siva six new remix album released: nyx

Leipzig-based “Horrorcore” Dark EBM-Gothic-Industrial act Siva Six has released a remix album of some of their best works. We’ve just started listening to it and can confirm its excellent and includes a great selection from some of their recent albums. Digital copies are available at the link below for USD $11.21:


Z, the lead singer, has always had a sinister sounding voice that us hardcore dark gothic-EBM-industrial complex fans have loved. The style of singing he performs is hard on the vocal chords and artists burn out fast in the industry. Psyclon Nine is another great act, but Z manages to avoid the occasional “chipmunk” sound that the aggrotech band sometimes comes across with. Siva Six has moved through the whole arc of occult thought, from snippets of Aleister Crowley and very dark left hand path themes in its first two albums, to hardcore Templar-style odes to godhead and angels in their recent original release, Dawn of Days.

The album starts out with a mainstay of electro dance in Forever by Technolorgy, showcasing the great vocals Z has managed to cultivate. The remix of Superstition is done by UK up and comers Wolfchild and it is fantastic in the way it refreshes this kickass track and its heretical lyrics: “God is a superstition; God is a superdrug; a new God is all we need.” 

The album is a hefty 17 tracks long with no filler. There’s some big names here: Metroland, C-Lekktor and Christian Cambas, and then some completely fresh faces showcasing some serious talent. The Christian Cambas track is predictably good and the rest of the album is really solid and a good mix of hard and soft, a new trend on their albums since The Twin Moons in 2011. Jimmy Tott’s take on “Until Death Reunites Us” is very pretty and a great addition to the rare Gothic mournful love songs. All but one of the tracks are remixes off of the most recent standalone release, Dawn of Days. 

We hardly ever talk about new music in the occulture around here, because they’re so rare; this is one of the very few surviving occult bands in the world today and is well worth supporting. 


youtube channels worth subbing to: diacoustics

Although this user goes months and even years between uploads, the library of Daniel Cioccoloni’s diacoustics is certainly worth exploring. He discusses deep into musical theory territory, and examines ideas from Pythagoras, and other ancient thinkers.
      The practices of the ancients in the West regarding music, especially as it pertained to usage in the Mystery Cults, were largely lost to us, so we are left with the task of reconstructing what they might have been doing, whereas Bharat (India,) has luckily, remained untouched by iconoclastic movements, and its entire system of mantra remains largely intact; for the pleasure of scholars interested in the auditory arts that go beyond music alone. 
      Most musicians are only interested in recording their work, rather than exploring, and exposing, the ancient occult ideas pertaining to sound, so it is rare to find a channel such as this.