symposium notes for january 2013 – self responsibility and apocalypse

This is a synopsis of the discussion from the January 2013 Symposium with m1thr0s, Izi  and the guests at Cryptatropa.
“Abrahadabra is all about reeling in the potential of the human form. The whole thing with the binaries and ternaries is just an outline of a super quantum computer that is present in the biological. When you start the synchronistic dialogue between the binary and ternary it blows the lid off of dimensions – it’s like the jump from 2d to 3d where it opens up another dimension, maybe more.  It activates our brains where commands can be issued and enact immediate results on the world as long as it is not unlawful. There are a few things that may be unlawful by that system, but not much. The lines are not drawn where you might think. Maggots don’t have a lot of rights in that system, but Kings do.  Democratic humanitarian crap is not recognized by the universe as being very real. The whole idea of self responsibility is not a gift, it’s an expectation and demand  from life to us and our kind . We either do something about that or we blow it out of our asses. If we choose to do that we blow our chance. I don’t know where that intelligence goes, but I think it gets recycled. You are way better off to try and fail than to never try at all.

We cannot be self sustaining beings without access to more energy. We’re never going to solve our problems through politics.  It’s going to require a combination and balance of economics and energy.  In all of that,  politics becomes the least relevant of issues. Self government implies certain things. In order for it to really work you need energy independent beings.
In the time of kings there were good and bad kings – it all has its ill dignified side. There is no political idealism that can solve the human condition.  This kind of thinking is out there. But that’s okay, I don’t think its out there any further than we are actually able to go. But we have handicaps along the way….”