is the most pressing matter we must attend to if we are to survive and thrive in our Nu Aeon environment, the so-called “Age of War and Science?” [Continue Reading (Members Only)]

“There are signs of civilization here, but we’re not there yet campers…” – m1thr0s 729