lodoe gyatso for free tibet

important memberships ruling: ex-freemasons no longer permitted to join TAI

Effective immediately, ex-freemasons are no longer permitted entrance into TAI. There will be no changes or allowances to this rule, with the exception of the individuals with us already. As well as this, anyone who withheld this information from us is fine, as long as you applied for membership prior to 1/11/2018.

m1thr0s catalogue raisonne twitch event

At 10:00 PM EST I will be doing a showcase review of m1thr0s’ work for a member who wants a print. This is a chance to get a look at m1thr0s’ entire catalogue raisonne, probably for the last time this year or most of 2018. You may also order prints if you see one you like. Just e-mail abrahadabrainstitute@gmail.com. Prices are highly discounted for TAI members. If you’d like to ask questions you can use the Twitch chatroom or connect via voice to our Discord server. The addresses are listed below!

Our Twitch Channel (This is where the event happens!): https://www.twitch.tv/izi_ningishzidda

Discord Voice: https://discord.gg/wZvKZpG

Discord Chat (not monitored during presentation): https://discord.gg/vgex8w5

note: mutational alchemy tarot book is being updated

The tarot book has been in need of a new revision. I’ve decided to do a detailed edit of the entire thing. It’s nothing major, mostly commas, catching items the spellchecker missed, and proofreading, but if you’re planning on printing the entire thing out you might want to wait until the end of August to do so. I’ll post an announcement here and on the social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) when it is finished. I have already added a few minor informational details to the first three entries and the entire introduction has been finished as well. I’ve also added the charts to the introduction on the website version, as most tablets and phones have the processing power to load it easily these days.