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An Abrahadabra Institute idea stolen by the Freemasons. They can never explain it correctly, it seems, or respond to our call out e-mails.
An old version of the first digital version of the Abrahadabra grid, watermarked to prevent theft.
Final version of the Abrahadabra Grid, discovered by m1thr0s 729/The Abrahadabra Institute, NOT by the criminal Freemasons.
Another version of the Abrahadabra Grid demonstrating the Four Elemental Worlds and Tree of Life, from the Da’ath Hack article which was taken offline in response to constant theft.

The Abrahadabra Institute defines itself preeminently as a research organization dedicated to Hermes and Hermetic studies, as well as the hybrid branch of Hermetic Alchemy called Mutational Alchemy. Our work is focused on the Work, as it were, and there is little time left over to deal with publicity or setting things right where attribution is not given properly.  











Often people repeat an idea on the internet and it just keeps propagating with little credit to the researchers themselves who make nothing off of this work. 
      In some cases, it’s understandable, if wrongheaded. It’s easy enough to think these images have been around forever. They just flow together so well, as if by magick.  However, just as the Tree of Life had many authors, and the Flower of Life and even the Triangle in prehistory, these images do have an author.  Sadly however, credit is often not given where credit is due. 
      This is annoying in and of itself, but worse, the work is then vulnerable to being hijacked by charlatans and pretenders who have no idea the scope of the work within the context of its original surrounding research at The Abrahadabra Institute.
      The Freemasons, both mainstream and offshoots, have been among the worst and most opportunistic offenders. It was m1thr0s who first published the Abrahadabra Grid, the 100-chamber triangle set that corresponds to the Thelemic Word of the Aeon, discussed in greater detail below. Independently for the first time in the world, he set the Tree of Life within the Abrahadabra Grid, with the four elemental worlds placed on top of it, and soon after, found that the Tree of Life fit on top of it. It took years of dedicated research to realize this stunning proof, and the Freemasons come along, pluck it gingerly from our own image archives and claim credit for it. They have even gone so far as to hotlink to our own server in articles claiming ownership of these ideas.
     No one ever asks permission nor do they seem as interested in the persons who came up with these ideas. They formulate a tidy lie, presuming their audience will be too lazy to check their references. They are often secure in this presumption. 
    Of all the occult organizations in the world, the Freemasons have proven themselves to be our enemy. This despite having caught the interest and earned the friendship of former and current Freemasons who do not condone these actions, we cannot trust this group. Any effort to contact the heads of the lodges responsible for these copyright crimes have been met with silence and unresponsiveness. Because the works are copyrighted, we are protected by domestic and international law, but the images always have to be taken down forcibly by the host – the perpetrators themselves never do the honorable thing when requested. I spend at least a dozen hours each month tracking down hotlinked or stolen images and issuing DCMA takedown notices against these people. They are not stealing from a large corporation – we are a tiny corporation consisting of two artists living below the poverty line with little time and resources to spend protecting the livelihood we have. 

The Abrahadabra Grid, The TwinStar and The Tree of Life on the Abrahadabra Grid: 


figure #9
figure #9

This image, originally created by The Abrahadabra Institute, displays a series of interlocking triangles, reflecting the Abrahadabra letter arrangement. It has exactly 100 chambers and 66 points, revealing its pre-eminently Stellar and Solar characteristics. This model was first created by m1thr0s who, seeing that it was the first time this image had been created in the world, founded The Abrahadabra Institute to study it. 
      We were also the first to highlight the highly important Tetractys of Pythagoras inside the Abrahadabra Grid, an aspect we refer to as The Secret Chiefs. The TwinStar is the unicursal sigil of the Tetractys of the Decad.  The Tree of Life placed on The Abrahadabra Grid was a very special, as it revealed for the first time, that trees were a mathematical subset of the “star”.

The Rational Ordering of the I Ching on the Tree of Life

TwinTreesImperial01 The Twin Trees Primordial Arrangement. Let’s face it – it’s complicated in appearance and in reality. As the master formula of Mutational Alchemy, only a few people have taken the time to read the articles which assist in understanding its logic and perfection. It’s not stolen quite as often, but it still happens, and bad copies are floating around which do not emulate the two primary arrangements. Please be aware that other variations of the I Ching on the Tree of Life are not copyrighted by The Abrahadabra Institute. 

The Tree of Life on the Flower of Life

You see this all over the web now, but m1thr0s was the first to actually place the Tree of Life inside the Flower of Life. It seemed like a natural extension of his early work in the 1970’s with Abrahadabra, and the Flower of Life is on the floor of the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, so it’s not without merit. But still, it’s nowhere near as groundbreaking as the Abrahadabra Grid. People seem to really like this image but it isn’t as important as some of the others lying around at The Abrahadabra Institute. 
      He was going to write an article on it, but more pressing matters came up. It just isn’t that important compared to the other images we are studying! The Institute may have 100 or more different loose ends waiting to be tied up at any given moment, and whatever demands the most attention at the time, gets it. The Flower of Life really is not as remarkable as people make it out to be.  This can be ascertained by using it in tandem with the other mirrors. 

The Original Proofs

These are the original digital proofs from The Book of Mirrors 2002-2013, with hand-drafted, carbon-dateable prototypes in our archives dating back to the 1970’s.  These have never been published in any book since The Anatomy of the Body of Light, that we know of. If you see them anywhere, even if they are accompanied by citations – check the citations. People will sometimes bury their article in dozens of citations which do not contain any of these images in an attempt to obfuscate that these ideas are STOLEN and do not originate with the Freemasons!

The original form of Abrahadabra.
The original tree on the Abrahadabra Grid, by m1thr0s.
The first Four Elemental Worlds on the Abrahadabra Grid Animation by m1thr0s
This was the image that started Mutational Alchemy. The Lo Shu Square flanked by the Tetractys of the Decad. Originally published and created by The Abrahadabra Institute.



These and other images will be covered extensively in the seven-volume series on Mutational Alchemy called The Anatomy of the Body of Light coming soon from The Abrahadabra Institute.