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Candyman – 09/07/2017
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Izi – 09/07/2017
Hi all, just waking up. blegh
Caffeine and video games
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Candyman – 09/07/2017
Hey Izi. Music, Work and trading for me
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
I am having a cup of coffee too.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Do you drink it black?
Oof, I gotta go re-read a big chunk of a book for the curriculum.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Yeah. I do. I like the deepness of the flavor.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Hm. Well I’ll be back later, have to go finish this section and write a comment.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
kk have fun
Izi – 09/07/2017
It was that part in Crowley’ work where he describes marriage as a mutated farce and the sex life of the bourgeois as disgusting, the idol of the corpse of love.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Oh cool.
your speakin to the choir on that part
Izi – 09/07/2017
He’s really pretty funny throughout the whole rant.
Although I feel wary when he starts sounding like he’s about to advocate for pederasty or something. He never goes that far.
But when he forbids the seduction of “infants” I have to wonder why he used “infants” instead of the word “children”
Oh well, I’m probably being paranoid.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Im making a skull shaped homebase right now
its turning out ok
Izi – 09/07/2017
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
ill post a pic later
Izi – 09/07/2017
Right now…with that article in mind you mentioned, En, the one about Yin and Yang sexuality…I’m trying to figure out what a “soul” is composed of.
I’m not even sure that I like or will stick with the word “soul”
There are some more precise terms used in India to describe it, and the Egyptians had a pretty rigorous glossary of terms regarding the parts of the soul…
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
goes to look at the chat
sorry which one?
Izi – 09/07/2017
Nuit informs us in no uncertain terms for those of us paying attention that she has no way of ‘speaking’ by herself…she needs an intermediary…like Aiwass or Rose, for example, to “speak” and this is because I think she is the personification of Yin itself. Yin being a passive principle needs to be read by an active principle or an intermediary principle like Jen.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Nevermind that, this is an important discussion, you’ll like it, but I don’t know if you can help.
Just put that on the agenda for this month, we’re going to be dissecting the idea of souls.
I have to finish this entry.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Oh :open_mouth:
Oh I see the one by Crowley. Thought you meant like way before.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Yes, way before, you were interested in my assertion that I was a true Yin
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Yes I remember that.
Izi – 09/07/2017
It’s in this article that I will explain that, but it is a difficult article with a lot of unknowns
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
I see. Well it’s cool that you bounce your ideas in here.
Pretty excited to read =]
The only thing I would claim to have some understanding is the idea of the vulnerable ego being more important than it’s typically given in psychology, and that it is closer to the idea of the id than of a simple “psychological defence”
Izi – 09/07/2017
Yeah I think that too, occultists especially seem to mix up Id and Ego all the time.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
That’s typical of jungian perspectivce though, the ego isn’t just a barrier, it’s like an integration system
Behaviorism is useful… but to a certain degree the only useful tools we have now is brain scans and self introspection
Izi – 09/07/2017
I put some of my weird diary on reddit
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
You post on there alot?
Izi – 09/07/2017
Speaking of integration, I think you have to get pretty out there to properly integrate some of the magickal ideas, like Abrahadabra. That entry is an example of that.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Take risks you mean?
Izi – 09/07/2017
People are so dull on r/occult generally so I thought I’d show them what real magick looks like.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
goes to read
Izi – 09/07/2017
I don’t usually post on reddit, I always post my journal on Abrahadabra Forums, except parts I’m forbidden to share.
And then, I label it <redacted> if it’s missing.
Candyman – 09/07/2017
I read that, it was nuts. made me laugh a couple times too
Izi – 09/07/2017
It’s just that the most interesting posts on r/occult are being made by a Nazi, and that’s a problem .
Oh good. :smiley:
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
hm cant find the link
Candyman – 09/07/2017
does that Nazi guy know what he’s talking about?
i got the impression he makes a lot of stuff up.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Oops, there was an error! | Abrahadabra
Visit our forum at:

He is. I’ve met his “type” before, he’s got a vanity problem.
Candyman – 09/07/2017
He is making stuff up? or he knows what he’s talking about
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
is this the one from reddit?
Izi – 09/07/2017
He hasn’t been able to ignite anything as spectacular as he would like so he constantly fills in the blanks with ooey bullshit.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
im not really good at navigating reddit, truthfully havent really done so at all really lol
Izi – 09/07/2017
There’s basically two types of occultists, those who are interested in the truth and objective reality at any cost – even if it means discarding ideas they like, and occultists who feel like memes and fantasy are exactly the same thing as magick.
They just arn’t. Everything that I talk about or record really happened, and I don’t embellish anything.
I wasn’t always so rigorous, because up until Abrahadabra I hadn’t actually experienced what was possible.
I was getting some results, but people settle. They really do.
So perseverance furthers.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Thankyou for the journal
Izi – 09/07/2017
So vox triarii knows some stuff, but he mixes it up with fictional characters and little pieces of truth interspersed with outright lies. He’s intelligent enough to make it all sound plausible, and he uses a certain style of language you find in ornate fiction, Lovecraft and so on.
I know the style because I’m a bookworm and I use that style of prose to spice up my writing, but I have very firm standards on what I will espouse as truth and reality, he does not.
It’s all just a game to him, even though it isn’t. He’s going to end up either wandering around the rest of his life in a fog of his own making or he’s going to lock horns with something real that is able to shut down his little fantasy vanity game he likes to play.
Even his attraction to Nazi ideology reveals his hand – he’s so desperate for real magick that he’s gone to the extreme end of the spectrum just to “check things out” so to speak.
Candyman – 09/07/2017
It took me a little while to catch on to that. I started noticing the lies and then it all fell apart. I don’t read his posts any longer but that whole sub treats him like royalty
Izi – 09/07/2017
I almost wonder if he’s the head of the Illuminates of Thanateros, that guy was a fucking flowery moron.
Could almost see him toning it down and going that direction. He was a major Nazi as well. And had no morals regarding mixing fiction and reality.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
So the thread you two were mentioning a few mins ago, is there any particular thread? Or are you just commenting on this character and his posts in general?
Candyman – 09/07/2017
He posts in basically every thread.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Just this guy who goes by the username vox_triarii.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
I see.
Izi – 09/07/2017
Yeah that strikes me as a neurotic tick, like he’s gotta try and prove himself. Or he wants to be the King of r/occult. Boy he’s welcome to it.
He started posting a lot more after criticism started to come out,, like he was trying to bury the callouts.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Reading your journal is really inspiring!
Im gonna go lurk some reddit threads :open_mouth:
Candyman – 09/07/2017
That’s how I ended up here
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Oh I see.
Perhaps he’s also using the conflict to learn… albeit in a kind of really around the bushes kind of way.
Unless you don’t think he’s learning anything xDD
Izi – 09/07/2017
I think he’s learning that people don’t like Nazis in general…
Candyman – 09/07/2017
to be fair, at least he owns it. he never denies
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – 09/07/2017
Im curious about this idea of german idealism or nazi magic… just what are they doing anyways? I dont really care, I’ve thrown in my lot philosophically along time ago, but It definitely moves some people.
It must be strange to grab your attention. Or is this just like your daily sitcom? :D:D
Izi – 09/07/2017
Well…it is a religion that deifies Hitler as a god, and advocates for a caste system, to maintain the pure blood of the whites.
thingsandstuff – 09/07/2017
I heard Germans got magic powers from cave lizards
Izi – 09/07/2017
They consider him to be the ninth avatar of Vishnu.

the apadana archives: august 2017

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At the apex of Hermetic Science stands the formula of Abrahadabra. This is the official Discord channel of The Abrahadabra Institute.

KinkyRabbit: Hihiiii:P

Susurrator: Subliminal condition test completed.

KinkyRabbit: You wrote it after my sentence soooooooo I assume condition test is about me?’o.O if it is i would like to know the results:D

Susurrator: The results will be downloaded to your subconscious presently.

KinkyRabbit: Well I have good feeling about this so I assume it went well?:D

Susurrator: I’m sworn to secrecy.

KinkyRabbit: Are u allowed to tell me it subliminally?:P

Susurrator: You already know the answer to that question.

KinkyRabbit: Uh-uh….Then I am confused why you had to mention me about that test in first place?XD haha

Susurrator: It was a general announcement. The next one is: No parking in the White Zone. No mic, just checking stuff out

KinkyRabbit: What does white zone mean for u tho?:P

Susurrator: It’s an American thing. And now I have to go!

KinkyRabbit:Alrighty, had fun talking:) Byeeeee

Izi: I woke up and said “Abrahadabra” the odd part was I fell asleep chanting it for experimentation, then had an extensive dream. 8 hours later “ABRAHADABRA” and I wake up.

Susurrator: I discovered yesterday that the laptop I bought in 2012 has a built in microphone.

Izi : sweet can you hear me?

KinkyRabbit : I am dreaming about my pillow when cant fall asleep:P

Izi:  I was touring m1’s new alchemy lab he built

KinkyRabbit : The Mitorus?:P

Izi:  I think you could probably make money doing this Patreon thing, it’s pretty easy. I’m going to try it out anyways.

Susurrator : Cool!

Izi: People are such bastards, m1thr0s would have loved this. Put a paywall up against the flood of constant needy e-mails. And he was a content-o-matic.
So basically all you do is just create tons of stuff. And then you have tiered levels of access. For subscribers. So there is a Patreon feed, and it hides everything to viewers unless they have that access level.

Susurrator: Yeah, it’s all about providing content. At least one guy I came across doing it is relatively a noob as an occultist but he does well because he provides content.

Izi: Yeah I havn’t even gotten started, I’m going to blow their minds once I get going.

Susurrator: Oh yeah!

Izi: Or kill myself, that would be preferable. But maybe not for a while

Susurrator: No! That will never get my vote!

Izi : Yeah I could probably never forgive myself for abandoning humanity and not seeing TAI through, but I am beginning to think I’ve inherited a bit of a tangled mess. I kind of get why humans cannot achieve the kinds of altitude I can get, if they knew, they’d all be offing themselves.

Susurrator : Delegate!

Izi: But in futility, since they can’t sustain that altitude. Delegate to who?

Susurrator: What are the magisters for?

Izi: There’s no one that has been bloody reliable enough or even able to get 1% of what we are talking about here. They’re advisors mostly, at this early stage they are just learning themselves. I havn’t heard from MythMath or Catsub in ages, who knows where they are. Gatewurm turned out to be just as much of a flake as I thought he was.

Susurrator: Ugh.

Izi: These people are useful in their own way, every now and then, but they don’t quite get Abrahadabra. Yeah it’s no big deal. m1thr0s taught me how to navigate this. The Magisters will end up being far more useful in the future – if TAI survives, as it grows. And as people learn the ropes of Mutational Alchemy and Abrahadabra. Hard to see the appeal when lounging on a nice big leather couch in an stunning alchemy lab with a vaulted glass ceiling…
I mean that’s uplifting, but people are just awful to deal with here.

Susurrator: Well, delegate the more mundane stuff to whoever – each according to their ability and so on. I don’t know but that seems to be part of the job of a leader.

Izi: Yeah, well, perhaps when I have enough coming in to hire people to do things. If they can’t be bothered to join Discord, they’re not exactly someone I can rely upon to do important things. No matter what their other talents. Or post on the forums I mean that’s just odd to me. I will never understand people, ever. I think it’s just what m1thr0s said, people just imagine themselves to be in competition with him and his work, when really, it’s always been their ass on the line.

Susurrator: Maybe the right candidates will show up – not necessarily members. Like me delegating art to my artist buddy. Maybe this Patreon thing will bring them to you.

Izi: I’m sure it will. The TwinStar always has a plan. A devious plan. They’ll need to be trained of course I mean, I basically just popped up out of nowhere into m1thr0s’ life in his emergency. And I’m nowhere near an emergency yet.
So I imagine it is a ways off. The TwinStar doesn’t want everyone, which is why I can’t proselytize like xians do. I can just, show them the material, and beat half of them off with a stick when they get uppity. damned humans Our types tend to be very solitary so gathering them together is a bit of a challenge overall, but it can be done….we just need to show them there is a strength in numbers. Those are the types I really need – hermits….not necessarily Ningishzidda’s clan but hermits are good enough for now. And preferably ones that arn’t doing heroin atm. But all I ever expected from the Magisters at this time in the early life of TAI is as advisors. That’s it!

Susurrator: Have you checked out the Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole podcast? I think their style – particularly Andrieh Vitimus (or however he spells his name) is closer to a style of chat that might suit you than other podcasts I’ve come across.

Izi: Whatever you all want to do is probably for the best. Abrahadabra has its own opinion on these things. No I don’t think I listened to it. I’ve been too busy though but I’ve been meaning to catch up on podcasts to see what people want.
I will look into that one. Any particular one I should start on?

Susurrator: Some of the older ones with that guy I just mentioned – he’s not around so much in the newer ones.

Izi: It’s weird to me when people play long twangy guitar elevator music in their intros. Like I picture some nerd doing air guitar and jamming out and thinking everyone appreciates this. I don’t appreciate it, guy.

Susurrator: Yeah. A lot of people make the mistake of believing anyone shares their taste in intro music

Izi: I don’t even mind intro music so much, but please….30 seconds or less.
That was 2….MINUTES.

Susurrator: :smile:

Izi: I just checked. Ours is 50 seconds. :flushed:

Susurrator: I’ve got to get back to mopping my floors. It has to be done in stages. I’ll listen to the podcast while I mop. Be back later.

Izi: Ok. Do some air guitar.

KinkyRabbit: @Izi What work u got to offer for pple tho?:P

Izi: Mostly editing work, but I ended up doing it myself when one of our Magisters had his life fall apart in several ways. That was for the MAT and he had already offered. Generally I just prefer to do everything myself as no one is trained yet. We have a member who did live with us who tried to do some video stuff but he was not cut out for that sort of thing. He ended up deleting the video on accident. So yeah, I prefer to do my own work.

KinkyRabbit: Awh’o.O welp I am not sure how could any1 delete important stuff
I mean how its possible, but u never know

Izi: Yeah that’s what we thought. But it was an honest mistake, just bumbling

KinkyRabbit: Well gotta make copies of raw material first i suppose. U mentioned that gathering Abrahadabra colleagues is difficult how many are there?

Izi: Oh there’s been hundreds over the years, and there are Five Magisters.
Out of 11 seats. Six, including myself

KinkyRabbit: Ah oki:P thats so cool:)

Izi: Right now we have a dozen members since launch

KinkyRabbit: Dayum hundreds of members? Thats way lots:D

Izi: Yeah, well, not all of them want to become official members, but we had over a thousand members on Abrahadabra Forums 1.0. 600 something followers on Facebook which was only put up a couple years ago. This is heavy work though and not everyone is going to be suited to Mutational Alchemy. The curriculum will be pretty accessible though.

KinkyRabbit: Have u been teaching for long time?:P And i never taught but i suppose abotu this topic its way hard. Since pple aint open about this topics which means 90% of stuff you tell em will be filtered off:D Sad truth I think

Izi: Well, it’s their money, if they want to waste it on a topic they are not interested in, that’s kind of on them.

KinkyRabbit: Its not their choice though. I think its very hard to see different point of views that are so further away from your life and your visions
Its just my opinion and my experience about myself

Izi : I’m not even really sure I know who you’re talking about…

KinkyRabbit: XD

Izi: This is pretty standard stuff as occultism goes. Maybe you’re just talking about yourself? Most of the people I know wouldn’t blink twice at the reading list for year one. It’s all pretty standard and accepted stuff. I hate this podcast
Everyone sounds fat and nasally and the woman towards the middle sounds like a crackhead

KinkyRabbit: Well yeah I was talking about me try-harding on obtaining and reading intuition:P

Izi: I think they asked us to interview for them but it was weird, they just wanted us to record answers to written questions. I didn’t like that. Yeah but you don’t speak English as a first language so it would be an extreme barrier for you right there I think

Susurrator: Ugh. There are more listenable episodes, but you can set the bar higher. Yeah that woman I can’t take. I did hear one episode where one guy was answering questions you couldn’t hear being asked.

Izi: I need a nap :cry:

Susurrator: A siesta.

Izi: Oh right, it’s noon. Okay, a siesta then.

Susurrator: Also you’re in Nueva Mehico! :wink:

Izi: Right. Lol. I’ll go grab some mota. Ever thought about doing mota delivery Sus?

Susurrator: I don’t know what a mota is.

Izi: ala High Maintenance. k

Susurrator: Ah. Hierba. I usually have some

KinkyRabbit: What I meant was that I had difficulties seeing sometimes other kind of point of view. But I think i understand english enough yet when we go into deep topics of something rare words I dunno:P And yup I was jsut guessing why pple dont understand. Not trying to argue:D

Izi: im just trying to get a nap. you’ll have to decide that for yourself. I think honestly what you should do KinkyRabbit is just hang out here for a while and ask questions. But you should think about your questions carefully.

KinkyRabbit: Sigh I sense some placement upon me. I was just talking and trying to understand:P

Izi: I understand that, but half the time I have no idea what you are saying.
Like the first sentence

KinkyRabbit: :DDD What I was saying that every1’s life is unique and every1 see things differently. So its sometimes hard to understand another view

Izi:  So it will just be something I will have to deal with and you will have to deal with. Obviously. I don’t care if anyone “gets us” or not. This is Abrahadabra, not some proselytizing church choir that needs a bunch of warm bodies. If people don’t get us it is no loss to us.

KinkyRabbit: Yeah after all they pay u for it. They wish to learn but sometimes its just too much to understand and to trust themselves:P(edited)

Susurrator: If you go to a dojo to learn karate, you go there to learn karate.

Izi: And what you actually learn is probably going to be Tae Kwon Do.
Here in the states at least.

Susurrator: Ah. McDojos my shotokan sensei called them

KinkyRabbit: Whats “dojo”?:P

Susurrator: Google it

KinkyRabbit: I used to go in dojo’s in childhood, got even shiny powerful white belt!XD Anywayz, goooood niiiight=]


Susurrator: My Visconti-Sforza is in Wales. Beautiful cards but eventually I got tired of all the blond(e)s

Did you notice there’s a dick on the left, uncircumcised, shooting golden stars? For some reason, I failed to write the historical section for the Moon. I had just put the scene in there for some reason, so I had to go look. They got rid of it in the modern reprint. Idiots.

Susurrator: No, I never noticed that.

Izi: The blonde is yellow, thus Earth probably and blue for water which is why she is wearing a blue and red dress

Susurrator: Mine are all shiny and enamelled. Lots of gold and everyone has golden hair. Bought them in 2004.

Susurrator: Just remembered a detail from a dream I had last night. I was walking down a street I know here in Berlin at night time and in front of every apartment building – basically the whole street was lined with large cages and inside every cage there were pairs of hounds sleeping, comfortably which made my dreaming self smile because I have a special bond with canines and don’t like them to be trapped indoors (I know, they were in cages but it seemed okay in the dream).

Izi: In relation to the hounds of the Moon, they relate to fear that plagues the mind during the transition out, where only the reflected light of the moon can be seen.

Susurrator:  Well I drew the Moon card yesterday morning but for the afternoon I drew The Chariot. This morning it’s The Prince of Pentacles.

Izi: Oh I like the Prince of Pentacles. The work part of the Great Work, but he’s like my bro. What deck are you using?

Susurrator: MAT

Izi: Oh ok

fishhook(צ): oh man good morning i had some questions about abrahadabra but it’s 5:20am my time and im about to take my nephew fishing

Izi: 9³ Tzaddi. That’s okay you can ask them later I’ll be here. I’m stuck at my desk updating the MAT book for a week or more. What are you fishing for?

fishhook(צ):Any ole fish that will impress a 6 year old will do today

Izi: I think that’s basically any fish

fishhook(צ): I really like the written stuff on the AI website and i think from what I gather you have an interesting take on certain topics like the thelemic corpus
also mutational alchemy and m1thr0s’ work seems really deep and well thought out but i’m specifically not great at math and im not too knowledgeable about the iching

Izi: Thanks I know he would appreciate that. Much of his work has been taken down due to it being absorbed into his book project which I am finishing since I am the only one who can do it unfortunately. If you can count to 10 you can do Mutational Alchemy. But it is a steep ramp in some other ways and that’s what the curriculum was designed for. But if you can formulate a question I can answer it. A lot of people have trouble with that part.

fishhook(צ): Yeah I can imagine. im pretty interested in the curriculum after watching the mutational alchemy 001 video, specifically since you noted that it was extremely challenging

Izi: Yeah this well shows no signs of going dry anytime soon, not least of all for myself and I have been tracking this thing for 10 years.

fishhook(צ): yeah it’s also pretty difficult to find people doing new work and exploring new currents without also sounding pants shittingly crazy

Izi: lol

Susurrator: :smile:

fishhook(צ): anyway thanks for the info i need to run but im looking forward to finding out more

Izi: Have a good fishing trip. :sunglasses:

Izi: How’d you end up interpreting the Prince of Pentacles? Usually has to do with good work or business practices, that one.

Susurrator: I was thinking of meeting up with my artist buddy and maybe putting together my own Patreon thing.

Izi: I think you should. It’s a little hard to figure out at first, but it seems pretty good. What would you like to do?

Susurrator: My witchcraft stuff, like using rosaries to cast spells. Short lectures on Celtic myth.

Izi: Great! Once you get started we can do crossover videos if you like, and form a Youtube Cabal.

Susurrator: Great! Also I was hoping the Prince indicates that I’ll finally finish cleaning my apartment.

Izi: lol. Maybe. Usually that would be more associated with 3 or 8 of Pentacles
Prince of Pentacles could indicate industrious housework though…I got 3 of Pentacles, Worry. lameer, 5 ofSusurrator:
Well I’m making gradual progress. Just popped to the local supermarket and the exertion left me feeling weak. I have a kind of fever – not in the head but in the body.

Izi: Well try to take it easy then

Susurrator:  Sitting down and drinking water as I type.
Think I’ll lie down and watch a movie. I have something like 800 films and I’ve only seen half of them.

Izi: Ok enjoy I will check out HBO I think I have ahalf finished Will Smith thing to watch which is boring enough to be able to work to

Susurrator: lol

Susurrator: Buddy’s dropping by later. And the lie down did me good.

Izi: Oh good.

interdimensionalcaleb: does anyone still use this chat?

fishhook(צ): hello

fishhook(צ: oh hi i had a couple more quetions if you aint busy i realize its saturday night
No , I’m multi-tasking so just ask away, apologies if it takes me a few to reply
its cool
my main question is there is an 11 week processing time for applications but we’re in the process of getting a new place over the next 11 weeks so my address could be changing
i wanna order the tarot deck and potentially subscribe to the curriculum but if it’s gonna take a while to ship i should probably hold off for a month
Well, they are going out soon, but wouldn’t you have your mail forwarded?
It lasts 6 months
idk the philly post service is shit i only get half my packages as it is i dont know how much i can trust the forwarding
we’re living here till at least october though
My mailperson is terrible, she left my packaging I ordered in the bushes which were rained on
No plastic cover.
So I had to reorder everything, should get it tomorrow and then I have to mail everything Monday.
But you have to fill out the application
yeah the application is no problem i’m pretty sure i meet most of the requirements except for the fact that i’m a math tard
my other issue was with the application process idk about sending anyone a copy of my ID
We don’t have any math requirements, and I’m not that good at math but I understand everything we do.
i know why you need to do a background check and shit but also i’m not in the business of sending copies of my ID places
The ID goes to me and I am not flexible about ID
Temple of Set requires it too, for good reason
I need to be able to trust the people that come in the door, just from personal experience, I know better than to allow mysterious strangers into TAI
Yeah i have a law degree and I know where you’re comming from liability wise i just dunno if i trust random people who have interesting things to say
Then hold off, get to know us better
There’s nothing wrong with just reading and stuff.
I think membership is really just for people who want to belong to an occult order and to become Mutational Alchemists or just want personal attention from experts, not people who have questions about Abrahadabra in general.
Well I’ve never joined an occult order because I’ve had reservations with the ones that are around and available to me but I’m pretty open to joining something new and interesting
I’m in to writing and research and I want to find a niche that is alive and not just mining shit other people have done
And of course practicing and expanding on shit
Yeah, well, man, that’s what we do…
Not sure if it’s what you’ll want to do, but it is new and…interesting
It’s kept my attention all these years
There’s not a ton of information on the web page that I’ve found but I think I like the way you talk about Thelema
OTO is not for me but you seem to treat it as something that can be synthesized and used despite it’s flawed creator
I’m not in to worshipping crowley but some of his stuff is excellent and very useful
It’s a godamned mess that cannot possibly inherit
so, there’s our podcasts
there’s the Mutational Alchemy Tarot book
The intro to that does throw some pretty steep stuff at the reader
i’ve checked out the mutational alchemy tarot book it’s really good
yall should publish that
There’s the Mission Statement and the Mutational Alchemy synopsis written by the Magister Ouroboros 729
What do you mean, publish it?

I’ve read both of those a few times
It is published
Oh I didn’t know there was a book
I mean a physical book
A paper book?
it’d be an amazing paper book
Well we thought about that but it seemed pointless
Most of my friends have all gone to ebooks
I mean the way it’s published now is very readable
I suppose I’m either a blibliophile or someone who believes in the talismanic properties of paper books
either way it’s good stuff and should be in more people’s hands
I like paper books, but it isn’t practical for us considering most people don’t care for paper books cluttering up what little space they have.
Books are very costly to print, and there used to be a bespoke option that I was going to try – MyPublisher where people could get a copy, albeti for a high cost, but they went out of business.
There is nothing stopping someone from printing and binding the book themselves, our version would just have bigger images I suppose.
Once we become more popular and bigger, I’ll consider it
It would probably take something lik $4,000
But on the book end of things I always keep paper copies, just in case of
Well, Nuclear World War 3 with NKorea
And it’s so nice to flip through a book
Yeah not much to worry about since the nukes will be raining down any minute
But also, inconvenient, I can’t run a search
I got david shoemaker’s latest limited run super special occult hardback book and it was ass
I think your tarot book would at least blow that out of the water
its not exactly ass but its also not the vision and the voice which its trying to be
Well, our primary focus is the data. It will always be the data. What format that is transmitted in isn’t so important, except, once a work has settled down enough it does have to be disseminated.
But this traps us, since, well, at the end of the Primordials (The Mutational Alchemy) deck we had already done enough research to formulate another deck composition
The Temporals
This information tends to move so quickly that any published material could be outdated in a decade or less.
We have some stable things, like The Abrahadabra Grid and the TwinStar and so on, but anything new needs to be run through its paces by several minds
yeah that makes sense and it embraces the most important medium and uses it to propagate
i just finished like 8 months of studying various grimoire manuscripts and it’s so bogged down with history it’s nearly impossible to work any of the systems
We’re building stars, everything has to be perfect
something that is evolving is way more useful to me i think
So standards are a very big deal with us
We don’t deal in arbitrary, everything that becomes a part of the Abrahadabra school/corpus needs to be able to justify its existence on a logical level and be necessary
Towards the idea of maximum inertia minimum stress
That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for fun, I mean we have lots of weird threads going on about slenderman, black eyed kids and psychic phenomenon
But within the Mutational Alchemy and Abrahadabra areas it needs to be perfect
Every time i get a notification i go to that chat and it says “you are not allowed to access this groups message history”
That’s normal
You will only be able to read what is being said right now
I have a variety of fun theories about how the only professional sport my magic is able to influence is professional wrestling
m1thr0s cursed Michael Phelps once, quite on accident.
I think that’s his name. The swimmer.
It doesn’t seem to have worked the man smokes tons of weed and has about 85 gold medals

When I want to play I go back to my old fave Thief Deadly Shadows – no Internet required
m1thr0s just hated that morbid crap being framed as “occult”
We’re all about ecstasy and bliss man, if its dark, fine, but preggers zombie water monster ladies no thank u
Thats old as fuck
I still havn’t finished Witcher 3 yet
They sold it as being also for solo players but that was BS
TSW I mean
Do you want to read our welcome letter?
Thank you so much for your interest in The Abrahadabra Institute. The work we do here, is phenomenally innovative. Our founder, the Magister Ouroboros 729, intended for The Abrahadabra Institute to be a research organization focused on the study of the formula of Abrahadabra and its accompanying disciplines.
The work we care for and continue to press here, was all hashed out originally in the smoky back rooms of coffee shops, pizza parlors and cafes where m1thr0s had worked for most of his young adult life.
He always thought it was important not only for us to avoid becoming a cult of personality or a religion, but for people to know that, phenomenal occult mysteries like the ones at are lying around all over the place, waiting for ordinary humans like you to pick them up and dust them off.
We don’t need any angels or aliens whispering secrets to us like we’re some kind of pet monkey – nope, this all comes from us. Abrahadabra is as close as it gets to a bonafide magickal physics in this world, and that is no exaggeration. This is also as close to the fabled 9th limb of Yoga as you are going to find as of this date.
That last part I took out.
But it is the 9th limb of yoga, not sure m1thr0s ever discussed that openly
It qualifies as the 9th limb of yoga on every level, just as the TwinStar qualifies as the Philosopher’s Stone.
Well, it’s our Philosopher’s Stone.
How’s your TS work going?
Getting more fluid. Haven’t done anything yet today. Was about to do the 3x10d I Ching but got distracted by ancient history
it’s very distracting
But how does the TS feel?
When you do the drop on the final close, make sure you press through the edge of the circle and float up back to center
it should feel like a natural suspension or levity
at play
There’s definitely ba physical internal reaction. Sure I drop right down. Due to my tunnel vision the TS disappears from my field of vision when I do the drop
That’s fine, the image itself is just for help…
The TwinStar is still there and everything.
I always thought my birth town was NEAR the Teutoburg Forest but I find out today it’s classified as being INSIDE the TF. That was what distracted me
lol of course
What’s Teutoburg Forest like?
Wet forested hills I think. I was 10 months old when I left and haven’t been back
I got Hex #5 : 7,7,7,6,7,8. Need more coffee.
Ugh. Waiting in blood.
Get out of the pit.

The situation is extremely dangerous. IT is of utmost gravity now–a matter of life and death. Bloodshed seems imminent. There is no going forward or backward; we are cut off as if in a pit. Now we must simply stand fast and let fate take its course. This composure, which keeps us from aggravating the trouble by anything we might do, is the only way of getting out of the dangerous pit.
(6 in the 4th)
Hang on grabbing my copies of the I Ching.
On the Primordials, 5 is at Tiphareth on the Yang/HEaven side.
Not sure how to interpret that. I also drew The Lovers from MAT earlier today (?)
On the Temporals it’s on the path between Hod and Netzach on the Yin/Earth side.
I’m opening a chart. Hang on.
Heh heh
That Temporals path is the Tower.
Lovers is up near Binah, on the path to Geburah
I’m confused by your numbers.
You should be getting 6 sets of 3 numbers?
Are you just rolling one d10?
You’re supposed to use 3
Those were the totals.
I got…
You’re not supposed to add them
No I mean the other kind of totals
I don’t follow.
I got 1, 1, 8 = 7; 7,7,4=7; 4,5,3=7; 1,1,9=6; 1,1,6=7; 4,7,6=8
Damn it I got Yins and Yangs mixed up
1,1,8= Yin , or 1 7,7,4 = Yin, or 1, 4,5,3 = Yin or 1
Where are you getting 7 from?
1,1,9 = Moving Yang, or 0
Old vs New Yin/Yang etc, 3 Yins is an old Yin etc
That’s a loaded Yang
Ok, that’s good
Yins are evens right? Stupid hangover
Yins are evens
At least you had wine.
I think I have to walk a mile to get wine.
Clearly I need to make a nice instructional thread for cross-referencing TAI-style I Ching readings on the Twin Trees.
That will make a nice introduction for the new members.
So I got Hex #35 not #5
And moving lines, which ones?
Progress like a hamster…what the…
Nine in the fourth place means:

Progress like a hamster.
Perseverance brings danger.

In times of progress it is easy for strong men in the wrong places to amass great possessions. But such conduct shuns the light. And since times of progress are inevitably brought to the light, perseverance in such action always leads to danger.
I think that’s what I said last time I saw that line.
you got it
We actually had a discussion on whether hamsters existed in China.
They do. I know because I owned a Siberian hamster.
Okay. The moving lines are nice.
However, the image is equally important.
Is it telling me I’m hungover? I already knew that! :smiley:
I don’t think so
Now I want to do the I Ching.
You just have to decide for yourself what it’s telling you, really, but Fire over Earth is generally always auspicious.
The I Ching tends to be very prudent – if there is good news, there’s always a warning about how to avoid future problems.
It’s always looking ahead to the inevitable change.

I can edit this further. Call it a placeholder
The Mutational Alchemy Tarot by m1thr0s — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
The Mutational Alchemy Tarot has 0 ratings and 0 reviews. The companion book to the Mutational Alchemy Tarot

One of the very first things I “heard” in my head after dealing with Abrahadabra was “You either swim, or you sink. You can’t beat me, so you might as well join me.”
People are always offered a choice with Abrahadabra. They can work for it consciously or get the fuck out of the way.
I’ve been watching this thing for a decade now and I know how it works with people, at least.
If one isn’t intensely interested in Completion and they don’t get what that is all about then it has no business with them. It’s only interested in Stars. So I think if someone goes about consciously rejecting that evolutionary imperative it has no choice but to bypass them completely. And if you oppose its will in any way, xst what a mess. There’s nothing left.
Just atoms…
I’ve been on the recieving end of the Abrahadabra martial intelligence more than once and so I’m not just trash talking, I have just learned to respect it is all
And I benefit from it everyday, I’m not about to give up my advantages with it, this isn’t a matter of being trapped, I’m always free to go.
But the alliance is priceless. Nothing in the world can offer me what Abrahadabra can offer me.
bio updated. Now to get rid of the pic
In the tai chat

for those who like a good science lesson
Sunshine Lighthouse
Nassim Haramein – The Black Whole (video)
Visit the post for more.
Some would take issue with anything Nassim Haramein claims to be science.
Nassim Haramein – Fraud or Sage?
I’d like to outline here some very sound reasons for asserting that Nassim Haramein is grossly misleading people by claiming to have any de…
he says in the video that he ties science and spirituality together. he knows you cant have one without the other when it comes to creation of infinite universes
Science is method. Science Theory is theory.
We don’t really do spirituality at TAI, we sort of adhere to very conscious elementalism….hmm, maybe materialism even slightly.
Just a minor label thing but important, I think.
understood for sure
Haramein is a total con-artist, but he has his uses.
Like, waking people up to the reality that people get really really fucking excited by the way he explains his bunko physics.
over 80% of the world is religious, so why not?
August 14, 2017
Im watching GoT nerd things.
And now for Twin Peaks…
Ah I still need to see this weeks twin peaks
August 15, 2017
Is that on Netflix?
Any of you have a good idea on how to do mailing lists really well at 0 cost? I need a way to send a good looking newsletter to our members containing all of the stuff we are releasing each month.
While privatizing the e-mails
Hey if I get up at 8 pm and stay up and do work until noon, I still look like an early riser…
the original twin peaks is on netflix, the remake is on hulu
for some reason i’m up at 5 am x_x;;
I gotta go walk to the post office at 4:30
my wife runs her mailing list off mailchimp she says that is free for some of the features
I think picture e-mails are just HTML templates, no?
I’m thinking of doing it the old-fashioned way.
It’s 11:11 am here
Just keep a list.

I need to get to know the lay of the town better, so I can figure out if there is a grocery store somewhere around here.
My bike pump is BROKEN.
After I bought a stupid carplug-to-wall adaptor for it.
I’m like, living on oats and water which is really good for Hermetics but I need some milk.
Also wine.
But I’ll settle for milk atm.
I know for a fact there is a phillipino market a block away, but they don’t carry dairy.
Maybe they’ll keep it in stock if I go beg them to and I offer to paint them a mural.
My supermarket is only a block away but it took me a year to discover it – it’s a German Democratic Republic era project and the street planning is different
murals for milk seems like an honest trade haha
yes the art market is that bad, so honest, but not fair, but grocery stores arnt exactly rolling in it either
Does Amazon sell milk?
We don’t have amazon robo delivery in this area
Anyways they’re really expensive
Like their ramen costs 10x more than it does here.
Well everything in Gallup is dirt cheap because everyone is poor except like 10 people.
I just need to get off my butt and go wander around.
Things look different from a car.
I know there’s a co-op a mile away or so.
Finally finished the MAT book edits through the Court cards.
Looks like i’ll make deadline on that.
There were some pretty serious and ugly bugs going on.
Our entire “Traditional” Moon description had been replaced with the “Scene’ section.
Have no idea where the original went.
Also I’m stripping the images – they make the load time cumbersome
But I will do an audio version of the Ningishzidda article
Boy I played up the hypnotic, calming voice on the Autistic video, did you think it was too monotone?
I really like podcasts with calm steady NPR voices so I’m so biased.
the 600 Club bitches about everything so I can’t tell if they’re being honest with me or not.
Boy that place has turned into a dump. If Michael Aquino wasn’t there it would be so dead.
I miss my friends over there, they’ve all left and SIN turned into a crackhead of some kind she doesn’t even remember how all over me she was a few years ago.
Giving it another listen.
Ok well if you have the patience to go through it twice, there’s no problem.
What was your first impression?
Didn’t notice any difference to your voice in the other ones
Oh ok.
Yeah they’re just being shitlords.
He apologized to me for the Temple of Set not getting back to me over 15 years ago. Aquino.
And offered to push my application through personally.
I thought that was very sweet.
Maybe we’re friends now.
I let him know we got Abrahadabra going on now.
More Shite-anus-ts than Satanists?
Yeah it’s kind of always been like that there, but there used to be a much bigger intellectual presence there.
I kinda just posted it there to aggravate them but sometimes their criticism is more honest than friends and family.
Except my mom, she’s an asshole about criticism
She’s basically a Satanist who freaks out about Satanism and Satan and demons.
I think she wrote the hillbilly spoof btw. on the forums.
My mother – bless her – has an IQ of about 80. Not a joke.
I really doubt that Susurrator
Seriously. I think 80 is being generous.
Is she violent? Most 80-89 are violent.
If she can read, she’s about 100 and unlikely, 90+
at least
She can read but has no intellect. She used to be fairly violent when she was younger
Ok so anyone who can read is 100+
Anyone who can write a modest novel is “Gifted” 130+
You must be using a different IQ scale to mine.
Is it the “grrhatmom” one?
The prevalent one in the UK used by MENSA 130+ is highly intelligent
Membership requirement. Mensa’s requirement for membership is a score at or above the 98th percentile on certain standardised IQ or other approved intelligence tests, such as the Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scales. The minimum accepted score on the Stanford–Binet is 132, while for the Cattell it is 148.
Grrhatmom. Lol.
I just woke up!
Well it’s almost 4 I better jump in the shower and get ready for my walkabout
You post office opens real early. Here the post opens at 8 or 9. Have a nice stroll!
It doesn’t open, the mail gets picked up from the box at 5

Time for some Preacher, followed by Rick and Morty.
August 16, 2017
Blogged some thoughts on magic and gods
For many decades there has been a schism among Western occultists as to whether or not magic is entirely psychological. Is a deity or…

nice article
“it’s both” is a tough concept to explain to people who haven’t already spent a ton of time studying this stuff
It’s the same with synchronicity. Synchronicity is happening all the time whether we consciously perceive it or not, but increases when we begin to interact with it.
And Synchronicity always runs on the same “magical/mystical OS” as that of the observer.
Synchronocity is like gematria to me – it doesn’t always mean something but you can tell when it does
Years ago a friend of mine had a nervous breakdown because of Synchronicity. When I got him to describe the details I was really puzzled by his breakdown because what he was describing was for me the norm.
clearly working with synchronicity wasn’t that dude’s true will
I think on reflection it had something to do with him being more intellectual than intuitive, whereas I’m the opposite.
i just watched a lecture on the differences between intellectual and intuitive
i think it was by mark passio
I’ll look him up on Google later. Got to go. 93!
very sick of planning a wedding
August 17, 2017
Jebus. That Mark Passio thing is a two hour plus rant. I prefer to listen to more articulate analysis, whatever the sublect may be. Like this young Italian guy’s podcast episode that Izi posted on The Abrahadabra Institute’s fb page.
Tuning the A (440 Hz?) [Philosophia Mūsicae: A Philosophy of Music]


2 hours is like his short material that dude can rant for an infinite amount of time about hermetics and conspiracy theories
i will check out the italian podcast once i extract myself from the argument im currently locked in hoho

Oh good it worked
9³ Amazon
Started a little tome last night called The Canon of Supreme Death Magick. Should be fun.
Although most people will only be able to read it for fun, not practical application.
Are you reading or writing it? Google has never heard of it, apparently


If it’s sick, I doubt they would eat it.
Dying meat tastes awful
That’s why you never eat spawning salmon, although some uninitiated fools do.
It’s just rotting mush.
That is true
They probably fed it to the hogs.
The Scots have got that covered – deep fry the mofo
jesus this whole digression has made me hungry and that feels very wrong
I think that one could find dog meat for sale around here, out on the rez
I used to breed, kill and eat rabbits. The ex-wife’s idea. Complete waste of time as far as I could tell – there’s hardly any meat on them and they have almost zero nutritional value. Trappers in Canada died because all they had to eat was rabbits – that’s how worthless they are as food.
And they taste gross
August 20, 2017
Comprehensive ghost banishing guide and comprehensive curse guide
those are the two essentials nobody seems to have a fuckall clue about
If you’d like, Susurrator, we could introduce you in one of them via a quote, if you have any ideas about either of those two subjects
I really am quite fond of the idea of you as a Welsh cunningman talismaniac it’s quite romantic.
If we have this terrible addiction we might as well enjoy I suppose?
I’m almost done with this godamned book
In the nines.
Then I’m allowed to play the Sims.
Sure I can do that. Will think how to articulate it while on my rounds.
I’ll take this opportunity to reclaim voodoo dolls, which have zero to do with voodoo outside the US – they’re European ffs
August 21, 2017
@Susurrator The voodoo dolls require the subject’s DNA in em right? Even if the doll has DNA in em at how far can it actually influence healthy mental and psyhical person? Or it awaits for the right moment?
I’ve just written extensively on the subject for future publication on the forums and now I’m going to bed.
Saw russian show where whole house of appartments were “cursed”. Some1 hidden dolls in basement and black dead bird’s feathers all around the place. Psychics that were trying to help the house were saying that it would take month to fix.
Alrighty, have sweet dreams!:)
August 22, 2017
Well that’s creepy.
Ghost shows drive me nuts. They seem to go out of their way to make everything worse.
The people of house were struggling with moodness of their lives and illnesses were blamed also. But I am wondering if you can produce enough positive energy withing your aura. How would living in such a house affect u. I think problably in theory you could keep positive mood but with big set-backs. Once you feel bad you go deep.
Altho living with people who are extremely open to their enviroment so influenced alot w orse its hard to live with some1 like that. Its just my thought heh
Yes I can produce enough positive energy with my aura, although I would be more likely to say that I can banish using my body of light rather than use terms like energy and aura.
It isn’t about producing positive energy like some kind of etheric cotton candy machine, it’s about the mechanics of consciousness itself and the underlying flux values at play within the situation.
Yeah I dont prefer to boost fake happiness within myself, that suffocates your needed dark side. Either of ways I just do end up in bad mood. Now I just embrace it not suffocate:P
Yeah we really can’t live without one side or the other, but people play pretend all the time in both directions. It just leads to severe imbalance.
I was in that situation before spring and I had no sense of subconciousness how ever much i tried. Then realised I need to embrace my otherside for intuition etc:D
Psychic recently said that card for me currently is 8 pentacles/pentagon or something like that and asked from me why am I trying so hard. I still think about it lol. I suppose it is just me:P
No I think i try too hard too…
Izi your reddit post from earlier was extremely interesting
” At some point in the process, individuals must face a choice: whether they are more intent upon elevating consciousness or playing a lot of pointless games with angelic/demonic forces.”
that line struck me as a particularly good summation of ideas i’ve heard presented in much more pretentious terms plenty of times before
Thank you.
Welcome, based
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
@Izi @everyone Hello. I am animaleyes. Fan of the site since June this year. Purchase of years tuition pending upon my decision of a initiatory name. Good to meet you Izi! Thankyou for the opportunity to connect sooner. Looking forward to interesting discussion with you all as well.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
@everyone So yes. I have so many questions and need to start learning now lol. I just cant decide a name. There’s this thing that feels like its kind of like a personal initiation. I cant really let myself know these things unless I do this first I guess. It’s not that I’m not overwhelmingly curious.. It’s just that there’s already so much on the table from personal experience that I’m starving for feedback on. I have a back load of dreams, abilities, serendipities that I don’t really know where to regurgitate and further my learning. Yeah and so now that I’ve found you…I’ll always be here… and I just wanna chance to talk to someone about these things.

Just a heads up that was me about the dream with the wizard serpent and the levitating pyramids. Thanks for the necklace =].
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞: 
Oh that’s cool Im studying to be an EE technician.
It was either this or go to a electrician trade school.
Thats nice:)
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
Oh. Candyman. Welcome to TAI. I’m new as well. I’ve been reading alot of Izi’s work over the last few months. I respect your caution, take your time and get comfortable =]
@KinkyRabbit hows robocraft?
Lol competetiveXD
But I am truly feeling comfortable with my builds, are u playing it?:P
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
@Candyman mew
I played a few years ago before it came out
but then they added so much stuff I kind of got intimidated /distracted by other games
I am still using oldschool weaponry as one and half year player., The plasma and SMG are just so low cpu and effective in energy wise:P Hovers FTW!:)
Were u in somekind of clan tho?:P
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
hm okay well good to know old stuff insnt obselete by comparison. No i think i got to around rank 8 solo
this is before mech style btw
The old stuff are….Harder to use yet so much more rewarding.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
lol i’ve taken my time for almost 2 years now… onyl recently stumbled upon Izi’s work and TAI
i like what i’ve seen so far though
I started playing after the added mech legs:D
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
youve taken your time for 2 years? how so?
@KinkyRabbit i might try playing again. ill send you a message if i join up
Sure, lets do that:P I am not playing my main anymore tho. The expectations on me with hidden match-making is unreal.
I play games for fun not to squeeze bleeding out of my noseXD
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
huh okay
yeah games should be relaxing
So made 3 accounts and now I should have all relaxing games>:) grinds hands
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
i heard complaints about the hidden match making in review
sounds like youve found the work around ? XD
well i had some really strange experiences that introduced me to the occult ~2 years ago. after that i’ve just been reading materials from all over the place but haven’t really made the jump from armchair occultist to a real practicioner
Yup stomping seals>:) LOL well I dont feel good about it but I am not willing to fight against 5 clan members as solo.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
@Candyman Okay cool. Yeah I imagine theres alot of us crawling out of the woodworks these days.
I for one relate to that.
@KinkyRabbit 5 vs one lmao
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
Good morning all
Well it’s my morning.
Morning:) how did ya sleep?:P
I literally coined the word “armchair magician”
Not joking…
It wasn’t hard, I mean armchair philosopher was already being used on
So I invented armchair magician in this rant about non-practitioners asking a lot of questions which could only be answered in ritual itself.
LOL how can u be armchair philosopher?:DDDD
It’s amateur philosophy in casual discussions
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
well I guess I kinda lied – i’ve tried a couple rituals but I made them myself. or just basic sigil stuff
Are you ready or open enough to learn while actually being in ritual?:P When I dive into something I need space and time to prepare and imagine it. To open myself to that ritual:P
It’s usually better to create rituals yourself.
Its true, thats the way how to sort real stuff from un-working stuff. I suppose

fishhook(צ):damn thats pretty cool ive never heard this one before
Anathema – Sleepless

i just missed my chance to see anathema live :<

never gotten into them but i’ll check it out
have a great weekend, i’m outta here

see ya later

m1thr0s made that GIF, took him forever.
I also have the NINGISHZIDDA version.

۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
The gif was really awesome yeah it made the whole thing super clear
Just let me know when you have some data on the alternate method. Kuroyagi used to do that too, but I lost touch with him. Mostly because he was a jerk to m1thr0s but also he had no staying power.
There’s another weird meditation I’ll tell you about a little later that I’ve examined before..
The “Dad” TwinStar.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ :
im out atm but i will definitely fill you in asap
Kona :
Aloha just checking in, been away at some local festival thing.

۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ :
So basically its my understanding that doing a simultaneous twinstar at this point is a bit of an overload for me. After a few tries I realized it wasnt really achieving the same effect. And the reason is because when I try to scry the lines simultaneously, at the point of covergence, the line of sight that each eye tries to “draw,” tries to take the movement of the line that is opposing. I realize doing the twinstar this way isnt really the twinstar. if you let the eye take the others movement then essentially you are stopping the movement and restarting it with a different point of focus not realizing that you are not actually drawing the yeah. It made sense that it didnt feel right. However it can be done simultaneously, though definitely an overload.
in order to actually to do this ” simultaneous method,” you have to essentially cross your line of focus…. and if your still following at this point then you know what that is, almost feels like youre crossing your eyes. so that takes alot of mental energy, but if you do it that way… it does feel synched up again similar to the original method. However its a bit of an overload still because it feels like there is too much being processed in one go. alot of effort but maybe too much mental space being taken that could be instead facilitating reception.
Im not sure if its useful or not. I think that the switch* of the line of focus takes away from the fluidity from the scrying… however it also adds something that definitely keeps you on your toes.
In either case i definitely feel like my emotions are being protected. Im feeling the decay of unproductive behavior, feeling more willing to take risks. Like my vulnerable self is suddenly non apologetic. Seeing geometry unfold more while meditating without prompt. I can visualize but normally i have to focus. In terms of sensation i feel the energy above my shoulder blades and head, this is not new to me but the difference is that this twinstar feels like it connects me to it without feeling like its outside myself. Its home suddenly, just like my flesh.
sorry wall of text lol
Also izi thanks for that new gif. something new to learn :)and im sorry that guy was a dick.
Kona thanks for checking in. hope you had fun!
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
fishhook(צ) this artist is really great
Good but remember eyes are not necessary for the TwinStar. Not sure if I agree with your assessment that it isn’t the TwinStar, doing it that way, but there is a precedent for performing the left and right halves consecutively instead of simultaneously. For one thing it allows us to express the individual Microcosm and Macrocosm as two separate halves that both support and produce each other, similar in concept to the idea of the Goddess-God doctrine of most ancient pagan practices where universe self renews in the form of male-female energy play. Simultaneous is also very mentally taxing for an exercise that is already somewhat peculiar to our everyday way of doing things and thinking about things.
As for Kuroyagi well that was a long time ago but I have a good memory, and as I said he is the only other person I remember who did that sort of thing and just mentioned it because who doesn’t like gossip?
People used to get so weird and irrational with m1thr0s. m1thr0s was so calm and rational but when it came to him and certain people, well, they just lost their godamned minds around him. It always struck me as a kind of nervousness. Most of the people who went out of their way to be assholes to him out of nowhere couldn’t deal with him and me, for the most part, that’s what really set those people who tried to challenge him in all kinds of rediculous ways apart. They couldn’t handle the fact that I was completely obsessed with m1thr0s – who was extremely cloaky, by the way, and if they were lucky to catch a glimpse of who he really was, I think it just pushed them over the edge. It was really petty stuff too, like name-calling and stuff out of the blue, almost as if Abrahadabra was pushing their buttons just to get them off of my plate since I don’t generally have time to spend on worthless morons.
That’s why I warn everyone who comes to Abrahadabra and wants to go for the highest tech right away- you make this choice and you take the incredible powers Abrahadabra offers and you get what you pay for – either absolutely nothing – the whole data set will be closed off to you, or you take the gamble and give everything over to it. That is the inevitable choice for anyone who wishes to exceed in this universe or the next, but a lot of people are not ready for that. It’s very customizable though. Diversity is a big deal with Macrocosm/Heaven, but petty assholes are going to find themselves scraping their ass off the wall if they try to go toe to toe with anyone upholding House 418. Not everyone who joins TAI will necessarily need that alliance right now or even want it, ever, and that’s fine. But for those seeking it, they should know that there is a pretty steep price to pay, more often than not it will seem unfair to others looking outside in. It was worth it to me, but I don’t think it is worth it for everyone to go for the highest possible alliance. I’ve never seen anyone else do it. We all fail in some ways, some more than others, but not forging an alliance with the TwinStar or Abrahadabra isn’t necessary to belong to The Abrahadabra institute, nor is it a requirement to use some of the TwinStar’s abilities. The TwinStar seems to be more standoffish with some people than it is with others. I’ve seen it go completely off the radar with some – people who have been around for decades even and they are not given the time of day by the TwinStar, even if they might want that kind of relief. It really has an attitude about this kind of stuff, no patience for dullards and that sort of thing.
So the very fact that you are resonating with the TwinStar right out of the gate is a very encouraging sign. It’s a lot like a cat, if it likes you it will let you know, but it isn’t going to be all over you all at once. So don’t worry too much about experimenting with it or doing different things as you feel like you want to, as it isn’t going to take issue with any honest mistakes. It does have a very strong link to Ra Hoor Khut, as indicated by its nature as a twin form, we define the Gods of War as gods of opposition and this will be displayed as a visible or other technical portrayal of balanced opposites, and the idea of balance in general.
So when you speak with the TwinStar ie through performing the TwinStar meditation you may want to keep in mind at some points just who you are talking to, although the TwinStar itself stands above the authority of Ra Hoor Khut, the significance of the god is not lost upon the Tetractys especially in the state of this world, so there will be times when reflecting on that godform will help you to put the TwinStar’s body language into perspective, if anything seems confusing.
It does the goddess thing as well, too. and this comes back to its balanced form, the two pentacles within it and so on.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
Im thankful to hear about M1thros. I sometimes feel like im late to the party in terms of TAI. Any stories you have to tell are welcome. Its too bad that people are so divisive… However Im kind of new as an occultist so I dont really know what kinds of people flock to the scene. So sign me up for gossip lol! Thankyou for that bit about the micro/macro twinstar details also… kind of feels like I should have figured that one out… its sounds intuitive.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
I appreciate you being open about your obsession. Actually, everything you are saying is very encouraging. Alot of stuff, I don’t think I have any idea about though. As far as highest tech, I assume you are talking about sidhi’s and stuff, but again I have no idea. As far as the price, I kind of get it, however I’ll make no assumptions going forward of course. I kind of feel a healthy obsession for his and your work, well you too personally. It comes from reading your perspectives, how you are able to be critical of something yet still adore it for its better qualities. The alliance you speak of, it feels as if i have been waiting for something to match. I’m very curious what the future of that is, and whether it has something to do with that feeling. Also very curious about what you mean that the twin star “goes off the radar,”

I love that you related the TwinStar to a cat. I love cat’s. I appreciate the encouragement to be creative, and will also take the advice to go learn about Ra Hoor Khut.

Sure. Don’t forget I have a solution for almost everything, and I’m willing to tell all. Just need the right questions and to be able to hear about the problem in order to fix it. And the TwinStar is like cat, doesn’t come when called, can be fiercely loyal, but it depejnds on the person, also it likes a good game. The best encapsulation of Ra Hoor Khut is in the third chapter of the Book of the Law.
Whew, finally finished the first module for year one, now on to module II.
I-3 Hierophantic Studies
The Hierophants were an elite organization of mystery school practitioners who conducted the Rites of Eleusis every year for thousands of years. These rites were at the heart of Western Civilization at the time and their influence continues to be felt eons later. The purpose of The Hierophantic Tasks studies is to prepare the student to live as a complete Star by facilitating and augmenting healthy relationships with other humans, both magickal and mundane. Perfecting relationship stability and understanding between humans – both magickal and mundane – is the first step to bringing others into the fold of The Great Work. This is The Hierophantic Task. You will explore the essence of occult culture throughout history, and learn how to effectively interact with non-occultists as friends, lovers, work relations.
Could be a better person out there to write this…
Maybe I’ll do some info mining on reddit.
I feel like maybe you have a wrong impression of me, I’m more like a silly hippo that occasionally eats people Susurrator.
I feel very hungry but also really good. I am getting a lot of spinal activity with the TwinStar, coming off of the space it puts me in. I see stars and things.
That was a lot to read but I read it all. Thanks for the interesting read guys.
See everytime I think I need to try something different with regard to re: cracking the cosmic egg someone like AnimalEyes comes along, chomping at the bit and makes me think we’re going in the right direction after all.
It’s like we’re dealing with a premature birth here or something with humans.
I think that the species is remarkable but that same strength and drive makes it rather self destructive.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
@amazon hey man awesome i hear hunger is a definite sign of light body activation
@Kona thanks for finding pleasure in reading our casual thoughts!
that Orphic egg painting you posted on reddit is really nice Izi. do you have a website with your other work?
and I like animal_eyes enthusiasm as well. it’s encouraging
Izi :
I just wrote this in the Magister’s Lounge, thought it was worth repeating here….need to archive this chat for August…
Uh let’s see….the concept of Babalon is important. The Scarlet Woman is a real office. The name Babalon comes to us from Dee and Kelly, so the origin of the name itself is rather dubious at best. I don’t like the name. It also bothers me as an ANE nerd. Mutational Alchemy, as I stated in the MA lounge on the forums is just a tech – there is no dogma or religious doctrine attached to it – it’s to Magick what Jeet Kun Do is to Martial Arts.
As for Abrahadabra – that is, the formula of Abrahadabra, which includes the grid and the math within it, not really.
I’m not personally attracted to the Babalon iconography, but I can respect the technical bits about it, of which there is very little actually written.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
@Candyman …. Aww thanks :)
Yeah marijuana makes us hungry too. m1thr0s used to joke with me about Marijuana being the true Microprosopus, and if you don’t pray to the real jesus by smoking it you couldn’t be saved.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
K @amazon Unless of course your not eating enough! XD
Izi :
Thanks for the compliment Candyman. I have a deviantart account.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
@Izi gotta catch up that longe post but just as you said i think your definitely spot on. I think that everything is shifting into the new “world”
This is the master formula of Abrahadabra:

Well, the problems the Earth faces are real, and they are not going away. One can only push Nature so far until she is forced to reconcile things in her own way. So I am more than a little concerned about the state of the world at the moment.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
@Izi longer post*. In my opinion, what you have is the final inspirational piece that will drive us forward to bridge this “religion gap” and finally take the place in the human brain that deals with devotional feelings and evolve it further. Make sainthood commonplace etc. I am concerned about the state of the world as well…. but “do as thou wilt,” even as it brings relief…. also in turn describes something that you may be dealing with…. religion deals with it… as i mentioned the human brain just cant validate for others what it cant validate for itself… ” do as thou wilt” kind of encourages you to understand that you cant pick up your brother/sister. You cant elevate them. You can only elevate yourself. However maybe this only applies outside of magic because magic takes care of communication?. Magic = “non physical communication that is unexplainable”
Therefore what better way to elevate your fellow man… than magic itself, because the moment you throw your will to the “lighbody” it somehow becomes in tangled in their will in a way that is non forceful? that effectively bypasses the law, because in this case your will is merely “having faith, feeling whole.” Whilst the magic itself does the convincing through their life path/situations.
Right, the method of science, the aim of religion. We’re about as close as it gets to fulfilling that axiom in the world atm…and you’re talking about initiation in a sense.
There is some of that going on here, Hermetic Initiation defines Hermeticism, so otherwise we could not call ourselves a Hermetic school.
But we’re not aligned with the same gods and intelligences the Golden Dawn or the OTO are aligned to. Many of those in the OTO betrayed Crowley, so they’re not to be trusted in my opinion, which is why we bar third degree initiates.
That is the first degree where you must swear fealty to the OTO, and the last degree where you swear fealty to the Book of the Law.
Not every voice in the Book of the Law can be trusted either.
It’s got its traps and it’s got its rats in it.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
is that standard initiation protocol? To basically understand the beauty of natural communication barriers between catering to the vulnerable ego/ and knowledge?
I don’t know if it’s a part of initiation but it’s important to be aware of the fact that a lot is going on between the worlds.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
I see I see.
Yea I stayed far away till I could find someone who synthesized crowleys and the oto’s perspectives in a way that felt less about hierarchy.
Till now I suppose.
Izi :
Yeah, people are really want to be told what to do, stand in line and level up. Drove m1thr0s crazy. He wanted peers, not followers.
His worst nightmare was the idea that he might become some messianic shibboleth like AC, Jesus or Osho or something.
Some of the level up stuff is just human nature, it’s not going away. So it’s alright.
We’ve arranged a few surprises for the ranks, just for fun and clarity I suppose. Everyone will be more than satisfied with their own personal universe unfolding though, quite naturally.
That is what people don’t get, time and time again, that they can do anything with this stuff, really, anything. That sandbox of endless possibilities, for some reason, gets them every time. They can’t stand it. They want to be swaddled and confined, and that isn’t how stars behave, it isn’t the enviroment stars live in.
So a lot of damages have gone down within human society itself that need to be rectified if people are going to achieve their natural inheritance.
And if they don’t want to be slaves or drones, they want to dominate everyone and everything else – the competition thing.
It was mostly one or the other that we were seeing on Abrahadabra Forums.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
Thats cool about the ranks… doesnt really matter to me though, I just wanna be a bronze saint and kick ass!
And yeah what your describing… thats tough. Being here releases so much unmet expectations. I have alot to offer too…. but its hard as you said for those reasons^^
Well it’s certainly possible, we have a few serious kinks to work out though…I mean there’s stuff we can play with right now, but I want it all of course.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
good!!! XDD
There’s for instance, like, a dampening field around the Earth where we just can’t seem to get enough power going to change everything.
We can raise a hell of a lot of energy,, but it’s like we can’t quite get over the threshold to achieving levity for example. I know it’s possible, and we hear hints of a time on Earth where it wasn’t always like this, the Dreamtime and the history in the Vedas for example./
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 7:52 AM
Brb making coffee
Izi:elf. I have a theory that if most people got a glimpse of the other side they would off themselves to get back there, and then the Great Work would be abandoned.
It’s that good.
So I work all day, then when I go to sleep I get to relax in the other world, the one we’re aiming for. There’s several things going on all at once here on this planet. First it’s a cosmic claims office, you get to keep what you claim. Secondly it’s a nursery for stars – or baby universes. Third it’s a rat trap, designed to prevent criminals from getting out once they get in. There is a secret door for us, but that’s about it.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
What you say about survival actually makes sense. I feel like it may be the truth beneith the worries behind certain “evolved individuals” who dont want to show off their powers lest they accidentally damn the mentally less fortunate
However the powers themselves dont seem to be affected by this dampening fieled, if in proximity to others who are conductive to the experience. Unless of course, any manifestation that we see, amazing or not l, still happens to be 1/100 of what it could be.
But you definitely have people who say ” i could take over your body if i wanted to, influence your nervous system, but it would be detrimental for both of us in the long run”
I wonder how the dampening field is experienced directly by those who know the mote extreme of sidhis.
Anyways the other world you speak of sounds very beautiful. So if you go there… what makes you cone back? :-):-)
Oh i see.
Hold on lemme take that back i think i get it. We all do right?
we go there some with our eyes open…some closed…
I’m talking about things like literal fireballs, levitation, teleportation. All of these things should be possible if we can just figure out how to unlock the control panel. Sometimes, crisis sets it off. We’ve seen that with individuals saving their house using the TwinStar by using it to control a tornado, or controlling violent and dangerous people.No one in this world has ever achieved the kind of unlocking I am talking about. If they had we would know about it because the world would be a very different place.
I come back because I am told to come back, and I do what I’m told. I know the consequences if I don’t. Life under Abrahadabra law is different than human law or human perceptions of universal laws. Reality and speculation are two very different things.
The worlds I go to are not accessible to everyone. There are many astral worlds, but not all are as old and as venerable as some of the locations out there. And you can visit them, just need to know the right access codes. I don’t actually personally have these, I’m brought into them by m1thr0s.
If you mean why does anyone incarnate, it’s simple. A long time ago we all figured out that if we spent all of our time there we would eventually run out of things to do and be bored out of our minds and end up not existing. So to solve that problem, life incarnate was created in order to manufacture diversity and interesting things to keep us entertained throughout eternity. That is why we exist – us – stars -although we’re more like universes. Each of us carries within us spectacular worlds and possibilities to keep this thing going through the eternal night.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
pants and whines
Yes, so i need to make a list of questions to ask you.
oh and thankyou for clarifying some things.
Yeah I must seem like an occult gumball machine, put a quarter in and watch things come out
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
hahaha its great
So i think really low level levitation and electric manifrststion is currently possible
Like minor electric charge manipulation. Perhaps a precursor to fireballs
whats say you about that…. anyone?
I’ve certainly heard claims of both. Never seen it though and that’s what matters
simple stuff too – like moving a bolt of blue electricity out of your finger to a glass of water
People have also told me Alex Grey levitates at his parties. I don’t believe them & he creeps me out.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
thats cool. Ive never heard of alex grey.
goes to youtube
if you’ve heard of the band Tool, he does a lot of their artwork. all that new age looking stuff – you’ve probably seen something of his before.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
I brong this stuff up becausr while i agree with what Izi is saying… i think we can work with what we go. Lets not get distracted by the pretty sparkles though
Ohh okay
have u heard of trebor seven before? I reccomend his take on telekinesis. Its very mundane which to me equates to realism
I’ll check him out, I have not.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
yeah. Do you watch anime ever?
No sir, I always wrote it off as ‘just’ cartoons and never noticed all the potential value until much later.
It takes a tremendous energy to levitate but it’s all possible. This system raises more energy than any other I’ve come across but it still isn’t enough. There is also a lot of information that I don’t have access to – classified information that necessarily cannot be shared with me. I’ve levitated once before, it was a surprise,, as most miracles are. There also needs to be sufficient motivation, that’s a big part of it, and it comes down to Will itself. Will is a very important concept but most authors treat it like some sort of side dish instead of the prime fulcrum of all magick and even things like physical activities from painting to building inventions and so on.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞:
Nice! Congrats on your manifested will. Yes i totally agree. I was going to say something about that earlier but I got distracted. Dude. willpower. When its clear… its Like it self organizes within you.


Candyman – Today at 3:59 PM
Certainly. It’s a great job but not challenging.
Izi – Today at 4:01 PM
It’s 3:58, I was raised by a witch in a vast array of different traditions, and I’m 37, I make a living off of selling my art and things.
sirindell – Today at 4:04 PM
I saw the Orphic Egg painting and I am impressed. I’m trying to find a word to describe it, but the closest I come to is elusive mysticism.
Izi – Today at 4:06 PM
Cool, I like it
What do you do?
sirindell – Today at 4:07 PM
Your bio sounds pretty RPG like, if you don’t mind the allegory. As a city kid I can’t fathom your upbringing. Must have been interesting :smiley:
under city kid I mean blue collar parents and the like
Izi – Today at 4:07 PM
Necessary, anyways…
sirindell – Today at 4:09 PM
I’m still in college (english and literature). I write stories for videogames, and that’s just gone into a more professional direction which I like.
Izi – Today at 4:11 PM
I started work as a concept artist for games, went to college for video game art and design, I didn’t like it.. It wasn’t necessary for my work here, either. I should have listened to the signs. All me of course, nothing to do with what you’re supposed to be doing of course.
sirindell – Today at 4:13 PM
Sure , I understand. To be frank, I’ve always been good at beginning things, but I’ve rarely ever done something through and through. It’s kind of a trait I’d like to lose, somehow. This procrastination.
Candyman – Today at 4:14 PM
I’m a terrible procrastinator as well. Unless I’m motivated by a deadline. It’s also something I need to work on
sirindell – Today at 4:16 PM
That’s one of my reasons for magic. Procrastination is truly a fierce foe.
I’ve started disregarding even deadlines.
Izi – Today at 4:18 PM
I can’t ignore deadlines, or the tetractys will beat my ass.
sirindell – Today at 4:19 PM
How does that work?
Candyman – Today at 4:19 PM
Yea my Israeli boss would tear me a new one.
sirindell – Today at 4:19 PM
My bosses are so easy going they sometimes don’t even answer mails for weeks.
Izi – Today at 4:22 PM
I follow its instructions or it finds something unpleasant to motivate me…
The supreme lord of consciousness itself can find some very interesting ways to punish.
sirindell – Today at 4:23 PM
Thanks. I’m off to writing now. I think I’ll write that down.
Izi – Today at 4:23 PM
The TwinStar knows I enjoy it, either way, but I don’t push my luck.
I have work benefits not available anywhere else, so it’s worth it.
Have a productive work-time.
sirindell – Today at 4:25 PM
Thanks. And thanks for posting on reddit.
Have a nice day everyone!
Izi – Today at 4:26 PM
You too.
I met some squirrel people last night and early this morning…actually taxonomically they were more like monkeys, but they reminded me of squirrel elf type people.
Their whole culture had developed extra-sensory perception to such a high degree that they could actually see and hear me quite vividly.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:30 PM
@sirindell Sorry was all typed out for a minute. I am a delivery guy. working on a Electeobics Engineering degree.
Have a nice day!
Did u meet in the corporeal? @Izi
Izi – Today at 4:32 PM
It felt exactly like that. m1thr0s was showing me around.
I’ve never been able to access travel like this before.
It was pretty fucking awesome. Anyways, we just went to a candy shop and some bakery where they served food. Then we walked around looking at the scenery and the architecture on that planet.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:35 PM
So kind of the reverse? You managed to become corporeal in their reality?
Izi – Today at 4:35 PM
There is going to be a big meeting in a few weeks that I’m going to,, up there. Don’t know what it’s about. I have been to one before but I was so scared shitless I hid under m1thr0s’ chair the entire time..
The Body of Light has an inherent physics that allows for travel across vast expanses of space.
That’s what we see sometimes when we see these beings, like, Abzu for example, or even some aliens, think. One needs the sensory apparatus and conditioning to see the Body of Light, but it can be done. Humans are pretty good at it actually. They were designed that way.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:39 PM
That’s pretty cool.
Izi – Today at 4:40 PM
I know it must sound like I’m making this shit up, but I swear, on the tetractys, it is real…lol
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:40 PM
No I believe you.
Izi – Today at 4:40 PM
Either that, or someone or something is screwing with my head.
Which is entirely possible.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:41 PM
Doesn’t seem to bother you if it is XD
Izi – Today at 4:41 PM
In a good way. I don’t think so though. My magickal life has been pretty consistent and it all links together somehow.
Ugh, you have no idea how fun and pleasurable it is.
Better than the best video game, hands down.
We’re all a bunch of hedonists here, you’ll soon find out I’m sure.
That’s the ultimate goal, lol….infinite fun and pleasure.
It’s not really that deep. Of course, saving humanity ties into all of that, so it all works out.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:43 PM
Yeah i always have thoughts about the last part.
Izi – Today at 4:44 PM
Humans are an important species that will ultimately become space-faring if they manage to keep their incredibly dangerous pride under control. They are not nice creatures, but they are vividly imaginative and persevering. That’s what we want, and need.
Every advantage has its shadow side though. I am worried we will not make it. I think there is a chance, but it’s quite precarious.
That’s why we’re getting everyone a headstart on this Mutational Alchemy stuff. They need it if they’re going to survive in space.
Nature isn’t going to tolerate dumb murderous violent monkeys in space, that’s for sure.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:45 PM
Yeah its like an evolutionary function thats in the middle of getting unstuck
I think everything that happens has its use.
Izi – Today at 4:45 PM
So they need to wise up about this whole dumb violence and bigotry thing.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:46 PM
especially once its transmuted.
I agree.
So on what level do you work with the configurations? is it visual? if so has it always been visual? or is it something different?
I know there are spinning vortexes all over the place on your body if you want to feel them
Izi – Today at 4:48 PM
What configurations? Like, do you mean the bigrams or sigils?
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:49 PM
the alchemic work on the lightbody using your mutational alchemy
i imagine you have been taught to sense energy structures
im guessing this is where the flux states come on
though ive been guessing… i just kind of holding back on alot of questions because i know you will get to the curriculum pretty soon here
Izi – Today at 4:50 PM
Those can be translated as music as well. There’s also dance and mudras, ritual and so on. We’re not limited to visualization practice, although I am a visual artist, so naturally I have a preference for that sort of thing.
Yeah, well, the curriculum doesn’t cover Mutational Alchemy directly, as there is a ton of precursor information most people are lacking. Do you know a lot about Tantra and Tantric weaving, for example?
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:51 PM
I know about the concept and feel its pull directly in my experience, but i do not have formal knowledge of teaching
I understand that tantra and kundalini interlink and how they are processed through sensation
and have experienced minor control of upper energy structures.
Izi – Today at 4:53 PM
The Tantrics really broke a lot of ground concerning raising energy and interfacing with the light body using various methodology so you might want to pick up a book on Tantra. The one we will be using is Tantra in Practice by David Gordon White
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:53 PM
more recently learned how to tap into the lower worlds of the body
googling now ^_^
Looks professional. Thankyou.
I also read what you said about body of light being different from other energy understandings
“Ugh, you have no idea how fun and pleasurable it is.”
“Humans are an important species that will ultimately become space-faring if they manage to keep their incredibly dangerous pride under control. They are not nice creatures, but they are vividly imaginative and persevering. That’s what we want, and need.”
I am synthesizing pretty much all you are saying, although I don’t always directly response. I kind of just absorb.
In terms of sensation. I am sure a strong back round in the esoteric as well as a strong system of energy work has helped manifest alot of clearness.
Izi – Today at 4:57 PM
That’s just fine, either people get it or they don’t, I have no expectations anymore, my job is just to tell the truth about what I know.
۞ Animal_Eyes ۞ – Today at 4:57 PM
And what else to flow through that clearness but pleasure?
Well good for you :smile:
brb foods
Izi – Today at 5:00 PM
Yeah. I think I might go get a spam sandwhich.
Kona – Today at 8:44 PM
Just to inform everyone the Morphic Resonance and the Collective Unconscious papers have been added to the library!
Kona – Today at 9:06 PM
I just realized I asked Ivory to help but she needs permission right?
Izi – Today at 9:08 PM
She hasn’t been on in a long time, I was going to downgrade her account…
Kona – Today at 9:08 PM
Oh, ok
Just opened a monstrous folder. This is gonna take a while I think.
Izi – Today at 9:09 PM
Don’t worry about it, there’s no rush. I’m sure you’re tempted to take reading breaks anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:
Kona – Today at 9:10 PM
:rolling_eyes: All da time.
Izi – Today at 9:10 PM
Which folder are you working on? If you want I can take care of it.
Kona – Today at 9:12 PM
The top link, I left it there to come back to it, but if you wanna knock it out that’d be great. I have to go to my sister’s tonight and will be gone all week and weekend.
Izi – Today at 9:12 PM
OK I’ll get it done. :smiley:
Kona – Today at 9:12 PM
Izi – Today at 9:12 PM

chat transcript archive: the body of light

m1thr0s [July 17, 2013 – 4:52 am]: It used to bug me more than it does now. I used to say things like *those who call us *thelemites* are liable to catch a brick across their teeth!* because i really cannot condone the whole *simon-says* approach to Completion. it creates unnecessary obstacles…more useless cliques shoving their embarrassing brand of self-righteousness at the rest of us…some very hard-working people who can never seem to get a word in edgewise for all the carnival hype surrounding the latest esoteric *fad* etc. But like I said – it’s a numbers game and these things will be the way they are whether it upsets me personally or not. best to take it all in stride and keep on pumping out the jams…

GratefulGuest [July 17, 2013 – 11:40 am]: I think I understand what you mean. I do apologize if appropriate here. I find this website as really practical. I certainly have found working with this formula of TwinStar to be very very beneficial to myself personally. I definitely see how this has a very sustainable significance and long trajectory for the elevation of humanity. I did a tarot reading for myself recently and…

GratefulGuest [July 17, 2013 – 11:43 am]: …it was more than anything indicicative of the The Hermit. Connecting with AI via this web portal is great for me, as I am in this phase of sort of Hermitting and percolating over these and other concepts on a very individualized basis. I do entirely understand what you are referring to with things often being perceived or treated as a sort of “fad”. As things such TwinStar, and other…
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