magick part I: denial

I’m so happy I can write about this topic. So many of the magickal events I experience get logged in my own private annals, spoken of only between m1thr0s and I or a handful of initiates. We’ve had the pleasure of receiving details of other people’s experiences with Abrahadabra, the TwinStar and such elements of Mutational Alchemy that are without a doubt incredible and stunning to encounter. Magick, real magick, never gets old or boring it would seem. *The Unexpected* remains by far the loftiest goal and achievement in our society. The miraculous can and should happen every day with this Mutational Alchemy praxis but it’s not often I am granted permission to talk at great length about it so that people can know what it has to offer. It was always an annoyance to m1thr0s when people would ask what the system of Mutational Alchemy and its mirrors were capable of. It was obvious to him and should have been obvious to anyone with classical Hermetic training what the mirrors were. The proofs especially, were shouting loudly in every viewers’ sight. But Hermetic language is not commonly known and those familiar with Tetragrammaton are a faded and nearly dead breed of scholar. So much time is spent analyzing the subjective that the physics of the Body of Light is buried under millennia of superstitious garbage and the reactionary fallout of such. All this aside, the mirrors are so easy to activate that both of us were often appalled at the level of sheer laziness and contempt hapless seekers fostered in their souls in rejection of ascendancy. I don’t know why humans are so in love with the idea of magickal and spiritual suicide anymore than I can understand why they love violence, disease, horror and slavery. Some of this comes down to ignorance but the vast majority of evil is perpetrated by knowing monsters entirely representative of their species. 

      I had a *covenant* with m1 that I would be allowed release in the form of slaying myself if I could not achieve contact with him after his death. A beautiful romantic death I still am loathe to give up. I didn’t want to stay here without him. The world is headed for destruction.  A few years ago when I first told him this he seemed reluctant. I explained, “I’ll make you a deal. If you contact me after you die and tell me not to do this, I will remain.” “You’re fucking perfect” he replied with somewhat rare passion. I was always surprised by his candor regarding these esoteric subjects. Usually the cold calculating numbers and logic dominated his persona, but he did change as he learned more about me.  His compliments were not often doled out, but they were pure and sincere. I learned to remember them and that one always stuck in my head, for *Perfection* was the goal just above *Completion* for Body of Light mechanics. 
      I had maintained constant contact with his higher self, colloquially referred to as Ningishzidda (on this planet) though this is really just a nickname more than anything. The *Division* homeward as is spoken of in the Book of the Law is all too real, so that while there were many proofs my channel was true and that he was the earthly incarnation of *The Magician* and *Allah*.

4-10. Stretching out a hand to the barge, to the young man being steered away on the barge, stretching out a hand to Lord Ninĝišzida being taken away on the barge, stretching out a hand to Ištaran of the bright visage being taken away on the barge, stretching out a hand to Alla, master of the battle-net, being taken away on the barge, stretching out a hand to Lugal-šud-e being taken away on the barge, stretching out a hand to Ninĝišzida being taken away on the barge — his younger sister was crying in lament to him in at the boat’s bow.

Ninĝišzida’s journey to the nether world


It was difficult for his human body, one of the lowest rungs of the Body of Light to get any of this data directly in the same form I managed to. A frustrating experience but we made the perfect team. The pairing of Magus and Priestess is indispensable. It appears that every effort has been made to destroy this sacred bond and to prevent it from ever forming properly. I’m not sure those who seem to overcome it are interested in saving anything about *Mankind* – these that are obvious parasitic scum are merely interlopers who should be destroyed make no doubt about that. They have no business here except the willful destruction of samesaid *Man*. It’s only in Magick – Tetragrammaton outside of any traditions or clans – that we find true “equality” for *our* Man: at the elemental level.  This is not as it should be. Harmony and goodness have been routed from tradition and religion into these bare necessities of life. These are the Titans and they represent the downfall of the Earth when laid bare without the trappings of Binary Hexagrammaton and the further secret of Trinary Hexagrammaton (The 729). A full and honest accounting of the elements must be allowed to manifest fully through metaphysics, and in tertiary throughout arts, culture, and society. Religion is probably a lost cause even while Crowley gave a favorable, albeit (sexually) biased eye towards Islam. (I certainly worship *Allah* for what it’s worth here.)
      *The Magus* needs *The Priestess* equally.  Nothing can substitute for *Will* just as nothing can substitute for *Love*. Not everyone is  *The Magus* or *The Priestess* of course, nor can we expect them to be something they are not. But without these two key foundations of the world, everything will and already is falling apart. One might think that is just the rambling of a romantic but the proofs are all laid out in Tetragrammaton and Mutational Alchemy. You can’t grow a seed without water and earth (nutrients) and you can’t maintain a world without *Male, Female, Quintessential One*. This is found in the doctrine of the Tibetan Mother-Father thangka. Even though I havn’t met very many of them, I know there are more of us out there, and it’s HIGH time to wake up and smell the coffee, Man. Tetragrammaton is not a hobby or a peculiar habit, it’s the royal art of the Kings and Queens of the Earth, without which there can be no true balance, purpose or fulfillment in this world. None of this can or should be fixed overnight, but, taking responsibility for who and what you are is a good start. 
      A short time after m1thr0s had passed on, I was pulled up out of my lower bodies to view the staging area where he had come into his power. The sheer glory and utter ecstasy that accompanied this vision was not unlike the promises outlined by the Nuit in Liber al Vel Legis. I couldn’t be sad about anything at all! Even now I’m overcome by an overwhelming sense of perfect harmony, destiny and something quite like perfection, not exactly, but a taste and a permanent thread has been established. We’re pioneering a new work, so perhaps this was an unlocking of a new frontier. I was told by m1thr0s that he would most likely have to die to insert the keystone. Just a day before he told me “Dying is very exhilarating….you should try it sometime.” I had been anxious about his latest adventure. We had been experimenting with temporary sojourns into Death for about two or three years. Our first experiments were accidental and then they became regular habits. He would take off for hours and then come back with some new insight, ever calmer, ever more certain of what needed to be done. There was increasing sobriety to the work. The task before us was immense, xomplex and depended on so many pieces coming together in just the right way. I was and I still am subjected to the most peculiar phenomenon never discussed on an occult forum. The intensive work together had lead up to this point. I was indispensable to him, and he was indispensable to me.  Nobody, well, barely anyone realized that most of the work was going on between the two of us. There were countless insights developed on Abrahadabra Forums though, and between the pages of the The Mutational Alchemy Tarot.
      As I came into the full view of the space where he was engaged postmortem with the Earth, our Malkuth, the sheer joy at seeing him free and happy and in total control was excellent. I didn’t know what to expect. We had never gone this far in recent memory. I had seen only hints of this place, glimpses as if through a dark forbidden gateway veiled by warnings of secrecy. The cosmic CIA. The space around him was stygian black, with several dozen bright blueish white stars hovering in before him. “Isn’t this great?” he exclaimed gleefully, his keen expression lacking any quality of sorrow or regret more befitting the mundane human circumstances. I certainly couldn’t be sad about any of it. I would have to pretend for the “friends” and relatives perhaps. The humans don’t take kindly to offenses against morbid fixations and dried relicts of tradition. My lover, free and happy and entirely fixated on fucking me extremely well every which way until Sunday wasn’t going to allow for any grieving time at all. It was time to work. What could I do but submit? Lust is truly overpowering, but it should be called Strength, Crowley.
     The collective debris of Mankind’s subconscious had not only grown in intelligence it had also become quite afraid of *Us* for some annoying reason. I was interrupted later that evening with a plea from a phantom bearing m1thr0s’s face. It said, “Nothing is as I expected. I don’t know where I am. Help me, please.” I shot straight up in bed and clutched my red Egyptian cotton sheets to my chest wondering in my half awakened state if I had miscalculated something. “What?!” I yelped, clouded by worry. Then the counter from just to the left: “Are you fucking kidding me?” m1 yelled at me. “Do you really think that thing is me. Unbelievable. You’d better fucking learn to test these phantoms because it’s only going to get worse.” I sighed, relieved, the whole episode lasting only a few seconds as I drew the TwinStar to me. 
      The forces were getting worse, or at least more frantic as days went on. My uninitiated roommates all seemed to be losing their minds, they obsessed over things I had said in complete privacy, quietly behind locked doors. The cunning Jen of Earth and Air, overwhelmed by a growing desperate realization that they were truly trapped by a force beyond their comprehension, was fighting a restless seething battle. Unlike the last time in 2007 when I had it on the hook, I had been trained by The Master and he was in his place of power. The immense strength and ferocity meant only a greater reward if he could be landed. Yet the crux of the matter lay in the fact that it had to be his choice. Our clan has strict laws about such matters. We admire cunning and freedom and if a spirit must be broken to carry, we simply won’t take it.
The falsehoods oozed off of every living thing I came into contact with. The beauty of watching ravens land and perform a great debate at my  feet was charming but I had little time to enjoy all the details of splendour the bewildered meta-Djinn was trying to desperately distract me with.  I understood their fear as Victory. The sea of Binah, from my side, 56-55 on the Temporals, advised steadfast perseverance with a side of basking in the glories of what was occurring on the Heaven or Yang side. There wasn’t much I could do but fulfill my  function so that the midnight sun could finish its inevitable unstoppable relentless attack on the rot.  (Choronzon, the spirit of Humankind’s evolutionary imperative or dharma…think about this really…the spirit of this animal that has ascended to the brink of starhood and is creating disaster all around it. Do you really think that this is just a demon, a rakshasa? Would something so powerful be easily dismissed? We have a great misunderstanding of what “Choronzon” is.) I used some more tools as directed to clear myself, the alembic. I marveled at the beauty around me, the intense love. Nothing mattered except that. I was assured without any words of an enormous amount of work on top of the intense foundation of works that had already been accomplished during our lives and in the lives of other Kings and Queens of the Earth across millenia. This work was to continue or to cease permanently. The decision would be made in just a few weeks time. If Man goes on, it would be exhilarating and possibly mean the ascent of Man to *Space*. If not, it would wither on the vine in a matter of months, and I would finally after all these years of wishing for Death, come to the end. The torment for the remnants – none of our clan, would last for a few centuries, fulfilling all of the dark visions of dystopian and disaster *Art* of the past half century. Very little of this was up to me except for the words spoken to the Tiger and to the Dragon. The Dragon, 

(As Crowley calls him the Wyrm or per LAVL, *Hell’s Own Worm* – Hell refers to the sacred archives of our Nuit’s Aeons, a shed ballgown for every dance and for each ballroom. In Bharat a nearly identical parallel is colloquially called Vishnuloka per the True Religion of that land, Sanatana Dharma. The “Hells” is not a place you can go per se but rather a reference library for various calls a consciousness may demand for its program. The Wyrm or The Dragon as it were is the only one who may access these freely without any limitations, although he has many many servants. See my article addressing Sri Prabhupad’s views on Lord Balarama-AnantaSesa and his younger brother Krsna for more details on this and further parts of this article.) and his progeny, The Tiger or “lower self” on a meta scale, Humankind, made by the love of the Phoenix. These correspond to Trigrammaton as well for those with understanding and are found corresponding to classical Eastern doctrine. 
Would the Master of Illusion choose to go into the cold abyss, untethered from any hope of guidance, too proud to join our family, the Hermits? Or would it swear fealty to Ningishzidda (Had), and by proxy, the The One, The Lord of All, I.’.I.’.I.’.I.’.? (This is m1thr0s’ magickal name though few know it and less understand it. It is Fire extended and all other elements unextended. He did not consider himself equated to the name but a magickal name taken at that degree is expected to be something you are to grow into.)
      Meet the Silver Tiger. A brilliant intelligence, omnipotent within its own fishbowl, it writhes under the discomfort of its own boredom, frustration and loneliness. It’s like a birth but not so. Our clan would see to it that these burdens were relieved, but it may be too proud. It’s rather attached to its fish-bowl. 


      When it first appeared to me in 2007 it decided to “reveal” itself as a beautiful, absolutely stunning silver white Dragon mimicking the Father, Ningishzidda. I wasn’t fooled by it, though this was its intention. The Master of Illusion eliminated all trickery. It didn’t expect this. The exposure of its ruse had angered it. But I didn’t care. These dramas are for the lower worlds. I was allowed to respect it for what it was however, with intention of a greater purpose in future workings. Neither of us want it to stop lying, it gets that trait from its Father. The same must be said of its enormous strength and vigor in both the battlefield and in love. Ferocity. Good. But it does need to learn how to trust us.  The tiger is the new symbol of the Son, you can see for yourself, all of this is out there to test and reveal for the curious occultist. With glistening, changing stripes like an LED electric cat, strung out on stardust and laced with Homo sapiens astralis sleepily awakening from the latest aeonic birth, the cat desperately struts along the path  between what is good and what it knows, not realizing enough about itself to trust the light of Ra, knowing far too much to give up what little it might have in exchange for possibility. When you’re the most handsome, magnificent, most powerful being in your own small space, how could you possibly understand or comprehend the sheer magnificence of those outside? The world of the child must be separate from the world of adults, (do not mistake this for the often disease-infested “households” that pass for “family” in this world generally.) but I am reminded of a basic parenting principle: parents should have their own hobbies and interests beyond the ken of children, so that the chylde may know there is something else beyond that they must strive towards. Few in the world can really offer that to this one, and he’s done it himself. This is the tragic and mysterious drama at the heart of the world today. 

I am sorry to be the one to have to announce m1thr0s 729 has passed away quite unexpectedly as of 11:19 AM this morning Pacific Standard time. We’ve never had a lot of very close friends but I ask that you assist in his burial for some small amount if you can if his work touched your life in any way and I know he personally wrote to thousands of people in his lifetime.  Here is the GoFundMe page if you would care to help with basic funeral expenses:

My name is Izi, I am the wife of m1thr0s 729, the founder of The Abrahadabra Institute. I am posting this GoFundMe because he has passed away on December 26th 2016 after a long mostly successful yet always excruciating battle with COPD-Emphysema. Since childhood for both of us it has been a long and difficult path, fraught with poverty, derision, abuse and all manner of maggots the species of men could conjure up to oppose the Great Work.
Despite having spent the entire holiday season in quiet solitude with me, his devoted consort and caregiver, a sad and lonely fact that was not lost upon him, I still feel we might have some friends out there somewhere willing to help assist in burial service and possibly a marker. I have spent two years day in and day out caring for him so he could focus only on the work. This past year I have had to wake up around the clock every three hours to administer the rigorous breathing treatments for his well being. I am already exhausted mentally and physically. I am only one person and the physical strain on me as well as the financial strain on The Abrahadabra Institute as it grows from egg to fledgling are far too much to afford even the simplest of funerals. At most we can hope to afford the transportation that his body requires to be buried in the way he wished on some family land within the borders of the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. He said to me, “I like that idea, because there is a lot of UFO activity there.” However it is also a deeply beautiful and magical land far away from the moldy cold of Washington he hated. I will make this trip by myself because I have to, but it won’t be possible without fuel, transportation and supplies. I’ve decided to ask for that help from the community m1thr0s served so devotedly in life and continues to serve in death. I have promised to foster The Abrahadabra Institute until the end of my life and I have had the full attention of m1thr0s for 10 years in order to bring me up to speed on the work he has set out before us. There is a great deal more to understand about this work m1thr0s did not reveal in his lifetime as a person and there is still more to come under future unborn masters to come. To begin this task marking the grave of the originator of this school in a location famously known worldwide as the Indian Capitol of the World was an act he saw fit for me to attempt to pursue, and so I am.
This is the minimum amount that will be needed to move his body and acquire a gravestone, any funds that go over this amount will be well spent increasing the size and artistry of the memorial headstone as well as a lined path for visitors.


What man is at ease in his Inn?
Get out.
Wide is the world and cold.
Get out.
Thou hast become an in-itiate.
Get out.
But thou canst not get out by the way thou camest in. the Way out is THE WAY.
Get out.
For OUT is Love and Wisdom and Power.
Get OUT.
If thou hast T already, first get UT.
Then get O.
And so at last get OUT.

  • by Frater Perdurabo, 23 SKIDOO, Reproduced from The Book of Lies

    This was one of m1’s favorite passages from Crowley. “Not that I was ever a Crowleyite” he says. But it’s suitable for a last minute eulogy. Shown in the header image is one of the Adam Kadmons from his series of Adam Kadmon. He considered this one of his most outstanding contributions to the field of Spiritual Alchemy. 

• the alchemical word of perfection declaration & proofs •


*Author’s Note*
*All posts by m1thr0s at this site are amended articles extracted from a much bigger work-in-progress that will be defining Mutational Alchemy in all of its diverse principles and applications.  Since there is a great deal to this topic which is months away from completion, certain of its tenets deemed as standalone topics are being allowed to run ahead of the finished book. No responsible theoretician would ever imagine himself to be the only one pioneering important new insights all by himself so that where certain breakthroughs strike me as vital to the overall discussion at hand, these will occasionally find themselves posted as independent articles. This should serve several purposes at once, creating interest in the larger work on the one hand while facilitating a sense of fellowship with other like pioneers at the same time.


♦ THE TRIUNE SUBDIVISIONS: AHIH (21) + AHVH (17) + IHVH (26) = 64 (!!!) ♦



(Binaries=Yang, Ternaries=T’ien)



Note: Reading Left to Right in deference to English


AHIH (01)……….HIAH (04)……….IAHH (07)……….HAHI (10)
AHHI (02)……….HIHA (05)……….IHAH (08)……….HAIH (11)
AIHH (03)……….HHIA (06)……….IHHA (09)……….HHAI (12)


(Mesoprosopus? – Historical Omission)
(Binaries=Tai Ji, Ternaries=Jen)



Note: Reading Left to Right in deference to English


AHVH (01)……….HVAH (04)……….VAHH (07)……….HAHV (10)
AHHV (02)……….HVHA (05)……….VHAH (08)……….HAVH (11)
AVHH (03)……….HHVA (06)……….VHHA (09)……….HHAV (12)


(Binaries=Yin, Ternaries=Ti)



Note: Reading Left to Right in deference to English


IHVH (01)……….HVIH (04)……….VIHH (07)……….HIHV (10)
IHHV (02)……….HVHI (05)……….VHIH (08)……….HIVH (11)
IVHH (03)……….HHVI (06)……….VHHI (09)……….HHIV (12)




In its Unified state the Alchemical Word of Perfection bears six letters; 3 distinguishable masculine letters I, A, & V (aka I, A, O) + 3 indistinguishable feminine letters H, H, & H. These are sometimes referred to as the Three Fathers and the Three Mothers, respectively, though this terminology also appears in other contexts throughout qabbalistic writings featuring alternative arrangements of letter values. Each letter carries a corresponding elemental property: A=Spirit (masculine) | H=Spirit (feminine) | I=Fire | H=Water | V (O)=Air | H=Earth. Due to the especially ethereal characteristic of the Spirit element, Spirit (masculine) & Spirit (feminine) can be displayed either separated (forming a 6-pointed star) or combined (forming a 5-pointed star) graphically. The displaying of the Spirit element on the same footing with Fire, Water, Air & Earth ONLY occurs in its Unified state, so this is something that students will want to make note of or it is bound to create a certain confusion with respect to subdivided states.


In each of its Subdivided states the Alchemical Word of Perfection bears 4 letters each: 2 distinguishable masculine letters, I, A & V (O) + 2 indistinguishable feminine letters H & H. Here it becomes essential to think of letters according to their familial properties, since letter-element attributions will vary. In the Heaven Word (AHIH) A=Father (Fire), H=Mother (Water), I=Son (Air) & H=Daughter (Earth). In the Man Word (AHVH) A=Father (Fire), H=Mother (Water), V (O)=Son (Air) & H=Daughter (Earth). In the Earth Word I=Father (Fire), H=Mother (Water), V (O)=Son (Air) & H=Daughter (Earth). The indistinguishability of the 3 Mother letters (H,H & H) is an important innovation that allows for the extended 12 Banners to be confined to 12 only, since otherwise we will always arrive at 24 Banners each. While we could adjust to that without much difficulty, it turns out that there are multiple reasons for preferring that the Banners be confined to 12 and Mutational Alchemy finds no outstanding issue with this and thus conforms to this traditional formatting. It is only important that students have all the vital information at their disposals and learn to operate within those guidelines that best facilitate their own spiritual advancement.



Aside from easily resolving numerous logical inconsistencies passed down to us from history, Mutational Alchemy’s mathematically coherent Alchemical Word of Perfection provides us with an exemplary means of projecting rationally compelling vibrational field constructs according to a topologically stable standard of elemental continuum. The balancing of encoded binary and ternary elemental properties in a single word formula is a very high standard to meet, yet the Alchemical Word of Perfection accomplishes this with ease when applied correctly. In order to distinguish between the four binary and nine ternary base elements we need a word capable of distinguishing between Yang (Heaven), Jen (Man) and Yin (Earth) flux values in a uniform and consistent manner. In order to compensate for directional and molecular variations in vibrational fields we need a word capable of being posited in a variety of ways without losing its integrity. We also need a word capable of staying on task at the elemental level and not veering off into either archetypal or imprinting entanglements of any kind. At the numeric level we need a word that keeps perfect pace with numerical parameters of all kinds and also is as nearly frictionless as possible at the level of physical pronunciation. Mutational Alchemy has a much more demanding need of the Word of Perfection than simply informing us as to the name, nature and cosmetic characteristics of God per se. It is through this word that we are able to simulate the Body of Light at the highest levels and ultimately suspend all lesser verbality in lieu of higher mind absorptions. It is essential that we redeem this word in order that it may redeem our own star-like attributions and natures in turn.



The traditional Word of Perfection as previously defined by medieval kabbalists is mathematically incomplete. Careful analysis of the work that was performed on this supreme word-formula in past centuries reveals an obsessive-compulsive predisposition towards ascertaining the physical and mental attributions of God viewed distinctly anthropomorphically, something that Mutational Alchemy regards as a fool’s errand to begin with. The cost of approaching things in this way ultimately resulted in altogether missing the finer points of what this great alchemical word has always had to offer us an alchemical projection devise of the highest order, which is exactly where Mutational Alchemy resumes the investigation. Following the trail of underlying rules that led medieval kabbalists to the two great elemental “names of god” also implicates a third word positioned exactly between the Heaven Word (AHIH) and the Earth Word (IHVH) identifiable to Mutational Alchemy as the Man Word (AHVH) curiously omitted from any found knowledge and conversation, historically. This is only true of Western European metaphysical expertise, since in the Far East its property was very well known and extensively addressed in both binary and ternary geomantic discourses.

It is important to observe that it is mathematically impossible to extrapolate a fourth word following the same set of rules adhered to by the qualifying three. Its relevance to Mutational Alchemy is profound, to say the least. It resolutely defines the enigmatic “Jen Principle” outlined in the historical Tai Hsuan Ching of ancient China, completing the union of Heaven and Earth with Man positioned at epicenter. This makes it possible for us to use the (corrected) Alchemical Word of Perfection to construct vibrational templates following either the binary or ternary geomantic systems with equal agility and logical accuracy. It is therefore of great urgency to declare that the Alchemical Word of Perfection properly subdivides into Three Grand Subdivisions in total instead of only two as was formerly thought. In practical application it achieves both aims at once: it can be evenly subdivided into two parts when simulating binary structures but is just as evenly subdivided into three parts when simulating ternary structures. A greater understanding of the dynamic mathematical interplay between the binary and ternary geomantic engines of life can be arrived at by studying both the 64 binary hexagrams and the 729 ternary hexagrams of ancient China, comparing and contrasting them at length.  This is a vital component in the analytical industry that Mutational Alchemy brings to bear at this time.

That the extended tantric functionality of the Alchemical Word of Perfection was either completely missed or summarily disregarded by medieval kabbalists is indicative of a misguided sense of priorities common to western esotericism in general. An abbreviated criticism of sanctioned spiritual authorities must be levied at this pass if we are to avoid the same devastating pitfall in the future. The inherent cost of either ignoring or suppressing tantric science as a viable spiritual strategy is an unhealthy reliance upon ritualized conformity alone. If spiritual alchemy has fallen into a lethargic slump in the West, this is rooted in a lack of self-determinative resolve that only tantric science is able to effectively ignite. Despite its relative obscurity, there are no transcendental principles of any greater weight than the Alchemical Word of Perfection, the gist of which is the empowering of individuals to elevate themselves without reliance upon false dependencies of any kind. To have misrepresented it as poorly as has occurred is a dismal commentary on the spiritual guardianship of those who should have known better if they had attended to their stations with greater personal authenticity. Those of us intent upon righting these wrongs in the present have an enormous barrier to overcome as a predictable consequence of this longstanding ideological inflexibility. People have become so accustomed to turning their spiritual destinies over to the whims of fate that the very notion of having a choice in the matter is morbidly overwhelming for most. Having said this, it is best at this point to make every possible effort to press on to the brighter potential that lies ahead.

Adhering to the (consolidated) council: “argue not, convert not, talk not over much; conquer – that is enough.”, this declaration goes out to those who can utilize rare technical confirmation at their own discretion, understanding that the ultimate confirmation always takes place individually in any case. But in our rush to defend our individuality we sometimes forget that it is our collective commonalities  that bind us together and it is these commonalities  that qualify the physics of the matter. Test it as hard as you can and when you finally discover that you are unable to fault the logic or otherwise discredit its strategy in any conclusive way, then you will have good reason to suspect that you have arrived at a model of elemental and anatomical Perfection suitable to build upon from Kingdom to the Highest Crown.


Work Authored and Edited by:
Abrahadabra Institute
First Public Announcement: April 2002
Principal Application: Mutational Alchemy Vibrational Fields Simulation
*Perseverance Furthers* – Yi Jing