visit us

Visitors are always welcome at our HQ in Gallup, New Mexico. It’s *our* house, after all, (meaning the members who believe in and uphold the precepts of TAI) and is the physical epicenter of Abrahadabra in this world, so it’s natural that people interested in this work have steadily sought us out to visit us, even if they don’t understand Mutational Alchemy or Abrahadabra. We have a long history of accepting any visitors who wanted to come see us.
       It’s also a killer vacation spot if you love the Wild West, or if you just need a place to stay while travelling cross country.
      You must be a member of The Abrahadabra Institute, in good standing, and we need to have spoken with you before via e-mail, phone or Discord chat beforehand. Please make sure you give us at least 2 weeks notice. Sometimes we can take you on shorter notice but since I am usually busy this can be impossible at times.  There’s no fee to stay here,  and it’s never expected, but donations are always appreciated, even if it’s not money, but a book for our library, services or household goods. We’re two blocks away from the epicenter of the tourist activity, so you don’t need a car, but if you do want to visit outlying areas such as the Hopi mesas, Zuni or Santa Fe, please make arrangements for your own transportation – and food! 

Our house brownie.