things we did first!

Alot of “firsts” have happened at The Abrahadabra Institute, with no explanation elsewhere on the web about *who* exactly uncovered this cool stuff. I hate not getting credit for your work, don’t you? It’s easy enough to think these images have been around forever. They just flow together so well, as if by magick. But I assure you, someone did in fact get there first. Just as the Tree of Life had many authors, and the Flower of Life and even the Triangle in prehistory, these images have an author. And that author is m1thr0s. The ideas put forward by our membership body are revolutionary, daring, exciting and it’s not surprising to see them repeated across the web for all to see, and hints of it are all over popular culture today.  Sadly however, credit is often not given where credit is due. Well, here is a list of “firsts” put together by Izi Ningishzidda with proper attributions. If you see these diagrams or ideas on the internet, without proper credit, send them here!

The Abrahadabra Grid, The TwinStar and The Tree of Life on the Abrahadabra Grid: m1thr0s


figure #9
figure #9

Many firsts happen in this image. They belong to m1thr0s, the founder of The Abrahadabra Institute. He was the first person to create The Abrahadabra Grid, a series of triangles interlocking, reflecting the Abrahadabra letter arrangement. It has exactly 100 chambers and 66 points, revealing its pre-eminently Stellar and Solar characteristics. m1thr0s also was the first to highlight the highly important Tetractys of Pythagoras inside the Abrahadabra Grid, an aspect he refers to as The Secret Chiefs. The TwinStar is the unicursal sigil of the Tetractys of the Decad. He was the first to discover this in the 1970’s and published his work in the 70’s in “The Anatomy of the Body of Light” and again in 1999 on the World Wide Web. The Tree of Life placed on The Abrahadabra Grid was a very special, as it revealed for the first time, that trees were a mathematical subset of the “star” as he called it, integral to apprehending Abrahadabra itself. It is for these three important discoveries that I think m1thr0s will go down in history as the premier star theorist of our generation.

The Rational Ordering of the I Ching on the Tree of Life

TwinTreesImperial01   I hardly ever see this image being stolen or even borrowed, because let’s face it – as the master formula of Mutational Alchemy, only a few people can even understand its logic and perfection. Based on m1thr0s’s Proximity Principle, the rational ordering of the hexagrams on the Tree of Life began in the early 70’s, in rough sketches and diagrams still in The Abrahadabra Institute’s archives. The original book to publish these was a hand printed tome called “The Anatomy of the Body of Light” which was handed out to fellow practitioners before m1thr0s moved up to Seattle. Only two copies are known for sure to exist still, and we’ve talked about reprinting it again soon. What the two tree arrangements The Primordials (above), and the Temporals (not shown) give us is a bridge to the sky, or more accurately, a bridge to Abrahadabra. Taken together with the knowledge garnered from m1thr0s’s TwinStar and Abrahadabra Grid, we now know that the lofty aspirations of the Star are possible through this meditational tool, perfect in its mathematical ordering. As a scrying mirror, it’s an unbeatable tool for achieving and sustaining Gnosis. And it is one of two huge missing links we need to attain the Star. m1thr0s worked out the kinks on these guys for decades. Hunched over notebooks in smoky coffeeshops and in the final stages, nearly a half a century later, he hashed out the kinks while plowing through The Mutational Alchemy Tarot with me. I can take NO credit in helping him with it at all, I understand it, but creating any of it was too complex for me to do anything but check his work for him.  The Tarot project, The Mutational Alchemy Tarot, continually yielded affirmations that this was PERFECT. It was blazing with synchronicity in every other system it was paired with. In years to come it will stand as the Greatest occult discovery of this century. Another first is that it is a complete and perfect synthesis of Eastern Magick with Western Magick.

The Hidden Diamond

This is one discovery The Abrahadabra Institute can’t take credit for! It was stumbled upon during a random discussion between the posts in The Mutational Alchemy Tarot discussion on Abrahadabra Forums. Kuroyagi asked “What would happen if you connected all the Sephiroth together where they are not connected?” and m1thr0s put the image together to see what would happen. WE thought, after observing its properties that it was really weird everyone had ignored it. A few months later we found out from MythMath/Bob Phillips it was first published by James Hurtak. That’s the earliest reference we can find to it, but Hurtak treated it as a footnote, without granting it any praise or interesting quips, or even a name! It was just uneventfully at the end of a chapter. We wrote to him about it back in 2011 asking him about it but he never replied.. The Abrahadabra Institute is a huge fan of it, and m1thr0s dubbed it The Hidden Diamond Sutra. Nobody was talking about it before this time, and we are proud to be the first! (To talk about it in any great length). It is famous now in TAI circles for its 4-4-4 beat count, three unicursal hexagrams and its smooth apprehension of Da’ath. We also decided to feature it in The Mutational Alchemy Tarot in a big way, connecting it to the 16 Court Cards (a first) and the Jungian Meyers-Briggs personality types (also a first for Tarot from TAI). 

The Hidden Diamond, m1thr0s, 2007


The Tree of Life on the Flower of Life

This one isn’t that important. You see it all over the web now, but m1thr0s was the first to actually place the Tree of Life in the Flower of Life. It seemed like a natural extension of his early work in the 1970’s with Abrahadabra, and the Flower of Life is on the floor of the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, so it’s not without merit. But still, it’s nowhere near as groundbreaking as the Abrahadabra Grid. The New Agers went nuts with the Tree of Life/Flower image, possibly because, well, they’re hippies…..but anyways…here’s a darker version for yah.

The Hidden Diamond Tree of Life on the Flower of Life 2007 by m1thr0s
The Hidden Diamond Tree of Life on the Flower of Life 2007 by m1thr0s

  He did the TwinStar on the Flower of Life and was going to write an article on it, but more pressing matters came up. IT really is just not that important! The Institute may have 100 or more different loose ends waiting to be tied up at any given moment, and whatever demands the most attention at the time, gets it. The Flower of Life really is not as remarkable as people make it out to be.  I know this from personal experience in hardcore scrying work I do with dozens of mirrors every day!

m1thr0s, 2006 from The Book of Mirrors


The Original Proofs

These are the original digital proofs from The Book of Mirrors 2002-2013 (recreated from the 1970’s The Anatomy of the Body of Light printed in San Francisco.) These have never been published in any book since, that we know of.

The original form of Abrahadabra, by anonymous Israelis.
The original tree on the Abrahadabra Grid, by m1thr0s.
The Tree and Four Elemental Worlds by m1thr0s
The first Four Elemental Worlds on the Abrahadabra Grid Animation by m1thr0s
The one that started it all. This was the image that started Mutational Alchemy back in 70’s.