the ultimate guide to the dwarven god

“Ptah conceives the world by the thought of his heart and gives life through the magick of his Word.”

                                                – km.t

While an article on Hephaestus alone could be considered useful, any discussion about Hephaestus always seems a bit incomplete without including other archetypal craftsmen, creators or dwarves. Hellenic concepts of deity stay very close to humans themselves – all of the Olympians had the same old vices and soap opera drama that plague us. In some ways, this Greek pragmatism is admirable. There is No God but Man, right? In other ways it fails to give us anywhere to actually go. The Egyptians were to the Hellenic people as elves were to dwarves – xenophobic, with intricate and ornate rituals and magickal temple societies, they despised their Hellenic conquerors who were far more focused and streamlined in both their thinking and in their approaches to a practical balance between military and religion. Yet both societies had much to learn from each other – something the Greeks picked up on immediately as they began curiously learning all they could about Kemetic religious and occult thought. The Egyptians refrained from enthusiastically embracing the inevitable change, and their civilization crumbled. Today, their genetic lineage certainly survives, but the Islamic totalitarianism governing Egypt shuts down any progress regarding magick or even religion.
      The dwarf is a powerful image in our species. It has been with us since the dawn of time and continues on in our modern imagination – practically every RPG and fantasy movie has a dwarf in it, somewhere. The archetype of the dwarf is important in magick as it is considered to be not only synonymous with the higher self, (“But the “Small Person” of Hindu mysticism, the Dwarf insane yet crafty of many legends in many lands, is also this same “Holy Ghost”, or Silent Self of a man, or his Holy Guardian Angel.” The Law is for All, Aleister Crowley,) but is seen in three very important, almost indispensable godforms:[Continue Reading]

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Succeeding m1thr0s 729 (Magister Ouroboros 729) izi is current guardian of the 418 current in this world. She upholds the young Nu Aeon tradition of Mutational Alchemy, a hybrid branch of Hermetic Alchemy developed by m1thr0s 729. Her current work to date includes the art and written analysis of The Mutational Alchemy Tarot, the development of Pentagrammaton (the 32 5-line binary structures unknown in the East) and the ongoing analysis of The Hidden Diamond Sutra.

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